by Dick Coxxx

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Sex Story: A pretty white wife goes to the Caribbean and gets more than just a vacation.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Interracial   Black Male   White Female   .


My wife and I came to St Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands for our twentieth wedding anniversary and enjoyed it so much, we decided to stay. I found a lucrative job selling condos on the Island while my wife took her money from her retirement program to open up a jewelry store selling locally-made Caribbean items.

My wife's younger sister, Miriam, and her husband, Maurice, talked about coming to visit us but we didn't think they were very serious about doing so.

I had just dropped my wife off at the airport for a visit back to the States when I got a call on my cell phone.

"Island Condos," I answered.

"Hey, Dick," I recognized her sweet female voice. "It's Miriam here. Maurice and I were planning on visiting you in St Croix over my spring break."

Miriam was a high school English teacher back in Mountain Brook, Alabama.

"We already bought our tickets for this week until Maurice had to cancel due to a golf outing with one of his most important clients. This is my spring break and I wanted to chill out and relax with or without my husband."

"Fantastic!" I replied. "When are you coming?"

"I'm at the airport now. Can you be a dear to come by and pick me up?

"Now?" I asked. "Your sister just left on the return jet flight back to Miami. Your paths might have crossed. She was probably in Customs while you were arriving. Let me jump back into my car and I'll be back at the airport in about ten minutes. See you then."

I certainly wasn't disappointed that my wife's sister came to visit St Croix by herself. You see, Miriam is a very attractive blonde who recently turned thirty, which is about ten years younger than my wife and me.

I met her at baggage claim. She looked fabulous! Miriam is a natural beauty so she didn't need any make-up to look great. She was wearing a short flowery print skirt which showed off her shapely bare legs. She had on a sheer white blouse which did wonders for her already magnificent breasts. I could easily make out her little pink nipples through her lacy, white bra.

Miriam wore a pair of those cute little sandals that drew attention to her red-painted toes. My dick got hard as she kissed me on the cheek. I love the fragrance of her wonderful-smelling perfume.

An elderly Negro porter took Miriam's bag as we headed to my car. Her beautiful shoulder-length, golden blonde was pulled into a cute little pony tail tied back with a red ribbon that swayed back and forth as she walked. I couldn't help but watch her cute little butt as the porter and I followed behind her.

The black porter put her bags in the trunk and I tipped him ten dollars. He held the door open for the lovely blonde as she slipped into the passenger's seat. I saw him looking at her smooth, trim white legs as she sat down and swung her legs into to car. The Negro probably caught a quick glimpse of her tiny little white panties and was getting a big black boner right now. He knew that there was no way in the world that he would ever come close to having anything like her.

I drove the short distance to the other side of the Island where I have one of the few two-bedroom condos at the Carambola Beach Club as a perk for having surpassed over one million dollars in condo sales.

We stopped by the reception desk so I could check for any messages I might have missed while I as out of the office.

"Hey, Ike," I said to the tall black fellow behind the front desk. Ike Turner is the front desk manager. "How's Tina?" I joked. We have a standing joke about him and Tina Turner.

"She be good, Mon," Ike replied in his Caribbean accent.

"Ike, I'd like you to meet Miriam. Miriam, this is Ike."

Ike took Miriam's hand in his big black paw. I wasn't sure if he held her hand a little too long or if it was Miriam doing the holding but their hands were together more than what a friendly handshake should be.

"I'm very pleased to meet you, Missy." Ike called all pretty women, "Missy."

"Any friend of Dick's is a friend of mine, especially one as beautiful as you."

I couldn't believe it but Miriam was actually blushing.

"It is very nice to meet you, too, Ike," Miriam said in her sweetest Southern Belle voice.

If I didn't know better, Miriam was trying to put the moves on the black front desk manager. She hadn't been away from her husband for more than eight hours. Is it possible that she was already on the prowl?

I showed Miriam her room which was next to the one that I normally share with my wife. Miriam said that she wanted to take a short nap and freshen up before dinner.

Friday night is the Carambola's Caribbean Pirate seafood buffet. It was some of the best food on the Island. It was as good as usual tonight. We ate, we drank and then the Mocko Jumbies came on as the entertainment. These are some of the local Islanders dressed up in Caribbean costumes on stilts to make them look like giant spirits. Unbeknownst to me, the bartender normally spiked the drink of the new attractive women with a mild aphrodisiac. Tonight was no exception with Miriam's Pina Colada.

While she danced with me, Miriam seemed to be rubbing much closer to me than I have ever noticed that she ever did before. Maybe it was because my wife wasn't there or that her own husband wasn't. Maybe she just wanted to have fun tonight.

We both had several drinks and close to midnight so we walked back over to my condo. I had barely gotten into my bed when I felt someone slip into the bed with me. I turned to greet my wife's naked sister.

I had dreamed of something like this but never before did I ever dream that it might come true. I already knew that she was a true blonde because one time I went to the bathroom at her house. She hadn't locked the bathroom door and I walked in on her while she was on the toilet peeing. At first she tried to hide her private parts but she had to pee so badly that she couldn't hold it. I was mesmerized as she spread her legs and began to urinate right there in front of me. Me eyes went right to her pussy as I couldn't help watching. I saw the stream of urine coming out of her pussy and the little tufts of curly, blonde pussy hair that formed a vee pointing towards her vagina. When she was finished she looked up at me and smiled. I thought that I was gonna cum in my pants right there and then.

I knew it was wrong to cheat on my wife like this but I couldn't help myself. Miriam looked so inviting. Her kiss was warm and urgent. My hand went down to her pussy to find it hot and moist. Her clitoris was swollen and stood up like a little penis. Her hand pushed down my shorts as she massaged my growing dick. Damn, she wanted cock and she wanted it now!

She whispered sexily in my ear, "I want to be your Tina. I want you to be my Ike. Start off nice and slow but finish rough. I hadn't known that Miriam liked to be fucked roughly but I did my best "Ike" impression and gave "Tina" All that I had. She was a real wildcat in bed. Why her husband didn't keep her barefoot and pregnant was beyond me. I would have had my dick in this prime pussy every chance I had. Hell, I'd fuck her tight pussy twice each night and three times on Sunday!

We fucked several times that night. I was in seventh heaven. I just about came again when she whispered in my ear, "Dick, I'm not on any birth control. I'd like you to go down on me and lick your cum out of my pussy.

I did as she asked. I've eaten a woman's pussy on many occasions before but never to eat someone's cum, even if it was my own. Miriam reached another orgasm as my tongue lapped at her dripping pussy.

We slept together the rest of the night. I had the wet spot. Fortunately, I placed a towel down on the bed so that I didn't have to sleep in our own love juices all night.

The next morning, Miriam fixed us breakfast while I went out to run my daily five mile route. After breakfast we swam in the ocean and sunned ourselves. It was difficult for me to keep my eyes off of my wife's lovely sister as she wore her skimpy bathing suit so well. It was also quite hard for me to hide my own erection but I did the best that I could under the circumstances.

After lunch, we took a quick nap. Actually it wasn't so quick and it certainly wasn't a nap. We fucked again that afternoon and Miriam just about wore me out.

After a real nap, we watched a spectacular sunset on the sandy beach while we drank beer from my ice chest.

It was now Saturday night and Miriam and I dressed more formally than we normally do in just shorts and flip-flops. Miriam wore a cute short, black number that looked simply stunning on her. It showed off her fabulous legs and revealed much of her lovely twin orbs. I could tell that she wasn't wearing a bra as her taut nipples poked through the thin material as her breasts were straining to get out. She wore a pair of Gucci black leather, high-heeled, backless pumps that really turned me on. Not only did she look good enough to eat she also smelled divine!

After a delicious seafood dinner at Carambola's Mahogany Grill, we had some after-dinner drinks as we danced to the music of the Temptations.

I had to go pee so I excused myself. I unzipped my pants and began peeing when this black fellow steps up to the stall next to mine. I casually looked over at him as I have always been curious after hearing all the rumors about black men. This fellow was hung like the proverbial bull. His cock was big and jet black. He was as black as the Ace of Spades. I've never seen anyone with such a big manhood before.

He looked over at me and smiled.

"You like what you see, Mon?" he asked me in his native Caribbean accent.

"Ahhh, no," I stuttered. "I'm not that kind. I didn't mean to look. It just came naturally. Really, I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry, Mon. If you white guys don't look, you won't know what your white women crave."

I didn't have a reply to that so I just kept quiet.

"That pretty blonde woman your wife, Mon?"

"Uhh, yes." I replied. I didn't want to have to explain myself to this complete stranger that the woman I was with wasn't my wife but actually my wife's sister.

We finished peeing and he put his big black monster back into its cage while I put mine back into my underwear.

While I was washing my hands, he asked, "Do you mind if I dance with your wife, Mon?"

"Sure, I don't mind," I lied. "Why don't you go ahead and ask her?

"I certainly will, Mon. Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

I really didn't think that Miriam would dance with a black guy as she's from Alabama. White women being seen with black men is still taboo there. Many years ago, several black men were castrated and hanged for just looking at a white woman. There is still a lot of racial tension in Alabama but it's better than before. Now it was a much more common occurrence to see white women with black men as the women of today have much more freedom than before which is much like what the Negroes have today. Of course, if you are a wealthy African-American like most of the professional basketball players, you can just about have any white woman you want.

I went back to my table and sat next to Miriam.

It was almost too much for me to bear as I watched the black man from the bathroom coming toward our table. Maybe he had a chance after all.

"My name is Malcolm, pretty lady. Your husband said I could dance with you."

Miriam looked over at me with a puzzled smile before turning back to the black man.

"Why, yes," Miriam said to the Negro. "I'd love to dance with you."

I was kind of surprised that Miriam danced with a total stranger, especially one who was black.

"Well," I thought to myself, "Miriam's free, white and twenty-one. She can dance with anyone she wants. What would her daddy think?"

The band was playing The Temptations' "My Girl" as Malcolm took Miriam into his strong black arms. He was dancing very close to her. It had occurred to me just then that "My Girl" was a popular song at my own high school prom. Many girls were made into a woman that night after dancing to "My Girl." My own dick twitched in my pants as I watched Miriam dance close to the black man. Maybe she would be made into a real woman tonight?

They danced several more tunes before they came back to the table. Miriam excused herself to go to the powder room.

When she returned, she drank some more of the potent Pina Colada that Malcolm had ordered for her. The black man took Miriam's hand and led the pretty blonde wife back out onto the dance floor. It struck me as exciting when I saw his big black hand take her little white hand in his. The glistening of her diamond engagement ring and her wedding band on her white finger inside of the palm of his black hand made by dick get even harder.

"What if Miriam slept with this black man?" I pondered. My dick got even harder. I was pretty drunk myself.

The couple came back to the table once again. Miriam took a long drink from her melting Pina Colada. She excused herself once again as she left to go to the Ladies Room.

"I think she likes me, Mon," Malcolm said to me. "I asked her for her panties before she went to pee the first time. She gave them to me just a moment ago."

He opened up his black hand to show me. I recognized her tiny black panties he had in the palm of his hand. I knew them as I had searched through Miriam's suitcase while she was out of the room earlier today and went through her sexy lingerie.

Malcom held the tiny fabric up to his broad black nose and took a good whiff.

"Mon, your wife sure do smell sweet." Then he put her useless panties in his back pocket as a souvenir.

I knew that she did, too. While I was rummaging through her luggage this morning, I had also smelled her fragrant little panties that she had worn yesterday. I was planning on using the lame excuse of looking for some aspirin if she returned early and walked in on me while I was going through her baggage.

I didn't know it was possible but my dick expanded even further thinking about Miriam with the black stranger.

Miriam came back and promptly said, "Dick, I think it's time we go back to your condo."

Then she amazed me even further as she turned to the black man, "Malcolm, will you join us for a nightcap in our condo?"

"Sure, sure. Anything that the pretty little lady wants." Malcolm looked over at me and winked.

Miriam and Malcolm strolled arm and arm back to my condo. I never imagined in my darkest dreams that my wife's sister would ever be with a Negro. Now here she was heading back to my place for a nightcap with this black man. She was the one who was going to get nightcapped. I barely had my condo unlocked when Malcolm pushed Miriam up against the wall.

I quickly closed the door behind us as the black stranger torridly began kissing the lovely blonde English teacher and wife.

All I could do was to back up down the hall and watch. Fortunately, I had my videocamera handy so I could film this hot interracial action. I quickly got it and began filming. Her husband would never believe that his loving little wife would ever do something like this, especially with a black man. My own dick was about to burst.

The black man's hands went to the thin straps on her dress. Before, he had been massaging her breasts through the thin material. Malcolm slipped the straps down her smooth, white shoulders revealing her magnificent breasts. Her little pink nipples were certainly aroused as they stood up at attention because of his oral ministrations. His thick lips encircled one pink bud then the next. Their lips locked together in a deep soul-kiss.

Malcolm pushed the hem of her dress up her smooth white legs. I could see through the lens of the videocamera that she wasn't wearing any panties.

The black man quickly unzipped his own pants as he whispered into Miriam's ear loud enough for me and the vodeocamera to hear.

"Put it in for me, Missy."

Miriam reached between the black man's legs and guided his gigantic black missile towards its intended target. That huge black cock of his surely was about to do much damage and destruction.

Miriam gasped as the huge black cock thrust into her tight vagina for the very first time. Her arms went around his broad black back. Malcolm didn't waste anytime going deep. Fortunately for Miriam, she was moist enough to lubricate her embattled pussy. The extra dose of Aphrodisiac that Malcolm paid the bartender twenty dollars for to put into the pretty blonde wife's drink certainly paid off in spades. He was gonna fuck this little white bitch until she passed out!

It seemed as if Miriam couldn't get enough of Malcolm's big black dick. She had an itch between her legs like she had never had before. The pretty blonde wife had her first of many orgasms as the black man roughly fucked the excited blonde wife.

The black man bellowed out as his first load of dark, hot seed hammered into her abused pussy.

I couldn't believe that Miriam was just fucked by the big black bull and she wanted more - much more! She led her new black lover to her bedroom as they began shedding the remainder of their clothes. They began going at it again in earnest while I continued to film the two of them.

I went through two two-hour video tapes before I was so tired that I had to say my good-nights. I hated to leave Miriam with the black stranger but at least she was right next door to my own bedroom. Miriam and Malcolm must have fucked all night as I could continually hear the bed creaking and her crying out with another orgasm. Through the thin walls, I could their sounds of lovemaking all night.

The well-hung black stranger fucked the lovely blonde wife every which way but loose. It was my Sunday to work weekend duty at the condo sales office so I had to leave the condo before nine AM. Before I left, Miriam wanted me to go down on her. The thought of eating another man's cum out of her freshly-fucked and very, nasty raw pussy didn't really turn me on but I did so anyway. Her pussy had been stretched like I'd never seen before. It was gaping. I don't know if either I or her husband could ever satisfy her ever again.

They were still going at it when I left for work on Sunday morning.

When I got home that evening after work, Miriam had packed and taken all of her things with her. She must have had her fill of St Croix and black men. Miriam's bedroom was a disaster zone. The sheets and pillows were strewn all over the place. The black man's cum and Miriam's love juices were on everything. Even in my younger fraternity party days, I have never seen anything like this before. Fortunately, I have weekly maid service included with my condo so I wouldn't have to clean up all the sloppy mess.

I figured that Miriam had packed up and gone home until I got a call later on in the week from Maurice.

"Dick, have you seen or heard from Miriam?" he asked. "My wife was supposed to be home from St. Croix today. She hasn't called me either. She took her cell phone. Don't they work there?"

"Whoa, now, Maurice. One question at a time, okay?"

"I saw your wife this morning before I came to work," I don't know why but I lied. The last time that I saw his wife was Sunday morning, four days ago. "And yes, cell phones do work here in the Virgin Islands but my condo at Carambola is next to some mountains near the rain forest. The reception isn't so good, some maybe she hasn't had a chance to call." The later part of my answer was correct but I instantly began to worry about Miriam. I hadn't heard from her either since early this past Sunday morning when she was still in the throes of getting fucked by a big black buck. Was Miriam looking for love or was it just lust, big black lust?

I went straight to the Island police to file a missing person report. They told me that there was a twenty-four hour waiting period before they could start looking for her.

"Twenty-four hours?" I exclaimed. "She's been missing almost a week now! Can't you do anything?"

"Sorry, Mon," the police desk clerk replied. "That's the procedure. By the way, Mon, what did she look like?"

I told him what a pretty blonde woman she was. Maybe he would help me find her after all.

"Mon, many pretty American women come to the Island looking for romance. Some married, some not. Some find what they be lookin' for, most don't. Why don't you go over to Fredriksted this evening and check with the hookers. They might know where you lady be."

"Ask the hookers?" I thought to myself. "Why would they possibly know where Miriam was?"

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