The Corporate Retreat

by Prince von Vlox

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Orgy, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Sex Story: The employees of Hubbard & Associates go on a corporate retreat to get to know each other better and develop interpersonal relationships in their own special way.

"A Corporate Retreat?" Doug Nathan asked, reading the notice left on the table in the lunch room of Hubbard & Associates. "Where have we been, and why do we have to retreat from there?"

"It means an off-site, dummy," Sarah Perkins said, poking him in the side. "People go on Corporate Retreats to generate ideas and build teamwork," she added. "It's a great way to get to know your fellow employees."

"I think it's just time away from the office," he said.

"That's part of the idea."

"Well..." He lapsed into silence, sipping his coffee. He had too many projects going on at the moment to get away from the office. But if Management took it in their heads to tell people that he had to go off on some sort of retreat, he knew his complaints would fall on deaf ears.

"It'll be fun," Sarah told him. She finished her coffee and got up to rinse out her cup and throw away the remains of her lunch. "Are you almost done? We have that meeting in half an hour."

"There should be plenty of time," he said. He drained his coffee cup and followed her into one of the rooms that had been added in the last few months. There were two other couples already there. Doug nodded a polite hello, and then turned to face Sarah.

She pulled down his pants and sucked his cock. He couldn't really reach any of her body, but he saw she was rubbing herself. When he was hard, she skinned out of her blouse and bra, and lay back on the cot, her legs open in invitation.

Sarah was a little heavier than most of the gals in the company, but she had the most amazing pussy. He ran his fingers through it, collecting moisture that he rubbed across the head of his cock. Then he put himself at her entrance and pushed.

"Oh, God, that feels good," Sarah murmured as he sank his first few inches into her.

Doug took a deep breath. Her pussy was so hot and tight. It felt like he'd thrust into a velvet-lined furnace. And when she squeezed her pussy muscles, as she started doing almost right away, it was all he could do to hold back.

"How do you get your pussy to do that," he said. He had his hands on either side of her and was thrusting steadily at the moment.

"Practice. Everybody's been learning how to do it. Do you like it?"

Doug closed his eyes. She was massaging his cock with her pussy muscles, and it was making his blood boil. There was something about having his cock squeezed by dozens of her internal muscles; it was as if she was trying to pull him in even deeper. And she was timing it so she squeezed on his thrust, making her feel even tighter than normal, and she was plenty tight.

"I swear you're longer and thicker than I remember," Sarah said. Her breath was beginning to come in gasps, and she was pushing up as he thrust down.

"It's the same size as before," he said. Her pussy squeezing was getting to be too much. He could feel his balls tightening up. He began to thrust harder, and the slap-slap-slap of his belly hitting her bottom soon filled the room.

Sarah moaned, running her hands up his arms and down his body. She'd wrapped her legs around his, and she pulled herself up on his cock even as he thrust down. Then she caught her breath, and he felt her pussy squeezing his cock as she came.

He thrust deep and lost control in a moment of pure white heat. Wave after wave swept through him as he bathed her insides with his cum. Sarah arched up into him, her pussy spasming around him as she tried to drain him dry.

They collapsed onto the cot, holding each other as they fought for breath, grinning at each other as the last waves of their mutual climax washed through them. He dropped a kiss in the hollow of her neck. She returned the favor, a thank-you on his cheek.

"God, that was good," she murmured. She shifted slightly, accommodating his weight, trying to snuggle up even closer than they were.

"It gets better every time," he replied softly.

They lay there for a couple of minutes, basking in the afterglow. But the meeting couldn't wait, and reluctantly they slid apart. Sarah slipped back into her bra and buttoned up her top. Doug pulled on his pants, but not before Sarah licked him clean. The other couples in the room were doing the same thing, and there was a brief joking line in the bathroom before they left.

There were copies of the agenda in front of each seat in the conference room. Sandy, the new gal in HR, was writing something on the white board when Doug and Sarah entered. She turned to smile at them. Today she was wearing a red blouse, and kept flashing her newly painted fingernails.

Doug studied her closely. She was new to the company, and there'd been some questions raised: would she fit in, or would she freak out in some way? So far she seemed to have blended right in with everyone else. She had even gone so far as to trim her pussy hair down to a tiny line right above her slit, just like several other women in the company had. One thing about her was unique: her pubic hair matched the hair on her head. Only natural blondes could claim that.

"We have two things to discuss," Sandy said brightly. "First, a change in company dress code, and second, planning the Company Retreat. Yes?" She pointed at Jennelle, one of the receptionists.

"What change in the dress code?" Jennelle asked, making a face. "We're not going back to skirts and slacks, are we?"

"No, this concerns the men." Sandy gazed happily around the room, reinforcing the one complaint about her, her perkiness. She was bright and eager to face the world at 7:30 in the morning, when she came in, and that didn't always sit well with those who needed coffee or tea before they could face the day.

"HR has received several requests that men just wear shirts. They've pointed out that we women are showing off our most female parts, it's only fair that men show off their manly equipment."

"I don't mind," Doug said. "Just be prepared to be disappointed, girls. It isn't always the size you see during lunch and breaks."

Several of the women in the room chuckled. "I think we're all aware of how things go up and down," Sarah said, affectionately patting Doug on the knee. "I like the idea, it'll save time."

"And I do like the way they wiggle and wobble when a guy walks," Jennelle said. "But what about their hairy butts? A lot of guys have butts that look much better clothed."

"You can't selectively show and hide parts of people's bodies," Tim from the Help Desk said. "If you show one, you've got to show the other."

"That's because you have such a cute tush," Sandy said. "But Jennelle has a point. Guys legs are awfully hairy."

"The same guys with the really hairy legs usually have a lot of hair on their backs," Sarah said. "Besides, I'm not always going to be looking at their legs."

"How does everybody else feel?" Sandy asked amidst the laughter that followed Sarah's statement. There didn't seem to be a consensus, and the conversation flowed back and forth.

Doug mostly stayed quiet. He didn't have any real strong opinion one way or the other. He had a nice butt, his wife and several of his female coworkers told him that, and he didn't have a lot of hair on his body or legs. In fact, when he looked in the mirror, he was afraid his hairline was beginning to creep up on him. He'd noticed a bald spot the year before, but in the last few months, since the women at Hubbard & Associates had started going bare from the waist down, that bald spot had seemed to disappear. He was still losing hair, but not as fast.

"We'll take this up again," Sandy said, when the conversation wound down. "Talk to your coworkers, see what they say. And guys, if you want to show us your manly equipment anyway, I don't think anybody would object."

Laughter tittered around the room, and several of the women nodded in agreement.

"All right, next are the logistics and other arrangements for the Corporate Retreat. I understand we haven't had one in several years, but they're good for morale, and they're good for the general mood of a company. Besides, Ms. Hubbard has insisted we're going to have one. She said that even if we don't get anything done, three or four days away, at company expense, would be good for everyone."

Everybody in the room brightened up at that. "Did she have any place in mind?" Doug asked.

Sandy passed out several brochures. "She had me start looking a couple of weeks ago. We've narrowed it down to these four places. One is a small resort set back in the woods; one is a lake front resort with private cabins; one is a ski chalet—she doesn't like that one because it would be too cold even during the summer—and one is a hotel over on the coast."

"I like the lake or the woods," Sarah said at once. "Ms. Hubbard is right, ski chalets can be cold. My husband and I stayed at one last year, and I was in sweaters and jeans even though it was July."

"I think the one in the woods looks pretty good," Doug said, leafing through the brochure. "Individual cabins, the cleaning staff comes out at the end of the week, they'll provide a cook for eating in the central dining room, and that's it."

"Unless you like swimming, like I do," Jennelle said. "The lake front has my vote."

They discussed that for the rest of the hour. The decision came down to either the cabins in the woods, or the lake property. Nobody liked the big hotel or the ski chalet.

"Again," Sandy said as she closed the meeting, "take these back and discuss them with your coworkers. See what they say. We'll meet again, oh, say the day after tomorrow, and discuss this some more."

People began to get up. Doug was starting for the door when Sandy stopped him.

"It's almost break time," she said.

"You have something in mind?"

She put her hand against his cock. "This has been on my mind all meeting."

He slid his hand around to cup the cheeks of her ass. "Sure. Say in about 30 minutes? I'm sure you have things to do, and I know I do." Her hand felt warm, and he really thought of throwing her on the table and doing it here, but that wouldn't be comfortable for either of them.

"I think so. How about I meet you at your desk?" She squeezed his cock one more time for emphasis. It responded by stiffening a little. "Ooh, I think something likes the idea."

"Something does. Sure, I'll be waiting for you."

As he walked back to his desk Doug couldn't help but reflect: a year ago he felt lucky if he could get off twice a week, and that included masturbating. But now he could fuck three different women in one day, and still have enough for his wife that night. He wasn't sure why, but he wasn't going to turn it down.

All of the stories he'd heard about how good Sandy was turned out to be true. She had a lively pussy, she loved moving around on the cot, and she came twice, the last time as he pumped his load deep into her.

Afterwards he returned to his desk and knocked out a ton of work before quitting time. His wife Carole was receptive to his romantic overtures that night, and she practically purred afterwards as they snuggled together and drifted off to sleep.

He mentioned the Corporate Retreat as they ate breakfast the next morning.

"If it's anything like the one I went on last year," his wife said as she scrambled some eggs, "it'll be nothing but one dull meeting after another."

"But no phones," he said, "and no customers or vendors taking up your time."

"True," she said. "There is that." She trailed her hand across his shoulders as she refreshed his coffee. "Well, have fun."

"If we can," he said. "Stuck in the woods for three days isn't my idea of a good time."

"Let me know what happens," she said as she settled at her own place at the table.

In the last few months he'd begun to realize just how sexy a woman he'd married. After the kids had moved out they'd settled into a routine of making love only once a month, if even that. But in the last few months something seemed to have come over her. She was a lot more receptive to sex, and it was soon obvious she enjoyed it a lot more than she had at any time after the kids had been borne. It had happened about the same time things had changed at work, and as he finished his bacon he wondered if the two were related. It was just coincidence, he decided, but it sure was nice.

Things were in a bit of a mess at work, and taking coffee with Jennelle certainly helped. He'd worn a polo shirt to work today, and Jennelle practically purred when he put it on.

"I like, Mr. Not-So-Hairy-Butt," she said. She ran her hands down his legs, and then up to cup his balls. "And I like having everything out here where it's available."

"You just think turnabout is fair play," he replied.

She fondled his cock before sighing and reaching for her bra and blouse. "True. If I'm going to be out there for the whole office to see—not that I mind—then I think it's only fair that you guys are, too."

He took a comb to his hair, gave Jennelle a quick squeeze and a kiss, and returned to his desk. Getting laid had certainly put him in a much better frame of mind than earlier today. Jennelle, who worked at the desk next to his, seemed to have a glow on her face, and not just from the sex. He'd noticed that about all of the women at the company.

"One thing I noticed about the lake front site," Jennelle said a bit later when things had begun to slow down, "is that the cleaning staff only comes out after we've left. There'd be a cook at the other site."

"Won't the water be cold, though?" he asked.

"Perhaps. We'll have to find out." She gave him a teasing smile. "Of course it'll just make my nipples stand out more."

"Yeah, I'd like that, but it'd shrink my cock and balls until they're almost out of sight."

She stuck out her lower lip. "True. I hadn't thought of that." She got busy on her computer for a minute. "There, I just asked Sandy to find out how cold the lake is."

Doug gave her a smile. "Of course there's always warming up afterwards..."

She pursed her lips, giving him an appraising smile. "Yeah, there is that. I think of that as a feature, not a bug."

"We also need to check how many bugs there are," he added. "I wouldn't want to come home with bug bites in places I'm not supposed to have any."

Jennelle got busy with her keyboard again. "Another memo to Sandy."

By the end of the meeting the next day it was pretty much decided to try the lake front cabins. The water, Sandy assured them, was relatively warm, and they had a sandy beach suitable for sunbathing and 'other things'. The women giggled at that, and the men smiled. Furthermore, there was a sunscreen out that combined a bug repellant. It wasn't waterproof, so every time anyone was in the water they'd have to reapply it.

"All right," Doug said, "when do we do this?"

"Ms. Hubbard wants to do this before the weather turns," Sandy said. "Based on what we decided at our last meeting, she put a deposit down on both places so we'd have them. How about the weekend after next?"

People glanced around the table, and everyone began nodding.

"Fine. I'll tell her, and we'll set things in motion."

"Be sure to clear that weekend from any client activity," Doug reminded the others as they got up. He took Bethany's hand, and they headed for the break room.

When Sandy told Ms. Hubbard, she nodded impassively. "That sounds good," she said. "Thanks, Sandy."

She waited until that latter had left the office, and then contacted Dr. Fulmer.

"Individual units?" he asked. "Why, yes, I can arrange that."

"Good, good. How much time will you need?"

"No more than a few minutes at each cabin."

"That'll be fine."

The staff of Hubbard & Associates had agreed to meet at a nearby Park 'N Ride and take a bus to their offsite. Everyone was there bright and early Friday morning. People lined up to throw their luggage in the compartment under the bus, though one of the gals from Accounting joked that she didn't know why they'd brought any luggage because she didn't anticipate wearing many clothes until they came back to work on Tuesday morning... if then.

People laughed at that, with many covert glances at the bus driver to see if he'd heard. Then they boarded and settled back for the ride; Ms. Hubbard had told them that there wasn't to be any hanky-panky on the ride itself. Everyone looked a little tired—there'd been a few late-night send-offs with their spouses—and people half-dozed as the bus rolled down the highway.

Nearly three hours after leaving the Park 'N Ride, the bus turned down a country road. The farmlands of the first two hours of the trip had given way to tree-covered hills. They passed the occasional home, but overall everyone had the impression that they were away from everything: people, pagers, phones, computers, and the like. Windows were cranked open, and people took deep breaths, enjoying the fresh air.

There was a gate at the entrance to the resort—a chain-link fence stretched out on both sides, assuring them of privacy. Ms. Hubbard had been given a key. She unlocked it and waved the bus through. She'd lock it behind the bus when it left, but first people had to get unloaded and sorted out.

The "resort" was 20 cabins, a covered cooking area, and a larger building with washing machines, dryers, showers, and a communal room dominated by a large fireplace. After the bus left Ms. Hubbard called everyone together.

"We never settled on how we were going to assign cabins," she said, with an amused glance at Sandy. "We can either draw names, or we can simply let everyone sort things out by themselves."

"I think we should draw names," Doug said. "A company retreat is a chance to get to know people from other departments, and I think that would be a great way to do it." He glanced around, smiling. "I certainly don't think there would be many... boy-girl... issues, would there?"

The women giggled, and the men chuckled.

Ms. Hubbard nodded. "All right, let's do it that way."

Everyone wrote their name on a slip of paper, and tossed them into a large pot Sandy had found in the kitchen. The first few names were women—no surprise as women made up 60% of the employee roster—but soon that began to even out.

Doug found himself paired with Cherry, a girl with dark hair from Sales he'd barely seen before. She'd worn jeans and a tee-shirt on the bus, and when they dumped their luggage in the cabin she quickly stripped that off. She was a slender brunette with short hair, nice legs, a cute little butt, and a small little patch of hair at the base of her tummy.

Cherry disappeared into their bathroom. When she emerged Doug was sitting on the bed.

"How is it?" she asked. "Nice and soft?"

"Come find out."

She settled next to him. A few kisses, a few caresses, a lot more kisses, a lot more caresses, and more than a lot of thrusting, moaning, gasping followed. Cherry's pussy was hot, tight, and wet, and after Doug flooded it with his come it was even wetter. Afterwards they lay on the bed, caressing each other as their passions cooled.

"Nice and soft," she murmured happily, "except for one hard thing." She caressed his cock and smiled suggestively.

"It's soft at the moment," Doug said.

"I can change that."


"I should spend more time in the office," Cherry murmured. "That was great. I don't get nearly enough when I'm out in the field."

"I think it's important that the Sales and the Support Staffs should work closely together," Doug replied. He cupped her breasts and showered them with kisses. Cherry's nipples were hard, and she gasped when his lips fastened on them.

"I never would have learned how sensitive your nipples are if we hadn't," Doug said as he finally leaned back.

Cherry reached between them, fondling his cock, rubbing it against her thighs. "And I wouldn't have learned how deep you can get with that cock of yours." She glanced at clock she'd put beside the bed. "Shall we see about lunch? Or... ?"

"Let's look around. We have plenty of time to do other things."

"Such as have sex."

"Such as..." he agreed. He got to his feet and held out her hand. Smiling, she took it and let him lead her out the door.

Most of the women had that 'freshly laid' glow about them, and all of the guys were sporting wrinkled and wet cocks. Those who had been a little faster about things were already exploring the dock, the cordoned off swimming area adjacent to the beach, and some of the places around the cabins.

"... and make sure there's extra protein for the guys," Ms. Hubbard was saying to her Admin Jenny as Doug and Cherry passed them. "No use coming out here if they can't keep up their end."

"All ready taken care of," Jenny said. "Still, it wouldn't hurt to remind the guys."

"Yes," Cherry murmured in Doug's ear. "You need to keep your strength up."

"That's not all you want to keep up."

"True." She slipped her hand down and squeezed his butt. "I think all of the women here have a vested interest in that."

They tried the lake; the water was cool, but not cold. The bottom was sandy, not muddy, and one couple was giving it the ultimate test. Doug felt his cock stiffening as he watched Tony from IT putting it to Nancy from Administration. Nancy's hips were just above the water, and Tony's balls made a little splash every time he thrust down into her. Nancy was gripping his shoulders, her head thrown back and her mouth open. She finally came with a gasp, her body straining up into Tony's. He must have been holding something back. When Tony came some of his come flowed down Nancy's bottom and clouded the water.

Doug felt a hand on his cock. He glanced to his left. Charlotte, Nancy's co-worker, was gripping it, her eyes riveted on Nancy's pussy.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Doug asked.

"Just not in the water," Charlotte said. "I've got this blanket back here on the grass."

"You talked me into it."

The blanket was already in use. Several couples were following Tony and Nancy's initiative and getting to know each other around the edge of the lake, and one of them had appropriated the blanket. Charlotte obviously didn't care. She found a grassy spot, knelt long enough to give Doug a couple of exploratory sucks, and then lay back, her legs open in invitation.

Doug paused long enough to make sure she was wet enough for him, and then knelt over her. He guided his cock into her willing slit, gasping slightly as he slid into her wet heat. She was so tight, and so hot it was all he could do to hold back.

Charlotte was under no such restraint. She wrapped her legs around his thighs, cupped his ass with her hands, and tried to pull him deeper.

Tony tried to do the gentlemanly thing and brace himself above her, but Charlotte shook her head. "I want to feel your skin against mine."

He adjusted himself so his hands were around her back and her soft breasts were spread across his chest, but then he had to give into the utter necessity of moving. He drew back until only his tip was in her hot channel, and then thrust forward sharply, making both their bodies shake.

"God, yes!" Charlotte closed her eyes and pushed back at him in time with his next thrust. In seconds they were moving together, caressing and kissing as their bodies worked to take them to the ultimate peak.

Doug could dimly remember having fucked Charlotte once a couple of months before. She'd been all right, nothing to write home about as they say, but that was the past. Now she was hot, her pussy muscles massaged his cock relentlessly, and she kept turning and twisting so she felt tighter than ever.

She was obviously enjoying herself; she was gasping every time he thrust, and giving a little cry each time he pulled back. Her hands had moved up to his shoulders, running back and forth over them. He could feel her body tensing, and from time to time she lost the rhythm.

He'd been trying to hold back, trying to prolong it, but her slippery pussy was snapping at him, making him want to push it all the way through her. He was getting closer and closer. All thought had been driven out of his head except the utter necessity of filling this woman with his cock and his come. And when he felt her pussy ripple, when he felt his pussy clamp down on him rhythmically as Charlotte caught her breath, it was too much. He squeezed through a soaring moment just before he exploded, pumping his come into her in one hot pulse after another.

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