Vacation With Friends

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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Fiction, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This is a fairly long story that, like most of my others, is a fantasy version of a real situation. It's fairly long and I was thinking of making it two parts but it seemed to lose continuity. I wrote this before most of the ones I've already submitted so it may have a slightly different style.

It was going to be another one of those vacation weekends with friends. One of those weekends that was supposed to be fun but turn out as they usually did... a long and boring two days. That's what I thought as we loaded up the car and headed for the mountains. The drive up was uneventful. When we left my wife sat in the front seat with me and our friends Sara and Jim in the back. After about a hundred miles or so Sara said she needed to make a pit stop so we pulled into a rest area. The girls headed for the ladies room together and Jim and I took turns going to the men's room. It always struck me as weird that girls always went together.

When we got back in the car my wife got in the back seat with Sara so they could chat and Jim climbed in next to me. Jim was a couple of years older than me and still in pretty good shape. Sara was tall and looked real good for her age. She had blonde hair and a great figure. She had a boob job several years earlier and they looked absolutely fantastic. Even though she was older than me and my wife she still turned heads. That's not to say that my wife wasn't attractive. Lisa had always had a nice rack and after she had our son her tits got even bigger! She had a very pretty face with nice pouty lips and beautiful cat like eyes. I often caught guys staring at her tits and I could tell she enjoyed the attention. Although she wasn't a big flirt she often wore tops that were either showed off her ample cleavage or hugged those huge melons. I didn't let it bother me; in fact I got a kick out of watching guys ogle her.

Jim and I talked about what we might do when we got to the lakeside cottage and the girls chatted away in the back seat. When we arrived we checked out the cabin Lisa had booked. It really wasn't what she thought it would be and we all agreed that it was way too small. Lisa talked to the manager and since it was the off season he agreed to give us better accommodations. We were pleasantly surprised at or new digs. The place was like a big country house with several bedrooms and three baths. More room than we needed but we weren't about to pass it up.

Jim and I got busy unloading the car and the girls unpacked. When we were done we decided to get freshened up and get some dinner. It was a very warm day so I put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Lisa did the same and we headed downstairs to wait. Jim and Sara had taken the downstairs bedroom since Jim liked to get up early to take a walk and didn't want to wake us up. In a few minutes they came out. Jim had also put on shorts and Sara was wearing a short denim skirt and white button top. I had to admit she looked pretty hot for a woman her age. I had to be careful Lisa didn't catch me checking her friend out.

It was a short walk to the restaurant/bar. The place was very cozy and had a nice view of the lake. We took a table on the balcony and ordered dinner. It was well after six so we also ordered a round of drinks. The food took awhile to come out and by the time it did we were into our second round of cocktails. I usually didn't have more that two or three drinks and Lisa would almost always stop at two. Jim was a beer drinker and after the first two he started sucking them down faster than he usually did. Sara had been a "heavy hitter" for as long as I can remember and since Jim had put down a few and wasn't paying attention she was also putting them away. I guess between the long ride and cool mountain air nobody was really paying attention or really cared.

After awhile the waitress told us that there was going to be some entertainment in the next room and we could take a table there if we wanted to. Lisa and Sara headed off to the ladies room and Jim and I moved the drinks to our new table. The room was small and the only table left was in a dimly lit corner. Jim and I settled in and waited for the girls. They came out holding on to each other and giggling away. All those cocktails were obviously having an effect. As soon as they sat down a guy with a guitar walked on stage and started doing some popular songs. We had a few more rounds and soon he had the room singing along and playing song guessing games. We were having a great time singing and laughing away. Nobody was paying attention to how much alcohol we had consumed. We were having too much fun to really care.

Pretty soon Lisa said she had had enough and between the long day and having more to during that she was used to she was ready for bed. I tried to talk her into staying but she said she was just too tired and if I wanted to hang out it was fine. I walked her to our cabin which was right next door and headed back to the bar. Jim and Sara had ordered another round while I was gone. Jim must have had ten or twelve beers and was looking pretty smashed. Sara was sitting there with her eyes half shut and a silly little drunken smile on her face. Since Lisa wasn't there I sat in the chair next to Sara which put her between me and Jim. As soon as I sat down she laughed and said she had to go to the ladies room and since Jim's seat was against the wall that meant I had to get up again. I stood up to let her out and as she squeezed past me she pressed her ass against my groin.

She turned and gave me a wicked smile as she walked away. Luckily Jim was too drunk and interested in the show to notice. I couldn't help staring at her ass as she wiggled and swayed to the rest room.

While Sara was gone I tried to talk to Jim but it was obvious he was way past conversation. I mentioned that he was getting pretty drunk and maybe we should head for the cabin but he said he wasn't ready to leave and as drunk as he was I decided not to start an argument with him. In a few minutes Sara walked back to the table and I got up to let her in. Once again she pressed her ass against my cock as she squeezed by and this time she paused for a couple of seconds and wiggled into me. I was worried that Jim would catch on but as I glanced at him it was obvious that he was too far gone to notice much of anything. When Sara sat down I couldn't help notice that her skirt had slid quite aways up her legs. I must have stared longer that I thought I did and when I looked up she was looking right in my eyes. She smiled, leaned over and asked me if I liked what I saw. I just nodded my head. She looked back at the stage and then wiggled around in her seat. When she did her skirt slid up more and I could see the bottom of her lacey white panties in the dim light. I shot a glance at Jim to see if he noticed what was going on but he was almost nodded out.

As the evening wore on Sara got bolder and pretty soon her skirt had slid all the way up and I had a great view of her crotch. My cock was now straining in my shorts and more than once Sara had looked down and checked it out. The room was pretty dark and by this time I was drunk and focused on what was hiding behind those lace panties so I dropped my hand under the table and rested it on Sara's leg to see what she would do. She didn't do anything at first so I got a little bolder and slid it up her thigh a little. She still acted like she didn't notice so I moved it to the inside of her thigh and slid it up a little more. To my surprise she slid down in her seat and parted her legs. Then she looked over and gave me a wink. I took this as I sign that I could continue so I slowly slid my hand up until my fingers touched the soft material of her panties. She was soaking wet. As soon as I touched her she spread her legs wider and let out a soft moan.

I started rubbing her pussy through her wet panties and pretty soon she was slowly rolling her hips. I worked my fingers past her panties and slid two of them into her soaking wet cunt. She moaned again, this time much louder. I glanced over at Jim to see if he noticed what was going on but he was almost passed out. Pretty soon I was sliding three fingers in and out of Sara's pussy as hard as I could and she was rolling her hips to match me. All at once I felt her hand slid up the leg of my shorts and her finger wrap around my rock hard cock. I almost blew my load right there! Sara was stroking my cock nice and slow while I had my fingers in her pussy, and all in a bar with her husband sitting right next to us!

I knew this whole thing had gone way too far and I should put a stop to it very soon. Then, just like she had read my mind, Sara took her hand off me and pushed mine away from between her legs. I figured she had come to her senses and it was all over. Then she said she had to use the ladies room again and tried to stand up. She almost fell over the table but I managed to catch her in time. Jim came around a little and saw what happened. He said he should walk her to the bathroom but when he tried to get up he just stumbled back into his chair. Then he muttered that it would be better if I walked her there and asked if I would mind. I said it was no problem and guided Sara out from behind the table.

I put my arm around her waist and she wrapped her arms around my neck. I pretty much had to carry her across the floor. When we got to the bathroom door I opened it for her and gave her a push to get her inside. She grabbed the door frame and looked at me with a weird expression on her face. Then she said that she didn't think she could stand up and asked if I would take her inside and help. I glanced around and saw that no one was around and Jim had passed put on the table. I quickly walked her through the door into the small room.

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