by Gene_S

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Tear Jerker, Incest, Cousins, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: For two wonderful days and nights Rodger and Sherry share much more than being cousins and friends.

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Roger had just gotten back from over seas a week ago. He had gotten out of the Army at the same time and was staying with his parents till he could get a job. His parents ran a diary farm about fifty miles north of the Midwest Nebraska town of Colter he was presently in. There was a small town near their farm North Scotia but it offered absolutely nothing to hold the interest of a twenty-one year old, namely female company. Colter with a population of about thirty thousand was almost a huge city compared to the small ones that were in the area.

Roger had told his parents he was going there to do some shopping and look for a job. The first he actually did, the second well, he was not in any big hurry to find a job and settle into a day to day routine. Roger had put money in savings the whole time he was overseas and so he was just ready to relax and unwind for a few weeks. That was the real reason for being in Colter for there were several night clubs. He hoped to meet a single female at one of these clubs, drink and dance and just be in her company for the evening. He of course wouldn't refuse sex either if it was offered he had after all been away for almost two years.

Roger was driving his sixty-eight cherry red Mustang. The car was five years old but had been in storage most of the last four years that he had been in the service. He was proud of the car, that is, until he started across an intersection and transmission quit working. The car rolled through the intersection and he guided it over to the curb. Roger stepped out and looked under it to see if by chance the driveshaft had come loose or broken. It was still intact.

"Shit, he said aloud, "I wonder what's wrong?"

There just happened to be a transmission shop about half a block away so he locked the car and walked down to it. He told them what had happened and they agreed to look at it. It was close enough that several of the mechanics got together and pushed it to the shop. After the service manager told him to check back in several hours he left. He spent the next several hours walking around in the downtown area where he was mostly window shopping. A few hours later Rodger returned to the transmission shop and got the bad news that his transmission would require an overhaul. This would take about two days.

So much for my plans. I guess I will try to get out to the interstate and get a motel room, He thought. He found a payphone and called his parents to let them know the situation and that he would not be home. Rodger knew his Mom and Dad could not come get him since it was getting close to the time to start milking the cows. While talking to his Mom, she suggested he call his cousin Sherry to see if her brother Rob was in Colter or would be coming to Colter from North Scotia that day. If he was, Rodger would be able to get a ride home with him. Rob lived with his parents in North Scotia.

I didn't even know Sherry lived here. I haven't seen her since we were high school kids, He thought. Rodger's parents hadn't always been dairy farmers. Rodger had grown up in a large city far away from the small sleepy town of North Scotia. His parents had moved onto the dairy farm while he was in the Army.

Even though many miles had separated them when growing up Rodger and his cousin, Sherry had been close. They had talked on the phone frequently and shared all their teenage experiences over the years. Then Sherry had married her high school sweetheart and the talks had ceased. Two years later, as was quite often the case, they had gotten a divorce. Sherry had gotten pregnant before getting married and now had a two year old little boy. Sherry and Rodger had drifted apart never renewing the close friendship they had once shared prior to her marriage. Rodger picked up the phone now and called Sherry.

A voice answered, "Hello."

"Sherry this is Rodger. How are you? We haven't talked in a long time."

The voice at the other end hesitated for a moment then said, "Rodger, my cousin Rodger?"

"Yes cousin Rodger."

"My God. We haven't talked for a long time. What's happening, where are you."

"I'm in Colter." Rodger hesitated then asked, "Sherry is your brother by chance here or coming here?"

"No, he's not here and I don't expect him, why?" she asked.

Rodger explained the situation to her. He asked if it would be possible for her to give him a ride out to one of the motels by the interstate.

"Sure," She told him. He told her where he was and she told him that she would get her son ready and come get him.

"Just watch for my battered old white Chevy," She said with a laugh.

About an hour later, Sherry picked him up. "You should come over to my house first so we can visit before I take you to the motel. No sense in you spending the evening out there sitting in a room by yourself."

They went back to Sherry's house, which was a little two bedroom. They ordered a pizza which over Sherry's protest Rodger paid for. They sat at the table eating pizza, watched little Jacob make a total mess in his highchair and visited. They brought each other up to date on what had happened in their lives since they had last talked years ago.

Rodger looked at his watch and grimaced, where had the time gone. "Sherry I really need to get a room, if I can still get one. Will you take me out there now?"

Sherry looked at the clock on the wall, "I'm sorry Rodger the time just slipped by." She said, and then her eyes lit up. "Rodger why don't you just stay here? The couch makes out into a bed you could sleep there. There's no sense in you getting a motel room, besides I need to get Jacob to bed."

Rodger protested the inconvenience to her but was finally convinced. Rodger sat on the couch and watched TV while Sherry put Jacob bed. When she returned she sat on the other end of the couch and putting her feet up on it stretched out. Rodger glanced at Sherry covertly. Sherry was wearing blue jean shorts about mid thigh in length and a loose fitting red button up blouse. She had taken her white sandals off. She had brunette hair in a short pixy cut and green eyes. He couldn't tell much about her breasts beneath the loose fitting blouse but her lightly tanned legs looked to be soft and smooth. Damn, Sherry you've sure become an attractive woman, too bad you're my cousin, Rodger thought and smiled.

"What's so funny?" Sherry asked seeing the smile.

"Nothing," Rodger said and did not elaborate.

"Roger we may not have seen each other for a long time but I still know you. We used to tell each other everything now tell me what you're thinking," Sherry said.

Hearing the persistent tone in Sherry's voice and knowing she would not change the subject until he told her, Rodger said, "I was just thinking what a good looking woman you have become, and wishing we were not cousins. I would be hitting on you big time."

Sherry blushed and was silent.

They watched TV for a while in continued silence and then Sherry got up, as she headed for the kitchen she asked Rodger if he would like something to drink.

"Sure," he said and thought nothing more of it.

Sherry returned with two large glasses of orange juice in her hands. "Sorry but this is all I have. I hope you like screwdrivers."

Rodger had not been expecting a mixed drink and told Sherry that would be fine.

Sherry leaned over and placed Rodgers drink on the coffee table in front of him, as she did this her blouse dipped open. Rodger noticed that she had unbuttoned the two top buttons of it and he couldn't help but see the tops of her beautifully tanned breasts.

Sherry stayed stooped over like this just a little longer than necessary and then stood and resumed her place at the end of the couch. They watched TV, had several more drinks and during advertisements talked about things that had happened to them over the years. Rodger kept trying to cast stealthy glances at her but each time he looked at her their eyes met, she was looking at him too. Finally Sherry said she was going to bed. She helped Rodger pull the couch out and put sheets on it and then went to her bedroom closing the door.

Rodger turned out the lights leaving on the TV. He stripped to his boxers and crawled under the sheets and turned his back to her door and tried to concentrate on TV. He didn't hear the bedroom door open. The first he knew that he was no longer alone in the room was when he felt the bed mattress shift under added weight. He turned and there was Sherry, wearing blue baby doll pajamas that were almost translucent and very seductive. He could see now that her breasts were about softball sized and her stomach was just as tan as her legs. Her breasts and stomach looked to be soft and silky smooth. His breath caught and he swallowed hard.

"Rodger I can't sleep and besides we need to talk," Sherry said in a low voice.

"Sherry what the hell are you doing. I can't talk to you and concentrate on the conversation when you are dressed or should I say undressed like that," He gulped.

Sherry giggled, "Do you like what you see Rodger? Don't lie I can see it in your eyes. You've been appraising me all evening."

"Sherry we can't you're my cousin..." Rodger started.

Sherry pressed her finger to Rodger's lips to silence him. "Rodger you're a man and I'm a woman. I won't get pregnant I'm on the pill. I find you attractive and you have already said that you find me the same. You're eyes tell me that you desire me and Rodger I desire you too. I know you're horny; you've been overseas in a combat zone for nearly two years. You haven't been with anyone that whole time. I know, you told me so. Rodger I haven't been with a man since my divorce two years ago so I am horny too." Sherry bent forward and pressed her lips to his.

The softness of her lips on his, their sweet taste coupled the fragrance she was wearing made further resistance impossible. His arms circled her slim body and pulled her against his. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed her body closer. Their first light kiss became two hungry mouths and tongues trying to devour one another.

Sherry rolled to her back and lifting her hips slid the bottoms of her pajamas off. Rodger removed his boxers at the same time. Sherry's arms gently urged Rodger on top of her. Rodger felt his hard shaft press against her soft pubic mound and they embraced again.

"Raise your hips Rodger," Sherry ordered.

When he complied, she removed a tube of KY jelly that she had stashed under one of the pillows when she had first approached. Squeezing a generous portion into her hand she rubbed it onto his erection. She then guided it between the lips of her pussy and into her warm sheath. Rodger was watching this and saw the soft curly patch of hair that covered her pussy. As he fully inserted himself his groin finally came to rest against that velvety soft pubic hair. He began to slowly thrust in and out of her and her hips rose with each downward stroke to meet his. Despite his best efforts to delay it, Rodger climaxed quickly. When his pulsing member had finished filling her womb, he pressed his cheek against hers and whispered in her ear.

"I'm so sorry Sherry, I didn't last very long."

She whispered back in his ear, "That's ok Rodger, I didn't think you would. You'll last longer for our next one."

"Next one?" Rodger inquired.

Sherry giggled and then in a low sultry voice she said in vulgar words, "You really didn't think I would be satisfied with letting you just fuck me once tonight did you? Oh and Rodger, I don't think we will need the KY any more. I'm very wet inside now." She traced her tongue around Rodger's ear and blew on it sending shivers up and down his spine.

Rodger rolled to his back pulling Sherry on top of him. Sherry raised herself up just enough to allow Rodger to remove the top of her pajamas. For the first time Rodger was able to look at her naked breasts. They were about the size of softballs as he thought, below the upper tan lines they were creamy white, dark red areolas and nipples surmounted them. She brought them down against his chest as she settled on him once more. As they flattened against him he could feel their softness. They began to kiss again as he shriveled inside her.

Sherry jumped up off him and crawled to the edge of the bed. Rodger's eyes drank in the soft curves of her naked body as she padded into the kitchen.

"I'm thirsty, how about you?" she asked.

"Sure," Rodger managed to stammer.

Sherry returned carrying a single glass, carefully she crawled back on the bed and throwing her leg over sat down on his stomach. She reached down cradled his head and tilted it forward enough to pour some of the screwdriver in his mouth. She then pressed the glass to her own lips and drank some. This was repeated until the glass was empty. She leaned over, placed the empty glass on the floor and returned to her position on his stomach. Sherry reached back and feeling that he had become hard once more began to slide back.

Rodger hooked his hands under her folded legs and pulled her up along his chest until her pubic mound was against his mouth.

"Rodger you don't have to give me ora..." She started, "Oh my God,"She finished as his tongue probed between her lips and moved upward to mash against her clit. Her fingers shook as they twined themselves in his hair. She began to moan softly as his stimulation continued. Her hips began to rock her against his mouth. Rodger could taste her warm juices and his own cum between her labia lips.

Rodger knew she was close when her smooth rocking motion began to shake and jerk. Her hands formed claws in his hair and pulled his mouth tight against her.

"Oh God, Rodger, oh God," She moaned and bit her lip to keep from crying out as the fires of her orgasm surged through her. Rodger could feel her thighs tremble as the orgasm flowed through her. A flood of her juice burst into Rodger's mouth and out from between his lips.

Slowly the fires of orgasm passed leaving a warm glow in her in their wake. When she was able to move again she slid down his chest and stomach leaving a trail of glistening wetness on them. Her reached back and guided his erection in her as she continued to slide until it was fully seated in her. She leaned down and kissed him the musty smell of their sex had mixed with the fragrance she wore. She sat up with his shaft still impaled deep within her and began to slide up and down its length. The end of each downward stroke was punctuated by grinding herself against him and then sitting still and working her vaginal muscles to alternately tighten and loosen around his shaft. She repeated this again and again. Rodger reached up and cupped his hands to her breasts. His hands glided over them feeling their soft satin smooth skin. He traced circles around her areolas. The thumb and forefinger of each hand pinched her nipples to hardness. They climaxed at the same time looking into each other's eyes and feeling the hot molten like fires flow through them. They coupled twice more that night each time he lasted a little longer and each time her orgasm was stronger than the last.

After the last coupling, they collapsed against one another. Sherry lifted Rodger's arm and looked at his watch.

"Oh my God," she cried and jumped from the bed, "I need to get dressed Jacob will be waking up in less than thirty minutes. You should get dressed too Rodger." She ran into her bedroom and closed the door. Not long after that, he heard the shower come on.

Roger removed the sheets from the bed and folded it back into a couch. He got dressed and sat down. He was totally exhausted from lack of sleep and the physical activity of sex.

Not long after that, Jacob began to cry. Sherry opened her bedroom door and went into Jacob's room. She was wearing tennis shoes with white socks, a simple pull over white top and pair of baggy print short pants that were hemmed just above the knees. Her hair was still wet from her shower and hung limply. Soon after that she came out of Jacob's room carrying him and went to the kitchen. She fixed hot cereal for him and she and Rodger had toast cereal and coffee. Roger noted the bags under her eyes telling him that she too was suffering from lack of sleep. No mention of the previous night was made by either. At his suggestion she agreed to take turns watching Jacob while the other one slept. Rodger watched Jacob and entertained him while Sherry slept for several hours.

When she awoke she came out of her room and said, "I set some towels and a washcloth out for you I also set a bath robe out, hope you don't mind it's flowered." She chuckled and explained, "I'm not in the habit of having men over. Oh and Rodger if you will give me your clothes I'll wash them while you sleep, that includes your boxers." She wrinkled her nose at his mock unpleasant smell and added, "For some reason Rodger you reek with the smell of sex." Merriment twinkled in her eyes but she didn't elaborate.

Rodger stripped donned the robe and then opening the bedroom door handed her his clothes. He took a shower, dried and putting the robe on again laid across the bed. He smiled as the sweet smell of Sherry drifted from the bed covers and filled his nostrils. Soon after that, he drifted off to sleep.

When he awoke, he found his clothes washed and folded neatly on the foot of the bed. Getting dressed he went out in the backyard to join Sherry and Jacob but not before he called the transmission shop. Just as he expected his car was not done. He told Sherry that his car was not done yet and asked if she would take him to get a room at a motel.

She snorted, "Nonsense Rodger. Looks as if I will have a house guest again tonight. I might even make plans for later." She winked at him and then changed the subject.

After they had visited more about a lot of different subjects never once mentioning the previous night Rodger asked, "Sherry will you let me take you or you and Jacob out for dinner at a steak house?"

"Thank you for the offer Roger but I probably couldn't get a sitter on this short notice and Jacob makes such a mess I would hesitate going to a fancy steak house with him. Steak does sound good though," She smiled.

"I noticed a BBQ grill in the back yard Sherry as an alternative can I use it and fix steaks here? Will you let me borrow your car to go to the store?" Rodger asked.

"That sounds delightful Roger and yes you can use my car."

Rodger went to the store and a meat market Sherry had recommended. He got a pair of thick juicy steaks, some shrimp two huge potatoes and all the other fixings needed for their meal. He also got a large bottle of red wine.

Rodger returned to the house a knocked on the door. The woman who opened it was unrecognizable as the Sherry he had left. Sherry had transformed, she had applied light grey eye shadow black eyeliner and mascara, her lips were painted ruby red and just a touch of rouge accented her cheeks. Sherry wore a white low cut tank top showing much of her delightful cleavage. It was tied around her neck in a bow. The material gathered just below her breasts and was held in place by a strip of elastic. This left her entire mid section open. She had on a short black mini skirt made of denim material and black sandals.

Roger almost dropped the bags of groceries he had in his hands. Sherry smiled and ushered him in. She chuckled at his open jaw and lust filled eyes as he gazed upon her.

I guess that means I have been successful at looking sexy, she thought then jokingly told him, "Rodger close your mouth or flies will get in."

He carried the bags of groceries in and set them on the kitchen counter. He made another trip to get the rest of the bags and the charcoal. When he walked back into the kitchen Sherry had her back to him. He almost drooled as his eyes started at the top and worked their way down. With the exception of the elastic strap that circled her, her entire back was bare. The black mini skirt sat low on her waist just above the beginning of her ass crack. It ended about three quarters of the way up from her knees. She reached up to get wine glasses down from high up in the cupboard and as she did so her skirt pulled up exposing her lower butt cheeks and the fact that she was wearing thong panties. Rodger swallowed hard as he viewed her creamy white cheeks.

"Roger, will you stop molesting me with your eyes and help me finish unloading these groceries," She said with a laugh.

Roger shifted his gaze to the floor embarrassed he had been caught staring, God does this woman have eyes in the back of her head? He thought.

Sherry smiled and let her eyes switch from watching his reflection in the mirror finish of the toaster on the counter, to the remaining bags of groceries. "I'm driving him nuts just as I had hoped to do with this outfit," She though and chuckled silently.

Sherry busied herself getting things set up in the kitchen at the same time Roger took Jacob out to play in his sandbox while he started the grill. When the coals were ready he put the two foil wrapped potatoes on to bake and stood watching Jacob. He checked the potatoes and seeing they were almost ready stuck his head in the door and called for Sherry to being the steaks out.

When they were done, they moved to the table. They divided their time watching Jacob feed himself making his normal mess, eating their dinner and reminiscing about old times. When they were done they washed dishes together and after cleaning Jacob up Sherry put him on the living room floor to play. They sat on opposite ends of the couch and visited more till it was Jacob's bed time. After she had put Jacob to bed Sherry resumed her seat on the couch. All evening long Sherry had teased Roger with views of her body. First she would lean forward under pretense of brushing nonexistent crumbs from the coffee table or she would take a sip of her wine. Each time she did this her tank top hung forward exposing that she was not wearing a bra and revealing her right breast in its entirety and then she would sit back closing the gap. She would shift around pretending to be searching for a more comfortable position while letting her skirt ride up her legs until her right thigh was almost totally exposed. She then would pretend to notice and pull it down once more. When either of their wine glasses neared empty she would jump up and bend over either showing off an ample amount of her cleavage and breasts or if she bent over in the other direction her thong panties, then she would take the glass and walk swaying her hips seductively into the kitchen to fill it. Each time she did this she stole a glance at Roger to see if he was watching. She was very seldom disappointed. Her teasing was driving him crazy as evidenced by his constant uncomfortable shifting, his hard swallowing, and the growing bulge in his pants.

I almost feel sorry for him, I'm being an unmerciful bitch, and maybe I should stop. On second thought I think not, I'm having too much fun and besides he will be compensated later when I give him my body, She thought and giggled to herself.

Rodger was desperately trying to concentrate on Television and failing miserably. He couldn't even remember what program they were watching. At about ten Sherry jumped up and went to her room. She returned moments later and tossed two sheets on the couch beside Rodger. She stretched seductively and said, "Well goodnight Roger see you in the morning." She turned swayed into the bedroom and closed the door.

Rodger sat in silence for a moment. Is it possible I miss read her signals? Did I make her angry somehow? He thought and sighed in confusion and disappointment. With a shrug he got up and folded the couch out and made the bed. He undressed till he was in his boxers and crawled in the sheets.

The door opened and Sherry came to the side of the bed. Rodger turned to face her.

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