Mine Now and Forever

by Lisa Peacock

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I felt a little like the ugly duckling...I was sure I had nothing going for me and when my boss Mr Pritchard took an interest in me I felt my world was changing and it was...it was but not necessarily for the better

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Steven John Pritchard, my former boss. Looking back I still can't see what I ever saw in him, or how easily I'd been led and duped... I'd been a stupid and naïve girl. He was a married man around fifty and had nothing going for him... I mean nothing going for him. If he'd had the looks of some movie star or athlete, then perhaps I could excuse myself for being duped... but he had nothing. Thin hawk like face, and receding hair, he parted it to make the most use of what was left of it, trying hard to spread it over the bald surface. His body matched his looks, slim to skinny and only an inch or so taller than me. He was married to the boss's daughter, who was around the same age as he was and like him had absolutely nothing going for her. She was tubby, going towards fat, hair always a mess, with the family money she had it had always surprised me she had not tried to make better of herself. I could just imagine her at home, sitting on the settee, watching TV and stuffing herself with chocolates, all the time getting bigger and bigger. Me... well I can't say I was an oil painting myself, but I had a bit of a figure... no real bust and my looks would never have launched a thousand ships against Troy. When at school I'd always come under attack from the likes of Janine Ascot, Tracy Goddard, who were among the school beauties and cheerleaders. The guys just loved them and they were never short of escorts. I was always in the little group who stood around and waited for a guy to come over and ask for a dance... the instances were few and far between. The thing is Steven John Pritchard... got to me and now holds sway over me like no other man.

When I managed to get the job at Gardener Bros, I couldn't believe my luck. Mr. Pritchard had conducted the interviews and one of the beauty queens had applied also.

When I'd heard that I thought, "Oh well there goes that job" even after the interviews she was just so confident she was going to get the job. It felt good to see her taken down a peg or so. "Huh... I didn't want the job anyhow... you're never going to get anywhere with it" she declared.

To me it did not matter, I'd socked it to her and I felt good about it... real good.

The thing was that Mr. Pritchard had deliberately chosen me, because he thought that he had a greater chance of getting into my pants, than Janet Bellamy's... I mean no good looking girl was ever going to part her legs for a guy like Mr. Pritchard.

I hadn't been at work a day when all the other girls warned me about the guy... what a real grease ball or scumbag he was. "You've gotta watch him honey... his hands are all over the place... you'll see" No one had a good word for him.

Well as it turned out, he didn't do any of the grease ball, scumbag things that I'd been told to watch out for. I guess I wasn't his type.

The thing was that unbeknown to me he had singled me out as his next target, but he had patience, he wasn't going to rush things, just take it a day at a time.

When he started to show me the ropes, he hovered around me by my computer, near... but not too near, his hand touching or brushing against mine, or against my arm, but not sufficient to set any alarm bells ringing... in fact he was really nice to me. (All part of the bigger plan)

As the weeks progressed, I started to get the hang of the system and workings and before long I was as good as any of the others.

"You should do well in the company Cynthia... you've picked the job up quickly... I can see I'll have to earmark you for promotion eh?" he said

I blushed and said "Thanks Mr. Pritchard" Feeling good about myself

Suddenly I was doing more and more work for him, almost his personal secretary.

"Cynthia can you come and see me for a moment" taking down his dictation.

"Cynthia would you like to make me a cup of coffee... grab one yourself and come and take a few notes" As my confidence and trust grew in him, he started to make his move... he'd managed phase one.

Pritchard stared at Cynthia's ass, as she bent over the small table to deposit the cookies and coffee on it. God it looks just great, she sure does have one fine looking ass and great legs, no real tits but hey, just look at that ass, he thought to himself. In his mind he was already touching it, running his hands over the soft skin. Now he was mentally standing behind her, inside her, his hips swaying, his hard manhood thrusting into her. She turned almost catching him staring at her ass.

"Ah thank you my dear" he said as she handed him a cookie and cup of coffee and then sitting directly before him, crossing her legs.

His imagination once again fired into action. "Oh god look at those legs, long and elegant... reaching all the way up to her..." A vision of her warm wet pussy was before him, once more he was inside her, god it felt good.

"Mr. Pritchard... Mr. Pritchard" the sound of her voice broke into his thoughts.

"Oh sorry dear... my mind was elsewhere" he replied... feeling somewhat embarrassed at being caught out. He was glad she was on the other side of the desk; at least she could not see his erection the result of his lustful thoughts. Yes she was going to be just fine... just fine... slowly... slowly... easy... easy that's the way. Somehow he just knew that this was the girl he was one day going to fuck. God he so wanted... so needed a fuck her right now... how long had it been, far too long, he sighed to himself and said, ah well soon my dear soon.

"Hey look how about we grab a bight to eat this lunch time... I know a super little coffee bar" He said one day

"Yes... well... I guess so" I replied. I mean after all what's in a lunch.

Of course the lunch times did not go unnoticed by my other female colleagues.

"Watch yourself Cynthia... he's after you"

"Oh don't be ridiculous... there's nothing in it" I would reply, but I had to admit that I liked the guy, he was growing on me and he'd done nothing wrong, he'd been nice to me and I enjoyed his company. I'd never had the same attention from other guys as I received from Mr. Pritchard... no I liked him and I reveled in the attention he gave me. Little presents were left in my desk drawer from time to time. Now it got to the point when I only wanted to please him. I noticed the touching started to last a little longer, especially when I stood beside him at his desk, his arm would slip around my waist... only momentarily... not enough for me to get all worked up over. The thing was it made me feel all goose bumps and I got a feeling in my groin area... an excited feeling.

The lunches and his compliments continued along with his promises of me going places in the firm. I had what it takes and I was doing a great job. He'd now won me over and pleasing him was now my prime objective. He was becoming my hero and I think it must have been around now that I started to fall in love

Then it happened. Pritchard felt it was time to implement phase two. He'd held lustful thoughts about Cynthia for months now. He'd lain in bed next to his wife... a wife who had absolutely no interest whatsoever in sex, continually telling him there must be something wrong with him, always wanting sex, sex, sex... that he was some kind of pervert.

As his wife slept, and to the sound of her snoring, he would quietly fondle and stroke the thick hard shaft of his manhood, a manhood he was immensely proud of. If he knew only one thing in life, it was that he was well endowed in that department.

"Oh yes Peter... its been a long time... but I'm sure you're gona enjoy something warm, wet and very tight in the not too distant future" he would say, addressing his erection, then the thought of it sending him wild with desire.

I stood beside him at his desk; his arm was around my waist. This time it remained there just a little longer than at any other time. My heart started to thump, forcing my blood to rush through my veins. I felt those goose bumps and the excitement. Then his hand slid to my ass, gently moving over its rounded surface. I could feel its warmth through the fabric of my skirt, followed by the gentle squeeze.

"Oh that feels so good honey" he said. He was right it did feel good... but only for a moment. I pushed away from him. "No, no Mr. Pritchard, don't... we can't... you're a married man" I declared.

"Sorry... sorry I didn't mean to offend you. Er... is that the only reason... I'm a married man" he said looking at me.

"Yes... no... I mean... you're married... you're my boss... I don't know what I mean" I stammered now all confused and blushing.

He smiled and said "But I think you did enjoy what I did... didn't you"

"I... I... I'd better go Mr. Pritchard" still stammering.

"It's ok honey... I'm sorry if I offended you and that's the last thing I want to do believe me... you're too good a secretary, I don't want to loose you... as I've said you're going places with us"

Now I felt terrible, I didn't want to offend him either. I liked my work, I liked him and as he had said I could go places in the firm.

"It's ok honey... perhaps you're right... I'm sorry... I'll see you tomorrow... I have a meeting now... have a nice night" he said smiling.

"Yes... thanks Mr. Pritchard... I'm sorry... I... I..."

"It's ok honey... honestly" he said, before I could finish.

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