The Gifted One

by Dick Coxxx

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Interracial, Black Male, White Female, .

Desc: Sex Story: A 'Gifted' black guy goes after pretty white women.


This story provides some background information to one of my other stories, "Innocence Lost." While they can be enjoyed as two separate stories, one might want to read that one as well.

The story begins here.

Marcus Taylor knew at an early age that he was special. He didn't know his father and, unfortunately, his mother was killed by a stray bullet during one of the many drive-by shootings in his poor, black ghetto neighborhood. Fortunately, for him, his aunt, Rita, took a personal, special liking to him and raised him as her own child.

There was a very special reason why Rita liked her sister's happy little black baby. The first time that she changed his diaper, she realized that he was 'gifted.' For a little tyke, he was already hung like a black stallion. When he was restless, Aunt Rita would lovingly stroke his soft black cock to hardness and bring him off. Afterwards, little Marcus would sleep like a baby. A year later, Aunt Rita lost her own baby but, as she was still lactating, she let little Marcus suckle the mother's milk from her swollen teats. The additional nutrition and other benefits from the healthier mother's milk really helped with his superior physical development and his outstanding athletic prowess later on the football field.

There were many nights when Aunt Rita and the strapping black youngster both fell asleep together in her bed. That continued for many years, even past his earlier, developmental years.

When he was older, Aunt Rita took him under her wing and taught him about pleasing and satisfying a woman. Her training and experience paid off in spades, maybe I should say pussies. Not only could Marcus satisfy her own needs but he serviced many of her friends as well. Marcus soon became the consummate lover. Because he was tall and well built, it made it even easier for him to seduce many unsuspecting females. Later in life, he would still get into her bed and service her whenever he visited his Aunt Rita.

While he was still fairly young, Marcus had his first taste of white meat and he liked it very, very much. A bleeding heart liberal white woman wanted to save the world and help the poor black populace by teaching their black children in their dilapidated schools. She wasn't all that pretty but she was still attractive and she was white. Mrs. Young asked Aunt Rita if little Marcus could come out to the family farm one weekend. Mrs. Young wanted to show her little black charge the countryside that he had never seen before.

What she didn't know was that very first night in her country home; Marcus visited her bed that evening. The unsuspecting Mrs. Young didn't know what hit her. She thought that it was her husband who had returned early from an out-of-town trip and wanted sex upon his return. The bed sank from his weight and she felt his searching hand on her bottom, then between her legs.

The next thing that she knew he was between her legs licking at her pussy. She gasped when she saw in the moonlight that it wasn't her husband but young Marcus who was expertly pleasing her. The flood of sexual emotion washed over her body like a tsunami. The black boy suckled on her breasts as his big black cock probed her tight pussy and found her 'G-spot.' That was the first of his many experiences with white women.

The black youngster did very well in school under the expert tutorage of Mrs. Young. Rachel Young taught English and taught little Marcus very well. Fortunately for Rachel Young, this was before the time, like now, when female teachers were getting into serious trouble by sleeping with their young students. There still exists a double standard about male teachers preying on the young female students and the female teachers with their male students. While both are essentially statutory rape, female teachers could impart a special tutoring with their more than eager boys willing to learn the 'art' and language of love.

Marcus was a quick study. Rachel Young told him what women liked to have done to them and the young black student was eager to learn more about love and pleasing women. Mr. Young enjoyed watching his wife with the black youngster. These were the days before video cameras but Mr. Young bought an 8mm movie camera to film his wife's indiscretions with her Negro student. There were several like-minded liberal friends of hers that also were involved in the little black stud's intensive training. If Marcus wasn't in Mrs. Young's bed at night satisfying her, he was enjoying the attention from one of her liberal white friends. Many of the husbands watched him in action between the legs of the pretty white wives as they jacked themselves off.

By this time, Marcus was a teenager and was finding pretty white girls on his own. Actually, the pretty young things flocked to him due to his athletic prowess. He was the star receiver and was crowned 'Homecoming King' his senior year. Marcus fucked his pretty blonde 'Homecoming Queen' that evening. It was quite ironic that he was not only her first Negro lover but that she was a virgin when he took her three times that night in the back seat when he 'christened' her father's new Lincoln as it was President Lincoln who freed the Negro slaves. It was a pretty messy job to clean up the car but he enjoyed doing so. Her daddy wasn't so pleased when his precious blonde daughter had a strapping black baby boy nine months later. Her daddy disowned her but it was her mother who took care of the little black baby. The former Homecoming Queen ended up marrying one of her black professors at the northern liberal arts college she attended and had many more black babies. After her first experience with Marcus, white boys just could not compare in the sexual department.

Marcus joined the debate team in high school as one of the pretty blonde teachers was the team's sponsor. Between all of his many athletic obligations, he still found time to be one of the debate team's stars. The teacher, Mrs. Julie Peacock, worked endless hours helping Marcus to hone his debate and speaking skills. She was a very devoted Christian and invited Marcus to attend church with her as her husband was always out on the golf course on Sunday morning. It was not unusual for Julie to fix her black student a special Sunday meal for him to enjoy after attending church with her. Actually, Marcus really enjoyed being around the pretty blonde Mrs. Peacock but his big black cock would ache for hours at an end after leaving her home before her husband got home.

One of the other special benefits of going to church with the lovely Mrs. Peacock, besides seeing her dressed in her Sunday finest and her looking absolutely smashing, was that the Preacher's pretty brunette wife took a special liking to the young black man. She felt that it was her calling to provide restitution to the oppressed black slaves at the horrible hands of the terrible white master by offering her body and soul to him. Marcus took it lock, stock and barrel. After spending the afternoon with his pretty blonde debate teacher, he went over to the Preacher's house for the remainder of the afternoon where the Preacher's Wife would welcome him with open arms and open legs. The Preacher's Wife even organized a group of church ladies who thought like she did and shared his 'gifted' talent with them. Those women eager for his big black cock just about wore him out. Thankfully, his superb athleticism provided his needed stamina. If there had been an Olympic category for fucking, Marcus would have won all of the gold medals for his sexual prowess. Some of the husbands got very made at their wives when they later had a black baby but others welcomed the new baby as their own. He received many presents from this group of pretty white wives for the 'special' services that he provided behind the secrecy of their bedroom doors.

Marcus still had not seduced his debate team sponsor. The 'Silver-tongued Devil' could talk the panties off of almost any girl or woman he wanted but not the beautiful blonde Mrs. Julie Peacock. While he was fucking one of the other pretty white teachers or the wife of one of the football coaches, Marcus would dream and think of Mrs. Julie Peacock. He had an obsession with the pretty blonde wife and teacher.

One Saturday evening, Marcus invited her to the opening of a new jazz club downtown. He was mildly surprised that she accepted his offer. Her husband was away on business and would be gone out of the country for the next week. Marcus picked up his pretty teacher in the older model black Cadillac's that one of the lady friends of the Preacher's Wife had passed down to Marcus when they bought a new one for themselves.

Mrs. Peacock looked lovelier than ever when she answered the door. She had never dressed like this for either church or school. It was clear to Marcus that the beautiful blonde teacher wanted to party tonight. As she kissed him on the cheek, he smelled her sweet perfume and the fragrance of her freshly-shampooed hair. His big black cock was raring to go as it tented his tight pants.

Julie invited her black student in and said, "Do we have time to have a drink before we go?"

"Of course, we do, Mrs. Peacock. My time is your time," he replied smoothly. He knew where this evening was headed by the look in her pretty blue eyes.

Marcus helped himself to one of her husband's expensive imported beers while she poured herself another glass from an already half-gone bottle of white wine. "Is the bottle half full or half empty?" he pondered the rhetorical debate question. He planned on helping himself to her cuckolded husband's most procession later that night.

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