Kathy's Plan

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2007 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: Just wanting to let her husband in on a secret.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Interracial   Slow   .

Foreword: I'm always hearing from readers who ask me if I would like to write their stories. Some I do; most I don't and that is primarily because I only have so much time to devote to writing stories and have so many of my own I want to do. I did one for a sexy lady named Kathy entitled "Kathy and Pete" and when I finished it I sent it to her for her approval and she sent it back with an okay. I posted the story and moved on.

You would need to read "Kathy and Pete" to understand my surprise when I heard from her six months later telling me she might have another story for me now that she had her husband watching from the closet. I do not intend to do her story using the format that I used for "Becoming a Slut Wife - Christina" but I am going to include an e-mail or two to set the stage for what Kathy is asking me to do. The first is my response to her e-mail asking me for advice and the second is her response.

From: Just Plain Bob

To: Kathy

Sent: Tuesday, March 6, 2007 4:12 PM

Subject: Yours of the 3rd.

When did hubby come on board? When I did "Kathy and Pete" for you he wasn't aware that you played behind his back. Tell what happened. Did he catch you and decide that he liked watching? Did it turn out that Mr. Straight Arrow wasn't all that straight after all?

From: Kathy


Sent: Tuesday, March 6, 2007 10:21 PM

Subject: Re: Comment

Hi Bob. You guessed it. Ken wasn't due home until Sunday (this was about 6 months ago) and I went out with a girlfriend Friday night and we met these two guys. We brought them back to my house and the four of us were going at it on the living room floor in front of the fireplace when I heard a noise and looked up and saw Ken standing there watching. I was on the edge of a huge orgasm (I had a really thick 8 inch dick in me) and there was absolutely no way I could stop. I told Danny, the guy fucking me not to stop because I was so close and needed to cum so bad. Ken just stood there watching me with Danny - I had my legs up on his shoulders and he was really power-fucking me. My girlfriend Susie (Pete's wife) was atop her guy and her tits were flying all over the place. We both came at the same time and the guys came shortly thereafter.

When we all calmed down I looked over at Ken and he was standing there with his dick in his hand and he was stroking it. He told me to get over and suck his cock and I scrambled to do it. While I was sucking him off the others grabbed their clothes and left and after Ken came and I swallowed all that he had we went into the kitchen and Ken and I sat there and talked for hours. I told him that I loved him and would never leave him, but with him gone so much I just got so fucking horny. I told him how long I had been fucking around, but I did not tell him about Pete. I thought that things would be too awkward since Pete and Susie still live right next door. I begged him not to tell Pete about Susie fucking on the floor next to me (although Pete knew since he and Susie had an open marriage) because I thought if he did Pete might tell Ken about what we had been doing and I DID NOT want to go there.

After our long talk he picked me up and carried me into the bedroom and went down on me even though I tried to stop him by warning him that I was still full of Danny, but he didn't seem to care. After a long session of love making (I make love with Ken - I just 'fuck' other guys) we were lying next to each other and he told me that he had been fantasizing about me fucking other guys for about three years but was afraid to mention it for fear I would get angry and think less of him.

Well, to say the least, we are now having the time of our lives. As I told you in my last e-mail he likes it best when we go into a bar and he sits across the room and watches guys hit on me and if I find one I want to fuck I give him a signal and he hurries home to get in the closet and wait for me to arrive with my stud of the moment. We are thinking of putting a one way mirror on the far wall of the bedroom which has another bedroom on the other side of the wall so he can move around while watching me with my lovers.

I am actually quite picky about who I fuck. I prefer married guys - I figure that really lessens the chance of disease and commitments. Ken has made a few rules which I easily abide by. I can never fuck the same guy more than once in a thirty day period, I always fuck them at our house and if I fuck anyone while he is on a trip I have to tell him all about it, right down to the last little detail. I only have one problem. I have not told Ken about fucking black guys - I'm not sure if he is ready for that, but I hate keeping things from him now that he is letting me run free. What I'm wondering is if I send you the details of some of my sessions with black guys could you write it as a story? I have Ken reading the stories on some of the erotic story sites and if he were to read a story about interracial sex that had a woman with my name and a description close to mine he might start thinking about it and bring up the subject himself. I don't know that he would or will, but then again I never in my wildest imagination would have believed that he would get off on watching me from the closet and eating cream pies. Think you could help me on this?



I had just finished "Tom's Revenge" and was between stories when I got Kathy's e-mail and I decided to do it for her. I e-mailed her asking for the information I would need to do the story. I read what she sent me and then told her how I was going to do the story - in a way that her husband would strongly think it was her when he read the story - and she gave me the go-ahead. The following is the story of Kathy's infidelities after breaking things off with Pete. You don't need to read "Kathy and Pete" to follow along in this story, but it might make things a little more interesting.

When I ended the affair with Pete I had already set my sights on the man that I hoped would replace him. He was a personal trainer at the gym where I work out and the bulge in his shorts looked impressive. The only problem is that Jeff was black and I was a Southern born and bred white girl and "good white girls" just did not do what I was contemplating doing with Jeff. But based on what you know about what I have already done you know that I'm not really "a good girl".

Size was my thing and all my life I'd been hearing about how big black men are in the cock department and at twenty-eight I decided that it was time for me to find out if it was true. Over coffee one morning I asked Susie if she had ever done a black man.

"Oh mercy me yes. Probably a dozen or so in fact."

"Is it true what they say?"

"What? That once you go black you'll never go back? That's just a load of rubbish."

"No, not that, I mean about the size thing."

"Why do you want to know that? Thinking of trying a couple?"

"Just curious. If it is true I might try one. You know that I do like big ones."

"Well I hate to disappoint you girlfriend, but based on my experience they are no different than white men. Some are big and some aren't. Out of the dozen or so that I've had maybe three were bigger than normal, three were smaller than normal and the other six were normal. That is of course if you accept six to six and a half inches as normal."

That wasn't what I wanted to hear. I love sex and a cock is a cock, but I do prefer bigger if I can get it. I had just weaned myself from Pete's big cock and I was feeling empty. I wanted to replace Pete with something big and I guess I had pinned my hopes on finding big right away based on the rumor or myth that all black guys were big. Still, the lump in Jeff's gym shorts did seem to indicate some size so maybe I would luck out on my first try.

Up till then I had been assuming that getting Jeff was a sure thing. After all, didn't everyone say that black men would fall all over themselves to have a white woman? Yeah! Just like they all said that all blacks have big cocks and Susie had just shot that one down. What if Jeff said no? Oh well, worse case scenario would be that Jeff wasn't interested and I would have to pick up guys until I found what I wanted. Or maybe ask Susie to point me in the direction of the three blacks she had done who were 'larger than average.'

I work out at the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and the first workout day that came when Ken was away on business I went up to Jeff and said:

"My husband is out of town on business and I don't like spending my nights alone at home staring at the walls. You have any idea where a girl can go to have a good time?"

He looked me over and gave me a thousand watt smile as he said, "I can recommend two places where you might go and have a good time. The first one is the Brazos Lounge. They have a good band, a large dance floor, the drink prices are reasonable and unescorted ladies don't have to pay the cover charge."

"And the second place?"

"My apartment."

The bulge in his shorts hadn't lied. He wasn't as large as Pete's nine inches, but his fat eight inches was still impressive. I don't know what I can say about the fucking that I got from Jeff and his big cock that hasn't already been said many times over. He filled me up. He touched places that hardly ever got touched by others. He got me off multiple times. At one point he gave me an orgasm that I thought was never going to end. The only clichés that didn't apply were that his huge cock made me a slut for black cock and that once I went black I would never go back. I don't know; under other circumstances they might have held true, but I'd already had Brad and Pete so I knew that white cocks could be every bit as big as black ones (and in the case of Brad and Pete even bigger) and to find them all I had to do was keep looking. But I didn't have to look because I had Jeff and he was more, much more, than adequate to take care of my needs. Jeff fucked me four times and the last load I took from Jeff that night I took as I was riding him cowgirl. He and I came at the same time and I slumped forward to lie on his chest. I was so totally satisfied that I actually fell asleep on top of him.

As I was dressing Jeff asked me how long Ken would be gone and I told him two more days.

"Is that two days and two nights or two days and one night?"

"Two nights."

"And what are you going to be doing those two nights?"

"Silly man. You have to ask?"

The next two nights were repeats of the first one. Jeff really liked for me to suck his cock. He said that watching his black cock sliding between red lips into my white face was the biggest turn on he'd ever had and I knew what he was talking about. Watching his black pole sliding into my white pussy did the same thing for me.

Jeff became my steady squeeze for the next four months. We got together every time Ken went out of town and on a couple of Saturdays when Ken was home, but out playing golf.

I don't know how long my affair with Jeff would have gone on if it hadn't been for his birthday party. It took place on the second night of one of Ken's four day business trips. Ken rarely called home when he was gone so I planned on spending the night at Jeff's when the party was over. I got there early and Jeff and I had a very satisfying session before getting up and getting ready for the party. Knowing that I wouldn't be driving home I drank a lot more than I normally would have. In short I was feeling no pain and was just a little bit out of it.

The party was a weird experience for me. I was the only white person there and while the men all seemed okay with my being there the women were cool and standoffish. It was clear to me that as far as they were concerned I was just another trashy white tramp. Their attitude pissed me off and I'd had just enough to drink that I wasn't thinking clearly and my attitude was "Fuck you bitches" and I started flirting with their husbands and boyfriends. It wasn't long before some of the guys I flirted with were finding ways to "accidentally" feel my tits and rub my ass. In the crowded kitchen as I was getting some ice out of the fridge one guy used the crowded conditions to pass behind me and rub his hard cock against my ass. I turned and smiled at him.

About four hours into the party I went to use the bathroom and when I was done and opened the door to leave I found a tall black man standing there. He didn't move out of the way so I could pass; he walked toward me so I had to back up. He closed the door and then locked it and then said as he unzipped his pants:

"You one of them teasing white bitches or do you really like big, hard black cocks?"

By then he had his dick out and I almost laughed when he said, "Big, hard black cock" because he was at least two inches shorter than my husband. But I did want him and not because of his "Big, hard black cock." I wanted him because I recognized him as the husband of one those cunts who had been looking down her nose at me. I'd show her!!

I smiled at him and said, "I really do love hard black cock" and I lifted my skirt, pushed down my panties and then kicked them away. I turned, bent over the sink and spread my feet wide and looked over my shoulder at him and waited. I'd taken him by surprise and he just stood there with a stupefied look on his face staring at me.

"Well? Do you want it or not? Should I go looking for someone else?"

That woke him up and he moved in behind me and started poking me looking for the hole. I reached down and guided him into me and then he pushed hard and drove his cock home. I prefer size, but as I said earlier, I love sex and regardless of size or color a cock is a cock and I pushed back at him. As I leaned on the sink and looked in the mirror at the reflection of the man fucking me I wondered how a man with a cock as small as his could be so arrogant. The only thing I could think of was that he had bought into the myth the black men were better lovers. In his case, even though he did give me a small orgasm, the myth was not the least bit true.

I used some toilet paper to wipe myself and put on my thong while he zipped up and then I followed him out into the hall and found Jeff standing there. The guy who had just fucked me looked at Jeff, shrugged his shoulders and continued down the hall. In a voice dripping with contempt Jeff asked me to leave. As I said, I was a little out of it and not really thinking straight and I giggled and said:

"Aw come on Jeffie; you don't really mean that. I'm spending the night."

"No you aren't! You just disrespected me in my own crib. Every one here knows or will know that Marcus just took my woman in my own bathroom and now I have to go and face those people. Marcus used to be a friend and now I have to go out and lay some hurt on him to show that I will not allow myself to be disrespected in my own place. I want you out of here before you cause any more trouble."

"It didn't mean anything Jeffie. I was just..."

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