From Brainy Coed To Mindless Bimboslut

by Nikki Mounds

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, MaleDom, Humiliation, School, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Nicole, a smart coed with the body of a busty pornstar. It is a shame that she is so bashful! Then her best friend's room mate, John, uses the new techniques he developed in college to turn the prude girl into his personal bimboslut. The wonders of science...

This is fiction, I swear it! And I did write it, so if you want to post it somewhere just tell me and I'll give permission as long as it is not a paysite, and maybe even so, depending on the site... this is just so that I don't loose track of where my work is being posted ok?

No minors should be reading it, so if you are under 18, please, stop now, this is smut and nasty smut at it, not fir for you boys and girls.

This tale is the result of a hot role playing chat with Mr. Z, a great mind control writer, and I hope to post more of these chats turned into stories in the future!

I am trying hard to study for my final exams, but I can't concentrate! I'm usually quite a good student and I never had problem focusing on my text books before. My friends use to call me 'a geek with the body of a pornstar'!

I never liked this joke. Just because I have huge 34 E cups doesn't mean people can go around joking about it, but tonight I am actually amused just to think about it.

My best friend Lynn Payton had created this joke. As if she wasn't a hot girl herself! My friend is a blue eyed blonde with golden curls and a body to die for. She is plump in all the right places, especially her bubble butt and large boobs, almost as large as mine! But, unlike me, she loves to flaunt what she has. I, on the other side, am very shy and self conscious about my too large bosom, I hate when guys stare at my chest, you know, they usually talk to my tits!

I giggle and notice I've got distracted yet again! And worst, I am wet! I never liked guys staring at me or talking about my tits, but tonight I am getting excited just to think of it! This way I'll fail my exams big time. But i can't stop thinking about guys drooling for my hooters and talking about how hot and busty I am.

Suddenly my cell phone rings, waking me from my wet daydreams.

"Hello." I say answering the phone as I close my book, studying for finals has never been this hard!

"Hi Nicole, its John." I recognize Lynn's room mate's voice. "Did you get a weird package today? I was talking to Lynn and she got something in the mail. Some kind of DVD and er... other things. Did you watch it yet?"

"Yes, it was weird! I remember that I actually liked the DVD, but... I can't remember what it was about so I just forgot about it. There were some clothes in it to; I am actually wearing a top and a skirt that came in the package, no reason to just throw it away!" I giggle. It is weird, I NEVER giggle like this, I'm usually so serious! "So Lynn got it too? Who sent it? Was it a prank?" I ask excited about the strange package, somehow it sounds hot!

"Wait, you watched it already? Ok... have you noticed anything different since you put it on? Or since you watch the vid? I- I'm on my way over. Lynn didn't know who sent it. I was just at her place. She's um... REALLY good." he mutters. "I'm sure you will be too... So, anything different?"

"No not at all!" I answer blushing, not wanting to tell him I rented a porno flick and have masturbated five times today. I only stopped to try to study in the last hour and it has been useless! "I mean, I-I have dressed the clothes they sent me and... well, they are VERY revealing! But I'm home alone; I don't think that counts as strange." I say knowing fully well that I've NEVER ever wore clothes half as lewd as the ones I'm in now!

"Do me a favor and go stand in front of a mirror for a second." He asks me with a nervous voice. "Is the skirt short enough to show off the round curves of the bottom of your bum? Does the top lift and push your cleavage together? How do you think you look?"

"Yes and yes I think!" I giggle looking at my reflection in the mirror, liking what I see. "I look HOT! Totally!" I say excited and happy with myself. "The skirt is rather short, I think..." I turn and see it does not reach the bottom of my butt, part of my ass cheeks are left bare, since I'm wearing the thong they've sent all one will see is my skin. "... yes, half of my ass is showing!" I giggle, excited to say it to a guy. "But I'm alone, no one will see it... no one but you, if you get here in my dorm room!" I purr the last part, eager to have him horny for me; it is so much fun to make guys horny for me!

"Oh God!" Is his answer and I almost cum from sheer excitement because a man is horny for me.

"The top is just a little more than a bikini." I check it at the mirror with a happy smile, I love to be dressed like this! "It hangs on my tits and don't hide much... you know, my nipples show every time I walk! COOL!" I giggle looking at the flowing thing barely covering my boobs. "I have such big jugs... I can't understand why I don't dress to show them!" I think about it and then remember. "Oh, I remember, I am self conscious about my hooters! What a waste of time, knockers like mine deserve to be shown!"

"Wow... you've really come around, Nica... you're turning into a real partygirl... just like Lynnie. You don't mind if I stare at your knockers, do ya?" John chuckles and I hear him climbing the stairs to my apartment. "I might want to do more than that, if you're nice. You don't mind do you?"

"No, not at all!" I cup my mounds on one hand. "The poor things... I've hidden them for so long! I need to make up for the wasted years!" I giggle. "They are E-cups did you know? Guys in college have been trying to find my bra size the whole semester!" I say proudly.

"Oohhh Lynnie's gonna be jealous. She's only a DD. She wants to get implants to get up to F cups now. I think she was calling the doctor when I left."

"Yes... I've always been the 'biggest girl in class'... and I actually didn't like my hooters, can you believe it?!" I giggle embarrassed with my past stupidity. "I have been searching for a surgeon to perform a breast reduction... I' guess I'll try to add a couple of bra sizes instead... I don't want to feel left behind by that blonde slut Lynn!" I see him open my door, closing his cell phone.

"Hi ya Nica. How's my favorite partygirl?" He looks me up and down and marvels at how hot I look, I'm so proud of how my body grabs his attention!

"Hi John!" I playfully say as I cup my melons as if offering them to you. The top falls on my shoulder and bare my white pillows. "OOOPS!" I say giggling before I release the tits, making them bounce and jiggle beautifully and put the straps back on my shoulders.

"Wow!! I can't believe you kept those funbags locked up for sooo long!" He looks at me and grins from ear to ear. "Well Nica... I've gotta weigh those things for myself. You don't mind if I check under your hoot, do ya?" John smiles and reaches out towards my rack.

"Well... I-I..." I feel something is wrong, but I can't put my finger on it. Maybe something about a guy touching my boobs... but no! That is hot, it can't be wrong! "Ok, no problem!" I nod.

"Well... Nicole Boketti... is that really you? Shy, ice-queen, Nicole? Telling me to weigh her tit-flesh like she's a side of beef? Or for sale?" He laughs and cup both tits, carefully hefting them and rolling my nipples between his thumb and forefingers. "I would say about a half-gallon each." John pushes up one, then the other like, as if he was juggling my knockers.

'That is fun!" I giggle dumbly as he 'throws' my hooters up. "I never knew it'd feel this good!" I say in a moan at the guy's touch. My boobs are so sensitive! John hollers at the top of his lungs.

"Nicole 'Brainy' Boketti has huge tits! Huge tits for sale! No waiting!"

"Yes... I've got tits for sale. I've got to make money to pay for my implants!" I laugh along, actually thinking about it... implants! I need to be a G cup... bigger than Lynn.

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