Hearts on Fire

by Gene_S

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Humor, Safe Sex, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: Phil loves Tasha but he also has a wicked sense of humor.

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Tasha hung up the phone from talking with her boyfriend Phil. He had invited her out for dinner and then to a new nightclub to which she'd been wishing to go. He's so cool she thought, how did he know she had been wishing to go to that club. She started getting ready in the early afternoon even though the reservations were not until eight that night. She spent hours in front of her closet deciding what to wear and finally decided on a simple red blouse unbuttoned just enough to temptingly expose her ample cleavage. A black choker collar made of velvet with a small red broach at the front circled her neck. Her fingernails and toenails polished to the same color of red as her blouse and red lipstick. A black skirt with black strap up heels completed her outfit. The outfit was not too revealing but not ultra conservative either.

Her doorbell rang and she answered to find Phil, and glancing at her watch, she saw that he was very early. He handed her a wrapped package and she quickly sat on the couch and opened it. Inside she found a matched set of bra and panties. She chuckled silently to herself as she looked at them. The bra was black with two hearts, one over each nipple. Each heart was white alternating, with red jewels that looked to be rubies but she was sure they weren't. The panties were thong type and had another heart just like the bra. The two pieces were surprisingly heavy but she didn't think much more of it.

Will you wear these? He asked.

She looked at the set and decided why not. She went into the bedroom, took her blouse off replace the bra she had on with the new one. "Phil come here and help me," she called out.

In a flash, he was there.

Any opportunity to see me even semi nude, she thought and smiled.

He removed her old bra and put on the new one, taking special care to fit the hearts over each areola with her nipple in the middle. It's a good thing my nipples aren't hard or they would be sticking out from the center of these hearts, she again smiled.

She noted that the hearts, appeared to be, held in place by some type of adhesive. "It's probably similar to the adhesive that holds on pasties and it does keep the hearts centered. I'm sure that's what it is." She thought.

He buckled the bra in the back all the while admiring her smooth soft back and firm creamy tits. He longed to hold them in his hands and kiss them but if he did that, they would never make it out of her house and to dinner on time.

Next was the hard part. Tasha sat on the bed and sighed as she removed the strapped on heels. She then stood up and hiked up her skirt. Reaching under it, she slid her panties down. It's a good thing I have a great tan and am not wearing any panty hose or that would be one more thing I would have to remove, she mused.

She glanced from the corner of her eyes and noted with satisfaction Phil was watching her.

Phil watched her strip off the old panties and stood there admiring her shapely legs with their deep rich tan and smooth texture.

She held out the new panties a teasingly said, "Would you like to put these on me?"

That will be a switch, you putting panties on me instead of taking them off, she thought and chuckled to herself.

He knelt and held them for her to step into then slid them up her legs making sure to take full advantage of the opportunity to slide his hands over her legs and massage her butt cheeks. He made sure the panties were positioned just right encircling her clit with the heart before he pressed down against the material on the waist strap and activating the adhesive.

Tasha turned and looked at herself in the mirror and grinned as she saw the heart outlined in black with alternating red and white crystals and a soft red velvety center all strategically placed directly over her clit. These panties were so tightly held against her, that they fit almost like a second skin. They are kind of pretty though, She thought

Phil sighed in acceptance as Tasha dropped her skirt back in place and sat on the bed to put her shoes back on. They left her apartment and got into his car. He was being a gentleman and held the door for her but of course stole a glance at her shapely legs as she slithered into the seat.

They had a perfect meal at the restaurant and were having a glass of wine after dinner when Tasha felt a twinge. An ever so brief vibration against her nipples and against her clit and then it was gone. It took her so by surprise that she almost spilled her wine that she was lifting to her lips when it hit. Phil looked at her when her hand shook as it lifted the wine glass.

"Is everything alright?" He asked.

"Yes, "she replied "I can't explain, but I thought I felt... I don't know something, but I don't feel it now."

She tossed her head slightly pushing her long reddish brown hair back over her shoulders. Her hazel eyes met his and he asked, "Well are you ready to go to the club?"

"Sure," She said.

He paid the bill and then he rose and walked around to help her get out of her chair.

He held the door for her and then held open the car door for her while she got inside.

He is being a real gentleman tonight, not that he isn't nice to me all the time but tonight he is being really nice, She thought.

What she didn't see was the smirk on Phil's face as he walked around to the driver's door.

They got a table in the corner at the club where the subdued lighting was romantic.

They had several drinks and then a song they both liked began to play. It was a fast song with a heavy drumbeat they both danced very seductively. She turned her back and began the slide her ass up and down against him grinding against his groin. The vibration hit like a jolt. Her tits vibrated and her nipples quickly became erect. There was a deep and rapid vibration against her clit and she felt herself getting wet in spite of her best efforts not to get excited. She froze against him, he wrapped his arms around her, and the vibration continued. Then it stopped just as suddenly as it had started. He held her hand and helped her to her seat. As they had passed under a spotlight he noted how flushed she was and mentioned it went they were reseated.

"Are you ok? I noticed you were very pale when we walked under the light," He asked.

Before she could answer, the vibration started again. Haltingly she tried to explain but found it very hard to talk as her tits and clit continued to be stimulated.

"What's that?" he asked and pointed to her tits.

She looked down and saw red and white lights flashing around and around the circumference of the hearts. She pulled her blouse out and looked down at her breasts.

Her nipples stood fully erect, lit up by the flashing red and white lights. She squirmed in her seat crossing and uncrossing her legs as the vibration continued to surge through her.

Then just as suddenly as it had started, it stopped.

"I didn't know these things lit up," she gasped.

"Do they have a short circuit and are shocking you?" He asked.

"Oh no definitely not a shock," she breathed.

"They told me they lit up but only when turned on," He said innocently.

"Where's the switch to turn them on?" she asked.

"I don't know. I didn't look when we put them on; I was distracted by your beautiful body and forgot," he said.

They sat for a while and had another drink with no more vibrating occurring.

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