The Firm

by Dick Coxxx

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A pretty blonde wife is unwittingly used to help her husband recruit new clients.

Maurice was very pleased with himself. He recently received a promotion to regional sales manager along with a very nice raise at the Thompson Insurance Company, the company where he worked. He could hardly wait to tell Miriam, his lovely blonde wife of ten years.

One of the VP's knocked on the door to his office. William Tyndall, the VP over the department came into Maurice' new office and closed the door. Mr. Tyndall casually sat on the edge of the new executive's desk.

"Hello, Maurice," he said. "Congratulations on your recent promotion. You have moved up very nicely now and have even greater promotion potential within the company, if you play your cards right. Do you know what I mean?"

"Ahh, no, Mr. Tyndall," replied Maurice. "I'm not exactly sure what you mean by playing my cards right." Maurice was really quite naive.

"Now that you are an executive, Maurice, please call me Bill."

Maurice was surprised at Mr. Tyndall's lack of formality. It was almost always grounds for termination if an employee didn't call Mr. Tyndall, "Mr. Tyndall."

"Bill" also had the derogatory nickname of "Billy Boy." It was rumored that if you were ever caught calling him that derogatory name, you would be fired right then and there on the spot.

"Maurice, the company has great plans for you. If you play your cards right, fortune and fame will come your way. Well, no, not really, but your future bonuses will depend upon you and your wife. Now that you are one of us, you and your lovely bride, what's her name? Miriam isn't it? Will be invited to participate in other Reindeer Games," he joked.

"Yes, sir, my wife's name is Miriam."

"You two have been invited to join our exclusive club which meets for drinks and dinner every Saturday night at the Thompson estate. You and your wife should really get dressed up for an intimate night of dining and dancing. Ol' Man Thompson really knows how to throw a helluva party."

"Let me check with my wife to see if we can make it, okay?"

"Sure, sure. Go ahead and check with the little lady. Oh, by the way," Bill said. "Have you two ever done any swinging before?"

"My wife's the dancer in our family. I can do a little Foxtrot or a two-step sometimes but I don't know how to swing."

Bill laughed.

"Maurice, I'm not talking about dancing when I talk about swinging. I'm talking about wife-swapping. We're a tight-knit group here, Maurice, and we always take care of our own."

"Oh," was all that Maurice could mutter.

"Don't you think that my wife, Tiffany, is pretty?"

"Gee, Mr. Tyndall, I mean Bill," Maurice stuttered once again. "She's very pretty."

"We both swing within the group. I enjoy the company of other women and my wife enjoys having sex with other men. She has already told me that she had designs on you. All of the wives are beautiful. That was one of the criteria for hiring you. Your own wife is a gorgeous blonde. Wouldn't you like to sleep with my wife?"

The question caught Maurice off-guard.

"Wow, Bill, I never considered it before," Maurice lied. He lusted after Tiffany Tyndall from the very first moment that he had laid eyes on her.

"After you and your wife join our little group, my wife can be yours anytime you want," Bill explained. "Now, of course, remember that when you join the group your wife joins as well. I think that your wife is very sexy. Do you have a problem with other men seeing your wife at times?"

"How often are we talking about here?" inquired Maurice.

"Maybe once or twice a week. Sometimes more when a new couple joins but remember whenever your wife is with one of us guys, you get to choose who you would like to be with. You like that idea?"

"It's as simple as that?"

"Sure," Mr. Tyndall replied. "We even have an online scheduling tool on the computer accessible only by the group members. It's that easy. You sign in and see who's available and when. Some people are already scheduled a couple of weeks in advance but at the monthly party, none of the women are reserved. The women put their panties in a jar. We men get to pull a pair of panties out of the jar. Whoever is the owner of the panties is who we get that night. Anything goes that the two of you agree upon. Any other questions?"

"I don't think so. At least not for now. I might have some more questions later."

"Fine, don't hesitate to ask me or my wife, Tiffany. She might even give you a sample of her lovely charms if you are sitting on the fence about joining. I guarantee that once you have tasted my wife, you'll be back for more. Besides there are plenty of other great looking wives available for the group as well."

"How do I convince my wife to join? We've never even talked about swinging before." Maurice had his doubts that Miriam would ever agree to any such thing. Would she allow him to sleep with another woman? What about Miriam? Would Maurice allow another man to fuck her? He wasn't sure of the outcome, but his dick had already made the decision for him.

"Your wife had a lot to do with you being where you are now. She's a foxy little MILF that ol' Man Thompson really took a liking to at the last office party."

"A MILF?" questioned Maurice.

"Yea, you know, 'A Mother I'd Like to Fuck.' Haven't you heard that term before, eh, Maurice?"

"Ahh, no Sir, I haven't," stuttered Maurice.

"Ever since your lovely little wife had a baby last year, Mr. Thompson started to notice her, especially since she lost all of her excess weight from being pregnant. Mr. Thompson likes his women tall but shapely, just like your pretty wife. He wants you and her to join our little group. Of course, if you didn't join us, you could still stay with the company but you would probably have limited assignments and seen the last of your promotions and pay raises. There are many other perks available to group members as well. We buy your wife a new BMW convertible; she gets to pick the color. You get a big BMW SUV. The Firm will pick up all the car expenses, even gas, maintenance and insurance."

"You and your wife," Bill continued. "Will need to move into a bigger house. The Firm provides you a no-interest loan. You can get up to five hundred thousand with no money down. Put fifty thousand down and the Firm will loan you up to seven hundred fifty thousand dollars. What do you think, Maurice? Can you put down fifty thousand on a house? Hell, I'll personally loan you the fifty thousand down payment. We want you and your pretty blonde wife in the group that much."

Maurice was still dumb-founded. He couldn't believe his own ears. Here his boss was talking about the owner of the Firm where he worked wanting to have sex with his wife, Miriam. Maurice had never before thought about wife-swapping but he had always heard that variety is the spice of life and, lately, his sex life with Miriam had become a little stale. Maurice had to smile to himself. Just thinking about the other executive's good-looking wives made his own dick stir in his pants. Now here he was talking about financial incentives that could add up to almost a million dollars. This is an offer that would be hard to turn down.

"Oh, one other thing, Maurice, the Firm will pay for any of your children's college tuition or expenses. They can even go to Harvard or Yale if they can get in. It's a scholarship that worth well over one hundred thousand dollars if they go to a private university."

"Gee, Bill," Maurice hesitated before answering. "I'm not so sure that Miriam will go along with this. I'm the only man that she's ever been with."

"Don't worry about that," Bill said. "You know my wife, Tiffany, don't you?"

"Sure, I do. You have a very attractive wife, Bill." In his head, Maurice pictured Bill's pretty blonde wife. Maurice would give his left nut just to spend a night alone with her.

"Tiffany is very persuasive. We want you in the group and she'll get Miriam to agree to the two of you joining. You do want to join our little club, don't you Maurice?"

"Of course, I do. It's just that I don't think Tiffany will be able to convince my wife to be with another man or even let me be with another woman," Maurice replied.

"If Tiffany can talk your wife into joining our little club, Maurice, do you think you can handle being with one of our wives for the evening to do anything you want?"

"My gosh, Bill," Maurice responded with a smile. "All of the executive's wives are drop dead gorgeous. Who wouldn't want to spend a night with one of them?"

"They're all very pretty, aren't they, Maurice? Your wife will fit into the group very nicely. Even Ol' Man Thompson's wife is a real looker. She was Miss Alabama just twenty years ago. Evelyn Thomas is still a very attractive woman even after turning forty this past year."

Maurice thought that Evelyn Thomas was a true beauty. He was just ten years old when she won the Miss Alabama Pageant. Maurice remembered watching the TV program and he had thought about her a lot since then. Evelyn was his first of many wet dreams when he was an adolescent. While he was a young teenage boy, he jacked off at night to her picture from a Playboy photo shoot. Maurice just about wore out Evelyn's centerfold picture.

"The real question is, Maurice," Bill continued. "Can you handle your wife being with another man?"

Maurice had been oscillating between feeling guilty by thinking about being with other women and the excitement of sleeping with the wife of one of the other executives. He also had feelings about his own wife being with another man. Maurice was jealous on one hand but was aroused thinking about his wife getting fucked by someone else. It was all kind of strange to him.

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