Breeding Shirley, The Trophy Wife

by fertile_kitty

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Science Fiction, Zoophilia, Cuckold, DomSub, MaleDom, Cream Pie, Size, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Trophy wife Shirley's sexual frustration attracts the attention of a primal male who picks up on her scent, forcefully mounting and breeding her rear.

Ding Dong

Shirley stopped reading her morning paper and grabbed her coffee before heading to the front door wondering who was outside.

"Ummm hi maam... I'm with Bill's Stables and am here to help you out with some landscaping work I believe?

Shirley smiled at the young pimpled teen, so polite yet obviously a little bit unprepared and uncomfortable at the revealing silk kimono she was wearing.

"Yes thats right, nice to meet you," said Shirley as she softly shook the young man's hand. "All the tools and supplies are in the back shed and you have a copy of what I wanted right?"

"Yes maam, I got your request a few days ago and I think I have come up with something that will fit right into your request."

"Wonderful, so is there anything else that you needed?" asked Shirley.

"Nope maam, we can take it all from here." replied the teen a little more confidently.

"Great, I'm looking forward to seeing it when you guys are finished" said Shirley, smiling as she moved to close the door.

"Our pleasure," replied the teen as he waved and got back to the company truck.

Shirley smirked to herself as she sipped her coffee and walked barefooted back into the tile-floored kitchen. Even though he was just a hormonally confused teen, it was always reassuring to Shirley that despite her aging, she still had "it" when it came to attracting men. After 8 years, she felt like sexually, her marriage was falling into a rut even if her busy husband hadn't noticed. Her unwillingness to bear children for him was beginning to become a real wedge issue between the two of them whenever they fought or argued about anything. Life was becoming routine and boring.

Like clockwork, this morning she was woken up by her husband Rick who while groggy, was erect and thinking about sex. He pressed her for a quickie and she obediently obliged, laying on her back and spreading her toned legs for him while he climbed over and maneuvered himself inside her missionary style. Shirley recited her memorized moan patterns as she looked lazily sideways out the bedroom window while enduring Rick's thrusts. After a few minutes, Shirley incrementally started increasing her fake moans to accommodate Rick's level of arousal as she heard his breathing quicken and felt him start to speed up his thrusting. It didn't take Rick long after hearing Shirley's moans get louder to start seizing up and giving a few short grunts as his morning erection emptied itself inside her. Rick politely asked Shirley if she came and like the good wife she was, Shirley always nodded her head in agreement, no matter what was really on her mind. After he pulled out, she would go to the bathroom and clean herself off before quickly getting him dressed and fed, kissing him at the door and sending him on his way to the financial district downtown.

To the outsider, their marriage looked perfect and stable but secretly, Shirley was growing depressed at how her life was slowly wasting away from the monotonous routines of tanning, shopping, pilates, and gossiping that characterized her life.

By living outside of town, one thing Shirley always took advantage of was the fresh natural air that was abundant outside. It was a beautiful day today and Shirley walked to the kitchen window and turned the latch, opening the small door to let the breeze flow through the room. Shirley closed her eyes and breathed in deeply through the chest, lifting her silicone enhanced breasts as she listened to the leaves bristling in the wind. She loved feeling the breeze brush up against her face and always felt better after it renewed the stale air inside the house.

"Ahhh," Shirley sighed as she opened her eyes again and walked over to the patio door, opening it and admiring the perfectly manicured acre of field and shrubs that was their backyard. Leaning against the patio door, she watched with curiosity as the truck from the farm pulled up her back driveway. Towing a smaller trailer behind it, Shirley watched as the truck parked and the teen hopped out to unlock the trailer in the back. "Okay, boy" she heard the teen say as he used a leash to drag the stud out of the trailer onto the dirt floor.

Shirley squinted her eyes as she witnessed the male stag emerge for the first time. Entirely naked, the stag had an exceptionally tall and muscular frame, towering over the young teen that had it on a leash. She watched with intrigue as the burly stag obediently but begrudgingly obeyed the commands the teen was giving, heading over to the woodshed to start the work that he was given.

She had never seen a stag or a sow live before, just on cable news TV where they had become a contentious issue in political circles due to their ambiguous human rights status. When Shirley had originally planned to landscape part of her garden, she had no idea what subs even were until hearing about them from one of the other neighborhood wives one day at lunch at the private country club...

"Shirley, have you heard about those new sub people things that they are beginning to sell?" excitedly asked one of Shirley's neighbors sitting across from her.

"What is a sub person thing?" replied a confused Shirley.

"My husband can't stop talking to me about them. He is convinced they are the next big thing and is pouring the company assets into them. They come from Alaska and supposedly they are our related to us humans somehow, I'm not really sure. Anyway, ever since the government started giving out breeding licenses for them, the breeders are now starting to rent them out dirt cheap to do labor jobs. Maybe you might want to consider it for that landscaping project that you've been talking about forever." explained Shirley's neighbor.

"So, how does this whole thing work exactly?" asked Shirley, skeptical but now more intrigued.

"I'm not really sure but here is the card for the ranch that my husband currently deals with, get a quote from them and see how it compares with your regular quote before just going off and starting everything," said Shirley's neighbor, handing Shirley a business card.

"Thanks, I will take a look at it," said Shirley, taking the card.

"No problem darling," laughed the woman.

The ladies were right, Shirley was surprised when the quote for her landscaping job came back at almost half of what it would have cost her even if she had contracted out to migrant workers. While she wasn't entirely comfortable with using these things to landscape her lawn, as soon as Rick saw the price difference in the bill, it was decided that they were going to go with the new service.

After 20 minutes of curiously watching the stag and his trainer at work, it was becoming clear why the labor bill came out to be so much less. Seeing the stag go about his business was like watching a moving forklift. He was able to pick up entire logs or stones and carry them to wherever they were needed. As Shirley sat at the breakfast table by the patio window watching the stud working his way closer to her, Shirley saw the stud's full frontal for the first time. Lazily slapping against his muscular thighs as he walked, Shirley caught herself staring at the stag's impressive piece of meat as he went about his business. Like a pendulum it swung between his legs freely, obscuring the tight sack that discreetly clung to its base.

Since they had gotten married, Shirley had not been sexual with another man besides her husband. She was now daydreaming about her time as a single woman on the prowl for a rich man to support her. Shirley rubbed her thighs together in a small bit of frustration as they began to tickle with the memories of previous lovers she had bedded. As she indulged further in the fantasy, Shirley was starting to feel slightly damp underneath her thigh high kimono. As a fresh breeze came through the patio window, Shirley snapped out of her fantasy and opened her eyes in shock to see the stag looking straight back at her eyes with an piercing gaze. He had stopped whatever he was doing and appeared to be scanning her body as noticed her for the first time.

Shirley immediately grew uncomfortable with the direct attention the stag had focused onto her. She wasn't sure exactly what he was doing but something inside her didn't feel right. Unaware of the small stain she had made in her lace panties, Shirley hurriedly got up and carried her morning newspaper to the kitchen counter outside the stud's line of sight. She heard a knock on the glass patio doors.

knock knock

"Mrs. White?" asked the pimply teen.

Shirley looked back over her shoulder to see the young man politely standing outside while peering his head inside.

"Mrs. White? I accidently forgot something I need back at the barn. Do you mind looking after Rocket for just a few minuets while I go back to pick up the thing I need? You wouldn't have to do anything really, just give me a call if he stops working or wanders into your neighbor's fields or something." casually explained the teen

"Ummm, is it really safe to do this?" Shirley asked, wondering if he was underestimating the risks to cover his own screwup.

"Oh yes, he's very well trained. I've secured his leash to a nearby tree so he won't be able to travel more than about 30 meters anyhow just for extra security."

"Well I guess if everything is alright, its OK with me," Shirley reluctantly agreed.

"Thank you very much Mrs. White! You're really saving my skin here," gratefully thanked the teen.

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