Motorcycle Neighbor

by Omega

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, DomSub, MaleDom, Humiliation, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: I try and be friendly to our new neighbor but he has very different ideas.

The house next door finally sold. It went on the market about a year ago; the result of a messy divorce. The house was not in the best of shape when it went on the market and it had deteriorated more over the past year. I was curious to see who the new owners were. I was surprised to see a guy on a motorcycle drive up, unload some furniture from a U-Haul and move in.

My name is Alice and I am married to a wonderful guy named Alan. He owns an accounting firm and I was one of his employees before I married him. After we married I quit because it would not work having husband and wife working in the same office. I kept busy though by volunteering to work 2 hours each day at the local food bank.

One hot summer morning I was in my bedroom getting ready to go down town. I only had my panties on while I decided if I should wear a bra or not. I also examined my breasts for lumps. I heard a wolf whistle come from the open window, and I looked up to see my new neighbor leering at me from his bedroom window across from mine. I had gotten so used to not having neighbors that I didn't even close the blind while I changed. Completely embarrassed I rushed over and closed the blind before I realized I gave him an even better look when I went to the window.

The following day as I walked home from the bus stop I noticed my neighbor sitting on his front deck drinking beer. "Hi neighbor lady, come and introduce yourself. I know what you look like," he said with a grin, "but I don't know your name."

I really did not want to talk to him, especially after he saw me practically naked yesterday, but I supposed it was the neighborly thing to do. Walking up to him I shook his hand and said, "My name is Alice and I don't know if you have seen my husband Alan?"

He stood up, gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek saying, "My name is Frank Hawkins. I shake hands with guys but I kiss pretty girls like you. Now sit down and we will get to know each other. Do you want a beer or a rum and coke?"

"I don't think I want to drink anything, thank you."

"Alice, are you refusing my hospitality?" he said in a stern voice.

"No, of course not, I'll have a rum and coke then."

"Then sit down and tell me why a pretty thing like you is running around by yourself?"

I reluctantly sat down in one of his low deck chairs which caused my short skirt to slide up showing more leg than I wanted. "Mr. Hawkins I know I exposed myself yesterday, but I did it unintentionally," I said as I nervously sipped my drink.

"I don't think that's true Alice. I think you knew I was at the window and you stripped down to try and turn me on. Had I not whistled I think you would have removed your panties to show me your pussy?"

"That's not true Mr. Hawkins. I would never do a thing like that. I am a married woman."

"Is that why your legs are parted and you are showing me your panties now Alice?"

My legs were not parted but I wondered if he could really see my panties or not. "I have to go home now. I am expecting my husband shortly."

"No you're not. Your husband does not get home for an hour yet, but give me a nice neighborly kiss and I'll let you go."

I stood up intending to give him a quick kiss on the cheek and then run home but he grabbed me, pulled my body tight against him and kissed me on the mouth. I could feel his hard-on through his pants.

"I think you tried your best to sex me up yesterday. Tell you what Alice, if you can do a sexier strip tomorrow that will prove you were not trying your best to turn me on. However if your strip tomorrow is no better than your strip today that will prove that I am right and you did your best to turn me on."

"OK, I'll do it but you have to promise me you won't ask me to do anything else, and you will leave me alone after that."

"It's a promise."

The following morning about the same time I returned to our bedroom. After my husband left for work I had dressed in silky baby doll pajamas and covered that with a light cotton housecoat. I had decided I would do a strip tease, give him his thrill and put an end to this nonsense once and for all. I could see he was already at the window. I stood closer to the window so he could see well as I did a little dance and then removed my robe. Then standing still in front of the window I took off my top and felt my breasts for a little while. Just before I dropped the blind to cut off his view, I slowly fingered my pussy a few times. There, that aught to prove it I thought and from now on I was going to keep that blind closed all the time.

That afternoon as I walked by his place, after I had finished working at the food bank, I could see him sitting on his front deck again. I intended to ignore him and walk quickly bye.

"Come here Alice, I have something I want to show you."

"No I won't. You promised to leave me alone."

"I think you will want to see these pictures."

"What pictures?" I said as I got a cold chill at the word pictures.

"Come here and I'll show you." I reluctantly walked up to his deck. "They are in my living room." The last thing I wanted to do was go in his house, but I followed him in. I glanced around at his furniture. Most of it belonged in a junk yard. "Sit down on the sofa and I'll get you a drink."

"I don't want anything to drink, thank you."

"You will after you see these pictures." He made the drinks and sat beside me on the sofa and brought out the pictures.

One glance at the first picture and I knew that bastard had taken pictures of me this morning. He must have a powerful camera because if it were not for the window frame you would think he was in the same room with me. He must have taken about a dozen pictures, some of me fondling my erect nipples and the most embarrassing one was me running my finger up my slit through my panties.

"If I wanted to Alice, I could crop the picture to remove the window frame and people would think I was in the same room with you and a couple of the early pictures clearly show it's your bedroom."

"Why are you doing this to me Frank?" I asked as I gulped most of my rum and coke. It was strong, but exactly what I needed right then.

"I need you as a temporary girlfriend. I am new in town and I don't know anyone yet. It probably won't take me long because as you felt yesterday, I am well built."

I blushed as I remembered him pressing his cock against me yesterday. "I could not be your girlfriend even on a temporary basis. Let me remind you I am a married woman, very happily married I might add. I'm sure you will be able to find a girl soon."

"I thought you might say that. Why do you think I took the pictures? How long would you be happily married if I showed these pictures to your husband, and maybe sent another set to your parents and his?

"But you could get a girl. All you have to do is go to a bar."

"I don't want a bar pickup, I want you. Look Alice, I only want to fuck you once a week until I get my own girl. It will probably only take 2 or 3 weeks and then you can be the faithful wife again and your husband will never know the difference."

"I am so mad at you Frank."

"You don't have a whole lot of choice unless you want to bust up your happy marriage. You might even enjoy it. I have seen your husband and I bet you will like sex with me better."

"OK you win. Just hurry up and find a girlfriend."

"I thought you would see it my way. OK, let's go to my bedroom now and we will consummate our new deal."

I tried to tell him I had to get home to start the supper. When that did not work I told him my mother always called me every Tuesday about this time and she would be worried if I was not home to answer her call. Out of excuses I followed him into his bedroom. He stripped naked right away and sprawled on a chair with his legs wide apart. He made me kneel down and suck him. I had never done that for my husband or anyone else and he told me I was lousy at it but with enough practice I could become a good cock sucker.

Next he made me dance for him while I took off all my clothes and then he had me lie down on his bed. He fingered me a few times to get me wet and then stuffed his big cock into my pussy. He must have been excited because he shot his dirty cum into me in less than two minutes. This was after I had pleaded with him to put on a condom which he ignored.

Once he had satisfied his disgusting lust on my body he said, "Alice you had better start taking birth control pills if you don't want to get pregnant; or maybe you want to have my baby. What would your husband think if you had a baby that looked like me?"

I was definitely going on the pill. What a self centered bully this guy was. As I was putting my clothes back on he said, "Come back Thursday about the same time and we will do it again."

That was the day after tomorrow. "But you said once a week. Frank that is only two days."

"What can I say, I changed my mind."

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