The Vengeful Husband.

by Alexand Morgan

Tags: Ma/Fa, Cheating,

Desc: Drama Story: The husbands take on things. Comes directly after The Cheating Wife.

'My wife is back' I thought to myself as she stepped out of the taxi and turned to pay the driver. She was a short, sexy woman, making me the envy of many of my friends which is why I often used to show off with her on my arm. She looked up at the window where I stood and with a shrug of her shoulders marched towards the door, letting her in.

I walked, slowly, downstairs and gazed across at the woman that I had married. She stood, arms folded, looking at me with a resolute expression on her face. "Before I say anything to you look at this email I received and tell me if it's all true." I handed her the print I had made. She stared suspiciously at it, then took and slowly read it. I noticed that she became pale and halfway through it she started to cry.

"Oh my God!" she screamed, "Does he hate me this much?"

My teeth clenched as I realised that, at this point, she wasn't even thinking about me, her thoughts were about the bastard that she had the affair with. I gripped the table until my knuckles turned white and started moaning in anger. I was startled when she spoke calmly to me.

"Yes it is true, except for the part about the six guys. I slept with a guy, yes, but I was drunk, unconscious, and he raped me. Whether or not you believe me is inconsequential." She just stared at me as she spit those words out.

I got up and left the room after that statement because I needed to clear my head. If I hadn't I may have to gotten to know some law enforcement officers too well. I cried in anger and frustration because I knew that if the bastard who raped my wife ever to cross my path he would become intimate with the cricket bat I kept in my car.

I thought long and hard about all of the information she had passed on to me and decided to let the matter rest for now. I knew that eventually I would deal with the guy who had done this. I sighed and returned to the room I had left her in and spoke softly to her.

"I still love you in spite of all of this and I am willing to forgive you this time as long as it does not happen again." I stared at the floor because I couldn't trust myself to look at her for the moment.

The silence stretched on for a while before I heard her take a deep breath and I raised my eyes to look at her. She stared intensely into them as she spoke softly but firmly.

"Let me get this all in the open because I should have done this over six years ago. For a long time now I haven't been in love with you. I married you for the wrong reasons, and I know that now. I liked the idea of being married to my first real lover so I foolishly agreed to marry you. I never really forgave you after your first affair but after the second time I caught you with another woman my heart started to withdraw from you. I stayed after that because I didn't want to start over from scratch with anyone after being with you for over five years. You may wonder why I continued to stay in the relationship after feeling like this but I really can't say myself."

She stared at me as I slipped to the floor in shock. The expression on her face was sympathetic, but just that, sympathy. I hugged myself as the tears slid from my eyes. I could not believe what I was hearing after all the years we spent together. I had loved this woman for over ten years and she had stopped loving me for over half that time.

I had treated her a little badly sometimes but didn't she realise that I always loved her no matter what my actions were? I looked at her again but realised, from her expression and stance, that arguments and pleading would get me nowhere.

If she thought that I was going to just lay back and let her run into the arms of another man she was going to find out just how wrong she was. Wiping my eyes, I rose to my feet slowly. I stared hard into her eyes as I spoke. "I married you for better or for worse. I am not going to let you just walk away from the life we have made together. I realised the error of my ways and I turned over a new leaf and tried my best to show you how sorry I was for those affairs. When you said I do you made a serious commitment for the rest of your life and you owe it to our marriage, for better or for worse, to give it a fair chance."

She turned away from me as she went up the stairs and spoke back over her shoulder, "I also owe it to myself to enjoy the time I have here on earth with the man that I love. That man is no longer you. If you wish to fight the divorce go ahead but know this... I will not remain in this marriage out of obligation or to keep other people happy."

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