Thank God It Was Friday the 13th

by Sahebji

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: Arnie meets Marsha, a very beautiful girl, when he goes to the Civic Center Mall...

image of a brunette in jeans shorts reaching up to a shelf at a photography store

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Saheb Sahebji

"Arnie, are you going into town?" Mrs. Alfred Stein said.

My name is Arnold Stein. I am six feet tall, well built, but not what the girls call a hunk, with thick dark brown hair and weighing about 170 lbs.

"Yes, mum, I was thinking of going to the CCM," Arnie replied.

It was summers. The schools were closed. I planned to hang around in the Civic Centre Mall and do some 'bird' watching. Who knows, I might get lucky? I was not a virgin. I had dated several girls and screwed some them. I'm very horny and always on the look out for new cunts to fuck.

"Good, take these films from our holiday and have them developed and printed," mum said giving me three exposed films.

"Okay, but I am not sure if I'll be there long enough to collect them when they are ready," I replied. Mum and dad had returned from their annual holiday few days back.

"Then give the films to Foto Kroger. They know me," mum said, "Arnie, try to pick them up otherwise I'll have to go into town specially to get them."

"Okay, if I can't then I'll call you," I replied.

"Okay. Another thing, tell them that they should make prints on matt paper only. Last time they printed them on glossy paper despite my clear instructions," she said.

"Will do, mum, anything else?" I said.

"No, enjoy yourself and don't be late for lunch," Mrs. Stein said.

"Thanks, I will. Bye," I said waving

The first time I saw Marsha was when I entered Foto Kroger. I was thunderstruck. It was a beautiful sight. It seemed that a very pretty girl, whom I had never seen before, was suspended in mid air, sandwiched between a big shelf, displaying films and other photographic material, and a glass counter.

"Impossible, she can't be flying," I thought. I shook my head to clear it and then looked more carefully.

I saw that her left foot was probably on the floor and her right knee was resting on the shelf behind the sales counter. She was holding on to a glass shelf with her left hand for support and was trying to reach a big black bag on the top shelf with her right hand.

She looked awesome.

The moment I saw her, my cock throbbed into instant hardness. Luckily I had just bought some magazines, which I placed in front of my crotch and prayed that she didn't notice the big boner I was sporting in my pants.

She must have heard the door click shut because she turned her head to see who had entered the shop.

"Hi, what can I do for you?" she said stepping down.

I didn't hear her. My mind was too busy taking in her beautiful oval face, her shapely nose and full red lips. She had left her dark brown hair, which came down to her hips, open. Her eyes were deep blue like the Mediterranean Sea. She wore a loose red and white cotton top which hugged her shapely tits. A tight fitting denim shorts underlining the firmness of her ass and displaying her long shapely legs completed her attire.

"Helloooo, can I help you?" she laughed waving her hand in front of my face.

"Oh... yeah," I said snapping out of my trance, "but first let me help you bring that bag down. I am much taller than you are."

"Thank you," she said with a grin displaying a perfect set of white teeth, "I was not taking down the bag but putting it back on the shelf. Now what can I do for you?"

"Oh yes," I said reaching into my pocket and taking out the three films, "I would like these developed and printed."

"Of course," she said and started to fill out the required order slip etc. "Your name and address please?"

"Arnie Stein, 79, Brooks Street," I said and with straight face, added, "My telephone number is 654 6239 in case you forgot to ask."

"Thanks, name and address will do fine," she chuckled, "Any special instruction?"

"Yup, mum said to print on matt paper only," I said.

"Matt paper only, I got it. Anything else?" she asked.

"Yeah, how about sharing a pizza and a coke with me for lunch?" I asked picking up courage.

"I don't eat pizza. I am dieting," she said with a naughty twinkle in her eyes.

"That's all right. You can watch me devour a delicious pepperoni pizza and we can share a coke... oops... I meant a diet coke," I laughed.

She chuckled softly. "Okay, I get off at twelve thirty but I must be back at one thirty," she said.

"Sure, you'll have enough time to finish half a diet coke," I laughed turning to leave, "I'll pick you up at twelve thirty, bye."

"Bye, see you," she smiled.

"Hey! By the way when will the prints be ready?" I asked.

"By the time we come back from lunch," she said looking at her wrist watch.

I rang up mum and told her that I'll pick up the photos and won't be home for lunch.

I was waiting for her at twelve thirty. We walked to Pizza Hut outlet and ordered a large pepperoni pizza and two diet cokes.

"You didn't tell me your name," I said.

"Oh sorry, I am Marsha, Marsha Sterling," she said.

"Marsha, you must be new here because I haven't seen you around before," I said.

"We moved here only two months ago," Marsha said, "My dad is the Senior Vice President of Perkins Steel & Engineering Corporation."

"WOW," I said.

Perkins Steel & Engineering Corporation was the biggest engineering company in our area and being its Senior Vice President was no joke.

"What does your father do?" she asked.

"He is a Certified Accountant with Rubens, Walthmore and Stein," I said.

"You mean he is a partner," she said.

"Yeah, something like that. How did you manage to get this job?" I asked, "Summer jobs are not easy to find."

"Call it luck. Mr. Kroger and dad know each other from their university days. So it was natural that we visited them. During dinner Mrs. Kroger asked me what plans I had for the holidays. I told her that I was getting bored and wanted to work."

"I have an opening at our Civic Center Mall photo shop. If you like you can work there," Mr. Kroger said.

"That's great. What have I to do?" I asked.

"Nothing much, attend to customers and keep an eye on the cash," he said.

"I don't know anything about photography," I said.

"You don't need to," he said, "Millie and Jacobs will take care of the technical aspect."

"That is how I got this job," she giggled.

"You are a lucky girl," I said.

Then we talked about school, movies, music etc. for the next half an hour or so. When we were walking back to Foto Kroger, I said, "Would you like to take in a movie on Wednesday?"

"I'd love to," she said, "Pick me up at seven from the shop."

I was on cloud nine. I thought I was the luckiest guy on earth to be dating such a beautiful girl. I had visions of Marsha lying naked and I am fucking her brains out. That night I masturbated thinking of her.

I waited for Wednesday impatiently. Time moved very slowly. At last the D-day arrived. I picked her up at the shop at seven. She looked even more beautiful than before in a blue body hugging blouse, matching her eyes, which showed her curves to their best advantage, and tight blue denim jeans. After the movie we grabbed a bite at McDonald's and then hung around in the Mall. Later we had an ice cream. Around eleven o'clock I drove her home.

We stood on the portico of her house saying goodnight. We looked at each other. Suddenly our eyes locked. I pulled her gently to me. She melted into my arms. I felt her firm boobs pressing against my chest. Immediately my cock became rigid.

She looked up with parted lips and her face moved towards me. I met her half way and crushed my lips on hers. Her mouth opened and our tongue darted into each other's mouth.

While we were kissing I knead her breasts but when I tried to unbutton her blouse she caught my hand and said, "Arnie, please don't." I immediately moved my hand to other parts of her body. Whenever I tried to push my hand inside her blouse she stopped me with, "Arnie, please don't".

We were panting when our kiss broke. "Good night, Arnie, I really enjoyed the evening," she breathing heavily.

"Me too," I panted, "How about meeting on Saturday?"

"I'd love to. Pick me up at the same time, same place," she said.

While driving home I went over the events of the evening. She gave contradicting signals. The positive sign was that while kissing she must have felt my hard on pressing against her stomach but did not move away and the negative sign was that she prevented me from putting my hand inside her blouse. Today was the first date maybe things would change.

The next few dates were the same. The only progress I made was to rub her cunt from outside her jeans while she moaned, "Oh Arnie, it feels so good."

I felt I was wasting my time. There were other fish in the pond. Summer Ball was round the corner. I decided to wait till after the Ball. If I didn't make any tangible progress by then, then I would drop her.

Carlota Perkins Memorial Ball as the Summer Ball was officially called was an annual affair. It was held on the last Saturday of September in the memory of Carlota Perkins, the only daughter of Mr. Archibald Percy Perkins, the founder of Perkins Steel and Engineering Corporation.

Carlota was a student of the local university when she died in an accident. Her father founded the Carlota Perkins Memorial & Educational Trust in her memory. It was this Trust which organized this Ball.

The Ball was very popular among both school and university students. The State's minimum age for alcohol consumption was twenty one but this was not a deterrent to the students. They smuggled bottles of their favorite poison inside the venue of the Ball and spiked their drinks as well as the drinks of their dates. Even the police looked the other way provided things did not get too loud.

Among the boys this Ball was also known as Cherry Popping Memorial Ball. Many girls and boys lost their virginity at this Ball. I lost my cherry two years ago to a girl from the university.

I called Marsha.

"Marsha, would you like to go to the Summer Ball with me?" I asked.

"Sorry Arnie, but I am going with Rolf," she said.

"Rolf Kroger? How can you? You are dating me," I said getting annoyed.

"I know. Please Arnie, don't get angry. He asked me before I met you," she said.

"Drop him," I said tersely.

"I can't, I've given him my word," she said.

I decided to go alone.

Dressed in a snappy blue suit, red tie and black leather shoes I reached the venue of the Summer Ball at 9 p.m. I saw Marsha dancing with Will Koster. They saw me and waved. I waved back.

Marsha looked ravishing in a long pink dress with plunging neckline, the type that has a built in bra, with small red flowers all over it and matching pink high heel shoes. Rolf was as usual with his sidekicks Stan and Kevin.

"Hi guys, it is pretty hot in here," I said.

"Hi, big guy, have a drop. It'll cool you down," Rolf offered.

"Thanks man, I just had one," I lied smoothly, "Perhaps later."

"Sure, anytime," he replied.

Rolf was not tall, about 5' 5" and slightly chubby. He had a long eagle like nose, penetrating blue eyes and unruly blonde hair. He was arrogant and always showing off his father's money. Stan and Kevin were his 'yes men'. They hung around Rolf because he was liberal with his money.

I danced with Marsha and several other girls. After sometime Marsha joined Rolf and his cronies. On each visit to the bar I saw Marsha drinking coca cola with them. Around midnight Marsha said, "Rolf, it is getting late. Please take me home."

"Marsha, it is only midnight. Your mom said to bring you home by two," Rolf said condescendingly, "Have another coke."

"Joe, a coke for the beautiful lady. Arnie, what about you? Stan, Kevin, another coke? Okay, Joe, make it five cokes," Rolf said to the bartender.

Reluctantly Marsha took the coke. We drank and talked for another hour. Suddenly Rolf stood up and said, "Come Marsha, it is time to go home."

Marsha stood up unsteadily. Rolf quickly put his arm around her to steady her. I was surprised to see that even after Marsha was on her feet she let Rolf rest his hand on her boob.

"Thank you, Rolf," she said thickly.

I followed them as they walked unsteadily towards the curb. The cool morning air hit us.

"Rolf, you are in no condition to drive," I said.

"Who says so?" he replied unsteadily.

"I say so. You sleep it off and I'll see Marsha home," I said.

"Like hell you will. Marsha is my date not yours," he said rudely.

"Sure, she is your date," I said, "but if you drive you might all get hurt."

"Listen, big guy, I brought Marsha with me and I shall drop her back," he said belligerently, "Right, Marsha?"

"Yesh Arnie, Rolf ish right," Marsha replied.

"Gawd, she is drunk. You rascals, you spiked her cokes," I said.

"What is it to you if we did?" Rolf said.

By now a small crowd had collected. Suddenly I remembered a rumor of 'date rape' connected with Rolf and his two cronies. I didn't know whether the story was true or not but I was not taking a chance and letting Marsha go home with them. Rolf will definitely take advantage of her especially in her vulnerable condition.

"Rolf, you can't drive. I won't let you," I said a bit too loudly.

"What are you going to do? Beat me up, big guy," Rolf sneered, "Marsha, come I'll drive you home."

"Yesh, Rolf, ash you shay," she said meekly.

Before I could say anything a police patrol car stopped. Officer O'Malley and Officer Wilkins stepped out of the car. We knew the officers.

"Hello boys, having a friendly argument or a fight?" Officer O'Malley chuckled.

"Neither, I was trying to stop Rolf from driving," I said, "He has had too much to drink."

"I didn't hear what you said," Officer O'Malley laughed but observed Rolf carefully.

"Rolf, he is right," Officer O'Malley said seeing Rolf standing unsteadily, "You are in no condition to drive."

"I am all right. I can drive," Rolf said.

"Rolf, if you want to argue the point then we can take you to the station and do it there," Officer O'Malley said pointedly.

"Sorry, Officer, there seems to be a misunderstanding. I was not planning to drive but my friend Kevin," Rolf said changing his version. The condition of both Stan and Kevin was even worse. They were swaying and could not even stand straight.

"I suggest all three of you sleep it off in the car or if you like I can take you to the station," Officer O'Malley said and turning to Marsha asked, "Miss, I haven't seen you before. What is your name?"

"I am Marsha Shterling. We moved here two months ago. My father ish the Shenior Vice Preshident of Perkinsh Shteel & Engineering Corporation," she said drunkenly.

"I see," Officer O'Malley said, "Where do you live?"

"33, Belmont Avenue," I said before she could reply, "Listen Officer O'Malley, don't bother about Marsha. I'll drop her home."

"No bother at all, Arnie," Officer O'Malley grinned, "We are going that way. We'll see her home. Come Miss Sterling."

"ARNIE," Mrs. Stein yelled.

"Yes mum," I replied.

"Phone for you," she said.

"Thanks," I said picking up the extension in my room and said into the phone, "Hello, Arnie speaking."

Marsha was on the line.

"Hi Arnie, are you still angry with me?" Marsha said.

"Why should I be angry? You said that he asked you before me," I said.

"No I mean because I was drunk," she said, "Honest, it was not my fault. They must have spiked my drinks."

"I know," I said.

"Then why didn't you call me?" she said.

"I was about to but you beat me to it," I lied smoothly. I was planning to drop her.

"Are you free on Friday? We can go to the movies, if you want," she said.

"Sure, I'll pick you up at the same time and place," I said. She called maybe I'll be lucky this time.

"I'm not working with Foto Kroger any longer," Marsha replied, "Pick me up from home at seven."

"What happened?" I asked.

"I'll tell you when we meet on Friday," she said.

When I was getting ready on Friday mum came into my room and said, "Arnie, I wish you wouldn't go out tonight."

"Why what happened?" I asked.

"Today is Friday the 13th. It is supposed to be very unlucky," she said.

"Come on mum, you don't believe this mumbo jumbo about Friday the 13th," I laughed.

"Well... Sarah and Ruth were saying that statistics prove that more accidents take place on Friday the 13th than on normal days," mum said.

"Don't worry," I said, "I'll drive carefully."

At sharp seven I rang the bell of 33, Belmont Avenue. Marsha opened the door. She was wearing a printed cotton dress.

"Hi Marsha, if you are ready then we can leave," I said.

"What is the hurry? Would you like a coke?" she said.

"Sure," I said.

"Where is your mom?" I asked.

"My parents have gone out and won't return before midnight," she said giving me a can of coke.

My cock did a summersault in my trousers.

"She'll let me fuck her tonight. That's why she has called me home," I thought.

We sat in the kitchen drinking our cokes.

"Molly Simpson called me," Marsha said.

"What did she want?" I said.

Molly was the ugliest girl I knew. She was 5' 1", wore glasses and was fat with a round face covered with freckles. Her tits were too small for her body.

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