by The Mage

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Desc: : A story of... You guessed it, RETRIBUTION!

"It's going to be a long day," thought Sarah Miles.

"How long has it been since the bastards ruined my life? Oh yes, three years, two months and ten days!"

The young woman had changed in that time. Life had been good when this had all started, not easy but good all the same. Now life, if that's what life behind bars can be called was a steady stream of misery and pain. At least this day would bring some recompense for what had been done to her.

For the first time since entering this vile place she was feeling somewhat in control. Soon it would all be over.

As they were lead into the lawyer's conference room, the agents were shocked at the sight of the young woman. No longer was she the pretty, vivacious businesswoman. She had dropped at least thirty pounds and now had sunken eyes and a gray parchment like complexion. This person before them was obviously very sick. The three men took their seats opposite Sarah, without saying a word. In fact they didn't even acknowledge her at all. They just filed in and took a seat.

Once settled, the men did look at Sarah but remained silent, waiting.

Sarah also remained silent.

Finally the men began to fidget under the unwavering, unblinking stare of the young woman.

"Ok, you called this meeting. Now what is it that you want?" said Special Agent Mike Posa of the FBI.

Sarah focused her gaze on the man she hated most, above all people on this earth, and spoke. Gone was the strong voice that he remembered this arrogant woman had used when first he'd met her.

Sarah began to speak with a weak voice that grew stronger as she went.

"From the first day that we met you took a dislike to me, and things went downhill from that point. I told you that the information that I had provided the newspapers was the sum total of all that I knew. I also told you that I didn't know the name, or the whereabouts of the person that told me said information."

Special Agent Posa snorted and said, "What has that to do with this call for a meeting. My time is valuable. I don't have any to waste on an arrogant bitch that wasn't smart enough to just tell us what we wanted. None of this would have happened. This entire thing is your fault! Don't go and try to shift the blame onto me!"

"Well if your time is so valuable, just leave. I will just tell these two why I called for this meeting," said Sarah with a shadow of the self-assuredness that had so infuriated him from the start.

After a minute of indecision, Posa started for the door but just as he was about to call for the guard to unlock the door Sarah said,

"Agnes Whitmore."

Posa turned with a look that mixed rage, confusion and pure hatred as he asked through gritted teeth, "Whom did you just mention?"

"You obviously heard me or you would not be so upset. But you were leaving so please continue. We don't really need you here. This is just a courtesy meeting, anyway."

Her smile and tone of voice sent Posa over the edge and he made for the woman that had been the bane of his career. Because of her, his career had stalled, never to move higher. The other two men jumped up and stopped the big man, just before the guard Tasered him.

Once settled down again he asked, "Where did you hear that name?"

"Remember that my business was security and research. If I had not become ill, I would have found all the things that I know about you people long before now. I had some friends do some digging. Now I know how to destroy you, Agent Posa. Oh, and the same goes for you two.

"I called this meeting, to inform you of just what is going to happen to you."

Assistant Attorney General Harold Frankin went white as he asked in a tremulous voice, "What are you talking about?"

"You will find out if you just remain quiet and let me tell the story in my own way. Do you agree?"

Posa and Frankin nodded but Special Agent Jesus Diaz just sat looking pensive.

"Agent Diaz? Do you agree?"

Again Diaz just sat there, thinking. He then said after some few minutes, "Which case?"

"Oh, this is way before any cases Agent. It goes back to the deaths of Anna Sanchez, and her brother!"

The man went pure white and struggled to get to the trashcan before retching up the morning's meal. After several more minutes of puking his guts out, Diaz wiped his mouth with a handkerchief.

He returned to his seat and asked, "Since you know about that and have something on Agent Posa, too, why are you bothering to tell us ahead of the... ah... fall that is coming? Why not just let it happen out of the blue?"

"Oh, because as bad as the 'fall', as you call it, will be; the rest of the things that I'm going to tell you, are far, far worse! Believe me!"

The three men exchanged fearful glances as Sarah continued.

"I see that you have decided to stay with us, Posa..."

"That's Agent Posa to you!" said the man trying to regain some control of the situation.

"Well, that may be, for today. But by this time tomorrow, I am very sure you will not have that title. However, I will never refer to you by that title, again. To me, it is as it will be. What I have set in motion can't be stopped. It will result in you being fired from your jobs, and incarcerated for the remainder of your lives.

"Do I remind you of her, Posa? Or do you just hate all women that don't bow down and lick your shoes?"

"Her who?"

"Stop the shit! You know whom I mean! Agnes Whitmore!"

Posa just sat stony faced.

For the first time Sarah nodded to the man sitting beside her. He lifted his briefcase onto the table and opened it. Extracting three thick files and three bulging manila envelopes. He made three piles and set them in front of Sarah.

"I have been remiss. Let me introduce Joseph Oh, my new attorney. I needed to get these files here, and so I hired him to bring them to me. It will be useless to try to get any satisfaction from him. The files were mailed to him, and he just acted as the courier.

"Now, shall we proceed?"

No one moved so Sarah took that as an assent. Looking down at the files and envelopes Sarah selected the 'Diaz' stack and pulled it toward her.

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