The Muse

by Vjax

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A short piece about the nature of my writing

I awaken to the sun on my face, its light bathing the room in an amber glow. As the shroud of sleep lifts she is the first thing I see, flitting about the room deciding what incarnation she will assume.

My Muse is a fickle creature she wears many hats and devises the most interesting and frustrating ways of giving me what I need. Today she seems playful, which is good, from playful we can get some work done, depending upon how her playfulness manifests kind of dictates the volume of work to be completed.

Brushing my teeth, looking at that face in the mirror that has stared back at me for the last thirty-eight years I smile that goofy toothpaste smile as she pinches my ass and sprints away out of sight. She has resolved into the teenage tease for today, lovely.

The teenage tease, TT for short, is the catholic schoolgirl, young, blond, the face of an angle and the body of a porn star. TT delights in giving me glimpses of her charms, flashes of inspiration that lead me down new paths, helping to keep my themes fresh and chapters exciting. I was actually hoping for TT today as inspiration is high on the list.

Sitting by the pool, that first cigarette in hand she prances in front of me, bending at the waist her young full breasts are on display. Her cleavage in this form is almost an entity unto itself, firm yet yielding they work in concert like twin metronomes that playfully bounce and heave under my hooded gaze.

I bid them good morning, reaching out to gently trace the top of the white silk shirt that bi-sects them into an alluring V. She steps back, her eyes regarding me, her finger playing back and forth in that no-no-no motion. Blond pigtails frame her face, her dark eyes look out at me from under half open lids, a red tipped fingernail touches her pouting bottom lip. It's going to be a long day.

The website opens, a quick review of the days events, little good news and lots of useless drivel. Quick move to the down arrow, lets see, updates, hmmm... nothing from Danielle, nothing from Al, the same from Lazlo and Nick, another attempted distraction come to naught.

I hear her giggle behind me, a finger nail slides across my bare back, is that her warm breath on my neck, it is too early for this gotta get the kids up, fed, packed off for indoctrination... I mean school, gotta get showered gotta...

With the children safely off, the wife kick started with a warm pot of liquid rocket fuel and the sun continuing its climb I see a flash of thigh in the seat beside me. TT is very auto-erotic, she likes my car, she seems drawn to these types of rides, short, innocuous, she likes to tease and disappear.

The office is well... the office, emails, spreadsheets calls from the bank and contractors it's another day in the life.

Her hand, warm through my jeans, slowly slides up my leg, I'm distracted from the phone call, her hand is seductive, promising, electric, it slips from my knee up the inside of my thigh, my legs part as it continues its journey, only to evaporate as quickly as it formed, I don't know why there are three extra bathtubs on site.

The sun reaches its zenith, and TT gets serious.

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