Amy's Awakening

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright┬ę 2007 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: Husband watches as his wife strays.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slow   .


I have just discovered what a sick individual I am. I should feel nothing but loathing for myself, but I don't. I'm not sure what I feel, but I am sure of one thing - I'm sure I want to see again what I just saw.

It started at a Saturday night dance at the Elks. It was no special occasion, just the dance that is held every other Saturday night. My wife Amy loves to dance and is a very good dancer while I, on the other hand, have the proverbial two left feet, so I take her every other weekend and let her dance her heart out. There is no shortage of men willing to dance with her - she is drop dead gorgeous - and men seem to like her company. A friend once asked me why I allowed her to dance with all those different guys, "Don't you know that everyone of them is trying to get between her legs? Haven't you seen the way they touch her out there on the dance floor?" I told him that I had, but that any man in his right mind would try to get her, but I told him, "The big thing to remember is that she always goes home with me." He shook his head and walked away.

Following the dance we usually go to someone's house and play cards or shoot some pool if they have a table. Last night we were going to go over to Bill and Diane's after the dance. Amy and I left the hall and walked out to our car where we found that we had a flat tire. I opened the trunk to find that the spare was also flat so we walked back inside so I could use the phone and call AAA for roadside assistance. While I was on the phone Tom and his wife Fran offered to give Amy a lift so she wouldn't have to stand around and wait. I asked Amy if that was all right with her and she said yes. Tom, Fran and Amy had just walked out the door when Ralph, my next door neighbor, said, "Here, take the keys to my car. I'm going with George and Judy. Use my car until you can get a tire back on yours." I thanked him and ran out the door to catch Amy and I got outside just in time to see her get in Tom's car along with Tom, Fran, Tom's brother Larry and Fran's brother Al. I hollered but they didn't hear me. I got in Ralph's car and followed them out of the parking lot. When we got to Bayberry, where they should have turned right, they turned left. I decided to follow them rather than go to Bill and Diane's. About five minutes later they pulled into the drive at Larry's house. Why I didn't pull in right behind them I'll never know. Some sixth sense said "Wait and see" so I just pulled over and killed my lights. I watched as they all got out of the car and headed or the front door. It looked to me like Al and Larry were dragging Amy along and at one point it looked as if Al had put his hand over Amy's mouth. I waited until they went inside and then I got out of the car and went looking for a way to see into the house. Through a side window I could see Amy struggling as Tom, Al, and Larry were taking her clothes off of her. At that point I could have - no, I should have - gone around front and rung the doorbell, but I didn't. What I was watching was exciting me and I wanted to see what was going to happen. When Amy was stripped down to her heels and hose, they picked her up and carried her toward the back of the house. I worked my way around the house and got to the bedroom window just in time to see them put Amy down on the bed. She was crying and asking them why they were doing this to her. "Because we have always wanted to Amy - because we have always wanted to and now we can," said Larry. "But you will all get in trouble" cried Amy, "You know I'm going to tell Bobby, and he'll call the police!" Tom said "You won't tell anyone because all four of us will swear that this was your idea and the only reason you are saying otherwise is because you don't want your husband to know you are a slut."

"That's right" said Fran, "They might be skeptical of the guy's story, but when I tell them I heard you begging them to fuck you they'll believe me - after all, I'm a woman and no woman would countenance rape, would she."

"But you can't do this" Amy wailed pitifully, "I love Bobby and I've never been unfaithful to him. Please, please don't do this to me." Al bent down, took her wrists and held her down. Amy was crying, tears running down her cheeks, and as Tom and Larry pulled her legs apart she pleaded with them. "No, no, plea..." and the rest of what she was going to say were choked off by Al's cock slipping into her mouth. I knew that I should do something to stop this, but I was rooted to the spot, mesmerized by what I was watching and fully aware of the raging hardon contained in my trousers. Tom and Larry had Amy's legs apart now and as Al fucked Amy's mouth Fran got down and started to eat Amy's pussy. "Yum - sweet" she said, "You guys need to try this."

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