The Little Man

by Pale-Rider

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Humiliation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A little tale in retaliation for a theft.

Andrey Pavel despised his parents every time he had to piss and reached inside his pants to find his cock. The family name was from the Latin Paulus, which meant small. So it was their fault he didn't have a cock that was bigger. His mother thought it was cute that his first name stood for man in Greek. All his life he was their 'little man.'

When he fucked a girl he made sure they were in the dark. His tiny pecker was the brunt of enough jokes already. Anger simmered near the boiling stage all the time.

The computer screen in front of him changed from the two blondes to a redhead going down on a guy. Andrey spent his spare time watching porn. He imagined himself the one those chicks were sucking on. It didn't take long and his baby cock was sticking up in his shorts. While the video ran he stroked himself until little globs of cum squirted out the end onto his leg. Even then, he imagined his cock exploding long streams of cum all over the desk.

"Andrey, what are you doing in there? You shouldn't have anything to hide from your parents. Open this door."

The screeching on the other side of his door made his cock deflate in seconds. The last of his cum lay cold next to it as Andrey's temper soared.

"I'm not a kid, I deserve privacy. Go away." He screamed back.

"As long as you live in this house you follow our rules and we say your door stays open," his father bellowed.

"Break it down then. I'm over thirty, leave me alone." Andrey was livid.

"Don't you talk back to your father like that, little man," he heard his mother yell.

Andrey covered himself up and jerked the door open. Rage at the remark filled his head. He needed out. As he passed his father, he glared but kept silent. Once outside he got into his car and headed out of town. Minutes later, he realized he had a raging hard-on again and had driven to an ex-coworkers house. She had shown some interest in him when they worked together, but Andrey had never pursued it.

Tonight he would. The light came on outside when he rang the doorbell.

"Andrey? What are you doing here?" Zoya asked.

"Hello, Zoya. May I come in?"

"I wasn't expecting visitors, but, yes, come in," she said.

"You are still so beautiful, Zoya. Are you doing alright?" Andrey stood near her as he talked.

"Andrey, you are full of the bullshit. But I am doing well, yes." Zoya turned to the living room as she spoke. "Please, let's sit and visit."

"I don't want to visit. I want to fuck you."

Andrey grabbed her hand and pulled her close as he spoke. Zoya gasped as his lips crushed hers in a kiss that told who was in control. Her murmurs changed to consent in minutes as she held him to her. He shoved her up against the door and attached his mouth to a nipple through her blouse. Zoya moaned as she arched her back and grabbed his hair to keep him there. The puckered nubs incited Andrey so much he ripped her blouse to get a taste of her skin.

They slid to the floor with his teeth still tormenting her tits. Zoya was wild. Her hands tried to reach Andrey's belt, but he kept far enough away she couldn't. She settled for scraping her nails down his chest and back as he continued to tear her clothes off and suck her skin. When he stuck a finger up her pussy, she came with a loud scream that excited him beyond belief. His cock swelled and throbbed like never before.

"I'm going to ram my cock into your hot pussy Zoya. You'll love it when I slam it in you over and over." Andrey told her as he freed himself from his slacks.

Zoya held still a moment as she waited. Then she giggled. Within a minute, she was laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes.

"How is that little thing going to do anything?" Zoya pointed between them.

Anger poured out of Andrey at the same time his cock went limp. He pushed Zoya to the side and got off the floor.

"Oh my god! No wonder I didn't feel anything! Check out that baby cock." Zoya reached up to touch Andrey before he had his slacks on.

"You're a slut. You have a worn out sloppy pussy is all." Andrey turned his back as he spoke.

With his clothes partially on he pulled the door open and made a dash to his car. The drive home was a blur as the anger still took over inside. It was his parents fault. He hated them. Hated living in their house. Andrey listed everything he hated as he parked and entered through the back door to get to his room. His parents were asleep so he made it without any questions.

In his room, he tore his clothes off and squeezed his cock. The screen on his computer came on when he bumped the desk. It showed a redhead being fucked in the ass by a big black guy. The sound was muted so he picked up the headphones and listened. It didn't take long before his cock was rock hard again. The sweet moans from the redhead went right into Andrey's ears. He pumped his cock into her ass as she turned and looked into the screen right at him.

Her whimpers as she came took Andrey over the top. He blew his load right there on his desk. The redhead smiled as she collapsed from the fucking he gave her. Andrey was ecstatic. When the video stopped, he took off the headphones and crawled into bed.

"Andrey, breakfast is ready." His mother called out.

It seemed he just fell asleep. But the clock said seven thirty and that's what time his parents woke him every day. Andrey rolled over and covered his head with a pillow to drown out the sound of his mother's voice. If he ignored it maybe she would go away.

"Did you hear your mother? Breakfast is ready. Get out here," his father demanded.

Andrey threw his pillow across the room and got out of bed. He grabbed his robe and went into the bathroom to piss. His cock was sticky from jacking off last night and all the humiliation with Zoya rushed back into his head. While he pissed, he thought about what to do for the day. He wasn't working so he could do as he pleased.

"Are you planning on sitting in your room all day at that computer again Andrey?" His mother asked when they all sat at the table a few minutes later.

"What if I am? I'm a grown man. It isn't up to you what I do anymore," Andrey told her.

"Don't speak to your mother that way young man." The stern voice of his father let him know he was pushing it.

"I'm going to take a shower. See you both when you get home from work."

Andrey set his dishes in the sink on the way to his room. Inside he stripped and walked to his shower. With the warm water streaming over his body, he relaxed and thought again about his day. He had an idea for a new web site he was starting. Maybe today was a good time to work on that.

As Andrey dried, he rubbed his cock a bit. As usual, he felt it tingle at the thought of fucking. One hand went to one of his balls. He could almost close his hand around it fully. In his mind, he could see the men in the videos, their balls and sac swinging from their body, so large it would take both hands to circle one of the balls.

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