The Corporate Retreat

by Prince von Vlox

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Orgy, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Sex Story: The employees of Hubbard & Associates go on a corporate retreat to get to know each other better and develop interpersonal relationships in their own special way.

"A Corporate Retreat?" Doug Nathan asked, reading the notice left on the table in the lunch room of Hubbard & Associates. "Where have we been, and why do we have to retreat from there?"

"It means an off-site, dummy," Sarah Perkins said, poking him in the side. "People go on Corporate Retreats to generate ideas and build teamwork," she added. "It's a great way to get to know your fellow employees."

"I think it's just time away from the office," he said.

"That's part of the idea."

"Well..." He lapsed into silence, sipping his coffee. He had too many projects going on at the moment to get away from the office. But if Management took it in their heads to tell people that he had to go off on some sort of retreat, he knew his complaints would fall on deaf ears.

"It'll be fun," Sarah told him. She finished her coffee and got up to rinse out her cup and throw away the remains of her lunch. "Are you almost done? We have that meeting in half an hour."

"There should be plenty of time," he said. He drained his coffee cup and followed her into one of the rooms that had been added in the last few months. There were two other couples already there. Doug nodded a polite hello, and then turned to face Sarah.

She pulled down his pants and sucked his cock. He couldn't really reach any of her body, but he saw she was rubbing herself. When he was hard, she skinned out of her blouse and bra, and lay back on the cot, her legs open in invitation.

Sarah was a little heavier than most of the gals in the company, but she had the most amazing pussy. He ran his fingers through it, collecting moisture that he rubbed across the head of his cock. Then he put himself at her entrance and pushed.

"Oh, God, that feels good," Sarah murmured as he sank his first few inches into her.

Doug took a deep breath. Her pussy was so hot and tight. It felt like he'd thrust into a velvet-lined furnace. And when she squeezed her pussy muscles, as she started doing almost right away, it was all he could do to hold back.

"How do you get your pussy to do that," he said. He had his hands on either side of her and was thrusting steadily at the moment.

"Practice. Everybody's been learning how to do it. Do you like it?"

Doug closed his eyes. She was massaging his cock with her pussy muscles, and it was making his blood boil. There was something about having his cock squeezed by dozens of her internal muscles; it was as if she was trying to pull him in even deeper. And she was timing it so she squeezed on his thrust, making her feel even tighter than normal, and she was plenty tight.

"I swear you're longer and thicker than I remember," Sarah said. Her breath was beginning to come in gasps, and she was pushing up as he thrust down.

"It's the same size as before," he said. Her pussy squeezing was getting to be too much. He could feel his balls tightening up. He began to thrust harder, and the slap-slap-slap of his belly hitting her bottom soon filled the room.

Sarah moaned, running her hands up his arms and down his body. She'd wrapped her legs around his, and she pulled herself up on his cock even as he thrust down. Then she caught her breath, and he felt her pussy squeezing his cock as she came.

He thrust deep and lost control in a moment of pure white heat. Wave after wave swept through him as he bathed her insides with his cum. Sarah arched up into him, her pussy spasming around him as she tried to drain him dry.

They collapsed onto the cot, holding each other as they fought for breath, grinning at each other as the last waves of their mutual climax washed through them. He dropped a kiss in the hollow of her neck. She returned the favor, a thank-you on his cheek.

"God, that was good," she murmured. She shifted slightly, accommodating his weight, trying to snuggle up even closer than they were.

"It gets better every time," he replied softly.

They lay there for a couple of minutes, basking in the afterglow. But the meeting couldn't wait, and reluctantly they slid apart. Sarah slipped back into her bra and buttoned up her top. Doug pulled on his pants, but not before Sarah licked him clean. The other couples in the room were doing the same thing, and there was a brief joking line in the bathroom before they left.

There were copies of the agenda in front of each seat in the conference room. Sandy, the new gal in HR, was writing something on the white board when Doug and Sarah entered. She turned to smile at them. Today she was wearing a red blouse, and kept flashing her newly painted fingernails.

Doug studied her closely. She was new to the company, and there'd been some questions raised: would she fit in, or would she freak out in some way? So far she seemed to have blended right in with everyone else. She had even gone so far as to trim her pussy hair down to a tiny line right above her slit, just like several other women in the company had. One thing about her was unique: her pubic hair matched the hair on her head. Only natural blondes could claim that.

"We have two things to discuss," Sandy said brightly. "First, a change in company dress code, and second, planning the Company Retreat. Yes?" She pointed at Jennelle, one of the receptionists.

"What change in the dress code?" Jennelle asked, making a face. "We're not going back to skirts and slacks, are we?"

"No, this concerns the men." Sandy gazed happily around the room, reinforcing the one complaint about her, her perkiness. She was bright and eager to face the world at 7:30 in the morning, when she came in, and that didn't always sit well with those who needed coffee or tea before they could face the day.

"HR has received several requests that men just wear shirts. They've pointed out that we women are showing off our most female parts, it's only fair that men show off their manly equipment."

"I don't mind," Doug said. "Just be prepared to be disappointed, girls. It isn't always the size you see during lunch and breaks."

Several of the women in the room chuckled. "I think we're all aware of how things go up and down," Sarah said, affectionately patting Doug on the knee. "I like the idea, it'll save time."

"And I do like the way they wiggle and wobble when a guy walks," Jennelle said. "But what about their hairy butts? A lot of guys have butts that look much better clothed."

"You can't selectively show and hide parts of people's bodies," Tim from the Help Desk said. "If you show one, you've got to show the other."

"That's because you have such a cute tush," Sandy said. "But Jennelle has a point. Guys legs are awfully hairy."

"The same guys with the really hairy legs usually have a lot of hair on their backs," Sarah said. "Besides, I'm not always going to be looking at their legs."

"How does everybody else feel?" Sandy asked amidst the laughter that followed Sarah's statement. There didn't seem to be a consensus, and the conversation flowed back and forth.

Doug mostly stayed quiet. He didn't have any real strong opinion one way or the other. He had a nice butt, his wife and several of his female coworkers told him that, and he didn't have a lot of hair on his body or legs. In fact, when he looked in the mirror, he was afraid his hairline was beginning to creep up on him. He'd noticed a bald spot the year before, but in the last few months, since the women at Hubbard & Associates had started going bare from the waist down, that bald spot had seemed to disappear. He was still losing hair, but not as fast.

"We'll take this up again," Sandy said, when the conversation wound down. "Talk to your coworkers, see what they say. And guys, if you want to show us your manly equipment anyway, I don't think anybody would object."

Laughter tittered around the room, and several of the women nodded in agreement.

"All right, next are the logistics and other arrangements for the Corporate Retreat. I understand we haven't had one in several years, but they're good for morale, and they're good for the general mood of a company. Besides, Ms. Hubbard has insisted we're going to have one. She said that even if we don't get anything done, three or four days away, at company expense, would be good for everyone."

Everybody in the room brightened up at that. "Did she have any place in mind?" Doug asked.

Sandy passed out several brochures. "She had me start looking a couple of weeks ago. We've narrowed it down to these four places. One is a small resort set back in the woods; one is a lake front resort with private cabins; one is a ski chalet—she doesn't like that one because it would be too cold even during the summer—and one is a hotel over on the coast."

"I like the lake or the woods," Sarah said at once. "Ms. Hubbard is right, ski chalets can be cold. My husband and I stayed at one last year, and I was in sweaters and jeans even though it was July."

"I think the one in the woods looks pretty good," Doug said, leafing through the brochure. "Individual cabins, the cleaning staff comes out at the end of the week, they'll provide a cook for eating in the central dining room, and that's it."

"Unless you like swimming, like I do," Jennelle said. "The lake front has my vote."

They discussed that for the rest of the hour. The decision came down to either the cabins in the woods, or the lake property. Nobody liked the big hotel or the ski chalet.

"Again," Sandy said as she closed the meeting, "take these back and discuss them with your coworkers. See what they say. We'll meet again, oh, say the day after tomorrow, and discuss this some more."

People began to get up. Doug was starting for the door when Sandy stopped him.

"It's almost break time," she said.

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