Marching In

by Alias X

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Paranormal, Anal Sex, Caution, .

Desc: Sex Story: A short description of an alternate mode of reproduction. You probably won't like this story, because it has ants.

Now, suppose there was a group of hyper-intelligent ants living in a woman's house. Their first goal would be to remain unnoticed, because humans tend to kill ants. Finding a chance to demonstrate intelligence would be difficult before the human would kill them, yet finding opportunities to eat food is more difficult with this as a concern. Now, suppose these hyper-intelligent ants are nice, friendly ants who are willing to recognize that since most ants are not hyper-intelligent and lack awareness, such actions should not be punishable. This is just as well, since I'm sure you've heard of what happens when unintelligent ants attack humans en masse. It's rare, but it does happen once in a while.

So, the next question is how the ants go about helping the human. The answer is, they clean up her house when she isn't looking. Trash is mysteriously discarded, clothes are folded, etc. They're at the stronger end of the spectrum of ant species, but most of their abilities to perform tasks stem from immense teamwork, much like cartoon ants carrying away apples and the like. This has the interesting side effect that the human is unconsciously a bit messier, which gives the ant colony greater food supplies. She does eventually notice, but attempts to catch them are all unsuccessful. When searching for house-brownies, humans never see the well-hidden ants, not that they'd think to consider the ants to be their assistants. No attempt at stealth can succeed against an army of thousands of attentive ants!

Now, let us continue this fantasy and suppose that the ants' superintelligence comes at a price. Unlike normal ants, some of their genes deteriorate over time, mainly because there are not enough of them and they are forced to reproduce with other ants outside their species frequently to reduce inbreeding. So, despite being a heavily dominant trate, they cannot go indefinitely without some sort of resupply. The main symptom that their genetic material is becoming too diluted is seeing many ants showing up without such intelligence. Their intelligence, on the other hand, comes from humans. It is not possible for them to breed with a human against the human's will, since a human's body will reject the ants if she is overly stressed out and such. It's a very fragile pregnancy. Now, a female vagina is far too large for any one ant to penetrate effectively. The pressure and overall inhospitable environment makes it difficult for ants to perform sexually. Besides, successful performance just doesn't release enough sperm to be effective, and crawling in deeper to for that extra boost in in reliability tends to cause internal agitation, which is dangerous for the female's eggs and makes a successful birth unlikely.

So, superintelligent ant sex relies, as usual, on teamwork. Nearly thousands of ants from the colony join together to form a penis, kind of like Voltron. "And I'll form the head!," as they say. Then, a crawling mass of ants crawls into your vagina. A writhing mass of ant tingles in amazing ways. Then, a big vibrating pulse that lasts for about 10 seconds will send you into orgasm. In the interest of full disclosure, I will point out that a dozen or so ants are left behind. You may have heard of different types of ants before, and these are a special type of ants only found in super-intelligent ants. They produce far more sperm than usual, but sadly for them they end up dying in this act for the ultimate sacrifice. Their exoskeleton collapses and out comes their sperm. The icky part is that you cannot douche it, not because it reduces the chances of pregnancy (though it does) but because this would be the supreme insult. These ants basically get a 2 day long orgasm as they die, an evolutionary trick which helps keep these intelligent ants from skimping their mission. These brave soldiers have sacrificed their lives to ensure that their species will go on, and are venerated as heroes. To deny them their final mo

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