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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Science Fiction, .

Desc: Sex Story: A dark story of revenge!

The crashes started slowly but eventually took on catastrophic proportions. None of the engineers from the DOT could find the reasons that the Grav-cars would just suddenly fall to earth.

The death toll had risen to several hundred and the lawsuits were now threatening the very existence of the company. The final straw was the DOT announcement that grounded all Grav-cars made by his company.

Sales were gone! The cash reserves were gone and most of his savings right along with them!

"How can this be happening? That design was flawless!" said Chuck to his wife Opal.

"We need to cancel the plans for the Ivy League University! Cathy is going to have to attend a local college."

"Are things that bad?"

"Worse! We may lose everything!"

"What are you talking about? I thought your new invention was going to make us independently wealthy," said Opal in a very sarcastic tone and raised left eyebrow. "You thought it up! Why can't you fix it?"

Her husband glared at her and walked out of the room with his wife's words ringing in his ears.

"She just doesn't get it! The thing isn't my design! I don't know how to fix it! Shit! Shit! Shit! If she knew that I was the one that caused the 'accident' that killed Thomas, she would kick my ass out the door! What the fuck am I going to do?" thought Chuck.

Lily read the headlines of the demise of 'Grav-cars Inc.' and smiled.

"Well Chucky boy, fasten your seatbelt, this is only the beginning! You took my life and loves away and I'm going to do the same to you! Hahahahahaha!" The sound of Lily's laugh had the tinge of insanity in it.

"Hahahahaha! You didn't know that Tommy and I worked on that design together! You didn't know that we put a failsafe in the chip to stop people just like you! Hahahahaha! I'll let you and your family have a short break, for now. I want you all to really feel what is happening, not be numb from shock. Hahahahahaha!" said Lily in a shrill voice, her insanity now fully visible.

"We should be ok now that the Corporation has gone bankrupt. The sale of all of our assets has brought in a tidy bit and we will be comfortable though not rich," said Chuck at a family meeting.

Cathy was still upset that she was not going to Harvard with her friends and used this meeting to vent her displeasure, yet again.

"Good then the hell with the state school! I'll save the money and you can move out and find a job! How's that?" Chuck snapped at his daughter!

This was a new experience for the girl! Up to this point, pouting and whining had brought anything that she had desired.

"You can't be serious? Motheeerrrrr!" she wailed.

"Your father is right! Your twenty-two years old! You're old enough to accept what has happened and make the best of it. Oooooorrrrr you can move out! It's my fault that you're spoiled, I know. But you're a spoiled brat! So, shut up and make up your mind. College or a job!" said Opal as she stood and slammed her fists on the table. "I'm sick to death of all of your shenanigans! Do you hear me?"

Taken aback Cathy began to cry.

"Oh, stop that! We're both immune to your water works!" said Opal.

As quickly as they started the tears stopped, "Fine!" said the girl as she folded her arms and began a deep sulk.

"Fine! What? A job or school?" asked Chuck coldly. (The girl had been the bane of his life since the trouble started.)

"Schooool," said Cathy as she flounced from the room.

Lily waited patiently as Chuck and his family settled into their new life. It even looked like Cathy was changing from a spoiled brat to a fine young woman, her grades were good, and she was gaining friends.

After six months, Lily decided that it was time for the next shock to Chuck's psyche.

"Look lady! That junk will fry the kid's brain! She will be a nympho for three or four months, and then she'll turn into a vegetable," said 'Big Jimmy' the three hundred pound seven foot tall pimp. "I could use this other stuff and just hook her like all my other whores. She could make us a lot o' dough."

"If that was my desire, I would have asked for that! No, I want you to use this," said Lily.

She handed him the pneumatic injector full of the new date rape drug. This new chemical was the cause of an instantaneous addiction that also caused the victim to become obsessed with having sex.

"I want this young woman beyond help! Understand? Use her apartment as a brothel until her mother shows up. Keep a man ready at all times. Then juice the mother, too, as soon as she comes in the door."

"Hey, it's your money! We do it your way. I'm just saying that a mother daughter team would make us some serious cash if we did it the other way, is all."

"Don't even think about crossing me, Jimmy! You know what I have on you! Just do it my way and be happy with the money I'm paying you. After all, I'm letting you keep everything that the two bitches earn until their brains fry."

"Ok, ok!"

"Remember that I want every minute of their action video taped, until they go catatonic. Oh, and really use them! Don't be gentile, use the roughest and biggest johns that you can did up. Ruin these two, and do it fast!"

"You got it."

That night as Cathy entered her apartment, two men grabbed her from behind and pushed their way into her place. One of the men placed a pneumatic injector to the side of her throat and pulled the trigger. The affects of the drug were nearly instantaneous. She was not able to utter a sound before the euphoria started to fill her mind. Five minutes later she began to have the first stirrings of carnal desire. Thirty minutes later she was naked, riding one man's cock while trying to swallow that of the other man.

For the next week the poor girl serviced twenty to thirty men a day, at the very least. Jimmy, not wanting to miss out on any profits, sold all of the furnishings and clothes that Cathy had. The big man was very surprised at how much her designer clothes brought.

Soon the apartment was littered with the empty vials from the injector. Whenever the girl would start to slow down Jimmy would 'juice' her again.

In one week the girl lost twenty-five pounds and her hair started to fall out. She was dying of malnutrition. The drugs had her so wired that she had no desire for food, except for cum, that is!

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