Rob And Sarah

by expatdad

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Blackmail, Interracial, White Couple, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young american couple arrive in Kenya and hire an African domestic. The references he presents make no mention of the children he has fathered on the previous couples he worked for!

Rob and Sarah considered themselves a typical American professional couple. Both worked in America at the start of this tale. They lived in what might be described by an Englishman, in typical American, white, suburbia. Lawns, gardens, driveways, spacious homes, spaciously apart, professional mediocrity where life changes little. Everybody is polite and superficially neighbourly. They had seen very few Black Americans. They considered themselves educated, and sophisticated. Americans who knew everything about life. Africa was to provide them with a rude education into the real world. An education Rob's very pretty, full busted, and shapely wife Sarah thoroughly enjoyed! After some readjustment Rob also came to enjoy it.

Rob works with a prestigious firm which has offices all over the world. An opportunity came up to work in Kenya. Rob and Sarah had rarely been out of state, never mind out of the USA. In a fit of unusual 'daring, ' they decided to apply for this position and see something of the world. His company were only to happy to send them both to Africa.

They arrived in small, regional, lakeside town, and were provided with a delightful colonial villa. Rob was replacing another expat who was returning home. Their periods of employment overlapped a month so that the previous staffer could teach Rob the ropes, and settle them in to the way things are done in Kenya. He explained to Rob that he should never leave Sarah alone if he traveled away as it would be an invitation to the local African men to burgle and rape. To overcome this he had arranged for his own wife to have a stand in while he was away who slept in the house, and acted the husband while he was away. An African man. Rob was embarrassed to realise that this man meant a husband in every sense. He took it with a pinch of salt, and a certain degree of erotic excitement to imagine this man's pretty wife, or indeed his own gorgeous wife with an African. A concept he had never thought of living in white suburban America.

The expat's wife briefed Sarah on local shopping, codes of behavior, what to expect, do, and not do, and in particular African men. Indeed she helped Sarah interview several African men and recommended Francis. A strong, well built, African who would give Sarah every satisfaction... Sarah caught the strange inflection in her voice, but dismissed it.

She would remember it later.

As the month developed and they got to know each other better. The couple seemed to delight in telling exotic and increasingly detailed sexual tales of Africa, which both embarrassed and excited Rob and Sarah. The wife cheerfully admitted to Sarah that she was bedding her own domestic, and encouraged Sarah to do the same with Francis! Sarah was shocked, but the erotic idea took firm root. Indeed on a couple of occasions they sat on the terrace with her husband sipping cocktails, and could hear the cries of passion inside the villa as his wife was rogered by the domestic!

Rob and Sarah were embarrassed by this, and confused at the casual acceptance by this man of his wife's open relations with the African. A man who was 'only a servant' after all! Nevertheless that night their own lovemaking was spiced by the listening to this interracial lovemaking.

During the last week of the handover month their pretty, very curvy 15 year old daughter returned from the Private Boarding School she had been boarding at. To the complete shock of Rob and Sarah within half an hour of her arrival they could hear her excited squeals as the 'servant' welcomed her home properly with an obviously vigorous fucking!

Her parents, sipping tea with them on the terrace, grinned sheepishly and expressed concern as to whether their daughter would be able to get used to living as a 'normal' American teenager back home.

The tale of this couple is long and convoluted. I will probably cover it later if interest is expressed. It involves some dark deeds, exhibitions of mother and daughter, and bestiality.

After they left Rob and Sarah settled down to a life of happy domesticity. Loving the experience of Africa, the warmth, the scents, and colours, and the luxurious lifestyle. Rob worked hard, but never traveled away on business. Sarah relaxed, acting the white mistress of the colonial villa. She was very casual in her dress 'in her own home.' Wearing scanty clothes around the villa, careless of the presence of the African domestic. She exercised daily in shorts and scanty top. She knew the domestic sneaked lustful looks at her, and in particular that he sprouted an erection virtually every time she exercised. She ignored his needs. Though was secretly excited by his sneaky looks, and the bulge in his shorts. Indeed more than once she had seen his thickened member protruding from the leg of his shorts.

It was almost as though she was daring him to make a move on her.

They traveled around Kenya on the weekends and holidays very aware of the sexual aggression of the African men, particularly when pretty Sarah wriggled her sexy bottom into a bar. One weekend at the Pan African Hotel, Rob returned from the bar with the drinks to find Sarah being courted by three African men. Rather than rejoining his wife he took a seat at a nearby table and watched the fun. His wife flirted and joked with the Africans finally allowing them to oil and cream her as she lay by the poolside. As there were three of them one was given a bottom cheek each to oil, while the third oiled her thighs. They were surprised to discover Rob was her husband, but continued their fun massaging her delightfully. Unknown to Rob, the African working her thighs had sneaked his hand inside Sarah's costume and brought her to a secret orgasm.

Sarah did not tell her husband about that...

Rob had his own secret. At the Mayfair Hotel he had visited the sauna on one occasion. One of his reasons was his awareness that Africans used the sauna's for assignations with white women. He was relaxing in the sauna, when a large African man joined him sitting on the tier above. He removed his towel and a large jet black cock bobbed into view at eye level. The African noticed Rob's own cock stirring and almost before Rob knew what was happening he was sucking and licking that big black cock.

Rob did not tell his wife about that...

On another weekend they visited the Swiss Grill on the Uhuru highway. This was a hotel famous for its saunas. They were both shocked and excited at the way white couples disappeared into the cubicles followed by strapping Black Bucks making little attempt to hide their intentions. Rob and Sarah had by now got used to the casual way African men touched and groped them both even in public places. They had though, apart from the tales of their predecessor, seen little evidence of interracial activity other than at the Swiss Grill and the very physical advances made on themselves at various times.

It was six months before Francis made his half expected move.

Both were shocked at his modus operandi. He had been watching, and observing for six months, noting carefully, and recording in a diary everything they did. They came home one day, and were shocked to discover that Francis had forced open their writing cabinet and stolen Rob's records. Rob in his naiveté had kept a record of every black market transaction he had made, exchanging American dollars for Kenyan shilling. Faithfully recording each exchange, and the exchange rates used.

This is treated as a very serious crime in Kenya. The extent of Rob's records would undoubtedly see Rob jailed and Sarah also, as a conspirator. Nothing seems to delight Africans more than to get a pretty white woman into jail where they can do what they like to her. Rob would have been equally sexually molested. Most of the white population regularly hear horror stories of African jails. The Africans themselves are terribly afraid of being jailed. The thought of Sarah's voluptuous charms being available to prison guards and prisoners alike was an intolerable thought!

They offered Francis money, presents, everything they could think of. He refused them all. He wanted Sarah! Once a week, in their own bed, for the night! They were both shocked and excited. They both wanted to agree, but did not know how to tell each other. Francis insisted, and 'reluctantly' they agreed.

Then came the twist.

Francis did not wish to be accused of rape. To prevent that he insisted on an 'African wedding!' Rob would have to give away the bride, and his friend Herzog would be the best man. Further to ensure there was no misunderstanding both would have to 'witness' the wedding night.

As Sarah later admitted when she realised that this African had carefully planned and schemed for six months to find a way to sleep with her she literally 'wet her knickers' in response. Rob struggled with his own excitement realising his own fantasy of seeing Sarah with a big black African was going to come true!

The wedding night was a huge shock to Sarah. She had not realised men had cocks that big! How would it all get in? She would be torn apart! Nevertheless in her special wedding dress, incredibly turned on and excited, she allowed herself to be led to her wedding night bed.

Rob was also shocked at the size of Francis' organ. He watched as Francis worked it all into his squealing, wriggling, wife. In further shock and horror he watched his wife receive an incredibly vigorous and prolonged fucking. Francis literally fucked his wife off the bed and across the room as he took her! At one point he struggled with a desperate need to intervene as he listened to his wife whimpering beneath the savage fucking she was getting. Just as he was about to act he realised his wife was whimpering not with pain, but with sheer pleasure...

The best man loved the scene on the bed and casually took out his own big black cock and played with himself while watching. He noticed Rob's own arousal and laughed and mocked him, then beckoned him over. It took little persuasion for Rob to drop to his knees.

Sarah was literally fucked all night by Francis. At one point she looked up and was shocked to see her husband on his knees sucking a black cock! She had always refused to suck cock including her husbands. It was a huge shock to see him at the knees of an African sucking. As Sarah later mentioned, she had resisted and struggled mentally against this bedding, even though she was enjoying it, she was trying not to. The sight of her husband, down on his knees, and sucking a huge black cock broke her resistance. From that point on, she surrendered herself, totally and willingly, to her new African lover.

Both that night became slaves to Superior Black Cock. Francis insisted on Sarah sleeping with his cock buried inside her so his seed would not escape. During the night she got up and went to the bedroom passing her husband. Rob tried to talk to her but both were shattered. When she returned to bed with Francis she looked at Rob noting his eyes on her, and then slowly slid the African's huge cock back inside her all the way, her eyes fixed on those of her husband.

The next day Francis decided he had changed his mind. He would sleep with Sarah six nights a week, and Rob could have his wife only once a week. Rob should move into the spare bedroom. Rob looked at his wife who smiled shyly at Francis and lowered her eyes. The next week was traumatic for both of them as Rob slept alone, permanently erect listening to his wife's excited squeals.

Soon after Francis was shocked and delighted to discover Sarah had never sucked cock. A mature (in her 20's) pretty white woman with a virgin mouth! He was incredulous and mocked Rob's inadequacy as a husband in failing to teach his wife how to service a man properly. Rob should watch while Francis showed him how it was done. Sarah's protests were soon ignored and she knelt and suckled her first cock, after all it was something her husband was obviously prepared to do. She was keen by now to please her lover and obtain his attention.

She tried to pull away when he came, but Francis was having none of it. He held her firm and spurted into her mouth, making sure she licked up any leaking juices. A reluctant Sarah was soon delighting in swallowing his seed.

He was even further delighted to discover that she was also virgin in her bottom! More mocking of Rob's inability as a man. He would now teach Rob how to fuck a woman in the ass! Sarah declined, advising that she did not do that! Besides she had enough difficulty getting him into her pussy! Francis, of course, was having none of it. She was his wife and would obey his orders and satisfy his needs. No discussion! Sarah protested and was 'punished' for her temerity. Rob had to watch as Francis showed him how to treat a wife properly to ensure her submission. Then he tied Sarah's hands and lashed her on her hands and knees. He then presented his cock to her mouth for preparation. Subdued Sarah suitably licked him all over. Meanwhile Rob was ordered to lick her little brown rose and get his tongue stuck up her in readiness for their Master's black cock!

Sarah mutely protested imploring Rob to protect her! He was her husband after all! Rob knew who the boss was, and dutifully held his kneeling wife's bottom cheeks apart while Francis worked his fat, black cock into her bottom. It took several fuckings before Sarah grew to love a big, fat, cock up her bum.

It was two months before the next crisis. Francis was confused. He could not understand. Why after two months of fucking, two or three times a night, Sarah was not pregnant? Sarah explained that she was on the pill, and explained how they worked.

Francis went into a real rage!

They had never seen him like this. He really tore into them and they were really scared! How dare Sarah use pills preventing her pregnancy. For two months he had wasted his seed! He was absolutely hopping mad. He made Sarah show him where all her stocks of pills where then took them both into the bathroom. He made Rob pop the pills, one by one, into the toilet.

Then he insisted on Rob watching as he immediately bedded Sarah. He banned Rob from his wife's bed until Sarah was pregnant. He told them he had promised Sarah to his friends once she was pregnant. He did not want to risk one of them making her pregnant. They had been mocking him for not getting Sarah pregnant. Now that was going to end. He was going to knock up Sarah, and then offer her to his friends for their fun!

Rob and Sarah, mute and cowed accepted.

It was not too long after that when they discovered she was indeed pregnant. A delighted party was held by Francis. He was to be a father again! Apparently he had fathered children on most of the expats he had worked for!

Francis gleefully offered Sarah to the best man at the wedding, and then the rest of his friends. Sarah found herself being mounted and thoroughly fucked by several men each day. While her husband poured drinks, and occasionally satisfied the waiting men on his knees.

His lovely wife would kneel on a footstool while African men took turns with her. Fucking her mouth, pussy and ass. It was exhausting. She loved it, most of the time... Her occasional protests quickly dismissed by a rampant Francis.

It was later when Francis knew them better and was confident in his control. That he mentioned he had been on a course for African domestics and gardeners ran by the Kenyan secret police. The secret police were concerned at the activities of expats working in Kenya and were keen to recruit individuals who could report back to them. They taught them how to trap expats who might be using their skills to get the better of African companies, and individuals. Of black market operations such as selling cars, or exchanging money. They made no secret that if the domestics where able to use that information to sexually blackmail the expats then they, the secret police, would have no problem with that. Indeed there have been mails from others identifying that the Africans often invited African policeman to sample the pretty white womanhood now available. No doubt providing them with that extra protection from any comebacks. Later Francis was to persuade them that as the 'real man of the house' it was inappropriate for him to do domestic work. Rob had to pay Francis to employ a new part time domestic. Francis it turned out kept the money, and 'allowed' the part timer to bed Sarah once a week in return for his work. Francis moved out of the domestic 'quarters' moving into Sarah's bed full time. He then rented out the domestic quarters, and kept the money from that as well!

I have always found Africans to be just as inventive at finding ways to make money as they are at finding ways to bed white women...

Rob and Sarah had thought that this would be as far it would go. That he, and Sarah, would continue to service and pleasure this African group whether they wanted to or not for the next 18 months. They were wrong. They had just started a new phase in their sexual awakening.

Rob came home one day to find another white woman at his home. His own wife missing. Francis explained that he had swapped Sarah for this woman. If he was good he would have his own crack at her! Rob was dumbfounded, shocked and aroused at the knowledge that this pretty white woman was also to be bedded by Francis. He was relieved to discover that Francis had only swapped Sarah for the night.

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