Three-way Freeway

by tickledkitty

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Traffic is at a complete standstill on this sultry summer afternoon. What will Jill do to kill some time?

"Aw, what the fuck?" I said to no one in particular, as I watched dozens of brake lights flash on in front of me. Traffic came to a screeching, shuddering halt. Damn it! I flipped the radio on and listened to an ad for a local grocery store, one for a hospital, and a rather obnoxious ad for a car dealership, and then, finally, a traffic report.

"Good afternoon, Akron. This is the Cowboy on Great 98 WLIT with you for the drive home. It's a hot one today—eighty-nine degrees and humid—a good day to stay indoors with the A/C. Let's go to Chopper Tom, our eye in the sky for a traffic report. How's it looking out there, Tom?"

"Hey, Cowboy. We've got a major delay on 77 north at the Arlington exit. A tractor-trailer has jack-knifed across all three lanes, taking a few other cars with it. If you're stuck in that mess, looks like you're going to be there for a while. Crews are working to get it cleared up and get things moving again, so let's all try to be patient. We'll keep you updated. Everything else looks good right now. This is Chopper Tom for Great 98."

Great. I turned the radio off, put the car in park and slouched in my seat. My head began to pound as I dejectedly watched heat waves rise from the tops of the cars in front of me. Reaching for my cell phone, I dialed my home number.

"Hello?" my boyfriend, Eric, answered.

His voice made me smile. "Hi."

"Hey, baby! Where are you? I thought you'd be home by now."

"I'm stuck in traffic on the highway again."

"Ah, I'm sorry."

"I was trying to hurry home to you," I sniffled, as tears stung my eyes.

"Babe, don't cry. I'm not going anywhere. I'll be here whenever you get home."

"I was excited. I need to touch you."

"I need to touch you too. I missed you so much."

Eric had been away on business for two weeks and just returned home that day.

"I missed you too," I whined. "God, I have such a headache."

"Awww. If I was there I'd massage your shoulders and neck."

"Mmmm, I love that," I said, brushing a tear away with the back of my hand.

"I know you do. Listen, I'll run a bath for you and pour you a glass of wine. It'll be waiting for you, okay?"

"You're so good to me."

"You deserve it. So, what are you wearing today?"

"My black suit. The one with the skirt."

"Oh, I like that one. Tell me all of it."

"Um, okay. I'm wearing a silky purple blouse, black fishnet stockings, and my black pumps."


"Yes." I smiled.

"The pointy shoes with the really high heels?"


"And what is Daddy's girl wearing underneath?"

"Guess," I said with a giggle.

"Oh, baby," he gasped. "Just tell me."

"My lacy black bra and matching thong."

"Mmmmm. Sexy."

"You like, Daddy?"

"Very much. I can't wait to undress you."

"Me neither." I was starting to feel rather flushed, my headache all but forgotten.

"Baby, you love your daddy, right?"

"You know I do."

"Will you do something for me?"


"Reach under your skirt and rub your pussy for me."



"I'm on the highway. People can see me."

"Aw, they can't really see. Why do you care anyway? Do it for me. Please?"

"I don't think this..."

"C'mon, babe. Touch it for me." It was almost a whisper.

I sighed. God, Eric's voice made me horny. Low and sexy-smooth, it washed over my body like thousands of tiny caressing fingers.


"That's my girl. Now, push your skirt up, and rub your pussy outside your panties. Imagine it's my hand touching you."

"Mmmm," I breathed, running my fingers over the sheer black lace. Feeling the line of my outer lips, I ran my fingers along the crevice between, pushing in slightly.

"Does that feel good?"

"Oh, yes."

"Getting wet for me?"


"Wish I could taste you."

"Me too."

"Push your panties over and slide your fingers inside."

Slouching down in my seat and looking around furtively, I ascertained that nobody was paying me any attention. Leaning back and closing my eyes, I slipped my fingers under the elastic at the crotch of my panties.



"Are you stroking your cock for me?"

"Just rubbing it over my pants. Want me to take it out?"


"God, I want you. Traffic still at a standstill?"

"Yep. I want you too."

"When you get here, I might just rip your clothes off at the door and fuck you on the floor."

"Oh yeah?" My fingers flew over my clit.

"Do something else for me?"


"Unbutton your blouse. I want to see those gorgeous tits."

"But you can't really see them."

"Yes I can. Unbutton your blouse and play with them for me."

Cradling the phone on my shoulder, I unbuttoned my blouse down to my waist with pussy-slick fingers and looked around again. Nobody was watching me, but I was starting not to care anyway. The thought of being seen was kind of exciting. Slipping my hand inside my bra, I pinched and twisted my nipple.

"Oh," I said. "I wish this was your mouth on me."

"Mmmm. Me too, baby."

"What are you doing now?"

"Stroking my cock for you. Ah, I'm so hard."



"I want you dripping."

"Oh, fuck, baby. Are you still rubbing your pussy?"


"Why not?"

"I don't know," I giggled.

"Well, get to it."

"Yes, Daddy," I whispered, finding my clit with my fingers again.

"Good girl. Think about my mouth on that sweet pussy, my tongue pushing into you, and then sucking your clit." It all came out in a long, low, lazy murmur. "Mmmm. I love the way you taste. Now, do something else for me."


"Open your visor and see if you can tilt it down far enough so that you can see your hand working your pussy in the mirror."

"You're being very naughty."

"And you love it."

"Uh-huh. Ohhh." I caught sight of myself masturbating in the mirror.


"Just watching myself. This is hot."


"What are you wearing, honey?"

"Nothing now."

"Hmm. Where are you?"

"Sitting on the couch."

I pictured him sitting there naked on the couch, dark head thrown back, eyes closed, hand sliding up and down his thick cock, his hips jerking slightly while his other hand massaged his balls.

Both of us were breathing pretty heavily at this point and would gasp or moan quietly now and then. Really getting into it, I leaned my head back and concentrated on my approaching orgasm. I held my breath as the heat built inside me, my muscles clenching and bunching in anticipation. Eric wasn't saying much, but I could hear him breathing and moaning and could faintly hear his hand sliding up and down his cock.

A sudden tapping on the passenger side window startled the hell out of me. Jumping, I cried out and tried to cover myself. As I grabbed for my clothing, the phone shot out of my hand, and I fumbled, nearly dropping it. Catching my phone, I realized my friend Kathy from work was standing there laughing. She motioned for me to unlock the door.

"What is it?" Eric asked.

"Hold on," I said, unlocking the door.

Still giggling, Kathy slid into the seat beside me. "Hey, Jilly! Whatcha doin'?"

"Where did you come from?" I sputtered.

"Right behind you," she said, jerking her thumb over her shoulder.

Completely humiliated, I just stared at her, my cheeks flaming. Kathy stared back and smiled, radiating a sort of heated, shining excitement and ran both hands through her shoulder-length brown hair.

"Jill, who is that?" Eric demanded.

"It's Kathy."

"Kathy Tessier?"


"Is that Eric on the phone?" asked Kathy.

I nodded, and she grabbed the phone out of my hand.

"Hi Eric! How ya doin', babe? Good. Hey, looks like your girl here was having some fun, and I bet you were too," Kathy laughed. "Uh-huh. Everybody was watching."

Her wide hazel eyes never left mine, as she continued to chat with him. Still embarrassed, I looked away, right into the eyes of the guy in the passenger seat of the pickup truck beside me. He grinned and gave me a thumbs-up, as the driver leaned around him and smiled and waved. Shit! Then, looking to the right, I saw a middle-aged woman looking at us. She looked away quickly.

"Well, I was hoping you wouldn't mind if I joined in. Totally serious. Yeah, it really would be kind of a threesome." Kathy winked at me. "A phone sex ménage a trois."

I could hear Eric laughing. This can't be happening, I thought. My mouth hung open in shock.

"Yeah, I think so too," Kathy said, handing the phone back to me. "So, what do you think, Jilly? You game?"

Eric was laughing in my ear. "Do it, babe. God, this is so fucking hot."

Kathy gazed into my eyes and ran her tongue slowly over her glossy peach lips, and I noticed her eyes were flecked with gold and green. With a little smile playing about her mouth, she leaned in and kissed my cheek.

Licking my own lips, I smiled tentatively and turned my attention back to the phone. "Are you sure about this, honey?"

"What? Are you fucking kidding me? Yes!"

Pushing my center armrest up, Kathy scooted closer to me and pressed a gentle kiss to my lips. I started giggling like a moron but quickly recovered and kissed her back. Kissing a woman was so different—something I'd never done before. She brushed both hands against the sides of my neck and then pushed her fingers up into my hair.

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