Dark Desires

by Dick Coxxx

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Interracial, Black Male, White Female, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A pretty blonde wife has 'Dark Desires.' She gets more than she bargained for.

Miriam had dark desires from time to time but she knew that she shouldn't. The lovely blonde wife had been able to repress those feelings and desires before. She was happily married to her husband, Maurice, for fifteen years and had never strayed before. Before now, that is.

It was really her husband's fault, she liked to think. Miriam enjoyed sex but for the past several years, the lovemaking with her husband didn't seem to satisfy the hunger within. She hadn't been sexually active during high school like so many of her friends but she made up for lost time in college by taking several classmates as lovers. Her English professor really put the make on her until she submitted to his dark desires. He liked watching Miriam having sex with one of the black students. Being away in college from her demanding parents made it easier for her to be on the prowl. Even though she was on her own, Miriam was still very naive and ended up married to one of her classmates who was on his way to law school.

She worked as an English teacher at the high school in order for them to pay the bills while his was in school and beginning his law practice. It took a number of years for them to finally move up the social ladder and buy that house in the suburbs but those feelings of desire returned when her husband tried to spice up their love life. Maurice came home one evening with several porno movies that he wanted his wife to watch with him. They mildly turned her on but one of them especially caught her eye. It was the classic called, 'Behind the Green Door, ' with Marilyn Chambers from the soap detergent commercials.

Miriam could tell that her husband enjoyed the video from the erection he was sporting in his pajamas but it was when the African-American actor, Johnny Keyes, showed up that really got her attention. Miriam related to Marilyn as they looked very similar with their body shape and blonde hair. Miriam imagined that it was herself in that sex swing with Johnny Keyes and his proud African cock between her wide spread legs. Sex with her husband was especially pleasing to her that night.

Maurice enjoyed the lovemaking with his wife that night and afterwards even asked her which video she enjoyed the most. He was somewhat surprised that her answer was 'Behind the Green Door.' Maurice knew his wife wasn't prejudicial but her parents sure were. Her dad still called them 'Niggers' whenever he saw or talked about a black person.

Over the course of several months, Maurice began getting some of the amateur interracial videos instead of the professional ones. Most of these were the ones where the white husband manned the camera and took the video of his wife having sex with a black man. Maurice tried to get the ones where the attractive wife was blonde and had a resemblance to his own wife. While these weren't as slick as the professional interracial porno videos, they seemed much more realistic as well as compelling. Maurice was amazed that the husbands allowed the wife to be with such huge-cocked black men. He considered himself above average in the 'package' department but he couldn't compare to the size that the blacks had swinging between their legs.

Miriam was shocked when her husband suggested that she take on a black lover.

She said, "Maurice, I love you. You know I wouldn't even think about being with another man."

"Miriam," he replied. "You know that's a lie. Several of those videos have made you quite the wildcat in bed. I saw the way that you looked at the Negro studs between the legs of those willing white wives. It's become more than just a fantasy with you."

His wife blushed. She had experienced those dark desires for herself.

It was several more weeks later after a special dinner out on the town and a couple of glasses of her favorite wine that Maurice brought the subject of a black lover up to his wife again. It must have been the wine as she said she would think about it. He told Miriam about a website that specialized in hooking up well-endowed black men with married white couple looking for the 'black' experience.

One afternoon after teaching school, Miriam went to the site her husband had mentioned to her. She was amazed at what she saw. Married white women were actively seeking black lovers with the husband's encouragement and support. There were a number of photo albums on the site that Miriam just couldn't keep herself from opening. Her pulse rate increased as she opened album after album of photos with a number of attractive and several not so attractive white women having sex with well-hung black men. It was hard for her to imagine what those women must feel with those huge black cocks between their widespread legs. Miriam felt the tell-tale tingle between her own thighs and was getting wetter with her own feminine dew. Her slim manicured finger found its way up her dress and down into her dampened panties. Her clitoris was enlarged and very sensitive to her touch as she almost gave herself an orgasm. The lovely blonde wife was breathing hard from the fantasy. Miriam knew that she shouldn't be thinking like this. She loved her husband.

Later that week, Maurice announced to Miriam that he had a surprise on Saturday night for her. He told her to dress up extra special as they would go out to dinner and dancing afterwards. This kind of surprised her in and of itself because while she enjoyed dancing, her husband wasn't much of a dancer.

Maurice went to play golf with some clients like he normally does on a Saturday morning. Miriam slept in before fixing herself an early lunch of chicken salad. She had to fight to maintain her figure and weight. Each and every year had its toll but she had managed to keep the ravages of time at bay. It was most difficult after having their first child. Little Tommy was now just 'Tom' and was a freshman this year at the University. Her husband had recently turned forty but she was a couple of years away from that benchmark. Her husband had told her that she got prettier every year. While he might think that, it was a hard-fought battle for her to keep her girlish figure through many hours of swimming and playing in a 4.0 ladies doubles tennis league.

Now her husband lay snoring in their king-sized bed so that he would be alert this evening. Miriam took a soothing bath and shaved her legs and underarms. She even trimmed her pussy hair so that no stray blonde hairs would peek out from her little lace bikini panties.

The lovely blonde wife applied red nail polish to her fingertips and toes. Miriam dried herself and slipped into her tiny black panties. They didn't leave much to the imagination as they had a mesh front which allowed her neatly-trimmed bush to show through. The attractive wife applied only a light makeup as she was a natural beauty. She fixed her should length hair the way her husband liked it with an outward flip at the shoulder.

Every woman has a slinky little black number and Miriam was no exception. Hers was form-fitting and showed off her fabulous form to its best advantage. The thin half-demi bra pushed up her cleavage to her husband's delight. He liked to call it her 'Round-up' bra as in 'round'em up and head'em out, rawhide.' The thin spaghetti straps were to make sure that nothing fell out unintentionally.

Her designer dress was simple but elegant at the same time. The hem came to mid-thigh which allowed a lot of her trim legs to show. Miriam stepped into a pair of Jimmy Choo 'peep-toe' black high heels which showed her freshly lacquered red toes. She put on the golden serpentine bracelet and matching necklace her husband had given her for their fifteenth wedding anniversary a few years back. Her golden hoop earrings completed her jewelry. While her golden wedding band was the one her husband placed on her finger when they were married, the diamond engagement ring had been upgraded to a brilliant two-carat empire diamond. It sparkled now on her finger.

Miriam completed dressing a little before it was time to leave for their dinner reservation at a fancy Italian restaurant in downtown Birmingham. Just before they left, she sprayed some of her favorite perfume, Elizabeth Taylor's White Shoulders, behind each ear and on her slim wrists. Miriam hesitated a moment before spraying some between her breasts and then she wickedly lifted the hem of her dress and sprayed some of the fragrant perfume between her legs to go along with her own natural feminine perfume.

Her husband had dressed in tan chinos with a white sport short. A navy blazer made it a little more formal but he was wearing his signature Gucci oxblood loafers. Her husband could still strike an imposing figure of power and wealth when he wanted to.

Dinner was lovely and romantic as usual. They finished two bottles of pinot grigio with dinner and then split one Tara Misu between them for dessert. Miriam was enjoying herself even when the young black valet ogled her bare legs a little too long when he was helping her into her husband's new black Mercedes.

"We're going to the Zebra Lounge over at the Holiday Inn for dancing," Maurice said as he started the car. Miriam didn't say anything.

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