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Desc: : I don't claim to have written this story. It was written by a man named Stan. He is stripped naked during his initiation in a high school sex club.

Written by Stan G. Stanley

Copyright 1991 © by Stan G. Stanley

I didn't write this story. My late husband, Stan, wrote it. I edited the story, and in that capacity I made some changes, but not to the extent that I can claim co-authorship.

I'm not exactly sure when Stan wrote this story. I believe I edited it shortly after I moved in with him, so I'm assuming it was in 1991. He died in 2004, so he can't post it here. With Lazeez's kind permission, I can post it, because according to the terms of his revocable trust and his pour-over will, I inherited all of his assets, including his copyrights and his unpublished works in progress.

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I think this is a work of fiction, but I'm not completely sure. Any resemblance to actual people, places, things or events might be purely coincidental, but then again, perhaps not. Do I think there is any truth to the story? I'll give you my best guess after the story is finished.

We had a "club" in our high school. Not a school sponsored club, I hasten to add. It wasn't common knowledge that it existed. One needed to be sponsored by a member of the opposite sex to join. You had to be a junior or senior to join.

Diana, the younger sister of a guy my own sister had dated sponsored me. I went to a get acquainted party. 4 guys and 4 gals from the club were there, as was one gal from school, Terri, who had been invited to join. We were brought to the party by our sponsors, who left almost immediately.

The members gave us beer, and talked with us for over two hours. Mostly it seemed they wanted to get to know us. By the end of the party, we were slightly buzzed, but the members hadn't drunk at all. Around 11 PM, our sponsors returned. They went into another room with all the members present, leaving us alone.

I had seen Terri around school, but I didn't know her. We were talking about how the evening wasn't going as we'd expected, although neither of us know what we really expected out of the evening.

Our sponsors came out, and told us we had passed the first test. They would bring us to a party the following week, to meet the entire membership. If we were approved then, we could join if we wanted to. We were also told we couldn't discuss the club WITH ANYBODY. Not with friends, family, each other, or our sponsors.

The following week, my sponsor Diana took me to a larger party. I was surprised to see my older sister Beth there. Again, we mostly talked with the members, drank a little beer, and had a pretty good time. Several of the girls came up to me over the course of the evening and felt my chest, or my ass. A couple of them even felt up my crotch.

At midnight, Terri, the prospective new girl and I were summoned to the middle of the room. There we were placed back to back, butts touching through our clothing, with rope wound around our midsections to keep us standing in position. Finally we were handed metal pitchers, and we were blindfolded. We were told that the members would all come up to us and put either a white ball or a black ball in our pitchers. If either one of us got more than two black balls, neither of us would be invited to join. We were warned not to move; not to say anything; not to react in any way to anything which might happen.

I heard marbles drop into my pitcher, and into Terri's. About a third of the time, as someone dropped a ball into my pitcher, they would rub my penis. I finished the marble session highly erect. I couldn't help but move sometimes, as my body reacted to the fondling. The girl to whom I was tied also moved a bit, so I assumed she was getting the same treatment I was.

Finally, the balls stopped dropping. Our blindfolds were removed, but we were left tied together. I looked left and she looked right, as one of the members emptied her pitcher into a glass pie plate. Terri's marbles were all white. She was in, but only if I was in also. I saw something black as the marbles I had collected were poured into the pie plate. There was only one black marble. Later on, I came to suspect my sister of the blackball, but I never asked, and she never volunteered.

Initiation was to be the following Friday night. As we left, we were warned not to discuss the group or the party or the initiation with anyone else AT ANY TIME.

During the week, my sister didn't mention the club, and neither did I.

Diana, my faithful sponsor, came to pick me up at 7 PM. As I left, my sister told me to "have a good time." We got to the party site, a nice house in the hills, where one of the members lived. Her parents had already left for the evening.

I was taken into a small room, told to remove all my clothing, and to put on the clothing stacked neatly on the bed. They would come and get me when they were ready for me. The costume consisted of a G-string, a pair of boxers with hearts on them, a blue muscle undershirt, a blue security guard's shirt and pants. The costume was finished off with a blue necktie, a belt, boots and socks. The G-string made me wonder just what I was getting myself into.

It was almost 8 PM by the time they came and got me. The club members were seated around small bar type tables. I was taken to the center of the room, where Terri joined me. She was dressed in a low cut blouse with spaghetti straps, a short skirt, and thigh high boots. Bra straps were visible under the straps holding her blouse up.

One of the members joined us in the center of the room. "Stan and Terri, welcome to your initiation games. When the evening is over, one of you will be totally naked. If we are lucky, the other one will not be wearing very much. When the game is over, you will both be full members of the club, but the loser will spend about half an hour getting felt up by EVERYBODY here."

I looked around the room. There were about two dozen people, including about a dozen guys. I wasn't interested in getting felt up by the guys.

The M.C. continued, "You are going to strip each other. I'll ask you each questions. You will have twenty seconds to answer. If you do not answer within the twenty seconds, you lose. If you answer, your opponent gets to select whether they think you answered the question right or wrong. If your opponent is right, you lose the question, and a garment. If your opponent chooses wrong, you win the round, and a garment of your opponent's choice. The loser chooses which garment will come off before the question is asked.

We each got a practice question to make sure we understood how the game worked.

"Terri, what is the capital of California?"


"Stan, do you agree or disagree? If you are correct, you will remove one of Terri's garments, but if you were wrong, Terri's will remove one of your garments. At least that is what would happen if this wasn't a practice round."

I was beginning to understand. "The capital of California is Sacramento, so I agree with Terri."

"Well, Stan, since you agreed with Terri, had this round counted, Terri would be removing one of your garments now, because you should have disagreed. The capital of California is 'C;' C-a-l-i-f-o-r-n-i-a. Now, pay attention, here is the rest of the story. Each member of the club has written several questions and answers. Unfortunately for those playing the game with clothing on the line, it is the member's answer which determines if you are right or wrong. The members are supposed to give the correct answer, but you know, they aren't always correct. Finally, you may choose to offer up an answer in such a manner as to fake out your opponent."

We did one more practice question. I didn't have a clue, but Terri answered so quickly, and with such certainty I agreed. It turned out she didn't have a clue either, and so she made something up.

The M.C. asked us which garment we were going to put at risk for the first question. We both selected a shoe. "Oh, Stan, one final thing. Terri started out the game wearing eleven garments. Since you got one blackball for membership, and since Terri didn't get any blackballs, you start out penalized, with only ten garments. So everyone knows what is going on -- or should that be coming off -- Terri, who is dressed as if she is trolling the bar, is wearing thigh high boots, hose and garter belt, a slinky little blouse, a skirt, and a belt to hold the skirt on. For underlovelies, Terri is wearing a teddy, a garter belt, a bra, panties and a G-string. Stan, the security guard who rousted Terri out of the bar and took her here for interrogation, is wearing boots and socks, a necktie, a shirt, trousers with a belt, a muscle shirt, undershirt, boxers and a G-string.

The first four questions saw all the boots go. It was kind of fun going most of the way up Terri's legs to remove her thigh high boots. I put my socks at risk next, while Terri risked her belt. She got both of my socks and my belt before I claimed her belt.

I next risked my necktie against one of her hose, and the garments came off in that order. Again, it was fun going up under her skirt to get her hose unhooked from her garter belt.

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