My Pretty Sister-in-law

by Dick Coxxx

Copyright┬ę 2007 by Dick Coxxx

Romantic Sex Story: My pretty blonde sister-in-law finds out about blackmen.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   .


I have always liked my pretty sister-in-law, Miriam. She is about eight years younger than her older sister who is now my wife. At thirty-eight, I think that Miriam has gotten even prettier than when she was younger. Miriam has always been lovely but she was still in high school while I was in college dating her older sister. Back then, I certainly thought that she was off-limits as she would have been jail-bait if I had fooled around with her. She was cute, blonde and young but was always impish even as a budding teenager. Miriam was a big cock-tease even as a young teenager. And I had lusted after her all these years.

As I reflect back on how we got to be where we are now I had to remember back on an outing with my then future wife and her family at a beach house on the coast of Florida. We had just finished dinner and I had to go pee. We had been drinking beer and eating boiled shrimp and I had to go pee like a race horse. I was kind of in a hurry as I opened the door to the bathroom. I didn't realize it at first, but some one was already sitting on the toilet. It was my future sister-in-law, Miriam. She had her shorts down around her trim ankles and had been peeing. She quickly closed her legs and covered her nakedness with her hands. I was so embarrassed that I had to close my eyes but I'd already seen her golden-haired pussy. I turned to leave. "Don't go," I heard her say softly. I really didn't want to leave as I had to get rid of about three beers pretty quickly.

I hesitantly turned back towards her as she was still perched on the toilet. As I gazed at her pretty blue eyes, I saw that her legs opened and she began peeing again. I must admit I became fairly turned on as I watched the yellow liquid flowing from her bare loins. She finished and took a wad of toilet paper and patted herself dry.

"Now it's your turn," she said to me in that sweet little voice of hers. That was none too soon for me!

If I didn't have to pee so badly, I probably would have waited until she left. As it was, I had to go and go badly so I couldn't wait another moment longer. I don't consider myself a 'big' guy but I'm probably bigger than most. Miriam was curiously watching me as I pulled my almost-rigid dick out of my unzipped pants. It sounded like a cow pissing on a flat rock. I was more than just a little embarrassed, or should I say, em-bare-assed, as she saw me with my pants down.

When I finished, she said, "Here, let me help with that."

I literally jumped out of my skin when I felt her warm fingers on my hard dick. My girlfriend's little sister stroked my foreskin back and forth like she had done this many times before. She spit into her hand for lubrication and brought me to full attention. I couldn't believe that she was giving me a hand job with her parents and her sister just in the other room. I could smell her perfume and the fragrance of her freshly shampooed hair as she jacked me off. Needless to say, I was quite turned on by her show of brotherly love. After another minute or two of her expert ministrations, I shot my wad into the toilet. Miriam washed her hands and said, "Give me a moment's head start or somebody might think we've been playing hankie-panky."

Miriam had always been the 'wild' child. Her older sister was the 'conservative' and 'responsible' one. Thank god that I had to go back to college or I might have gotten in trouble with an under-aged minor.

Several years passed and I married Miriam's older sister. Miriam was the Maid of Honor at our wedding. I must admit, even getting married that day, Miriam looked fabulous in her pink satin bridesmaid dress. Half way through our wedding reception, my new sister-in-law asked me to dance. If it hadn't been for several glasses of champagne I'd had earlier, I probably would have declined her offer. It was a fast tune so I said okay. The next tune was a slow dance and she wanted to dance one more time with her new brother-in-law so I obliged. Thank goodness that it was fairly dark and crowded on the dance floor as Miriam was grinding her thigh against my loins. It didn't take long before I got a raging hardon.

"Ohhhh, I like that," she cooed into my ear as she sensually rubbed her heated loins against my erect manhood. "If my big sister doesn't take care of you, you can always count on me."

That was one helluva thought, especially on your wedding night. Fortunately, the tune was soon over and I made my way back to my table and wife my new wife but I could never get her pretty little sister out of my mind.

I was on my way to getting drafted after college and sent to Viet Nam so I decided that I would take my fate into my own hands and volunteered for the Marines. Boot camp at Camp LeJeune was a lot tougher than I thought it would be but I had always dreamed of becoming a Marine. I went in as enlisted but due to my college graduate status, I was sent on to Officer Candidate School. I ended up in Korea for a couple of tours of duty and missed all of the action in Viet Nam. All we really had to worry about was the North Koreans roaring across the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) in South Korea and getting unpronounceable sexually transmitted diseases from the Korean whores.

At the request of my wife, I took leave to go to Miriam's wedding. She was marrying a guy by the name of Maurice and my wife was going to be the Matron of Honor so I couldn't really afford to miss the big event. My wife's parents really went all out for her little sister's wedding and reception. The wedding was held in the big church downtown with the reception at the exclusive country club. It almost didn't happen there as Maurice's Best Man was black and he had invited several other of his black friends to the wedding. The manager of the country club had a fit as "Negras" as he called them, "Are simply not invited inside the club! They can do the yard work, if you want." It really cost Miriam's daddy a pretty penny as he had to shell out a bundle of money to appease the prejudicial country club manager. It would have been a real travesty if part of the wedding party would not be allowed to attend the reception. I did see quite a difference of racial opinion as the older folks frowned upon the blacks at the reception. Miriam made it a point to dance very closely to Maurice's black Best Man who had played football with him in college. Maurice had been a standout football recruit but had gotten hurt in his sophomore year during a conference playoff game. He lost his scholarship but, fortunately, by working a couple of jobs at night and weekends and with the help of Miriam's daddy, Maurice was able to finish college and get his degree in economics. He went on to become a successful insurance agent and even opened his own agency.

One of the things that Miriam did during her wedding reception to 'rub' it into their snobby, country club prejudicial noses, was make it a point to not only dance very close to the Negro Best Man but also to dance with each and every one of the black guys present. Her parents weren't very happy but her new husband didn't seem to mind.

When I finished up my active duty military obligation a few years later, I came back home and worked in the construction business for a while. Pounding a nail really wasn't my idea of work so when a foreman's job came open, I jumped at it. Now, years later, here I am, a project manager in the construction business building regional shopping malls. My next job was a huge new shopping mall in the affluent Mountain Brook area of Birmingham, Alabama. As it was, that was where Maurice and Miriam had taken up residence. My wife was talking to her little sister one Sunday afternoon the week before I needed to be in Birmingham and was surprised that she had asked if I could stay with them to save my per diem. My wife knew that her sister had a little room in the basement that they had converted into a game room. There was also a pull out sofa for when company came to visit. For the six months that I'd be in Birmingham, that would be okay by me. All I thought about the next week was seeing Miriam again.

Maurice was out fishing with some buddies but Miriam was there to greet me. She looked fabulous and I told her so. She just blushed a little. I liked that and smiled at her. Even after fifteen years of marriage, Miriam looked even better than when she was younger. Today, she was wearing a pair of blue jean shorts and a red and white checkered halter top that had been tied into a knot in front revealing her bare, firm tummy. Her beautiful long blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail that bounced when she walked. She was barefoot as usual and had just painted her nails a fire engine red. She had put on lipstick for me but didn't need any makeup for her to look very attractive to me. It didn't take long for a tent to form in the front of my own trousers. I tried in vain to conceal my hardness.

I had been to their house in Mountain Brook a few years earlier but they had only recently installed a swimming pool in their back yard. I thought that it would be especially nice to take a refreshing dip after work to wash off all the grime from a day's work on the construction site. Miriam led me down the stairs into the basement. They had worked very hard to wipe out the musty smell that basements often had. There was also a pool table in the comfortable-sized room. They had replaced the old door leading outside with new sliding glasses doors that gave me a perfect view of the gorgeous pool. This would be better than any hotel that I had stayed at lately!

Miriam went to church on a regular basis and asked if I wanted to go as Maurice usually went fishing on a Sunday morning. I said sure, it would do my soul some good. However, the only thing that I could think of during church that morning was the good-looking blonde woman sitting next to me. I didn't hear one word that the pastor was preaching. The reason was when Miriam got into her minivan to drive us to church that morning, the hem of her smart-looking suit crept up her bare legs. I got a hardon while catching a quick glimpse or two of her glorious gams. She had been playing a lot of tennis at the country club these days during her spare time and it was definitely paying off in spades. Miriam always had good-looking legs but now they just seemed to be shapelier as well as more firm.

I kept waiting for lightening to strike me right then and there in the church for thinking such lurid things about my pretty blonde sister-in-law but it never struck. Maybe I was lucky after all?

Miriam is a twelfth-grade English teacher and got up early to fix me breakfast and pack my lunch for me to take to work. I told her she didn't have to but she insisted. I enjoyed seeing Miriam all dressed up in her conservative teacher clothes and it was a nice touch for her to fix my lunch everyday. I gave her a peck on the cheek as thanks as I walked out to my truck. Her fragrance made my dick swell up and I wished that I was a young student in one of her English classes. There are a lot of stories these days about teachers 'preying' on their innocent young students. While there remains a double standard today, I certainly wouldn't want any daughter of mine being seduced by one of her male teachers, it was different for boys. The female teachers were prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law but that didn't keep those young studs from bragging about his latest conquest of nailing one of his pretty teachers.

The end of the school year was fast approaching. Miriam was one of the teachers selected to do Prom 'duty' so she asked me to go with her as her escort as Maurice was out of town on a fishing trip. I rented a tuxedo to do things up right. I was sitting in their den reading one of Maurice's car magazines waiting for Miriam to finish getting ready. She had spent most of the morning at the beauty parlor and primped all afternoon. I heard her call out my name for assistance.

Miriam was standing in front of the full length mirror trying unsuccessfully to zip up her dress.

"My god," I thought to myself. "My sister-in-law looks absolutely stunning in red." Miriam was wearing a shiny, red satin designer dress that literally took my breath away. The dress accentuated her lovely shape and the hem came to just above her knees. Her red high-heeled shoes were in the same matching fabric. She called them her 'CFM' shoes. 'Cum Fuck Me.' Man, I certainly had that thought in my brain, especially the one that's usually hidden in my pants. Her blonde hair was stylishly up, revealing her slim white neck which I don't normally see. She wore a gold serpentine necklace with a matching bracelet. In her ears, she wore gold hoop earrings.

"Help me zip this, please," she asked seductively.

Miriam's zipper was halfway up her smooth back before it jammed. I stood behind her and had to work with it a little to get it moving again. Her wonderful fragrance was heady to my senses. My one-eyed monster had a mind of its own as it got bigger. I finally released the jam but had to unzip it a little before zipping it up further. When I brought the zipper down, one of her boobs popped out of her dress just like Tara Reid's did during a recent Hollywood event. I stopped and swallowed hard and stared into the mirror. I couldn't take my eyes off of her taut, little pink nipple and her firm round breast.

Miriam's blue eyes met mine in the mirror. She laughed and brushed her hand up to the front of her dress to cover her bare breast.

"Silly," she said. "I said, 'Help me zip this, please, ' not 'Help me unzip this, please.' Surely you've seen a woman's tits before?"

She caught me stuttering a lame response.

The rest of the evening went great. Fortunately or unfortunately, there wasn't any alcohol at the Prom or at least not any that we saw. If I had a couple of drinks under my belt, my hands surely would have been all over my sexy-looking sister-in-law. Her look and the way she dressed seemed to be daring me but this time I was a good little boy. I was able to successfully keep my dick in my pants all night. Certainly, my own wife and Miriam's husband would be proud of me at my sexual restraint.

We had a hard rain storm come through early one morning so I reluctantly called a rainout which meant that we would have to make up for the lost day later in the schedule. As it turned out, the sun came out mid-morning and dried everything. I knew that would happen but my company didn't want to pay for unnecessary stand around time so I had to let them take the day off. Maurice got himself a new truck and wanted to show it off. He had come home for lunch and found me getting ready to go out. I'm a photographer on the side and wanted to take photos of one of the near-by covered bridges.

"Come one," he said. "I'll take the rest of the afternoon off from work if you'll let me drive."

I really didn't want him around while I did my photography but I said to myself, "What the hell?"

"Let me at least buy the gas," I replied.

"Deal!" he said rather quickly.

It took us about an hour to get to the first remote bridge but it was everything I had imagined and more. The bridge looked like it hadn't been used in fifty years but yet was in remarkably good condition.

I do a pretty good job, photography wise, but Maurice couldn't help kidding me about the photographer in book and movie called 'Bridges of Madison County.' He talked about how the National Geographic photographer who seduced a lonely wife. I knew the story and while I don't look anything like Clint Eastwood, I've always wanted to shoot outdoor photography for National Geographic. He also kidded me about seducing his own wife. I told him about my dream of one day taking assignments for National Geo but never thought about seducing Miriam, I lied.

I finished up there and began packing my gear.

"Hey," Maurice said. "You know there's another covered bridge closer to town?"

"Lead the way," I encouraged.

This one was in terrible shape but was at least was still sound. It took me about an hour to get the photos I wanted. It was starting to get into the "golden" hour which is great sun light before sunset and I thought about staying longer.

"Oh, I forgot," Maurice said. "Miriam's car is in the shop so we need to go pick her up."

Although I was a little disappointed and told him that I wanted to take a few more photos he said, "Sure, let's go pick her up and come back. Maybe you can take a few photos of her with the bridge."

Now that peaked my interest.

The high school was fairly close and Miriam was waiting for us. Her smile picked up its brilliance when she saw me. I hoped out of the pick up and held the door open for Miriam. As it was a warm day, she was wearing a short, light-blue skirt and a nice white blouse. I could see her frilly bra through the thin material. On her dainty feet, she was wearing a sexy pair of white sandals that she must have gotten from Victoria's Secret. I was going to hop in the cramped back seat when Maurice chimed in, "Hey, there's plenty of room for you up front."

I reluctantly agreed and slid in next to Miriam. There wasn't as much room up front as Maurice had indicated so Miriam had to straddle the gear shift. I watched as she moved her leg over on the other side of the knob. Her short skirt rose up to mid-thigh displaying a generous amount of toned bare flesh. Maurice casually rested his hand on her bare thigh in between shifts. Her other thigh was burning a hole in the side of my pants. It was actually hard for me to breathe especially with my dick as hard as it was with her husband just on the other side of her. Miriam noticed my discomfort and patted my knee. I thought that I was about to pass out.

"I want to get some photos of you, Miriam, and our photographer, here has graciously agreed."

"Okay," she replied. "Where do you want to go?"

"How about let's go to that old covered bridge over the Timbuktu Creek? We where just there and Mr. "National Geographic" here wanted to take some more photos of the bridge with you in the picture. I think that he doesn't really care where but he wanted to take some glamour shots of you."

Believe it or not, what he said was true. I knew that Miriam would be very photogenic and I did want to take some glamour photos of her but just not with her husband hanging around while I did so.

It only took us a few minutes for us to get back to the second deserted bridge. As a photographer, I was excited about the lighting. The sun light was even better now than when we had left thirty minutes ago. I was also excited about finally taking photos of one of my fantasies; Miriam.

I was about ready to tell Maurice to get back into his new truck and drive it around for a while and let me take photos of his wife all by myself; just her and me. Then he said, "Hey, Miriam, honey, why don't you go over behind that bush and take off your bra and then put your blouse back on. That'll make for sexier photos, won't it, dear?"

I was more than just a little surprised when she did just that. She came back swinging her bra by the elastic strap just like a yo-yo. I couldn't believe that she was now braless beneath her thin blouse. Even I could easily see her nipples poking through the thin material. Indeed, she was very sexy looking. I took a bunch of head shots with the sun back-lighting her gorgeous blonde hair. It looked like a halo framing her beautiful face. Then I had her sit on the edge of the bridge barefoot with one foot up on the bridge and the other one swaying back and forth in mid-air. I got some fabulous photos as her skirt hem slipped down her raised leg.

"Honey," her husband said. "How about unbuttoning a couple of buttons for me?"

She did. I was amazed as I got some nice close-up shots of her ample cleavage. I could even see her bare nipple through my rangefinder. I've done some glamour shots before but even for a professional like me, my dick got hard watching as she posed for me and my camera.

Maurice even got his wife to slip the blouse off of her bare shoulders so I could get some fantastic shots of the blonde beauty looking over her bare shoulder at me. I captured the swell of her bare breast on film.

The light faded too soon for me. I had plenty of other ideas for her next pose but it was time to go.

Their bedroom is directly above mine. That night I could hear them doing the bedroom mambo as the headboard pounded against the wall. It lasted for just a few minutes. If it had been me in her bed, that sound would have lasted all night or at least a lot longer than it did.

The next couple of weeks were fairly uneventful as I dove into my work because we were behind schedule and it looked like we might also be over budget. As the construction manager, that responsibility rested solely with me.

The insurance business had been good for Maurice recently and he bought a new boat. On Saturday, he wanted to take us for a boat ride and a picnic on one of the islands in the river. He promised that there would be no fishing but we could go swimming if we wanted. Miriam packed our lunch, Maurice packed the beer and I packed my camera. Whenever I wasn't at the construction site, I always packed my camera. You never know when you will get that one and only chance for that shot of a lifetime.

Miriam wore a cute little Hawaiian cover-up over her tiny bikini. She had put on lipstick and wore a new sun hat. I could also smell her delightful perfume. Maurice wore pressed khaki shorts, a navy-blue polo shirt and new Sperry deck shoes. Over the years, he had put on quite a bit of weight. He had let his muscles that he had while he was in high school and college football turn to flab. He now had "Dunlop's Disease." 'His belly dun lopped over his belt!' Maurice finished up his sailor's outfit by wearing his favorite "Captain" cap over his balding pate. I wore an old tennis shirt, swim trunks and an old pair of sneakers. I was definitely the one who had dressed down for the occasion.

We ate lunch and kicked back a few beers while Miriam had a glass or two of white wine. It didn't take long before I had Miriam posing as I clicked the shutter of my camera. My god, I thought to myself, she is beautiful.

Once again, her husband wanted her to pose in certain ways. Before I knew it, her top was laying on the rock she was posed on. These photos were certainly some of my best glamour work.

Somehow, I got the idea that Maurice liked the idea of another man seeing his wife naked. Once again, that night, I heard them in the bedroom above me. Miriam was very vocal. I think she actually did that fro my benefit as I jerked off to the thoughts of her naked body beneath mine.

Maurice had an out-of-town business trip and Miriam dropped off her husband at the airport. I had gotten home at my usual late time of six o'clock when Miriam said she didn't want to cook tonight. They have a favorite Italian restaurant that she and Maurice really like. I jumped in the shower to quickly wash off the construction grim.

"Let's take Maurice's new truck. You drive," Miriam suggested.

My truck was kind of beat-up from being banged around all day at the jobsite and I enjoyed driving his truck so off we went.

The restaurant was called Diablo's and was a cozy little Italian bistro reminisnant of what you might find out in the countryside of Italy away from all the hustle and bustle of city life. The matre'd greeted us warmly as we entered, "Good evening, Mrs. Smith. How is Mr. Smith tonight?"

Miriam winked at me and said, "He's fine, Aldo. How's the wife."

"She's good, Mrs. Smith. She's very, very good. Maybe we make baby tonight when I get off." That was their standing joke.

The food was very good and the wine was even better. Before they knew it, they had polished off two vintage bottles of very nice red wine. I ordered two cappuccinos and a Tiramisu to share with Miriam. She took a couple of bites just to taste the decadent dessert but she was very proud of her trim figure.

As we were heading home, she said, "Let me show you one of my favorite spots in Mountainbrook."

Miriam directed me up a winding road as we made our way overlooking the town. We came to secluded spot with a small clearing. Down below us, we could see the twinkling stars of the town's lights. I turned off the truck's engine but left the CD player on playing some soft music. I rested my arm on the back of the seat. Miriam kicked off her shoes and snuggled close to me. I really like my sister-in-law but I hadn't been expecting this. I could feel her searing body heat as her thigh touched mine.

I looked over at her and could see the outline of her face in the silvery moonlight.

"Some of my high school boyfriends would bring me up here to neck," she told me. "I lost my virginity here shortly after my sixteenth birthday. I remember someone kidding me at my birthday party that I was 'sweet sixteen and never been kissed' so I wanted to make up for lost time. It was also the first time for my boyfriend at the time and he was a lousy lover. Fortunately for me, they got much better after him. As one of the cheerleaders in high school, the black boys showed a real interest in me. I thought that daddy was going to disown me when he found out that I was dating one of those 'darkies.' I met Maurice soon after that or my daddy might have ended up with a bastard black grandbaby."

I don't know why Miriam was sharing all this information with me but I must admit it was making me aroused. Of course the two bottles of red wine probably had something to do with it also. I let my hand slip off of the back of the seat and it landed gently on Miriam's shoulder. I leaned over and kissed my pretty blonde sister-in-law on the lips. Her lips parted to receive my exploring tongue.

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