Her Leading Man

by Pale-Rider

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Humor, Humiliation, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: A little tale in retaliation for a theft.

Katya had read the script and knew her lines well enough to fake the orgasm. So what if this was a low-budget production done out of the producer's house. It still came with a contract and a paycheck. That was all she cared.

A few of the actors and actresses sat around waiting while they changed sets. Since everything was done in the large room downstairs, there was often a break while they changed the artwork on the walls and the bedding to make people think they were in a different bedroom. Katya was up next. She had no clue which actor was in this one with her.

"Alright people, let's go. Places for the opening scene. Katya, relax and enjoy, sweetie." The director smiled as he clapped and gave out orders.

In just a couple minutes, everyone was ready except her leading man. Katya still didn't know who was playing the part of her lover in this play. It made her nervous, since she imagined all kinds of horrible things wrong.

"You can breathe now, baby. I'm here." Andrey said as he waltzed in.

Katya gasped as she saw who her co-star would be today. Though she hadn't been in front of the camera before, she had been here, on the set, several times. Everyone knew Andrey. He could act and the cameras loved him. His Russian looks made him popular with the ladies. Andrey was only about five foot six, but he worked out daily and had a strong muscular body.

The camera crew adjusted their lens and the lights were set for the Russian's skin tone. For the first scene, he would be shown the most as Katya would be underneath him. The angle of the cameras, for the opening minutes, would be on his ass and hard thighs as he fucked Katya from behind.

"Are you sure you're ready for me, doll?" Andrey whispered.

It took everything in her not to laugh in his face. Katya knew better. It would be the end of her career as a porn star if she did something that stupid. Even if it would be the truth, it would be the wrong thing to do to Andrey. For whatever reason, fans loved the short Russian. He was quite charming when he chose to be. His eyes were piercing and when he looked at you, every bone in your body melted, until you undressed him that is. Then the truth came out.

Andrey had almost no pecker. His cock was tiny and he had ping-pong balls hanging with it. If you tried to find his sac, you would really need a magnifying glass, or you wouldn't find it. Katya tried to imagine fucking him for real. It was impossible to do. But she remembered for the filming of the porn here today that they had all kinds of props.

"Oh, I'm ready, Andrey. Are you sure you can handle me?" Katya loosened the knot on her robe and slowly opened the sides to show her ample breasts. With a fingertip painted bright red, she scraped it over her nipple until it puckered. The other hand slid down her flat stomach to linger just above her pussy.

Katya knew by the change in his breathing that she had gotten to Andrey. Her finger slipped lower until it disappeared into her pussy.

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