The Conversation

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Was she an adulterous wife - or not?

It was a conversation that I was not meant to hear. It was a Saturday morning in July and normally I would have been on the golf course, but two of my regular foursome had cancelled so the other guy and I had decided not to play. I was working in the basement on some home projects when I heard the back door open and a voice call out, "Maxine? Are you here?" and I heard my wife holler back, "Pour yourself some coffee Sandi, I'll be right there."

The visitor was the next door neighbor, Sandi Grossmann, who also happened to be my wife's best friend from all the back to the second grade. Before I get to the conversation I need to say a little bit about Sandi. Even though she is Maxi's best friend I was not too fond of her. She just wasn't the sort of person I was comfortable around and I was not happy to have Maxi associating with her, but there wasn't any way that I was going to be breaking up a twenty-five year friendship. Sandi was on her fourth husband and all three of her previous marriages had ended when the husband of the moment caught her having sex with another man. In short, Sandi was a round-heeled slut and I would just as soon Maxi have nothing to do with her. Anyway, the conversation went something like this:

S: Is John home, or can we talk?

M: You know he always plays golf on Saturday.

S: I've just got to tell you about last night. Maxi, he was gorgeous and you wouldn't believe the size of his cock. He was every bit of ten inches long and as big around as a can of Pledge. And could he use it. He had more staying power than the Energizer Bunny. It's a good thing Harry (her fourth) was out of town last night because I was bowlegged when I staggered home and I left a trail of cum all the way across the floor.

M: Sandi, you are going to get caught and Harry's a nice guy. He doesn't deserve what you are doing to him.

S: Chill out Maxi. I know he's a good guy, but he wasn't home last night and I needed a cock bad. And Tony sure had a nice big one. I'm going to see him again tonight and get some more of that monster between his legs. He's got a friend, why don't you join us?

M: Get serious Sandi.

S: I am serious girlfriend. You have been Little Miss Goody Two Shoes long enough. You need to get out of the house and kick up your heels a little.

M: (laughing) You mean spread my legs and point my heels at the ceiling, right?

S: It would do you good Maxi. For once in your life you need to try a really big cock.

M: You forget, I had my share of big cocks in college (Hello? I thought, she told me she was a virgin when we got married).

S: Hell Maxi, you forget! I fucked every one of those guys that you fucked and I'm here to tell you that those college boys were half the size of Tony. And Tony says his friend is just as big as he is.

M: Sandi, I'm happy with my husband and I'm happy with my marriage and I don't want to do anything that might screw things up.

S: (laughing out loud) If that's true honey, explain the blowjob you gave the stripper at Georgette's bachelor party. And what about the handjob you gave Mike in his car at the Elk's dance last year (Now that got to me - I always thought that Maxi was true to me).

M: I'd had too much to drink and you know it, and besides, I didn't let them fuck me so I wasn't really being unfaithful to John.

S: Honey, you let the stripper cum in your mouth - and you swallowed it all! You think John wouldn't call that being unfaithful?

M: I had to swallow it all. It would have gotten all over my dress otherwise and how would I have explained that?

S: Maxi, you are something else. You can say what you want, but I know you want to let yourself go. You really shouldn't pass up this chance at Tony's friend.

M: Honestly, just because I had a couple of drunken indiscretions doesn't mean I want to go out and spread my legs for some stranger.

S: Yes you do baby, yes you do! You just won't admit it to yourself.

M: Well, even if you are right, there is no way I'm getting out of the house tonight, not with John home.

S: Leave it to me baby. Just put your diaphragm in and wait for my call. Got to run. Got to go to the store and get some really sexy underthings for tonight.

M: I don't know...

S: (interrupting) No backing out Maxi, this might be your best chance at a big one. Don't miss out on it. I'll call you later, be ready.

I heard chairs scrape on the floor and then the back door close. I sat on my stool, stunned by what I'd just listened to. Sucking off a stripper? Hand job in a car while we were at a dance? Had her share of cocks in college? Obviously I did not know Maxi near as well as I thought. And now, was she really considering going out with Sandi, just to try on a guy with a big cock? I wondered just what the hell I was going to do about what I'd just heard. I couldn't go upstairs and confront Maxi because then she would know that I had sat there and deliberately listened to her conversation without letting her know I was home. She would consider that a breach of trust on my part, an intrusion on her right to privacy. After all, I didn't know that she would really do it. Maybe she was just making girl talk to placate Sandi. I couldn't bitch about what she'd done in college - that was before we met - and God knows I'd done my share of fucking around in college. As far as the as the two drunken incidents were concerned, I had to stay away from them too. There was a time, a couple of years back, when I'd had an affair with one of the next door neighbors. I'd broken it off when I finally realized that Maxi was the best thing to ever happen to me and I didn't want to take a chance at losing her. I was pretty sure that Maxi didn't know for sure, but I think she had been suspicious. If I threw up her drunken episodes and she fired back "What about you and Martha?" we would find ourselves in a real sticky situation and where would we be then? No, what I had to do was come up with a way to keep her from going out with Sandi.

I spent another hour puttering around in the basement and then I went upstairs and into the kitchen were Maxi was busy making up a shopping list. I saw worry on her face when she saw me, "How long have you been home?" she asked. I told her that I'd never left and then I told her about my two partners canceling. I knew she was worried that I'd overheard her conversation with Sandi, but I gave no indication as I walked over to the fridge and got a soda. I turned to her and said, "I thought we might go out to dinner tonight and then take in a movie. Is there anything in particular that you might like to see?"

I couldn't decipher the look that came over her face, but she caught me completely flat-footed when she said, "Oh I'm sorry honey, I told Sandi I would go with her tonight to visit her mother in the nursing home."

It seemed that Maxi had already made up her mind about meeting Mr. Big Dick and wasn't going to wait for Sandi to call. Shit! Now what do I do?

In the end, I did nothing. I realized that the only thing I could do was tell her that I didn't want her going out with Sandi and then I would have to tell her why and I could just hear her response to that, "You don't trust me? You honestly think I could do that to you? What do you take me for anyway?"

Sandi called at four and I heard Maxi tell her that she would be ready to go by six. When Maxi made no effort to shower and change clothes I began to think she had changed her mind about going out with Sandi, but then I remembered that they wore the same sizes and were always swapping outfits. Leaving dressed as she was was probably supposed to keep me from becoming suspicious and I would have bought it if I had not heard the conversation. At six Maxi kissed me on the cheek and went next door to Sandi's. Before she left she told me that dinner was in the microwave, "Just punch in ten minutes and it will be ready."

As soon as she was gone I ran upstairs and checked the medicine cabinet - her diaphragm was gone! I ran down stairs and went out the back door, climbed the back fence, and went to where I had moved my car earlier that day. I was parked down the block when Sandi's garage door opened and her car drove out. I followed the car across town and saw it pull into the parking lot of one of the local lounges. Sandi and Maxi got out and I could see that both of them were in short skirts and high heels and at that point there was no doubt in my mind what was going to happen that night and I was powerless to stop it. Oh, I could have gotten out of the car and confronted them, but that would have driven a wedge between Maxi and me every bit as big as the one that her being unfaithful would. My only hope was that she wouldn't go through with it and that she would come home to me with nothing worse having happened than some harmless kissing and necking. All I could do was go home and wait.

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