Life of Its Own

by just-this-guy

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A writer's conversation with his characters.

If I'm going to write a story I need a girl.

Girl: "Hello."

Let's see. I'll make her a farm girl. There is something about farm girls that is oh so appealing. Hair in pig tails, a pink and white blouse, and decent tits that display a tempting cleavage. She's got to have long, slender legs. The type of legs that wrap around you as you fuck her silly. She will wear short-short cut-off jeans containing a cute firm ass.

Girl: "So I look pretty?"

She's the type of girl that the instant any man sees her, he gets an instant hard-on.

Girl: "Is that good?"

And of course I need a guy.

Guy: "Hello." He looks at the girl. "Helloooooo!"

The guy is physically fit and attractive. Now I have to have a reason that they have sex.

Guy: "Do we actually need a reason?" He eyes the girl.

I'm writing a story. I want a reason for the sex and not just to throw you two into immediate sex.

Guy: "Just to let you know, I don't have a problem starting the story with my cock in her pussy. None whatsoever. If that is how it has to be then I'm okay with it. I just want to make sure you know that."

I want my story to be more than just sex.

Guy: "In your life would you prefer sex to happen soon or do you want some long build up until you have sex."

I'd prefer it to happen soon, of course, but that's not how it happens in real life.

Guy: "That's my point. This is a story and not real life. Get straight to the sex."

Look, I'm going to do it my way.

Guy: "Hmppph."

It would be fun for them to have sex in the barn while lying on the hay.

Guy: "A barn?"

Girl: "Do I have a horse?"

You can have a horse.

Girl: "Yippee!"

But it's not that type of story.

Girl: "That's okay. I just always wanted a horse."

The guy's name is Tim. He is from the city and he sells tractors to farmers. The girl's name is... hmmm... how about Tonya? Yeah, Tonya sounds like a good name.

Guy: "Heeeellooooo Tonnnnnyaaaa!"

Girl: "Why does he keep talking that way?"

Tonya's father can't make the tractor payments. Tim comes out to the farm collect his money when he sees Tonya out feeding the chickens. Tim gives the father the option of either repossessing the tractor which will mean unavoidable bankruptcy and losing the farm or letting Tim have sex with Tonya. Tonya's mother died sixteen years ago and she is an only child. Tonya is a naive 18-year old virgin.

Guy: "Whoa!" he says in response to Tonya's changed appearance. "Please tell me I'm naked right now."

No. You are wearing a business suit. You are a sales professional.

Girl: "Hi," she says noticing Tim's change and acting shy.

Tonya walks into the barn.

Girl: "I'm in the barn now."

Yes, but in my story she's not there yet. Dad tells her to go to the barn.

Girl: "Since I'm already here can't I just start here?"

Alright! Tonya is in the barn. Tim is sitting on a bale of hay.

Guy: "Are you confused on what sex is because this isn't it?"

Tim says to Tonya, "You need to do what I say or your Daddy will lose his tractor and the farm. You don't want that to happen to your Daddy do you?"

Guy: "I say that? Can't I just say, 'Ride my cock all night long, baby!'."

No! So Tonya replies "What do you want me to do?" and Tim says "Take off your clothes". No, wait!

Guy: "What! What do you mean 'wait'?"

Girl: "What?" What do you mean take off my clothes?"

Tonya is willing to do whatever it takes to save her Daddy's farm, but remember she is naive. I think it will better if Tim is already naked before Tonya comes into the barn.

Guy: "Now you're talking! Now that's real writing!"

And he's under a horse blanket.

Guy: "A horse blanket?"

You don't want to scare Tonya off by appearing nude the first time she sees you.

Guy: "If you start the story with her pussy riding my cock like I suggested then you wouldn't have to worry about that."

I want some build up.

Guy: "You'll have build up. That's what happens during sex then WHAM! All that build-up shoots out."

Build-up in the story before the sex even begins.

Guy: Can I ask you a question?"


Guy: "Why wasn't her Daddy banging such a nice piece of ass? Not that I want that. I'm excited to be the one to get her virgin pussy, you know, it's just that if you have a hot girl like her around the house wouldn't you want to do her every night?"

That's not the type of story I'm writing this time.

Guy: "Okay. I'm just wondering. I'm not complaining."

Tim tells Tonya to come over to him and that he is going to undress her.

Guy: "Come on over. I want to see what you got going on underneath those clothes." He begins to unbutton her blouse.

I think I want different tits on her.

Girl: "Hey! Where did my tits go?"

I want really big tits on her.

Guy: "I'd rather have a proportioned woman if you don't mind. It looks more natural."

It's my story. I say that Tim likes big breasts.

Guy: "Nice rack!"

Girl: "Why thank you!"

Where was I?

Guy: "I'm undressing Tonya."

Oh, yes. Tim undoes Tonya's blouse. He slips it off her shoulders. She does not have a bra on. He pulls her closer and sucks on her tits.

Guy: "Mmmph, mmmphh, mmmph."

Tim buries his face in Tonya's cleavage. He knows that if he suffocated within her tits, he would die a happy man. After a wonderful five minutes enjoying Tonya's tits (hmmm..."Enjoying Tonya's Tits"... a future story title?), Tim wants her shorts off.

Guy: "Let's take your shorts off now."

Tonya slides her shorts down and then Tim slides her panties down.

Girl: "Do we have any heat in here? I'm getting cold."

It's a barn.

Guy: "I'll give you some heat in a few minutes."

Girl: "Couldn't you have gotten me a guy who knew how to speak normal English?"

Tim takes the horse blanket off to display his erect cock.

Guy: "Oh, yes!"

Tim tells Tonya to kneel before him. She gets down on her knees before Tim. Tonya! Wait until Tim tells you to kneel.

Girl: "I have to do it anyway, don't I? Why can't I just do it now?"

Fine, fine. I don't feel like arguing with you. I'll add Tim's line later in the revision.

Girl: "Revision? You mean I might have to do whatever we are about to do more than once?"

Guy: "Yes!"

Tonya begins to give Tim a blowjob. She lowers her mouth to his cock.

Girl: "This is so not right. This is so messed up."

Guy: "Hey! What gives? Why is she just blowing on my cock?"

Girl: "He said I was a NAIVE farm girl."

Guy: "Uh... hello? Can't you make her a little more experienced than this? I have a better idea! Make her so she's a natural cocksucker. The very first time she gives head, she knows just what to do and gives a super blowjob."

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