The Dragon And The Phoenix

by Jack_O

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Come, ride my love to eternal night

where stars shine so bright:

Feel the heat of passion

reflected in your eyes;

temper the ardour

on the tip of your soft lips,

melting on mine,

like a hot length of iron

branding our flesh,

together in pain/pleasure.

The sharp edge of your love

descends from above,

and cuts deep as you bite

to the strength you feel,

taking sips of the sticky

moist, essence slipping o'er the tongue,

exploring the depths of each others soul

for as long as we desire.

Nirvana: we meet upon night-softened

clouds of sweet temptation fluttering

within a gentle sigh in the voice

which calls us together, again,

upon a moment in time...

... as the dragon awakes

from a touch of the phoenix.

This ardour demands a response,

feels your passion submit,

naturally, deep inside,

throbbing with heat,

every beat of our hearts

brings us closer,


This pungent succubus

draws me deeper

and i succumb to

the dark passion,

enfolding my mind

in liquid bliss.

A sigh,

soft moans

then a cry

of utter ecstacy.

Vampyra bold

seeks her prey,

and feeds,

as she must.


Spiral, up and down

my tongue, bestowing

such eloquence which

flows from the source

of all inspiration

for mortal man

and God, alike.

Locked together, our minds

infused with the love light

shining through our eyes.

Sweet aromas percolate

all our senses, and enhance

the hot sensations:

Irrisistably inviting me to

dive inside the wellspring

of your love, tasting

the air around our flesh

rippling with potency:





the urgent impulse




A lick; a long, long

Swathe of heat,

prehensile tongue,

seeking such sweet-meats

that to find such taste

is reward enough

for any man to aspire, too.

Yet, no man shall attain

such lofty goals but

for a love-Immortal

such a gift is ordained,

blessed, and consummated,

eagerly taken to the root

and consumed in a frenzy

of flashing teeth, white limbs

and dark, red desire.

Venus snaps the trap

shut upon love

and feels a subtle,

persuasive pressure,

bidding it to come

home, where the heart is

beating harder, and harder,

faster: pounding out

the rhythm, primal,

and vivid.

Queen of the night -

Ruler of all souls: Bite

hard, suckle deep,

life eternal awaits in sight.

Temptress: taste me.

Don't stop - Now!

Into the night,

taking flight

like raven upon

a hot wind

of change,


A splash of colour

glows pink on your cheek,

rosy and ripe with fresh

arousal, deep in the flesh.

Dying - Reborn desire

in the crucuble fire

of your eternal beauty,

entice me on, love,

wrap your sweet self

around me, and love;

rest deep

in my heart.

A golden rain falls

gently upon the floor

far below, like tears

of profound experience,

unable to hold within

the ethereal pleasure

consuming us in

hot licks of fire.

The depths of your beauty

leave me breathless,

gasping, like a soul drowning

within the boiling darkness

surrounding us with a

serenity of peace,

healing the bitter-sweet past

and bringing pure joy,

for a future that will last

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