A Close Friend

by Pale-Rider

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Gay, Horror, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: Another little tale in retaliation for a theft.

Andrey Pavel had been working on an idea in his head for months that involved two of his favorite things in the world: porn and the internet. How could anything be simpler than tapping a few keys and having things show up on your web page? He got hard just thinking of it.

He had spent hours researching other sites, reading, comparing and jerking off. Oh yea that was a part of it too. Andrey wanted people to get off when they read stuff from his site. That part excited him. If people got off, they would return and he would be popular.

Nikita Fillyp had muscles everywhere. He had worked out everyday, played sports all year long, and had been Andrey's roommate at the local college. When he showed up a few months ago in town again, Andrey had been shocked. Nikita had planned to be a pro ball player and never come back here. He antagonized Andrey every chance he had. But somehow, the two hit it off this time, and got together a few times a month to talk about computer stuff.

Maybe the strangest thing to Andrey was that Nikita was gay. All through college there were chicks hanging around Nikita everywhere he went. They laughed at Andrey or just ignored him. Many times after the group of girls left, Andrey would go to his room and imagine fucking one of them while he stroked his cock. When his cum shot out, he saw it land on their tits, as he heard them in his head begging for more.

When the telephone rang, he knew it was Nikita. No one else called him.

"Whatssup Nikita."

"Hey Andrey, I got a problem. Can I come over for a bit?"

"Yup. I'm working on my new website. You can check it out for me," Andrey said.

Less than fifteen minutes later Nikita was at the door. With his parents gone to work, he was home alone, so Andrey answered the doorbell in his boxers.

"Cute, dude," Nikita pointed to the dwarfs on Andrey's boxers.

"Shut up man. Everything else is in the laundry." Andrey turned and walked back to his bedroom.

For the next few hours, the friends worked on updating Andrey's site. Nikita had a degree in web design so he could help a lot.

"Check this out, man," Andrey nudged Nikita as he pulled up another screen.

The video started with a naked girl laying on a bed rubbing her hands over herself. Andrey turned the volume up to listen to the moans and whimpers coming from the blonde. Soon another girl joined her. This one had a tiny waist and big boobs. Her black hair was short and curly, and she had no pussy hair. The two girls kissed and hugged while their hands squeezed each other's nipples.

Andrey forgot all about Nikita while his cock began to swell. He imagined joining the girls. How often did he sit right here and picture himself in the middle of two hot chicks? His hand rubbed over his aching cock as he stared at the screen. The girls had changed positions so the blonde could eat out her partner.

From the side of the screen Andrey saw the third person enter. The man was stocky and muscular, with a cock that looked huge. His balls swayed between his legs as he moved across the bed to put his cock into a pussy. With a hard thrust, he started to fuck the blonde. Andrey's cock drooled at the thought of fucking the girl himself.

"I could go for some of that myself," Nikita said.

"Look at all that hot pussy just begging for a cock. Those girls have tits that you can bury your face in. What's not to love?" Andrey slipped his fingers into the opening of his boxers as he spoke.

"What about that ass? My fingers itch to mold the shape of it. I can almost feel that hot body next to mine. Oh god that is so sexy." His voice cracked as Nikita sat transfixed by the video on the screen.

The two stroked themselves, just a bit, trying to do so without the other knowing. Their breathing changed as the three fucking on the screen moved around and Andrey and Nikita each saw a closer shot of their favorite body part.

"Fuck. That's hot." Andrey was lost now and had his cock out so he could stroke it better.

Nikita watched the scene as he imagined it was him touching the cock. His mouth watered thinking of sucking it. It had been weeks since he had been with anyone. His cock throbbed as his fingers wrapped around it and his hips thrust back and forth. He closed his eyes and bit his lip to keep from moaning.

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