A Master's Voice

by Whiff

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Slut Wife, DomSub, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A Male Dom tells his story. He ends up a wealthy resident of Las Vegas, with erotic shows nightly.

Every once in a while, someone will ask me, How do you get to be a Master. I must say, it's a good question. I mind my own business, take care of my subs, run my D/s salon here in Vegas, and am quite happy with my life, but I don't think of it as exceptional. I have plenty of days I only get off a couple of times, though I suppose four or five is more typical. I don't really know a lot of other guys like me. The Internet, I must warn you, is almost all bullshit, and I don't have time to wade through it. But the question keeps coming up.

So I thought I'd make a pass at explaining how at least one of us got into it, and discovered the keys that let you live this way. I think there is a natural tendency, both Dominant and submissive. But most people never find it within themselves. One problem is the images, the black leather, the racks and gags, all that stuff. I have those all over at my studio, but they aren't the most important thing. Its really the psychology.

My experience has been that submissives are more likely to realize their basic nature than Dominants. It may just be that subs are more likely women, forced by frustration to question the assumptions that society tries to impose on them. In a big city like Vegas, I could have a hundred woman harem if I took all the confused females who come in looking for answers in the lifestyle. I have no problem turning most of them into customers, who pay amazingly high rates to come in and be abused. Then they go back to their married lives, with that confusing mixture of independence and slavery, and live in their fabled quiet desperation.

You have to have good judgment about choosing subs, too. I've been lucky that way. Just because they're willing to grovel, and get spanked every so often, doesn't mean they can really live the life. My first sub was my wife, so I had a better than average start.

I was just a patrolman in Bayonne, New Jersey when we met. I had won a fight with a junior mob type, and the department was excited as hell about my work. I had him cold with numbers receipts. The Chief had whispered I think there's a gold shield in this for you, Dorsey. So I was in this cop place, pretty wasted, and this great looking brunette worked her way up to stand beside me at the bar. She wiggled a little, and I looked down to see her tits, no bra, nipples stiff, and licked my lips. She looked up at me, Liz is a good six inches shorter than my six two, and licked hers too. She smiled, and licked again, while her hand took mine and a finger caressed my palm.

I felt her groin push against my thigh, and she whispered I'm eighteen today, big boy, and I just love cops. I never even got her name until I fucked her through her second orgasm in a handy motel, as she practically died from the violence of her climaxes. She told me later she had only experienced kids her own age, and hadn't ever been with an experienced man. But that night, she whispered I'm Elizabeth George, baby. Call me Liz. But call me anytime you want to do this again. God you have a big cock.

We got married six months later, a big wedding, she wore white, three bridesmaids, the whole thing. Her father thought it was great to have a police lieutenant in the family. He shared with me his philosophy about marriage: keep the bitches in line. So you can see, Liz had a start toward being a sub from way back.

But I knew nothing about it then, and more or less accepted the old social truths, both women and men should be independent, learn to think for themselves, all that. So I treated Liz like a modern woman, her own checkbook, a budget for decorating, vague answers when she asked what I wanted to eat. She quit taking care of herself about six months in, and by the time we had been married five years, had gotten a little dumpy, and seemed unhappy all the time. I noticed, but had no idea what to do, and started sleeping around. This is, you will no doubt observe, not an unusual story.

What happened to rescue us from a maudlin modern saga, divorce, remarriage, etc., was Elaine moved in next door. She billed herself as Mistress Elaine, which was just as well, her real name was Strxoszy Valenchek. Honest. You couldn't help notice Elaine, especially if you were always looking for some fresh pussy. She was around thirty, and very Goth anytime she left her place. After two weeks I knew she was running a BDSM style whore house, and was getting a taste of the bribe she paid to the Precinct Captain. He told me Keep an eye on the slut, Tommy. Hell, bang her if you want. But make sure she keeps it orderly.

She had nice long legs, and wore impossibly high heels to accentuate them. She teetered a bit, but who gave a shit, her legs looked terrific. Her tits were nothing to write home about, but she always wore push up bras. She was very thin, and I occasionally caught sight of her inside, with hardly anything covering her pussy, just a black thong. But what happened was, I came home one night, to find Liz, in a black corset, high as a kite, it looked like coke, sucking some guy's cock.

Cops get a lot of training about keeping cool, but I was off duty, and as Liz cowered on the floor, the guy started edging toward the door, while I just glared at him., thinking I should beat the crap out of him. Liz was mumbling, it's her, her idea, baby. She was kind of squished up, lying there, but one tit had fallen out, and I realized how miserable she looked. I remembered loving her, and wondered how our life had come to this.

What do you mean she? Who? That whore next door? I got down beside her as the guy snuck out the door. What did she give you, babe? Was it a pill, or what? What color? I looked inside her nose, and saw no sign of her inhaling anything.

Just then she muttered Pink, round. I sighed, there was some meth floating around that was got up in that way, and since I knew Liz didn't have any experience with drugs, it would have hit her hard. I picked her up, carried her up to the shower, dumped her in and turned the water on, cold. She screamed, but I just waited until she started shivering, then pulled her out, stripped her out of the corset, and toweled her down. As I lay her in the bed, her skin rosy from the rubbing, I cupped one of her big tits, and felt a surge of desire. She smiled, and dreamily whispered Oh Tommy, punish me baby, like daddy, I deserve it. I had to think about that, but was saved by the fact that she promptly fell asleep.

I charged next door, rung the buzzer, then pushed through and was ten steps in when Elaine came up what I guessed to be the cellar stairway, and yelled What? When she saw who it was. she stopped dead, then gulped. She didn't look Dominant at that moment. She had on one of those Merry Widows, six inch high boots, tits exposed, and her pussy, which was bald. looked puffy and wet. She had a whip of some sort in one hand. We stared at each other for a few moments.

In my official voice, I asked What was that you gave my wife? What was she doing with a man in my house?

She got a simpering look, and said That was one of her johns, asshole, she's been giving blowjobs for me for two weeks. All she asks is a little meth. You treat her like shit, you know that? Took you this long to notice she's high all the time?By now her hands were on her hips, and her face was red. Go ahead and arrest me, fuckface, takes me an hour to post bail.

I think it was the defiance that got me. Standing there, having gotten my wife hooked on a nasty drug, trying to stare me down. Probably a terrified customer in her basement. I took two steps, grabbed her by the hair, and as she yelped, dragged her into the living room and threw her onto a couch. She took a deep breath, getting ready to scream, and I pointed my nine millimeter at her. Her eyes got wide, her hand dived into her cunt, and she began to work her cunt. Oh fuck, rape me you cocksucker, keep the gun out, jesus, nice fucking cock Lieutenant. Oh yeah, fast thats it fast, migoddddddd...

It was over in a minute. I took longer than she did, but she twisted and grunted for plenty long enough to get me off. She lay under me, breathing hard, eyes wide and staring at me, as I huffed over her. The gun was still in my hand, laying beside her head. She reached up, grabbed it, and put the barrel in her mouth, watching me the whole time. Then she started to suck. I could hear the sounds of it, and felt myself getting hard again. She whispered All cops love to see me do that, Tommy. Let me go back downstairs and get rid of this john here. You go up to the bedroom, and get ready for round two.

She was back in two minutes, naked now, and there was a trail of fluid down one thigh. She had a long thin pill in her mouth, and two drinks. She handed me a drink, broke the pill in two, and handed half to me. We can last an hour with this shit, Tommy. I ain't much, but I know my pharmaceuticals. What the fuck are you doing with clothes on?

She was damn near right. She rode me for almost that whole hour, then took me up her ass to finish us off. She had three orgasms. We both stunk at the end, but she didn't seem to notice, just cuddled to me and made plans. See, I need a good drug connection Tommy. This meth shit is dangerous in the long run. I need some good coke, some red poppers, and some downers. The reason your wife is so fucked up tonight is I ran out of downers. My kink customers mostly want the reds, but I do get an occasional call for coke. I bet you know where to get me that shit. And listen. What you should do for Liz, get her clean and treat her like a whore. I mean I had to keep her away from a couple of these guys who want someone to abuse. She's a little subby, that's what the guy I learned this gig from called them, She needs to lose a little weight, do some exercise, and maybe some steroids, convert that bulk of hers to muscle. I want you to know she sucks a mean cunt.

The next morning I woke in bed, but Liz was already up, I could smell coffee, and heard her in the kitchen. I threw on a robe, fearing she might have already popped a pill, but when I stood in the doorway, she was standing over a griddle, looking sloppy in a ratty robe, making waffles, and sobbing quietly. I had done a little, a very little research the night before about D/s, and had resolved to try the Elaine approach. The first thing you have to do is take control of a sub's life.

I strode over to the stove, turned off the griddle, and took the waffle off. Liz looked up at me with fear all over her face. I gripped her shoulders, looked her in the eye, and said Things are gonna change, baby. Look at me. I want you to go upstairs and take a long shower, shave all over, including your vagina, then give yourself an enema. Then put on those high heels I got you last year, and nothing else. Understand? Nothing else. Then come back down here. You'll receive more instructions then.

The next moment is one of the things that makes all this worth the aggravation, the hiding, the funny looks you get. Liz looked at me with this astonished expression, then, as though it registered, breathed Okay Tommy, I'll be quick as I can. She had a huge, genuine smile on her face as she climbed the stairs, and looked happier that I remembered in forever.

I listened to the shower run as I called in sick. Then I sat down at the kitchen table and began to make a list of groceries. I was only half done by the time I heard her start down the stairs. When she stood in the doorway, I gestured for her to come over to me. She grinned, but I stopped her before we touched. The proper way to greet me, Liz, is on your knees, displaying your tits and pussy for me. That way, you see, I can verify that you have followed my instructions as to personal hygiene.

She collapsed to her knees, not too gracefully, and I had to reach down and push her legs further apart. She had cut herself in one spot on her groin, so I dabbed at it with my finger. I groped all around, back to her asshole, then licked the fingers that had been inside her. I tasted mostly soap. She had tried to do something with her hair, and I realized she needed a better haircut than the cheap corner beauty salon. Her tits were still great, full and thrusting off her chest. But her hips had gotten chubby, and a small roll of flab collected across her abdomen.

Liz, you've let yourself go, and it could be my fault as much as anything. I'm going to punish you for what you've been doing over at Elaine's, then tell you how to spend the rest of the day. Kneel up on the chair, point it to the side, that's it, and lean on the table. Just hold that position. I'm going to fuck you in the ass. As I got the oil out of the cupboard, I heard her choking back tears. Don't cry, Liz, that makes me unhappy, and you're going to make me happy from now on. And I'm going to make you happy.

I drizzled the oil into her asshole, working it way in with first one, then two fingers. She wiggled and choked, but tried not to fuss too much. As I positioned my cock at her tiny little rectum, I noticed her pussy was actually dripping. When I pushed in I was none too gentle, and expected a lot of groaning and moaning. Instead, I heard her whisper Oh Tommy, it hurts, it hurts, do it baby, Ahhhhhhh...

Suddenly, she was writhing against me, helping me fuck in and out, then her hand went under her stomach, I felt her rubbing her cunt, and she came. And I mean big time, screaming Tommmmyyyyyyy... I had hardly begun to enjoy it. So I bent over, leaning on her back, and whispered From now on, babe, never cum until I give you permission. Hear me?

She looked over her shoulder at me, her mouth hanging open, gasping, and nodded her head. On an impulse, I rolled her over, staying buried inside her bowel, and pushed her legs back as far as they would go. Without being told, she grabbed each leg behind the knee, and looked at me with an expression of pleasure and expectation that I had never seen before. I could hardly hear her as she mumbled while I kept thrusting savagely inside her Do it Tommy, do it, hurt me baby, hurt me,

I fucked for five minutes, watching her eyes get bigger and bigger, then close. As I started to shoot, I mumbled Okay baby, cum for me. She grabbed my arm where I was supporting myself on the table, and pulled me on top of her, laughing as I felt her ass spasming, and suddenly a drizzle on my stomach. Oh fuck, Tommy, I squirted on you, I'm sorry, I'll clean it up, Oh Tommy I love you. Then she went limp, sucking in air, her hips writhing under me, and clamped her mouth to mine. She must have cum for two minutes. I lay on top of her, thinking maybe Elaine was on to something.

I pulled out, leaving her on her back, almost comatose, on the table. As she came to her senses, she stumbled off the table, looked at me, and fell to her knees, legs spread. She was sweaty, disheveled now, her thighs were wet, and spunk was oozing out of her ass onto the floor. But she looked happy, and rather pretty, in a debauched sort of way. Go upstairs and put on a pair of shorts and that running bra of yours. Run down to the park, and keep running for an hour. Walk if you can't run. By the time you get back, I'll be gone, but I'll leave a list of groceries you should buy on the table, and some money. Get cleaned up, and put on that nice sundress, the yellow one, no panties, and no bra. Do the shopping, and when you get home and put things away, come over to Elaine's.

She stared at me, several emotions flashing on her face, then silently got up and started up the stairs. Halfway up, she stopped, looked at me and smiled. Then she kept going, and a moment later I heard the shower start. I must say I was still a little dazed, particularly about her apparent pleasure. But I had promised Elaine I would fix her up drugwise today, and besides, I wanted to talk with her about Liz and how to tune her up. So I called two guys, one of them the local coke dealer I'd busted a couple of times, and the other who did almost everything else, and told them to meet me at Elaine's in half an hour.

You have to understand that in New Jersey, we worried about the mob, and gangs, and violence. What we called victimless crime, small time drug dealers, and prostitution, we just let slide, by and large. We'd make an occasional arrest for form, but the guys always made bail, and went back to their trade. They were happy because we had kept the drugs from getting taken over either by the mob or the gangs. That actually broke down about five years later, but I was gone by then.

By noon, Elaine was all fixed up, tickled pink. Shit, those are great prices. The guy's selling coke for what I was paying for that damn meth. Geez, Tommy, thanks. Here's your cut. Want a blow job? I told her I wanted to wait for Liz, and watch her eat cunt. Plus, I wanted Elaine to give her a list of what she should take. And I wanted to watch her work.

Elaine really brightened at that. Ooooh Tommy, that would be neat. I've never worked with a cop before. I have masks you can wear, and leather jocks, all that shit. Plus, there's a couple of women who are dying to do a scene where they get fucked in front of their old men. Really fucked up. Maybe Liz could still help out with some of my Lezzie things. I bet you'd like that. Those kind of scenes are worth a whole lot of dough, Tommy. And you should care about that baby, we're partners now.

Just then, Liz walked in. her face was flushed, but she seemed relaxed. I could see she had followed my instructions, but told her Present yourself for inspection, babe. She whipped off the dress without the slightest pause, then knelt in front of me, much more gracefully. Later, I found out she had practiced. Elaine looked at her, grinning, and said Did you make her shave her pussy, Tommy? Hey, it looks super. I suck a mean cunt too. Let's go downstairs, where we're set up for this shit.

Elaine had on a black mini skirt, and a tank top. By the time we got to the bottom of the stairs all she had on was a black thong. She giggled The naked thing is okay at home, Tommy, but the customers like raunch, y'know, so you better get her some thongs like this. Tight, though I know her pussy oozes a lot. See how happy she looks. Now I know you want to get her clean, but a red popper a day won't hurt her. They're just amphetamines, like diet pills. Liz, I'll make a list of the stuff you should get from the health food store. We'll have you looking cut in three months.

She walked over to a low, narrow, black leather table in the middle of the room. This is just right for two bitches to eat each other out, Tommy. Watch. When she lay down on it, her knees were just low enough so you could see her protuberant panty covered pussy. Come on over, honey. Liz looked at me, and I nodded. My wife of five years, naked, her pussy glistening, vamped over to Elaine, straddled her head, and eased her cunt down to the waiting mouth below her. She held my gaze the whole time, a little smile on her face. I heard shlurping, Liz closed her eyes, and her head sunk slowly down between Elaine's thighs, as she pushed the black thong off. I could see her tongue reach out, and then her whole mouth closed over the waiting slit. My cock was spasming.

I looked around wildly, and saw a small cupboard with the door ajar, looked in there and found some k/y jelly. I lubed up Liz's asshole, and fucked my straining dick into her. Liz went wild, groaning and twisting, then making loud sucking noises in Elaine's pussy, then lifting her head. In only a couple of minutes, her arm reached back for me, pawing at my stomach. She gasped Tommy, Tommy, please...

So here's another lesson. The reason for not letting them cum whenever they want is not to make them suffer, it's just to get them used to paying attention to their Dom. I whispered in her ear Go ahead baby, cum. I buried myself in her ass, and suddenly she arched up, pulling her cunt away from the startled Elaine, her hand dived down between her legs, and she squirted into the face below her. I felt her whole body quivering, and she was laughing breathlessly. She stood there trembling for at least a minute. She was displaying an intense sensuality I would never have guessed she felt.

Elaine's wet face was gaping, and she was licking her lips. Christ Tommy, it isn't pee, has she done that before? That's worth money too. Come on, honey, you lay down here so I can get some of his cock too. I was hugged to Liz's back, my hands squeezing her tits. She whispered, Oh Tommy, is it okay? My cock was still in her ass, and Liz's face was bright red, with a lusty, wide smile I had never seen before. Yeah, I thought, Elaine's definitely on to something.

I pulled out, they switched places kind of clumsily, and as soon as Elaine's butt cleared, I squirted the k/y into her rectum, and thrust inside. Elaine cried Oh shit, Tommy, not so fucking hard. That's not a goddamn pussy y'know. God, so fucking big, Christ Tommy, Christ, oh yeah, ohhhhhh... Her voice sunk into hardly understandable mumbling, as her hips moved with mine. I could look down and see Liz's eyes on me, staring up at my cock embedded in the skinny whore, still sucking vigorously.

I got close to cumming after a couple of minutes, and waited for Elaine to get off. I knew she was close, her hips were humping harder, and she was alternating between sucking juice from Liz and lifting her head to groan. I reached down and whispered Cum bitch, and wrapped my hands around her neck, cutting off her air. One of her hands came up to try to knock me away, then suddenly she arched up, freezing with my cock deep inside her, and I felt the spasming in her ass coming from her pussy.

I pulled out and pushed Elaine aside. She collapsed on the floor, still grunting and hips pumping against her hand. I offered Liz my cock and said Suck it dry, honey. With that wide eyed expression that was getting to be familiar, her mouth surrounded my cock, and I let myself go. She got it nearly all down her throat, choking, as my spunk poured out. I remember that nut to this day, its power, the added pleasure of its perverse nature, and the smile that came over Liz when I was finished. She opened her lips, showing me a mouthful of jism, and waited for me. I whispered Swallow it honey. She did, then opened up to show me she had, then leered up at me, licking her lips. The smell of pussy hung in the air of that cellar.


In a month or so, I had learned enough about what Elaine was doing to be sure she wasn't getting anywhere near the potential payoff out of her operation. I didn't fuck her much, Liz was keeping me busy and satisfied, running every day, lifting weights in our basement, and taking the popper just before I got home every night. She'd greet me naked, in a pair of six inch heels she borrowed from Elaine, but kneeling for inspection at the door. I'd smell the meal I had specified cooking, and her pussy was always wet as hell.

I'd bought her this musky perfume that smelled like sex, and it would key my cock. I'd tear off my clothes, lift Liz up and carry her either to our bed, or sometimes just to the couch. She was always ready, so I just stuffed my cock inside her, several different positions, while she leered at me, and her hips matched my fucking perfectly. When I got close, I'd give her permission to cum, and she would stroke up at me a bit harder, then become this wild, rampaging slut, wiggling, grunting, her cunt sucking the cum right out of me. Afterwards, we would often just lay there and talk about the day.

Did you find that asshole you were trying to get, Tommy? I swear I saw him down at the park, he had his cock out and stared at me when I ran by him. Elaine had a lezzie thing this afternoon, she wanted me to come over but I didn't, I couldn't get hold of you. What should I do next time she asks? It's a regular Tuesday thing.

I'd ask How far did you run today, babe? Really? You're gonna get back in shape quick, this way. How many reps did you do on your tummy lift? Keep working it up, babe, but I can see your progress. Well, next time she asks, let me know so I can come home. I want to be there to protect you, and see what Elaine's doing. Did you go to the drugstore? Yeah, I think that scrip will be better than the health food stuff, I got it from that doc I ran in for DUI last year. You didn't wear panties did you? Do that thing to me with your pussy babe. Yeah, damn that's nice. Can dinner wait a little while?

She threw herself into the exercising, and using the weights. I had to watch carefully, but I could see the improvement almost daily. The little tummy was almost gone, and her legs were suddenly fit looking. She stayed naked every moment we were in the house. One day when I had her painting the cellar, so it looked nicer when we both lifted, she greeted me covered with paint. I spent an hour cleaning her up, and an hour punishing her for her failure to pass inspection. Her punishment was to get fucked in the ass, and we both pretended she didn't like it. She smiled the whole time. I knew you'd have to punish me, Tommy. I know I deserve it.

Elaine was fighting her subby side. She really wanted to keep up with her black leather, the whips, and the rack she had rigged up in her basement. But she was doing some stupid things. The first scene I saw, was a sloppy, overweight guy with this great looking wife, who might have been fifty, but acted like thirty. She had this good tit job, they stuck out like big grapefruit, and wanted to get fucked in front of her old man. The thing is, he was the mayor. And Elaine had no idea.

I was there in a mask that covered most of my face, leaving my mouth free. I had this black cape that came down to my knees, standing in front of the guy who was strung up on the rack. Elaine would whip the mayor while his wife kissed me, wiggled and humped me, and eventually got down and sucked my cock. Fuck Liz before you come over, Tommy, so you can last a long time. The wife was a good cocksucker, but so was Liz, and I was easily able to resist shooting. I ended up fucking her as she lay on that black table, and shot my spunk all over her body, while she screamed with pleasure. Elaine sucked off the guy at the same time.

They payed her a thousand bucks for an hour and a half. As soon as they left, Elaine started cleaning up for another john she had coming. I called in sick the next day, and rigged up a video camera in a corner of her cellar, camouflaged under a table with what looked like a cloth over it, but was completely transparent one way. After a couple of trials, and just in time for the mayor a second time, Same as last time Tommy, except drill her ass., we were getting very high quality movies of all her scenes.

Somewhere in there, Liz did her first lezzie thing. They all liked the idea of my standing there in my cape and mask while they had this orgy, which actually didn't amount to much but the customers eating out Elaine and Liz. There were four of the customers, and they all wanted to try the new girl. They started out one on one, but eventually got in a circle, so they were all eating pussy at the same time. I had told Liz to cum whenever she could. I think I saw her get off three times, though she was so enthusiastic it was a bit hard to tell. I began to realize how sensual Liz had become without the pressure of making any decisions.

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