In Lust With My Mother

by motherlover

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Incest, Son, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Just a short tale of incest

It was Boxing day and I just couldn't wait for my mother to leave after spending Boxing day with us, I stood in the open doorway watching and waving as the taxi drew away.

Sure I love her to bits like any woman loves her mother, but after almost a week without sex I was nearly climbing the walls.

I felt him beside me, his right hand creeping up underneath my skirt to caress the flesh of my thigh above my stocking,

"No panties mum?" he whispered as he found my naked bottom,

"No panties" I confirmed and shut the door, "Just a few dabs of perfume to make me smell nice"

"You always smell nice mum" he said as I leaned back against the door and smiled as he kissed me, "Especially down there"

"Hadn't you better check?"

"Good idea" he laughed and unzipped my skirt. I felt the desire welling up inside me as I stepped out of it and watched him sink to his knees, his breath was warm on my thighs as he touched his lips to them gently before planting a gentle kiss on my freshly shaven slit. With his nose just nudging my clitoris, he inhaled deeply and rolled his eyes in mock ecstasy,

"Beautiful mum" he smiled, "And it's all mine for the next two weeks"

An exquisite sensation shot straight to my brain as his tongue parted my nether lips and delved deep into my wetness,

"Oh God yes" I moaned and ground my groin down onto his mouth while his tongue worked it's magic inside my pussy, "Take me to bed Terry" I sighed, but still I rode his face as he gripped my bum cheeks his fingers opening and exploring me.

Eventually we parted and left a trail of clothes on the stairs as we ran up to slake our lust, I was naked except for my stockings as I fell back onto the bed and drew him down on top of me, my arms around his neck and my tongue in his mouth. his hugely erect prick nudged at my cunt lips as I tasted his saliva and then with a gentle push he was inside me,

"Ooh Terry" I sighed, "Oh yes darling, tell me what we're doing" He'd said it the first time we'd made love and hearing his words had made me even hornier ever since then.

"I'm making love to you mum" he whispered, "I'm fucking you"

"Your cock's right up me isn't it?"

He licked inside my ear and whispered softly, "Every fucking inch of it, it's right up my mother's hot, wet cunt"

"Are you going to shoot your spunk up me?"

"Right up you mum and later on I'm going to fuck your ass"

"Oh God, you're going to make me cum"

"And I'm going to shoot it down your throat"

"Terry!" his hips were moving like pistons and I could feel the little waves of pleasure beginning,

"Terry, I'm coming"

"Look at me darling, look into my eyes, OH TERRY, I'M COMINGGGGGGGGG"

We slept for an hour then still holding each other tightly and it was dark when we awoke, we bathed together and he went up the road to our local pub whilst I dressed for him, I put on a white satin corset that forced my breasts to bulge out and almost over the top of it's lacy cups, I fastened a pair of white silk stockings to it and pulled on the tiniest little g-string I had, over this I wore just a fake fur coat because of the bitter cold and I was smiling as I pushed open the door of the pub.

"Come on in Kathy" the landlord shouted, "Take your coat off love and pull up a chair by the fire"

Terry stood up to take my coat but I hissed at him to sit down again,

"I can't take it off" I whispered, "I'm almost naked under it"

"Almost?" he grinned and I snorted, "Bloody hell, I never expected the tight old sod to actually light the bloody fire"

"You'll probably be sweating by the time we leave you know" he was enjoying my discomfort, I could tell, so I decided to try and turn the tables, I unbuttoned the coat and went to take it off, he caught a glimpse of my areole peeking out above the bra cups and nearly choked,

"Bloody hell mum" he gasped and I laughed with him, "I thought you might like me like this"

"I do, my God I do"

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