A Day In The Life

by Lisa Peacock

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: I'd always wanted to make it big time in the movies, I was still waiting for the big brake. There was always the opportunity for walk on or extra's, Matt Styles changed the whole meaning of the word extra and walk on.

Tasman Studios wasn't one of your mega studios where big productions and box office hits came from, but it was a studio with a good reputation for quality movies and TV drama. Drama like "The Lost Colony" you may remember seeing it. A period drama set in the eighteen hundreds... no... oh well it doesn't matter, next time it screens, you'll see the scene I'm going to tell you about.

I worked for the studio, helping in production. I also had the opportunity from time to time, when called upon, to take part as an extra in some or the productions and small walk on bits. Like "Yes ma'm I'll see to it immediately" curtsey and walk off again... you know the type... maid to the lady of the house. I had always wanted to be a big time actress but never managed to get the big brake. Well I'm still young and in the right place and who knows you may see my name in the Big Lights before long... Sally Drummond.

One of my many co-workers is Matt Styles... we're good buddies and I enjoy working with him... a real mischievous, devil may care type of guy. Will try anything... enjoys the challenge. The Studio is like a big family... and we all chip in and work hard when called upon... especially when we have deadlines to meet.

As I said "The Lost Colony" is set in the eighteen hundreds, so period dress was, lots of petticoats, bloomers and long skirts or dresses, for the ladies and the baggie button up fly type trousers for the men and coarse shirts or jackets.

The first of the settlers have been deposited on the coast, and left to fend as best they can, whilst the ship returns to England for more settlers and more provisions. You know the type of thing that was happening during those years. England sending folks all over the world to set up camp and populate the area. The commander that was left in charge was absolutely useless... which seemed to be the in thing with some of the establishment then... no bloody idea... none at all.

Where they had been deposited was not the most ideal spot on the planet, with extremes in the weather, hot one minute and damn well cold the next. The housing was none existent, wood and canvas covering, food and supplies supplemented with whatever they could grow themselves, which most of the time failed and they waited and waited for the supply ship to return... all made for a festering and highly explosive situation.

That situation eventually came to a head. The commander had totally lost control and the good folks of the settlement, became the bad folks of the settlement. Festering frustrations blowing up and out of control. As an extra I was one of the womenfolk of the settlement and Matt one of the male inhabitants. He like me, reveled in the bit part we had to play... the next scene was the big part... well for us it was.

As I was saying things get out of control, food is scarce, the weather hot and the only thing that seems to be in abundance is the hooch, which the men brew locally from secret stills.

As they drink more and more of this mind bending, mind destroying liquid, they all go on a bender, setting fire to the shacks and seek out the females to rape... if they are unwilling to bow to their requests voluntarily.

Now this was the scene that Matt and I were paired off for.

The director gave his instructions on how he wanted it shot. One man... one woman... take up positions on the ground... woman on hands and knees... man situated directly behind... her dress pulled up to her waist... man simulating sex behind her. Or woman lying on her back on the ground, again her skirt pulled up. Her legs apart and a man between them... again, simulating sex. The couples were spread over an area of ground whilst all around them was chaos and burning shanties.

The director asked us to take up our positions. Matt took great delight in being on top of me and stuck between my legs... a great grin on his face as he took up his position. "God if only you're husband could see us now... eh?"

"It's only make believe Matt... not the real thing" I said smiling back at him.

"God what if it was for real" He said

"There's not much chance of that happening" I replied. Then he pushed himself hard against me and I could feel he had an erection on, the scene was getting to him. "What do you think of that Sally... that's real enough" he said still grinning like mad and laughing as he rubbed up and down. I had to admit I was starting to feel a little worked up myself, I knew I was getting somewhat moist in a certain area as he continued his rubbing.

The director was giving his last instructions and checking the scene with the camera crews.

I felt Matt's hand as he tugged at my pantaloons. "Hey... Matt what are you doing" I said, looking to my right and left to see if anyone was watching Matt as he kept pulling at my pantaloons. No one was taking the slightest notice; they were too wrapped up in their own little scene, waiting for the cry "ACTION"

"Oh come on Sally... let's have some fun... let's make it real... live a little" that never fading grin on his face.

"Don't be silly we can't, look at all the others around us... the camera is going to see us... see what we're doing" My underwear now well and truly down around my thighs.

"No one's going to see... you're petticoats and dress is hiding all the action" He replied as he undid the buttons on his fly.

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