Neighborhood Bully

by Omega

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including DomSub, MaleDom, Humiliation, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Can a nice guy rescue his wife from the neighborhood bully?

Neighborhood Gang

It's our one year anniversary when my wife, Amanda, has promised to tell me the truth.

For her story to make any sense I need to go back about 18 months to the time of the most brutal murders that ever occurred in our area. The parents of Amanda's best friend, Laurie, had been murdered in their own home. It appeared that 3 men broke into the home, tied up the husband and repeatedly raped the wife while they made the husband watch. Then apparently they made the wife beg for her husband's life before they shot him. She was sexually assaulted again before they shot her. It was a good thing Laurie was not home or she would have probably been shot also. The case had never been solved.

Laurie was never the same after that. She started drinking and using drugs. She would often bring a guy home with her to spend the night, sometimes more than one. She changed from a young girl with a bright future to a drunken slut. She had been arrested twice for using drugs and once for prostitution. Amanda thought it might have been better if Laurie had died too. After several months she took off for Los Angeles and no one has heard from her since.

My name is Bill and I had been engaged to Amanda about 4 months when she suddenly changed. I thought it was because her friend Laurie had left but it turned out to be a much darker reason than that. We used to go out every Friday and Saturday night when suddenly she told me she could not go out with me on Saturday's, but she wouldn't tell me why. Finally I decided to find out so I parked my car a block away and walked to a point where I could observe her house.

About 8:30 a gray van pulled up in front and Amanda rushed out and got in. It was getting dark so it was difficult to see clearly but it looked like she was wearing a short miniskirt and very high heels, something I had never seen her wear. I was going to follow them but by the time I got back to my car they were gone. The following Friday when I tried to find out what she did on Saturday she was vague and evasive.

The next Saturday I parked on the street in a position to follow the van if it came again. About the same time it did show up and Amanda came out and got in. As the van passed my car I could see there was a male driver with Amanda sitting beside him in the front seat. This time I followed them, not close enough for them to spot me but making sure I did not loose them either.

They went to The Lion's Den, a big country and western style bar. I waited fifteen minutes before going in and got a seat in the upstairs lounge where I could look down but it would be difficult for anyone on the main floor to see me. That was when I got the first of several shocks. Amanda was wearing a short black miniskirt with a tight white sweater. The guy she was with must have been at least fifty because he had some white hair. Amanda is only 22 so what is she doing with a middle aged guy? Frank, I later found out his name, was built like an overage football player; short, stocky and muscle bound.

The second shock was he would kiss and run his hand up her leg right at the table and she did not seem to mind. At one point he had her up dancing and he pushed her against the wall and dry humped her. At the table he would often feel her breasts by putting his hand up under her sweater. Amanda did not appear too pleased but she did not stop him either. Later 2 other guys joined them and she gave both of them a long sexy kiss while they ran their hands over her ass. Amanda sipped on her drink while the 3 men downed a lot of beer.

Near closing time all of them got up and left. I watched them all pile into the van and then followed them to the Starlight Motel where a lit sign said XXX movies 24 hours a day. I felt sick as I watched Amanda and 3 guys go into a motel room.

That whole week I was in turmoil trying to decide what to do. Amanda had told me she was not a virgin but to keep it special she did not want to make love to me until we were married, yet there she was spending the night in an R rated motel, not with one guy but three. At first I was never going to speak to her again but she had told me she loved me so I decided to give her one chance to explain her actions.

When I met her the following Friday I had butterflies in my stomach as we went to our favorite bar. I ordered both of us a double and then told her I had followed her last Saturday night all the way to the Starlight Motel. She burst into tears right away. Crying she said she could not tell me why and if I wanted my engagement ring back she would give it to me. She said she would understand if I never wanted to see her again but she wanted me to know that I was the only one she loved, but she had to do those things, she had no choice. She would not say why but she had to do whatever Frank wanted her to do for one year. After that she would be free of him. She still wanted to marry me eight months from now as we had planned but she could understand if I wanted to break it off.

I was thoroughly confused. She did appear to love me and want to marry me yet she gave herself to Frank and his buddies every week. What kind of hold did Frank have on her that would make her do those things?

I told her that I would still marry her as planned but now there was no reason for us to wait until we were married to make love. Amanda said Frank had already told her that he alone would decide who she would fuck until the contract was up and it would not be me. The only sex I would be allowed would be kissing her and sucking her pussy. I was mad, the nerve of this guy but what could I do about it? All she would tell me was that after the one year with Frank was up, she would be free of him and then she would marry me and tell me everything.

So our strange relationship continued. She would date me but every Saturday she went out and fucked Frank and his friend's. She never told me much about her Saturday nights other than say Frank made her do perverted things. She got me to suck her pussy though. She said she wanted to have all the sex Frank would allow her to have with me and by me doing it, it showed that I forgave her for what she had to do.

Then Frank told her it was more fun to fuck married pussy, especially when the husband knew he was doing it. He told her to move up the wedding date by six months or he would extend his hold over her by another year. She pleaded with me to marry her soon or she would be his sex slave for another year. I agreed because the sooner Frank was out of our lives the better.

The marriage was arranged for early July. I did not tell my parents because I did not want them to know I was getting involved in such a strange marriage. Amanda's parents would be there, because while they did not know the details they knew she went out with me one night and Frank the next. They just assumed she was cheating on me.

By now I had met Frank several times as we arranged details of the marriage. He always seemed to have a smirk on his face anytime he was around me. He told me I was to pay for his and Amanda's 2 week honeymoon in Jamaica and then he would allow her to move in with me and I would get my chance to have sex with her. That was so humiliating but if I could just get through the next 4 months, Amanda's year would be up and we could put all of this behind us.

The wedding and reception was so embarrassing for me. The only guests were Amanda's parents, Frank, and some of his friends. Amanda's parents thought I was a fool because they knew Amanda was fucking Frank and they just assumed I didn't. Just to embarrass me more he told Amanda to just give me a kiss on the cheek, but to French kiss him with lots of tongue. Even the minister stared at me. The guests were snickering when Frank announced that he would be taking my place on the honeymoon to give me time to get my house ready for Amanda when she got back. I was glad to get out of there while they had a few more drinks with his friends before leaving for the airport.

The two weeks passed slowly but I consoled myself by saying each passing day brought me one day closer to when we would be free of Frank. I tried not to think about what he was doing to her in Jamaica. When she got back I was expecting her to be tired and worn out, but she was not. She seemed quite perky and lively. When she walked in she tossed me a paper saying, "Before you touch me, you had better read your marriage contract." It was a formal looking paper signed by both Frank and Amanda and it had some kind of seal on it. It stated that I could only have sex with her once a week on Friday night's. If she was away from home for any reason that night, I would have to wait for the following Friday to have sex. I was to continue to show my devotion to her by sucking her pussy. My only other sexual relief was I could jerk myself.

She got back on a Saturday so I had almost a week before I could consummate my marriage. I asked her what happened on her honeymoon. "For the first three days we went to a nude beach. I had an air mattress that I laid on and he sold me to the black guys that hung out on the beach. There seemed to be no end to the amount of guys that wanted to fuck a white girl with long blond hair. Sometimes he sold me for money and other times for drugs. After 3 days he said if I was nice to him he would not sell me anymore.

"So I tried everything I could to turn him on. I would suck his cock and lick his balls. I would finger his asshole and kiss his ass. I talked dirty to him because I knew it turned him on. I told him I loved him, not you and I would fuck him whenever he wanted, even when the year was up. I told him he could fuck me in your bed and that I didn't care if you were there or not, or I would go to his place and stay as long as he wanted. I would get down on my hands and knees in front of him and wiggle my ass because I knew he loved ass fucking me even though I didn't like it. I would kneel over him and put my tits in his mouth to suck while he lay on his back. I had to watch for his signal when he wanted my other tit in his mouth. Most of the time he sucked them but sometimes he bit them and even though it hurt I let him do that as much as he wanted."

"I hope you did not mean any of those things you said?"

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