Baby Pictures

by Pale-Rider

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including TransGender, Masturbation, Transformation, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: Another little tale in retaliation for a theft.

Andrey Pavel looked so cute in his baby pictures considering he was really rather ugly. His mother wanted to be a photographer before he was born, so she practiced on him all of his life. Everything he did she recorded in an album, from the typical first steps to the more unusual first time using a potty chair.

He hated it when his mother took her camera out and snapped more pictures of him.

"Smile, little man," she said as the flash went off several times in succession.

"Stop calling me that," Andrey gritted his teeth in anger.

His Russian parents still thought he was a child, even though he was over thirty. Andrey couldn't afford to move out of their home yet, and hated every minute of it. The dreaded nickname had stuck since childhood. The family name was from the Latin Paulus, which meant small. His mother thought it was cute that his first name stood for man in Greek. All his life he was their 'little man.'

"Andrey, let me get some pictures of you working on your new website. They will look so cute in the next album. Look busy and happy."

The thought of his own website brought a smile to Andrey's face. His mother thought he put it there for the picture. He wondered what she would say if she knew it was the thought of watching some hot young girl suck a cock that made him smile. Or imagining that same girl spreading her legs to him. He felt his cock swell at the thought.

"You have enough, now let me get to work," he told his mother.

"Okay, I'm done. You just wait until you see these added to your book." She pinched his cheek as she left the room smiling.

She barely had the door shut before Andrey clicked a few keys and his favorite porn site was on the screen. His hand automatically rubbed his cock through his jeans as today he watched a brunette begin to strip in the video. Her eyes looked right at him as she unhooked her lacy black bra and slowly revealed her tits. She licked her finger then ran the wet tip over her nipple until it puckered and tightened, her moans making Andrey's cock drool.

Each time the brunette took off more clothes, Andrey leaned closer to the screen. When she was naked, one hand laid flat over the screen, touching her soft skin. By the time she was lying on her bed with her legs spread open, Andrey had his jeans unzipped and his cock freed, stroking as if he were fucking the girl. When she put her fingers into her pussy and groaned, his cock spewed out cum all over the front of his jeans.

Minutes later as she made herself cum, Andrey's tongue lapped at the screen to take it from her. He knew she came thinking of his cock. The familiar tingle started again just as he heard a knock at his door.

"Andrey, I need to come in," his mother said. "I have a great idea for a new page in your photo album."

"Leave me alone. I'm busy."

"It will only take a few minutes," she told him as she turned the doorknob. "Why is your door locked? What are you doing that I can't come in? I'm your mother, this is my house. Let me in, Andrey."

"I'm trying to work!"

"Why do you need the door locked to work? Are you doing something illegal in there? Let me in right now, little man."

Andrey felt the anger and rage building even as he shoved his now soft cock back into his jeans and left his shirt out to cover the wet spots on them. He unlocked the door and sat back down to change screens to his own site.

"You had better not be doing anything wrong in here." His mother stated.

"This is my room, not yours. I need privacy to concentrate, mother."

"You always wanted a private place. Your father and I joked about it when you were a child. Our little man, in his private space, off in his own private world." She ruffled his hair and left the room, the pictures she had wanted to take now forgotten.

The intrusion irritated Andrey, as most things his parents did seemed to do. He went back to work on his pages, but the image of the brunette popped back in, just enough to keep him from making any progress.

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