Innocence Lost

by Dick Coxxx

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Interracial, Black Male, White Female, .

Desc: Sex Story: A pretty white wife is becomes the attention of black men.

Maurice Smith knew to count his lucky stars everyday. It all started when he married his pretty blonde wife, Miriam, twenty years ago. It seemed to Maurice that his lovely blonde wife got even prettier and prettier each and every day. He enjoyed looking at her as well as watching the reaction from other men. You see, Miriam seemed to have an innocence about her that stemmed from her teenage years. Without her even trying, she was both provocative and shy at the same time. Miriam could go almost anywhere dressed however she wanted and men would stare at her without her even noticing their wanton desires and lustful intentions. She normally didn't wear but the minimum of makeup but she did wear a nice fragrance and always wore a bright red lipstick with matching nail polish.

Whether she was going out for the evening, running some quick errands or out for her daily exercise, men would always stop to ogle at her lovely face with its beautiful honey-blonde hair and her trim figure. On Sunday after church, they stopped by to grab a few groceries for the Sunday dinner; Maurice's favorite meal time. It wasn't their normal store but it was on the way home from the church that was located downtown.

Maurice was wearing his usual Brooks Brothers grey pinstripe suit with a white, starched buttoned-down collar while Miriam was dressed in a fabulous Navy skirt and long-sleeved sheer white blouse. He could see the trace of her lacy bra beneath. Her little feet were adorned in size four Gucci, navy blue 'peep-toe' high heeled shoes, you know, the ones with the little cut out at the toe of the shoe to let the toes 'peep' through. He could see the red nail polish on the toes of her sexy, little feet. Pearls were around her neck and wrist with individual pearls at each ear. While Miriam was especially dressed for church, she had been called the 'Hot Church Lady' on more than one occasion. She even caught their church Pastor's roving eye.

They were in Maurice's Mercedes and once he had found a convenient parking spot, Miriam got out of the car on the passenger side. Maurice didn't think much of it when his was parking but on the trunk of a car a couple of spaces over sat three young black men. When his wife got out of the car, her dress must have ridden up her firm thighs and when she stepped out, the black guys got quite a show of her very nice looking legs. One of the black guys whistled at her and one even had the nerve to say under his breath, "Baby, come to Daddy," as he grabbed his swelling crotch.

Miriam pretended that she didn't notice them and walked innocently on by but Maurice heard another say, "Man, look at those legs. They goes all the way up to her sweet little ass."

Maurice could see his wife blush at the rude and vulgar comment but she didn't do or say anything back to them. Maurice quickly locked the car, making sure that the young black thugs heard the car's alarm being set and then escorted his wife inside the store. He went over to the pharmacy section to get some aspirin. On his way back he saw that his wife was over in the baking section. She had planned on making her husband's favorite cake; Devil's Food. Maurice was about to turn down into the aisle but stopped when he saw a black man of about thirty with a shaven head and a goatee on his chin come up to Miriam. He could overhear the conservation.

"Ma'am," the black guy started out. "I's trying to bake my little girl a birthday cake and I'm not sure what mix to get her. Can you please help me pick out something for her?

"Sure," Miriam said smiling at the Negro. "How old is your little girl and what's her name?"

Maurice watched as the black man stepped a little closer to Miriam.

"Her name's Sally, but we call her Angel. Should I get her a white cake with chocolate icing or a chocolate cake with white icing? I think that the chocolate should be covering the white."

The black man put his arm around Miriam's waist as he talked. Maurice could see his wife flinch at the physical contact from the black stranger.

"That's a lovely name for a little girl," she replied hesitantly.

As the pretty blonde wife leaned over to pick out a box of cake mix, the Negro's hand slid down from her waist and fell upon her buttocks. Watching his wife with this Blackman making the moves on her, Maurice's own dick surged in his pants.

"How about an Angel Food cake for your little Angel? You can put chocolate icing on that."

Maurice watched his wife as the black man caressed her firm butt through the skirt. Miriam placed her left hand on his to stop the Negro from going any further. Maurice saw the striking contrast of her lovely white had with its red nails and wedding rings against the stark blackness of his hand.

Miriam handed him the box of cake mix and said hurriedly, "I've got to go now. My husband is probably looking for me."

Maurice stepped back so as not to be seen as his wife turned to leave the grinning black man. She hurried about the corner and nearly ran into her husband who pretended to come around the corner at the same time. They collided. Maurice could tell that his wife was flustered form her black encounter of the close kind. He knew that Miriam was no racist but she never had much contact with 'those nigras' as her Daddy used to say.

Later that night as they slept, Maurice dreamed that his lovely blonde wife was in bed with the black guy from the grocery store. The two had already finished making love and Miriam was cuddling in the black guys arms. They kissed like lovers do and then black guy made passionate love to Maurice's wife in his own bed.

Like most typical husbands, Maurice really wasn't into shopping with his wife but on several occasions, he was glad he tagged along. One such time was when she was down at one of the new women's shoe stores at the mall. It was during her summer break from teaching high school so it was fairly hot outside. Miriam wore a short skirt with a nice top to go shopping. She liked to wear sandals and today was no exception. It was early and there weren't too many patrons in the store yet so Maurice sat down while he waited on his wife to select several pairs of new shoes.

This being the summer break, the store employed high school students to fill in during vacation for the regular employees. Soon a young black man wearing a store nametag with his name, 'Tyrone' printed on it came up to Miriam. He watched her as she entered the store. Tyrone liked waiting on pretty white women.

"Ma'am," the young black man said. "Can I help you find something?"

"Yes, you may," Miriam replied. "Do you have this pair in a size four?" she asked.

Miriam handed the young black shoe clerk a sexy-looking pair of red high heels with a little bow at the heel.

"Let me check in the back. I'll be right back. Okay?" the black summer-time helper almost stammered. He normally could speak to most any woman but when this one leaned over slightly, the cleavage of her breasts caught his eye and his long black cock immediately came to life.

Tyrone took the shoe from the attractive blonde women. He saw that her husband was watching them so he wouldn't be able to come upon to her like he would do with many of the other pretty white women who frequented this shoe store. He had to smile to himself, though, because these types of sexy shoes were usually referred to as 'CFM' shoes, 'Cum Fuck Me' shoes.

The black clerk quickly found the red 'CFM' shoes as he also picked up a pair of sexy black sling-backs that the store had just received.

"Ma'am," he said. "Here they are. Have a seat here."

Miriam sat down in the chair indicated.

Tyrone knelt down in front of the pretty white woman and took her foot in his black hands slipping off her sandals. The deep blackness of his large hands contrasted nicely with the pretty whiteness of her dainty feet with their red-tipped toes. As he slid her foot into the red shoes, he maneuvered her leg so he got a very nice look up her dress. He saw that her husband was looking at some shoes over on another shelf so Tyrone took a little longer than normal to place the shoe on her foot. As he was slipping the other shoe on her foot, he saw her smooth firm thighs and lacy white panties. If he had to get up right at that very moment, his hardened cock would have ripped his pants.

Miriam stood up and walked around trying the shoes out as she looked at the shoes in the many mirrors situated around the shop. Tyrone looked up at the pretty blonde woman and Tyrone smiled back at her. He already knew that he had made the sale now if only he could figure out how to score with this lovely blonde beauty.

"Ma'am," Tyrone said. "We have a new pair of designer shoes that just came in yesterday. You would be the first one to own a pair of the beautiful shoes and we are offering a two for one special today," he lied. He planned on giving the shoes to her by mistake.

Miriam sat back down as Tyrone took her foot in his hands again as she tried on the black sling-backs. They, too, looked very ice and sexy on the pretty blondes wife's feet. She stood up again and walked around admiring the shoes. Miriam had almost as many pairs of shoes as Imelda Marcos.

"I'll take both pairs," she said.

"Let me write them up," smiled Tyrone.

Not only did he get her credit card information but he also got her name, address and phone number. He also asked and received her email address.

"You'll love wearing these shoes," he said. "With you wearing them, you make them look so sexy."

"Well, thank you," Miriam blushed at the compliment. The black clerk shook her hand for a little longer than she thought necessary. Miriam and her husband left the store with her new purchases in hand.

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