Mine Now and Forever

by Lisa Peacock

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I felt a little like the ugly duckling...I was sure I had nothing going for me and when my boss Mr Pritchard took an interest in me I felt my world was changing and it was...it was but not necessarily for the better

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Steven John Pritchard, my former boss. Looking back I still can't see what I ever saw in him, or how easily I'd been led and duped... I'd been a stupid and naïve girl. He was a married man around fifty and had nothing going for him... I mean nothing going for him. If he'd had the looks of some movie star or athlete, then perhaps I could excuse myself for being duped... but he had nothing. Thin hawk like face, and receding hair, he parted it to make the most use of what was left of it, trying hard to spread it over the bald surface. His body matched his looks, slim to skinny and only an inch or so taller than me. He was married to the boss's daughter, who was around the same age as he was and like him had absolutely nothing going for her. She was tubby, going towards fat, hair always a mess, with the family money she had it had always surprised me she had not tried to make better of herself. I could just imagine her at home, sitting on the settee, watching TV and stuffing herself with chocolates, all the time getting bigger and bigger. Me... well I can't say I was an oil painting myself, but I had a bit of a figure... no real bust and my looks would never have launched a thousand ships against Troy. When at school I'd always come under attack from the likes of Janine Ascot, Tracy Goddard, who were among the school beauties and cheerleaders. The guys just loved them and they were never short of escorts. I was always in the little group who stood around and waited for a guy to come over and ask for a dance... the instances were few and far between. The thing is Steven John Pritchard... got to me and now holds sway over me like no other man.

When I managed to get the job at Gardener Bros, I couldn't believe my luck. Mr. Pritchard had conducted the interviews and one of the beauty queens had applied also.

When I'd heard that I thought, "Oh well there goes that job" even after the interviews she was just so confident she was going to get the job. It felt good to see her taken down a peg or so. "Huh... I didn't want the job anyhow... you're never going to get anywhere with it" she declared.

To me it did not matter, I'd socked it to her and I felt good about it... real good.

The thing was that Mr. Pritchard had deliberately chosen me, because he thought that he had a greater chance of getting into my pants, than Janet Bellamy's... I mean no good looking girl was ever going to part her legs for a guy like Mr. Pritchard.

I hadn't been at work a day when all the other girls warned me about the guy... what a real grease ball or scumbag he was. "You've gotta watch him honey... his hands are all over the place... you'll see" No one had a good word for him.

Well as it turned out, he didn't do any of the grease ball, scumbag things that I'd been told to watch out for. I guess I wasn't his type.

The thing was that unbeknown to me he had singled me out as his next target, but he had patience, he wasn't going to rush things, just take it a day at a time.

When he started to show me the ropes, he hovered around me by my computer, near... but not too near, his hand touching or brushing against mine, or against my arm, but not sufficient to set any alarm bells ringing... in fact he was really nice to me. (All part of the bigger plan)

As the weeks progressed, I started to get the hang of the system and workings and before long I was as good as any of the others.

"You should do well in the company Cynthia... you've picked the job up quickly... I can see I'll have to earmark you for promotion eh?" he said

I blushed and said "Thanks Mr. Pritchard" Feeling good about myself

Suddenly I was doing more and more work for him, almost his personal secretary.

"Cynthia can you come and see me for a moment" taking down his dictation.

"Cynthia would you like to make me a cup of coffee... grab one yourself and come and take a few notes" As my confidence and trust grew in him, he started to make his move... he'd managed phase one.

Pritchard stared at Cynthia's ass, as she bent over the small table to deposit the cookies and coffee on it. God it looks just great, she sure does have one fine looking ass and great legs, no real tits but hey, just look at that ass, he thought to himself. In his mind he was already touching it, running his hands over the soft skin. Now he was mentally standing behind her, inside her, his hips swaying, his hard manhood thrusting into her. She turned almost catching him staring at her ass.

"Ah thank you my dear" he said as she handed him a cookie and cup of coffee and then sitting directly before him, crossing her legs.

His imagination once again fired into action. "Oh god look at those legs, long and elegant... reaching all the way up to her..." A vision of her warm wet pussy was before him, once more he was inside her, god it felt good.

"Mr. Pritchard... Mr. Pritchard" the sound of her voice broke into his thoughts.

"Oh sorry dear... my mind was elsewhere" he replied... feeling somewhat embarrassed at being caught out. He was glad she was on the other side of the desk; at least she could not see his erection the result of his lustful thoughts. Yes she was going to be just fine... just fine... slowly... slowly... easy... easy that's the way. Somehow he just knew that this was the girl he was one day going to fuck. God he so wanted... so needed a fuck her right now... how long had it been, far too long, he sighed to himself and said, ah well soon my dear soon.

"Hey look how about we grab a bight to eat this lunch time... I know a super little coffee bar" He said one day

"Yes... well... I guess so" I replied. I mean after all what's in a lunch.

Of course the lunch times did not go unnoticed by my other female colleagues.

"Watch yourself Cynthia... he's after you"

"Oh don't be ridiculous... there's nothing in it" I would reply, but I had to admit that I liked the guy, he was growing on me and he'd done nothing wrong, he'd been nice to me and I enjoyed his company. I'd never had the same attention from other guys as I received from Mr. Pritchard... no I liked him and I reveled in the attention he gave me. Little presents were left in my desk drawer from time to time. Now it got to the point when I only wanted to please him. I noticed the touching started to last a little longer, especially when I stood beside him at his desk, his arm would slip around my waist... only momentarily... not enough for me to get all worked up over. The thing was it made me feel all goose bumps and I got a feeling in my groin area... an excited feeling.

The lunches and his compliments continued along with his promises of me going places in the firm. I had what it takes and I was doing a great job. He'd now won me over and pleasing him was now my prime objective. He was becoming my hero and I think it must have been around now that I started to fall in love

Then it happened. Pritchard felt it was time to implement phase two. He'd held lustful thoughts about Cynthia for months now. He'd lain in bed next to his wife... a wife who had absolutely no interest whatsoever in sex, continually telling him there must be something wrong with him, always wanting sex, sex, sex... that he was some kind of pervert.

As his wife slept, and to the sound of her snoring, he would quietly fondle and stroke the thick hard shaft of his manhood, a manhood he was immensely proud of. If he knew only one thing in life, it was that he was well endowed in that department.

"Oh yes Peter... its been a long time... but I'm sure you're gona enjoy something warm, wet and very tight in the not too distant future" he would say, addressing his erection, then the thought of it sending him wild with desire.

I stood beside him at his desk; his arm was around my waist. This time it remained there just a little longer than at any other time. My heart started to thump, forcing my blood to rush through my veins. I felt those goose bumps and the excitement. Then his hand slid to my ass, gently moving over its rounded surface. I could feel its warmth through the fabric of my skirt, followed by the gentle squeeze.

"Oh that feels so good honey" he said. He was right it did feel good... but only for a moment. I pushed away from him. "No, no Mr. Pritchard, don't... we can't... you're a married man" I declared.

"Sorry... sorry I didn't mean to offend you. Er... is that the only reason... I'm a married man" he said looking at me.

"Yes... no... I mean... you're married... you're my boss... I don't know what I mean" I stammered now all confused and blushing.

He smiled and said "But I think you did enjoy what I did... didn't you"

"I... I... I'd better go Mr. Pritchard" still stammering.

"It's ok honey... I'm sorry if I offended you and that's the last thing I want to do believe me... you're too good a secretary, I don't want to loose you... as I've said you're going places with us"

Now I felt terrible, I didn't want to offend him either. I liked my work, I liked him and as he had said I could go places in the firm.

"It's ok honey... perhaps you're right... I'm sorry... I'll see you tomorrow... I have a meeting now... have a nice night" he said smiling.

"Yes... thanks Mr. Pritchard... I'm sorry... I... I..."

"It's ok honey... honestly" he said, before I could finish.

I sat at my desk thinking things over. God he'd made a pass at me. I could still feel his arm around my waist, his warm hand on my ass. As I recalled it all, a warm excited shudder ran through my body. Oh god I thought, I hope I hadn't offended him. As he left his office I peered over the top of my work station... our eyes met and I smiled at him, trying to reassure him I was not offended, no one was watching so I gave him a little wave, he returned the smile and made his exit... all seemed well with the world.

As Pritchard entered the elevator he was smiling, almost laughing "Soon Peter... soon, not long now and you'll be settled snugly inside that warm velvet tunnel of hers... I've got her... I just know I've got her" he thought to himself.

"Oh god he's annoyed with me... I just know he's annoyed with me" my thoughts returning to the moments in his office. "I hope I haven't spoilt things between him and I... we seemed to be getting on so well and I really did want to please him... I won't make the same mistake again"

For some unknown reason I seemed to be fretting over what I had done... or in this case what I had not done... after all it was just a little harmless flirtation, I mean what could happen in his office, it wasn't as if we could do a great deal, there were others who could just as easy walk in and catch us... I continued to fret. I wanted to keep on his friendly side, keep having our little lunch dates and chats. He was the only guy who showed any interest in me and I liked the attention and the little presents.

I need not have bothered, next day Mr. Pritchard was as chirpy as ever, there was a glint in his eye and a skip in his step.

"Hello Mr. Pritchard... you seem happy with yourself" said Sally Oliver as she passed him in the elevator.

"Oh I am Sally... I am" he replied, his smile bigger than ever.

"Morning Cynthia... morning girls" he said as he breezed past us and into his office. Again the morning Cynthia had not gone unnoticed by the others... knowing smiles and nods all round.

My mind was elsewhere when my phone rang, causing me to jump.

"Hi Cynthia... how about a cup of coffee, one for yourself as well then take some notes for me please"

Well, it seemed I was still in favour. I placed the coffee and biscuits on his desk. I did not see Mr. Pritchard's eyes staring at my ass

"Here... Cynthia... this word here, I can't quite make it out... what does it say" he asked pointing to a letter he held in front of him. I moved around the desk and stood beside him, my eyes focusing on the word he wished me to decipher.

"Let me see" I said reaching for the paper, at the same time his arm went around my waist, his hand rubbing up and down my right hand side. Those goose bumps and a shudder running through my body. This time I was not going to blow it. I liked the feeling his rubbing hand gave me

"Oh... er... um..." I was stammering, my mind not really on the paper in front of me.

"Is that a W... or a V honey?" he asked, his hand slipping to my ass.

I wasn't really looking at the printed article. I was only aware of his warm hand as it ran over the contour of my butt. When I eventually looked toward him, there was a pleasurable smile on his face. I did nothing to stop him; I wasn't going to stop him... not this time. When he saw no resistance, his smile became a grin and he grew more and more confident, his hand squeezing my butt harder.

"That's a lovely ass you have Cynthia... it feels good... real good" he said, at the same time rising from his chair and standing behind me, pressing himself hard against me, pushing me into the desk, making sure I could feel his arousal, and then proceeded to move and gyrate.

"Feel that honey... see what you do to me... you got me all hard and horny" his hands pulling at the hem of my dress, drawing it upward around my waist.

Oh god... I thought closed my eyes and bit my lip. Still I refused to resist, when my skirt was high enough, I felt my pants being pulled down... down, around my knees, then being pushed forward over the desk.

Oh god no... no... we can't do this. I thought to myself, but still I refused to stop him. I wanted to please him.

I heard the purr of his zip as he opened the fly on his trousers. Again oh god no... no. I kept thinking it but not doing anything about it. I spread my legs a little, anticipating his next move.

With my hands hard against the desk, I pushed backward and upward as I did so I felt his erection against my butt.

"No... no... not here Mr. Pritchard... not now... someone might come in and catch us" I said my voice a little panicy. My sudden unexpected movement caught him off guard, throwing him back. I pulled down my skirt and turned toward him. He saw my eyes focused on his crotch; I could see the open fly and the bulge in his shorts. A broad grin spread across his face. He calmly took the object that was causing the bulge out and displayed it before me.

My mouth fell open in awe at its size. I never knew that a male penis could get so big, I just stood there more in shock just staring at it.

"Yeah, pretty impressive isn't it... but this is all your fault... this is what you do to me honey... and you're right... not here... not now, I know a place, a quiet place we can go to" he said, tucking his penis back in his trousers and doing up his fly.

Likewise I pulled up my knickers and straightened my skirt.

"Now I want you to go down to the car park and wait for me there... I'll join you in a little while... OK?" he asked

I nodded and said, "Yes"

I left his office and taking the coffee cups, made for the kitchen area, deposited same and then continued on to the elevators. I took a furtive look around to see if anyone was watching, there was no one... I stepped into the elevator and pressed the basement button. God my heart was racing, I was both excited and somewhat scared at what I was about to do. I was going somewhere... the where I did not know... to do something with a man I'd never done with any other man in my life... oh yes I was excited and at the same time scared, but it all seemed to add to the moment, right now my desire to carry it out overruled everything, right now I wasn't thinking straight. I wasn't seeing the bigger picture or the future consequences of my actions. A moment of pleasurable excitement ripped through my body, as a picture of his erect penis flashed through my mind. "Oh god... oh dear god" I murmured to myself.

The parking area was in the basement; it was dark and a cool breeze wafted through. As I waited for Mr. Pritchard, I could not stop thoughts running rampant through my mind. My being bent over his desk, my skirt being pulled up around my waist... my knickers pulled down. The feel of his erection as he pressed it against me and of course the sight of it... god it looked so big. I felt cold and I hugged myself trying to keep warm.

The elevator door opened and Mr. Pritchard stepped out.

"Ok honey... over here" he said, looking to make sure there was no one else around. I followed him and heard the beep, beep, beep and the amber flash as he deactivated the doors. The sound reverberating off the walls breaking into the silence, drawing attention to us, as if saying, "Here over here look at these two"

I had no idea where we were headed. I watched as the business area became residential. Maybe he had a motel in mind... some little out of the way place. Then a sign. Rutland Bay. We were headed for the coast. He talked I listened... I'm not sure what he was saying. He seemed to be reassuring me. "It's going to be great... don't worry honey... just relax... you seem a little tense... you ok" I was suddenly aware of his hand on my thigh, squeezing massaging it.

"Eh... oh yes... yes I'm fine" I replied, giving him a reassuring smile that all was indeed just fine

The car park at the beach had only one car in it, the owner probably the person exercising her dog way in the distance.

"Come on this way" he said, taking hold of my hand and leading me toward the cliff area. The path led upward, he released my hand and slid his arm around my waist. I in turn put my arm around his waist as we slowly made our way toward the top, wrapped in each others arms. My thoughts on what we were about to do

"You sure you're ok with this honey... you seem a little tense still"

"No, no I'm fine Mr. Pritchard... I'm ok with it, honest" I said.

"That's great... its gona be fun, I promise... you'll see" he replied as we pressed onward.

We came to a spot overlooking the sea; above us was another few feet offering protection from prying eyes. Approximately five hundred feet from where we were the land dropped away into the sea below. It was a perfect haven for what we were about to do.

"Mmmm look at that view honey... and smell that sea air" he said, pulling me close.

"Yes... yes its just great" I replied, but my mind was now on other things, was I really doing the right thing, maybe I should bail out now, before it was too late, or was it already too late.

He dropped to the ground, inviting me to do the same. He took me in his arms and started to kiss me.

"Oh honey I've waited so long for this... it's gona be magic... I promise... you do want to please me don't you?" he said, his hand was already under my skirt, stroking my thigh.

"Yes... yes Mr. Pritchard I really do want to please you"

"Oh I'm sure you will my love... I'm sure you will"

My heart was racing... I was excited by his touch as he pushed me into a prostrate position.

"Oh god... oh Mr. Pritchard... I... I"

"Shhhh... honey... shhhh it's all going to be just fine, I promise" he said, now anticipating a certain reluctance on my part to continue.

I thought my heart, was going to pound right out of my chest, it was thumping so hard. His warm hand continued its massaging of my thigh, slowly working its way higher. I tried to push him away... to stop him, but my effort was halfhearted and futile. Mr. Pritchard was not to be denied, not now, his erection was full and hard and there was only one place where it was going and that was between my legs.

His hand found my soft flat belly and moved down, under the elastic holding my panties, across my pubic hair and finding the slit between my legs, a finger slid inside.

"Oh god" I gasped, my body going rigid as he did so. His finger working me, first just the one, then two, back and forth, in and out. My pussy starting to open up for him.

"Oh honey... honey you feel so good... so warm... so wet"

He was right, I was wet and I could hear the slurping his fingers made as he worked them in and out.

The feeling was euphoric. "Oh my god Mr. Pritchard... I... I" I couldn't say anything, my mind was a blur, just a mist and a good feeling... no a great feeling as he worked on me. I let my legs open a little more.

"That's it honey... let me in there... you like this don't you?" he said.

"Mmmm... oh yes... yes" I sighed in response.

"Yes my love, it's only going to get better... I promise you" his fingers continuing to excite me, finger and thumb twisting and tweaking at my clit. My cunt was now wet, pink and open. He knew he had me; he just needed to play me a little longer.

Then the sound of his zip as he pulled it down. My mind filled with pictures of us back at the office... sudden panic hit me.

"Oh god no... no Mr. Pritchard... I can't... I can't... I"

"Shhhh my love... shhhh, it's all going to be just fine... I promise you" trying to calm me... reassure me.

"No... no... please... I've never done this before... I can't... I" trying hard to push him away, but he was strong and wasn't about to yield or give up.

"Oh my poor love... have you never had a man inside you before... you mean you're still a virgin... is that what you're telling me"

"Yes... yes I am... I've never..."

"Oh honey that's just great... I can understand how you must feel... a little frightened... a little concerned... all girls must feel as you do right now... I mean your first time ever... it's a big thing, but hey... I'm honored to be the one to take it... this is going to score you big points with me and the company... now you mustn't worry, everything is going to be ok... I promise... I'm not going to hurt you... I'll be real gentle, I promise, you have to trust me... you do trust me don't you?"

I nodded, saying, "Yes... yes I trust you Mr. Pritchard"

"That's my girl... you won't regret this"

I felt my pants being pulled down. I shrugged and kicked out of them.

"There that's better... don't want silly things like knickers getting in the way do we" he said with a chuckl.

I smiled back "No... no, we don't" Once again I felt his fingers playing with me, then something warm and hard was pressed against my thigh.

"Oh god... what's..."

"It's ok, just relax... just feel it against your skin... go on take hold of it... feel it... play with it" he said inviting me.

I reached out for it and let my hand grip the hard shaft. It felt bigger than it had looked earlier. "Oh my god..." a gasp escaping my lips.

He merely chuckled and said. "Yeah that's it honey... give it a nice tug first eh?" and I started to work the hard shaft. His hands held my thighs; slowly prizing my legs apart, wider and wider he spread them, until they would go no further. I realized the time had come.

"Ok honey its time" he said and again ran the stiff erection over my thighs teasing me with it, before placing it at my entrance.

"Oh god please Mr. Pritchard... be careful... don't get me pregnant... you're not wearing a condom... I don't want to get pregnant... please" I begged.

"You not on the pill honey?" he asked

"No... no I'm not... be careful... please" I begged again

I'd been on the pill earlier, but as I had never had any men wanting to have sex with me I did not see any benefits to continuing, only now did Mr. Pritchard shown any interest in me.

"I'll be careful honey... real careful... I'll pull out long before I cum... I promise"

"Thank you Mr. Pritchard" I replied and felt the head being slowly inserted. I had no idea how much or how far he was inside me, all I knew was that I could feel that part of it was.

"How does that feel honey... you alright so far" he asked with a reassuring smile.

"Yes... yes it feels good" I replied, assuring him and returning his smile

He pushed a little harder and more of his erection penetrated inside.

"Oh god you're starting to feel good honey... almost there" then he thrust in the rest. "Ohhh" was all I could gasp as his pubic hair mingled with mine. It was a big cock and now that big cock was inside me.

He closed his eyes and sighed "Oh god that feels so good honey... you've made me one very happy guy... you really have" he said as his ass and hips started to rise, sway and gyrate

"Oh god I'm being fucked" I must have whispered the words out loud... not realizing it.

He laughed softly and said "Yes honey you're being fucked... do you like it?"

"Oh god yes... yes it feels good... really good and yes I do like it"

"See I told you so... I promised you'd like it did I not?" he asked continuing to smile, his ass continuing to rise and fall.

"Yes... yes you did... but please just make sure you pull out in time... I don't want any babies" I again implored.

Whilst what we were doing was most wonderful and the feeling most euphoric, I worried he would cum and not pull out.

"Hey honey... you do fret so... I'm not going to cum inside you... I promise" his arse pounding, shaft pumping at a steady rhythm.

"Oh my... oh jeeze... oh god you're a good fuck Cynthia a real good fuck... it's a long time since I've had such a good fuck... you enjoying it as well my love"

"Yes... yes I'm enjoying it" I replied, smiling reassuring him all was well, at the same time wrapping my legs tight around his torso, holding on to him, my fingers were digging into his arms, gasps and sighs of joy coming from my mouth as he thrust into me time and time again.

It's funny but whilst he thrust into me and for all the joy and euphoria I was receiving, as I lay on my back, I was looking up at the sky, a lone seagull, glided and circled up above as if watching the action as it unfolded beneath it. The breeze was blowing and disturbing Mr. Pritchard's hair, the few strands he had were blown in disarray... it needed coming. I thought. I sighed, closed my eyes and once more let myself fall under the spell of his motion, our bodies were joined and entwined as one, I synchronized my body movement with his. My hips rose and fell with his. It felt oh so good. I sighed a sigh of deep pleasure... it was my first fuck and I loved it.

I was completely lost in the action. I had not realized his ass had stopped moving, as had his hard cock

"Oh god... oh... oh... oh" was all I heard, then he collapsed on top of me, spent.

"Mr. Pritchard... Mr. Pritchard... oh dear god no... no... no... you're still inside me... you've cum inside me... you promised you wouldn't... I'm pregnant... I'm pregnant... oh dear god" I was near to hysterics at what had just happened. I was sobbing, tears running down my cheeks

"Hey... hey slow down... calm down honey... I'm sorry... I'm sorry, I just got carried away with the moment... any way that's what women do... they get themselves pregnant and have babies... you're not the first to have a baby... besides I didn't hear you complaining as I was fucking you did I?"

"But you promised... you promised I would not get pregnant... I just wanted to please you... oh god what am I going to do?"

"Calm down... calm down... you have pleased me... really pleased me and you don't know for certain you're pregnant... you may be getting all het up over nothing"

I wanted to believe him, but somehow I just knew his little tadpoles were at this moment rushing to fertilize my eggs. What should have been a memorable moment, giving my virginity to this man, was now turning into a nightmare, I'd remember this moment for an entirely different reason... becoming pregnant

"Look if you are pregnant... I'll take care of it... if I have to I'll divorce Martha and marry you... I mean that fat bitch doesn't love me anyhow... I can't remember the last time we had sex... that's what makes what I've just had with you so special, I really did enjoy it... please don't worry, it's going to be just fine... you'll see I promise you"

If his promise proves to be as valid as his last one, I won't hold out on it.

He continued to talk to me, continually telling me all was going to be just fine, just lying next to each other, kissing and fondling. The more he talked to me the more I calmed down, things didn't seem quite as bad as they had done, after all he was going to divorce Martha and marry me, he may not be the best looking guy in the world and he was more than twice my age... but I did love him and I knew once we were married I could continue to please him, he would never regret marrying me. I'll give him whatever he wants; I was determined to be a good wife to him. I ran his name through my mind. Mrs. Cynthia Pritchard... yes that sounded just right I could live with that. Suddenly I was smiling up at him... he returned the smile.

"Ok honey... you feel better now?"

"Mmm... yes... yes I feel good now Mr. Pritchard... thank you"

"That's ok honey... I can understand how you must feel... but trust me it's all gona out just fine... you'll see" he said whipping the remnants of my tears from my eyes.

"I know it is Mr. Pritchard... I was just being a little silly... I do trust you and I know it will all turn out just fine" I said, smiling at him and reaching up, trying to brush his hair in place with my fingers. His hand cupped my cheek. He smiled and said "I love you sweetheart... and thank you, you have pleased me... ha... you realize you're no longer a virgin don't you"

I laughed with him and replied, "No I guess I'm not... a Mr. Pritchard took it" and we both laughed.

He rolled on top of me, pushing my legs apart, that same warm hard shaft brush my inner thigh.

"No... no... don't... please... I..."

"Oh come on honey it's not going to matter now... if the damage is done... the damage is done... a bit more of my sperm isn't going to make a great deal of difference now" he said and I felt penetrate me once again.

As we walked back to the car our arms wrapped around each other. I did not feel as bad about the situation as I had done. We were singing and laughing, all was going to be just fine. He'd assured me he was going to look after me, he'd see about getting a divorce... when the time was right and he was rather looking forward to being a father.

He held me tight and once more assured me it was going to work out just fine. I wasn't to worry about it.

Next morning I looked forward to being at work. I'd lain awake most of the night just recalling what had happened during the day, try as I might I could not stop the tape in my mind replaying itself over and over. I had a man, he was my man and I'd come to the decision I would do whatever it took to keep him... and to make him happy.

My heart was racing as I sat at my desk waiting for him to arrive at work. It raced even more when I saw him enter the work area. He looked straight at me and smiled... then winked, I returned the smile and gave a little wave. All seemed well.

I was almost willing the phone to ring, waiting and wanting to be summoned to his office. I almost jumped from my skin when it did ring.

"High my love... how do you feel this morning?"

"Oh just wonderful... absolutely wonderful... it was the best day I've ever had... I loved it" I replied.

"Yes... me too... how about some coffee and bring your pad"

I felt flushed my hands trembled and my legs were like jelly as I entered his office. Seeing his smiling face was a real bonus. I knew I'd brought him joy and happiness yesterday and there was the promise of more to come... much more.

"Here let me help you with that" he said "Can't have the mother of my child doing anything strenuous can we?" After placing the tray on the table, he lay back against his desk and raised outstretched arms and beckoned me come to him. When I stood next to him those arms circled my waist, drawing me tight. I likewise placed my arms around him, snuggling up close to his warm body, my face buried in his chest.

"Oh god Cynthia, I just can't get you out of my mind... I lay awake last night thinking about us up on the cliff top, reliving every moment... time after time, god I wanted you, needed you there and then"

"Mmm Mr. Pritchard it was the same for me, likewise I just could not sleep and I wished and wished I could be with you there and then... being here with you now... I feel safe and secure in your arms like this... I'll do anything for you Mr. Pritchard... anything... I just want to make you happy"

He kissed the top of my head, held me tighter. "Oh you do make me happy honey... really happy and it's good to know you'll do anything for me... we have some good times ahead of us" he said, his hands slipping to my bum, squeezing my buttocks and pulling me close. I felt the warmth and hardness of his erection through the material of our clothing.

"Feel that honey... can you feel that" he said, as he rubbed and gyrated around my groin and stomach. "See how much I love you... that's all your fault"

I looked up at his face smiled mischievously and said. "Mmm that feels wonderful... we'll have to find a cure for it"

"Oh I've thought of a cure for it honey"

"An what is that" I asked

"You can suck me off... you'd like to do that for me wouldn't you"

I didn't answer straight away, I'd never sucked a mans cock before. I wondered if I could do it now.

"Hey you don't seem too certain... I thought you said you wanted to please me... you do want to please me don't you"

Of course I did, I'd made a vow I'd do whatever it took to keep this man happy.

"Of course I do Mr. Pritchard... of course I do... it's just I've never sucked one before... I've had no experience at it"

"You have to start sometime honey... now is as good as ever... go lock the door"

After locking the door I turned and was greeted by the sight of Mr. Pritchard leaning back against his desk, he'd unzipped his fly and was displaying a very large erection a large grin spread across his face.

"Come on honey put it right for me... make it all go away"

I dropped to my knees, the sight of it only inches from my face, was magnificent, right now it was the most desirable thing in the world. I was excited by it all, very excited and my pussy thought so also... it was wet; in fact it was very wet and just as eager to have this magnificent beast as a guest for a while.

When I touched it, it only fueled my desires, I was trembling but not from the cold, in fact the room seemed quite warm. As I stroked it I continued to gaze upon its splendor. A small droplet of cum oozed from the eye at the head. There was only one way to find out what it would feel like in my mouth. Like a swimmer taking the plunge I opened my mouth and devoured it. It filled me to capacity. I had to keep my jaws wide to accommodate it, working the shaft with my hand and sucking on it at the same time.

There was a salty taste to it, mingled with a more acrid flavor... I took that to be the cum that had partly ejaculated.

When I heard his gasp, moans and sighs. I knew I was doing something right and he was enjoying it... I was pleasing Mr. Pritchard.

His hand was gently pulling on my head and stroking my hair. "Oh god yes honey... that's the way... you're a natural for sucking cock" Now I felt really good.

The office seemed quiet, I could hear no outside noises. Only the sounds of delight and joy emanating from Mr. Pritchard and the slurping sound my mouth made as I sucked vigorously on his cock.

"That's the way honey... keep sucking... keep sucking... he's got a little something for you at the end... just keep sucking... not long now"

When it did happen I was quite unprepared or it. I suddenly felt warm fluid filling my mouth, there was little room left for it to go as it squirted to the back of my throat. I coughed and gagged, swallowing some of it, what I could not swallow, trickled from the side of my mouth and down my chin.

"Oh my god" I said still coughing, trying to get catch my breath.

"Hey honey... take it easy... don't die on me now" he said laughing at my predicament, pulling me to my feet. He held me in his arms and was smiling at me; taking a handkerchief from his pocket he wiped it across my chin.

"You had some of my cum dribbling down... don't want the girls to see it do we... they might just get jealous eh?" he said and laughed

I laughed and agreed with him.

"Did I do alright" I asked

"You did just great... just great... I have no complaints... none what so ever" he said reassuringly. They were the words I wanted to hear.

"Now, how about we go out at lunchtime... to our favorite little café at the top of the cliffs?"

I snuggled up close and said, "I'd love to... just love to"

I was about to find out just how insatiable an appetite for sex Mr. Pritchard had. It was only to be matched by own wish to satisfy it. I was new to this game called sex, but I now had a desire to take and experience every thing that was offered to me, especially with Mr. Pritchard. I would have no need to seek it elsewhere; He could supply all I ever wanted and more. I was now as his woman. I was even more determined to please him. We needed to be discreet and discreet we were I never stayed to long in his office and we made sure never to be seen leaving the building together. I listened to my co-workers at times as they ran Mr. Pritchard down... calling him names.

"God he's a real slime ball" or a rat bag or whatever adjective entered their minds. "Can you imagine having him paw all over you... Yuk" I wanted to jump up and tell them they didn't know what they were talking about, they didn't know him as I did. It was hard listening to them talk about the man I loved and wanted to be with for the rest of my life, but I held back, knowing I could say nothing, to do so would only let them know about the two of us.

Each week he would hand me a little brown envelope, containing $100

"Here honey a little something extra for you... just to show you my appreciation... you're a good secretary... you do a lot for me"

I kept pressing him for a date as to when he was going to tell Martha about us. It was always the same story.

"The times not right yet honey... just let it work out... it's going to happen... don't worry" was all I got from him.

My doctor had confirmed I was pregnant; I was yet to tell Mr. Pritchard he would soon be a father.

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