Marriage Made in Heaven or Hell
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, FemaleDom,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Was my new wife an angel or a devil?

My name is Bill and I am a systems analyst for HI TECH COMPUTERS. I graduated college with the top mark in computer science. What can I say; I am very good at what I do. This is my first job and even though I have worked just six months, I got my first raise.

In the same office works the most gorgeous girl I have seen. Her name is Kathy. She has short blond hair that she wears in a ponytail. She wears very short skirts and those short tight sweaters that show off her bare midriff. She is a junior programmer, not a very good one, but what she lacks in knowledge she more than makes up for in looks. The boss has threatened to fire her several times because she makes so many mistakes. I think the only reason he hasn't is that Kathy flirts with him. She is very outgoing and everyone in the office likes her, even the boss.

I am almost the opposite. I do my job well but I am rather shy, especially when it comes to girls. I'm sure I am the only guy in the office that has not tried to date her, but sometimes I daydream about going on a date with her. I look at her a lot but I have never said more than good morning to her.

One morning Mr. Adams came storming out of his office up to Kathy's desk. "This is the 3rd time you have submitted this simple program and it still doesn't work. I've had it with you; either you fix this up and give it to me first thing in the morning or you are fired. And don't bother crying, tears are not going to save you this time."

The whole office was quiet as he went back to his office and slammed the door. A few minutes later Kathy got up and went into his office closing the door behind her.

"I bet she is going to give him a blowjob," Tim said.

"It's time she got fired. I don't think she has done anything right since she got here. I don't know why Mr. Adams even hired her," John replied.

"You know how sexy she is, I bet he didn't even read her resume," Alex volunteered

"I'll bet she didn't even have a resume," Tim laughed.

A few minutes later Kathy came out of his office. You could tell by the look on her face that she was mad.

Shortly before lunch, Kathy came over to my desk. "Billie," she said, "how about taking me out to lunch?"

I was thrilled, excited and nervous all at the same time. "Sure," I stammered out, "Where would you like to go?"

"Go to the Loft. I'll meet you there. I don't want anyone from the office to know we are having lunch. If you leave now you should be able to get a window seat and I'll join you in about 15 minutes."

Life does not get better than this, me Bill Baxter, having lunch with Kathy. The window seats at the Loft are booths. When Kathy arrived she sat beside me, not in the seat on the opposite side of the table. I could feel her leg against mine.

"You heard what Brian; I mean Mr. Adams said this morning. He is going to fire me. Do you want me to lose my job?"

"No, I like looking at you, I man working with you." I could see a slight smile on her face.

"I know you could fix up that program easy. How about coming to my place after work? It would be sort of like a date. You would redo my program and I'll order a pizza and we'll have a couple drinks."

"I would like that. What time do you want me to arrive?"

"You can drive me. Leave the office promptly at 5 pm and wait in your car until I get there."

This was turning out to be a great day. It felt great to have her in my car. Sitting beside me her skirt slid up almost to her panties. She had beautiful legs. I wasn't sure if she was a devil or an angel.

"Do you like my legs Billie? Better keep your eyes on the road; we don't want any accidents, do we?" Now I was embarrassed that she caught me looking.

She had brought her laptop from work. In her apartment she made herself a rum and coke saying she would make me one after I fixed her program. "There is a TV program coming on that I always watch. I'll sip my drink and watch it in my bedroom while you fix up my work. When the show is over I'll come out and order pizza."

She had the TV on so loud that it bothered my concentration a little, but fortunately the program was not complex. Looking at her coding I could see it was so bad it's no wonder Mr. Adams wanted to fire her. I repaired her program and made a couple small changes that would make it more effective than requested.

After her TV show she came out and was very pleased to know that her program was fixed. She ordered the pizza and made two more drinks. I don't drink much but I enjoyed that drink just knowing I was alone with Kathy in her apartment. She sat down opposite me and with a smile on her face she stuck her bare foot in my crotch. I got a hard-on instantly and I know I blushed.

"Does that feel good Billie?"

"Yes, I like it a lot."

"Then why don't you give my foot a few kisses to show me your appreciation?" Just then the pizza man rang the doorbell. "Get that will you sweetie, I'm a little short of cash right now."

Over pizza she pumped me for information, especially about my sex life, and while I tried to hide it she found out I was a virgin. "Oh Billie, that is so sweet. I don't think I have ever met a virgin boy over the age of twelve." Shortly after that I went home but not before she got me to pick her up for work because she did not want to carry a laptop on the bus. Once she found out how close I lived she said why don't you pick me up every morning and drive me home at night because I hate taking the bus. Of course I told her I would.

When she gave her program to Mr. Adams in the morning he was ecstatic. "I knew you could do it if you put your mind to it instead of flirting all the time. All you needed was someone to push you a little. Now I want you to fix up the Omega program. I had been holding off because I thought you couldn't do it. Now that I know you can I want this fixed by sometime tomorrow."

Kathy with a confident grin said, "OK boss, you will have it tomorrow morning."

Later Kathy came over to me. "I am going out to lunch with Alex today but after work you can drive me home and fix up that program, right?"

I felt like she was taking advantage of me a little, but her work was not complex and I did enjoy her company so I said yes. This one took a little longer and Kathy took a bath while I fixed her program. She came out wearing just her bathrobe.

"Would you like to kiss me Billie?'

"Yes, I want to very much."

"Then kiss where I point."

She started with her feet. She had me kissing her arch, her heel and her toes. What is it with her and feet? Then she had me kissing her ankles, her legs and her thighs. Then she spread her robe and pointed to her pussy. "Remember, no licking, just kissing." It was similar when she pointed to her breasts, "No sucking just kisses."

Finally she pointed to her lips. I went to kiss her when she grabbed my head and thrust her tongue deep into my mouth. Chills ran up and down my back. I fell in love with her at that moment.

For the next couple days she had no programming to do, just some routine office duties and she ignored me completely. I got up my nerve to ask her out to lunch but she said no, she was having lunch with Tim that day and John the next. She still expected me to pick her up in the morning and take her home at night but she would not invite me in. It was like I had become her chauffeur. I was actually glad when I heard Mr. Adams give her a new programming job to do. She had one week to get it done.

That afternoon she was over at my desk. "How about taking me to dinner and then we will go back to my place and you can do some programming for me and then we can have some fun?"

This was going to be 2 nights work even for me. As before Kathy took her bath while I worked and she came out wearing her bathrobe. She got me all nervous and excited again by sticking her foot in my crotch and wiggling her toes to give me a hard on.

"You love me don't you?" she said with a smirk on her face.

"I guess, I guess I do."

"No guessing, tell me straight out."

"Yes Kathy, I love you."

"Tell me again and tell me how much you love me."

"I love you with my whole heart. I feel good when I am with you and sad when I am not."

"If you really loved me you would kiss my feet. You know how much I like that." So of course I kissed her feet all over.

"That's a good boy. For your reward you can suck my nipples," she said lying back on the sofa and exposing her beautiful breasts to me. "Suck me like a baby trying to get my milk. When I say now, bite me very gently with your teeth and pull on the nipple a little." I tried my best to please her, listening carefully to her instructions.

"Sweetie, that was so good; you are a good sucker. You've got me all hot. I was going to wait until we knew each other better before I let you suck my pussy but I am feeling so horny that I am going to make an exception. Kneel down between my legs and I'll teach you how to pleasure me." I am sure she kept me at it for close to an hour. I think she came 3 times because each time she would pull me by the hair and hold my head tight against her pussy.

"I am going to have a drink and watch TV in my bedroom so when you finish up, print out for me what you have done before you go home." I'm not sure what I expected but I hoped she would do something for me. My penis had been hard for so long it was almost painful. The least she could have done was say Thank you.

The next day she wanted me back to finish the job. Her boss had given her a week but she wanted to impress him by having it done in 3 days. That evening as I carried her laptop into her apartment she suddenly said, "Billie I just remembered I have a date tonight, so we will skip dinner and you can go right to work while I get ready for my date."

"Why don't we do it tomorrow then when we can both be together? You have the whole week to get it done."

"No Billie, I want it done tonight. I know what you want; you want to suck me off again. I told you that you could only do it once. Now go get started while I take a shower.

A bit later she called me into her bedroom. She was standing naked by her bed. "Which panties should I wear, the red silk ones or the black thong?" I did not want to help her in any way get ready for her date. I was hurt that she was even going out with somebody else; I thought we were going steady. "Come on Billie, help me, I want to make him so horny that he begs me to allow him to fuck me. Which pair would make you beg Billie?"

I refused to answer such a question. "Don't look so sad Billie just because another guy is going to fuck me; after all we are not even engaged. Now be a good boy and come and kiss my pussy and then you had better get back to work. Don't bother to wait for me because I'll probably be late so once you finish your work you might as well go home."

That night I decided to ask her to marry me. When I suggested that she said I had to propose properly so Friday after work I could come in with her and she would show me what to do. That Friday as I drove her home, I was quite excited because it sure sounded like she was going to accept my proposal. When we got in she took off her panties and sprawled on her lounge chair sipping the rum and coke I prepared for her.

"OK Billie, strip off all your clothes and kneel down by my feet. It was a little embarrassing to do that but I was so turned on I didn't care. "Now I want you to kiss my feet a lot and then look at my eyes and ask me to marry you." I did that and proposed to her.

She giggled saying, "I haven't decided yet, you have to convince me. I want you to jerk yourself off looking at my delicious pussy then ask me again." This was getting humiliating but I had to try and get her to say yes so I did it.

"That was so cute to watch you jack off for me, but I have still not decided. After all there are a lot of guys that would marry me just to get a chance to fuck me. Now I want you to suck my pussy and after I get off on your face, ask me again." I had gone too far to back out now. She had a great orgasm but she hurt my ears yanking my head to her pussy.

"Yes Billie I'll marry you. You are a great cunt sucker and with a little more training I know I will enjoy cuming on your tongue a lot. Now I have to get ready for my date; after all when I made the date I was not engaged. You run along home now and I'll see you Monday morning."

Now that we were engaged I had a date with her every Saturday night. While what we did varied, sometimes a movie, or going to a basketball game which she liked, they all ended up the same way. I would take her home, make her a rum and coke and suck her off while she lounged on her chair sipping her drink. I was hoping that if I got her hot enough she would let me have intercourse with her. She shot that idea down quickly. "I think it would be so cool to marry a virgin. I could train you to do me exactly the way I want, and besides good boys should wait until they are married. Just because I fucked my last 3 boyfriends does not mean I'll do it with you. If you are a good boy I might give you a hand job once in a while."

Our sex life during our engagement consisted of me sucking her to orgasm and then jerking myself off for her amusement. Nothing much changed at work either. I still did her difficult work at night although she did make it clear to me that when we got married she was going to quit her job and be a stay at home wife. I was quite happy with that because the guys at work were always hitting on her and she still sometimes went out to lunch with them. Anyway I made enough money we did not need two incomes. We decided that once we were married we would both move out of our old apartments into a bigger better one and in about a years time buy are own house.

The wedding was on my birthday, October 15th followed by a two week honeymoon in Jamaica. I had no one to invite to our wedding except the people from work, however I was surprised by how many friends Kathy had. She even invited 2 of her ex-boyfriends, Frank and Dave which I thought was kind of tacky but I didn't want to say anything that would spoil her big day. It was the same with the large pink carnation she had me wear on my white tuxedo. She said this would tell everyone that I was a virgin and she was very proud of that.

Our wedding night was spent at an airport hotel and since she said she was too tired to do anything, I was very much looking forward to our first night in Jamaica when I would finally get to make love to my wife. On our 1st night together, I don't know if it was from her teasing or because I was so excited, but I barely got my penis in before I ejaculated. I could see she was annoyed so I tried to make it up to her by giving her the best pussy sucking I could. By the time she came twice I had a hard on again, so I wanted to try and make love to her again, but she would not let me.

The second day we lounged on the beach in the morning, did some sightseeing, and went around the stores while Kathy did her shopping. That evening back in our hotel room all Kathy wore was her silk panties and short nylon pajama top. She would dance around the room teasing me by stroking my penis through my shorts or rubbing her ass against me. She looked soo sexy; I ached to make love to her. When she finally said, "come on big boy and fuck me," I was so excited that I came about 10 seconds after I got into her hot throbbing wet pussy.

"You will have to learn how to control yourself. You must build up your resistance to cuming so that I can get some satisfaction also. For the next 3 days you are to have no sex, other than sucking me, so that you can build up your control. That means no jerking off, not even touching yourself." I could not see how not having any sex helped my control, but I knew if I questioned her it just made her mad.

Two nights later they had their weekly guest talent show. This black guy, I think his name was Antonio, asked my wife if she would be his partner in the dance contest. I am not much of a dancer and my wife had danced with him a couple times the night before, so she knew him a little and she said yes, which annoyed me. I don't like my wife dancing with some black guy. We are on our honeymoon and she did not even ask me if it was OK. I had a lousy time as I sipped my drink and watched my wife dance with this guy; however it was easy to see that she was enjoying herself. I was even more annoyed, and yes jealous too when they won the dance contest and a bottle of champagne.

To make a bad evening even worse, all contest winners were invited to a private party when the nightclub closed at 2 AM. I was hoping that Kathy would not want to go, but she told me she was looking forward to going and that I should not wait up for her because she would probably be late.

I decided I would wait up anyway and it must have been about four in the morning before she got in. "Oh honey, I am glad to see that you are still awake. I am soo horny and I need you to tongue fuck me."

"I am horny too and I would like to make love to you with my penis."

"No sweetie, that's not until tomorrow night. Now take off your pajamas and lie on your back on the bed and I want to ride your face. Suck me out first and then give me your very best tongue fuck." I didn't really want to do it but I knew it would make her happy so I let her ride me and use my nose to stimulate her clit.

The following night was my night to make love to my wife. She still teased me by running her finger up and down her pussy through her panties and whispered dirty words in my ear. When she finally let me I knew I couldn't hold off for long and I was as quick as the last time. "Billie, Billie, I don't know what to do with you. The only thing that might help is if you get no sex for a week; that might be long enough for you to build up your stamina."

I wanted to argue with her logic but I knew it was pointless. How come it was only me that got no sex? She still expected me to suck her every night. Also every evening she would insist that we go to the resort nightclub where she would end up dancing with Antonio while I sat and watched and paid for all the drinks. She had already agreed to be his dance partner at next week's talent show.

Two days later was the guest, staff golf tournament. I had no interest in doing that but Kathy said I needed to get out and do something instead of just hanging around the room. Just to make her happy I agreed to play. She was going to lounge on the beach that day. I am not a very good golfer so I was not having much fun, besides I am on my honey moon and I want to be with my wife. At the end of the tournament they announced that everyone was invited to a free banquet. I did not want to go so I returned to the room looking for Kathy. She was not there so I went down to the beach. She was lying on a blanket in her skimpy bikini and Antonio was beside her.

"How was your golf game?" Kathy asked

"It was OK but I wanted to get back and be with you."

"Isn't he just a dear Antonio? Billie you had better go back to our room and change for the banquet. You have less than an hour."

"I thought I would skip the banquet."

"You can't do that, it's for everyone who played golf. There are prizes given away and other fun stuff. I'm sure you will enjoy yourself. I knew you would be going to the banquet so I have already agreed to have dinner with Antonio tonight. Now you had better run along or you will be late."

I was so annoyed with her but since arguing with her never changes her mind I went to the banquet. It must have been after ten by the time I got home. I was expecting to see Kathy watching TV but she was not there. By the time she came in, about two in the morning, I was really, really mad.

"Where have you been? You said you were going for dinner and it's after two in the morning."

"Antonio wanted to practice a new dance step for this weeks contest so after a few drinks we went back to his place to practice. What's wrong with that?"

"Are you doing more than just practice dancing?"

"Now you are letting your imagination run away with you, you silly boy."

"But it's our honeymoon and you spend more time with him than you do me."

"Oh, I get it. You are jealous of him because you are afraid I am fucking him and not you. Now you are just being paranoid. Anyway let's go to bed; I am looking forward to your nice relaxing tongue massage of my pussy."

The night of the guest talent show Antonio joined us for dinner. They spent most of the time talking to each other. When I tried to join in the conversation Kathy would answer with a one word yes or no and go right back to talking to Antonio.

I thought their dance was obscene. Antonio was rubbing his hands over the front of her dress and also feeling her bum. I was glad when they did not win the dance contest. Then the winners of the contest, a man and his wife, invited all the contestants back to their suite for a party

Kathy was all set to go to the party so I had to remind her it was exactly a week ago when I last made love to her and she promised to make love to me tonight.

"That's Ok sweetie, we will do it when I get back from the party. Now take a bath, give yourself a good shave and try on that men's cologne that Antonio gave you. Also put on a condom and then you can wait up for me.

I went back to our room to wait for her. I knew liquor damped your sex drive so I thought if I had a couple drinks, I could last longer when I made love to her. I was not used to drinking so 2 drinks in our room and 1 at dinner was to much for me and I fell asleep. I woke up early the next morning to find Kathy sound asleep beside me and I knew I had blown it.

The honeymoon was over and we were going home. I was glad it was over. It seemed to me that Kathy had a much better honeymoon than I.

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