Political Aspirations

by TheMoose63

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Nicole has grown up in a wealthy family with everything she wants given to her. One night she is raped by someone so unexpected that it changes her entire outlook on sex. Ever since that night she couldn't have a satisfying sex life that is until two years later after joining the Navy and meeting Chief Johnson.

Nicole slowly opened her eyes and looked around the sparsely furnished room, sighed and wondered one more time if she had made the right decision. She scooted up in the old rickety wooden slated bed, leaning back against the headboard her back supported only by a single dingy yellow pillowcase. The movement to sit up caused the stiffly starched yellow-white sheet to slide down her body revealing her smallish breasts to the morning light that was streaming in through the broken Venetian blinds. She stretched her arms, yawned and wondered what changes this day would bring.

Nicole Cary Dews was a wealthy debutant and the daughter of a former Connecticut Senator and the titular head of the Dews family but now she was simply Ensign Nicole Cary Dews, United States Navy... God her mother had been furious at her decision to join the Navy but her father had simply been amused. Nicole had grown up with all the trappings of the east coast wealthy, the fancy cars, the huge homes, the designer clothes and enough available money to do exactly what she wanted to do, when she wanted to do it. Up to her decision to join the Navy her life had seemed to be permanently caught between her father J. Richard Dews, who was currently the head of a large New York investment firm and who gave her everything she wanted, or asked for and her mother who was permanently ensconced in their four million dollar Connecticut home, and who constantly doted over her. She thought about her life of luxury and what the next few years in the Navy would mean to her future. Nicole had made the decision early in her university studies to follow in her fathers' footsteps and enter politics. After graduating magnum cum laude from Yale University, with a degree in history, she realized that a four year stint in the Navy would serve her well when she campaigned for elective office.

Nicole ran her fingers through her newly shorn hair, now no longer than two inches and she smiled remembering the shocked look on her mothers face as well as her stunned words..."Oh my God Nicole, what have you done to your beautiful hair?" Well, she thought, it was now cut into a utilitarian style for her next nine months at sea on the newly commissioned Navy cruiser, USS DaNang.

As she lay back in the bed her hand slid beneath the sheet and her fingers found her labia and without even realizing what she was doing she began to slowly caress the outer lips as she thought about how long it had been since she had had a man touch her down there, a real man. God damn it, she thought, I really need to get fucking laid! Unsaid, even in her own mind, was the fact that Nicole was having difficulty having a normal relationship with a man ever since she... well ever since. She stopped playing with herself and slipped out of bed and naked, walked into the small bathroom and turned on the shower.

Five minutes later and dripping wet she stepped out of the shower and looked at her profile in the foggy mirror. At 22 and five-foot seven with almost no bust line to speak of she thought that she looked more like a teenage boy than a naval officer. As she toweled off and wiped the water off her shoulders her fingers touched her nipples, the most sensitive part of her body, and she tugged and pulled on them and felt her pussy coming to life. Nicole had always thought that her lack of breasts had been made up for by the ultra sensitivity of her nipples. Her last boyfriend, the grad student turned asshole, George Waldrup Marple the IV had found out very quickly that even the smallest amount of caressing of her nipples made her pussy gush with wetness and broke out her very active libido... which is exactly why she had to be careful with who she allowed access to her body, after all with her political aspirations it wouldn't do for a future politician, maybe a congresswoman or even a senator to have her sex life spread around in the tabloids.

Nicole stopped playing with her nipples and her thoughts drifted back to the last time she had been out with George and then onto the one encounter in her life in which a man had actually satisfied her, actually filled her with a passion that no one ever had, before or after, and had made her orgasm over and over and yet that one special encounter probably ruined her sex life forever!

Two Years Ago:

The event that changed her sex life forever took place during her junior year at Yale. It was a Friday night during the spring break and she had met George at his parents' home in the Hampton and they had gone into the City for the evening. George took her to Tavern on the Green for dinner then out clubbing where they enjoyed themselves dancing and drinking but as the night wore on she realized that she had definitely had too much to drink so they took a cab to the Marriott Marquis in Times Square where George had reserved a room. Although she and George had been intimate on a number of occasions it had always been at his shared apartment at school and she was looking forward to being alone with him in the luxury of a suite at the Marriott.

Once they arrived at the hotel they checked in and then took the elevator to the eleventh floor. They got off the elevator and, laughing and kissing, walked down the corridor to their suite. Once inside the suite Nicole didn't even turn on the lights she simply removed her blouse and camisole and let George start licking and sucking on her breasts. As her pussy flooded with wetness they stumbled through the suite finally finding the couch where she lay back and enjoyed the ministrations of George's lips and tongue on her breasts. When she felt her skirt being lifted and her panties tugged on she lifted her hips and let George take them off then basked in a warm glow as his tongue split her pussy searching for her clit. Then, even as tipsy as she was, it dawned on her... how in the hell could George be eating her pussy and sucking on her breasts at the same time? Her eyes flew open and there, between her legs, was none other than William Blainey, George's college roommate. She pushed George away and leapt up from the couch and covered her nakedness. "What in the fuck is going on George?"

"Oh Jesus Christ Nicole, just fucking relax. I know that you have always liked William and he has always been attracted to you so I invited him to join us tonight. Jesus girl don't be such a fucking prude!"

She starred at George, her eyes darting fire then she straightened her skirt and grabbed her blouse. "You are a fucking perverted bastard George, fucking perverted!" With that said Nicole finished putting on her blouse and stomped out of the suite, took the elevator to the lobby and hailed a cab. Not having a place to stay for the night she directed the cabbie to take her to the apartment building farther downtown where her father kept an apartment. She paid the driver, smiled and said hello to the doorman and took the elevator to the 54th floor and let herself inside her daddy's apartment. She knew it would be empty, her father having taken the train to Connecticut for the weekend hours earlier. Nicole went into the master bedroom and undressed then wearing nothing but a pair of panties walked out to the bar and made herself a drink then took it and went back into the master bedroom and slipped under the covers.

Some time later she awoke with a start and had no idea what time it was. There was a noise in the living room... well not actually a noise, but voices coming from the living room. What the hell, she thought as she eased herself out of the bed and silently made her way over to the bedroom door. Nicole peeked into the living room and what she saw shocked her to no end. Her father was obviously drunk and was in the midst of taking off his shirt and tie while yelling at a woman who was definitely not her mother.

"God damn it Carol, I said take off your fucking clothes. You told me you give the best blowjobs in the City and I want you to prove it, now get the fuck out of your clothes girl!"

Nicole was not only shocked to see her father with another woman she was even more shocked to hear his crude and vulgar remarks about sex. Never in her life had she heard her mother and father even bring up the topic of love much less sex. She left the door ajar and walked back to the bed and retrieved her blouse and put it on then slipped into her skirt. Now, modestly covered, she marched back to the door intent on confronting her father. She was just reaching for the door handle when she heard her father telling Carol to hurry up.

"God damn it I said get out of those clothes and blow me... now do it!"

"Wait just a fucking minute Richard; I have to take a piss."

"Alright, alright but hurry up I need my cock sucked and I want some pussy too, I haven't had a good fuck in months!"

As Nicole reached for the door knob the door swung opened and Carol walked in the bedroom and in the dark was oblivious to Nicole's presence. She staggered across the room and into the bathroom and Nicole heard the woman void her bladder, then the unmistakable sound of a toilet paper roll being used and the toilet flushed. Carol appeared at the door of the bathroom, looked around and still didn't notice Nicole as she stumbled over to the bed, flopped down and started snoring.

At that moment Nicole was madder than hell and even more determined to confront her father and she purposefully walked into the living room and across to the bar where her father was standing, his back to her, sipping on a drink. "Father I..."

When she spoke he turned and looked at her, his eyes cloudy and unrecognizing, "God damn it Carol it's about time you came back. Say... I thought I told you to get the fuck out of those clothes?" Then he reached out for her.

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