Evil Twins

by Omega

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Desc: Sex Story: One is an angel, the other is a devil; I thought I married the angel.

I thought twins were supposed to be identical, and in appearance they were. Kathy and Amanda were 22 years old with long chocolate brown hair and movie star bodies. Kathy was born 3 minutes before Amanda so technically she was the older sister. When it came to personalities they were worlds apart. Amanda was shy and quiet, something like me, while Kathy was loud and bossy. I loved Amanda with all my heart but I always felt nervous and uncomfortable when Kathy was around.

They shared an apartment so it was hard to call on Amanda without running into Kathy. It all started when I called on Amanda for our 3rd date. It was the first time Kathy was home so she answered the door. Even though I had never seen Kathy before I could tell right away she was not Amanda.

"Is Amanda in?" I asked politely.

"So you're the skinny little runt Amanda has been going out with. Come in; let me get a good look at you. My, you are an ugly dwarf."

Just to set the record straight, I am 5 ft. 6in. tall and weigh about 140 lbs. so I may be small but I am no dwarf.

"I can't let my sister go out with the likes of you. My boyfriends older brother is a much better choice so you can leave now," as she started to push me out the door.

"But wait. Amanda has already agreed to go out with me."

"I don't know why she would want to go out with a wimp like you, but pay me 50 dollars and I'll let you come back in, otherwise get your ass out of here before I slam the door in your face."

I didn't feel like a long argument with her so it was easier to just pay her the 50 dollars. As it turned out that was a mistake because I had to pay her each time I took Amanda out. Even if she was not there when I came she made Amanda collect the money from me and give it to her later.

Onc time when I went to call on Amanda, Kathy was home and after collecting her money said, "You must be early because Amanda is still taking a shower, but come in anyway and you can amuse me First make me a rum and coke, bring it to me on a tray and kneel down when you offer it to me. You might as well learn how to show me respect. Anytime you come, if I am here, the first thing you do is ask me if I want a drink and if I say yes, present it to me on your knees."

I don't know what her problem is, but if it keeps peace in the family, why not? I made her drink, found a small tray and brought it to her sitting on the sofa and I knelt on one knee and said, "Here is your drink Kathy."

I couldn't believe it; she slapped my face.

"It's Miss Kathy to you. It's obvious I am going to have to teach you some manners. Now get down on the floor, take off my sandals and kiss my feet. Then you can apologize to me for being so rude."

"Now wait a minute Kathy, I mean Miss Kathy, I did not mean to disrespect you but this is going too far."

"You got two choices, get the hell out or start kissing."

I didn't know if she was high on something or just having a very bad day, so I thought I'll do what she wants until I had a chance to talk to Amanda and find out what was going on. I removed her sandals and started to kiss one of her feet. I had barely started when I heard Amanda's voice.

"Kathy what are you doing to Billie?"

"It's time I taught your boy some manners. He comes barging in here like he owns the place and was extremely rude to me."

"Billie I don't know what you did but tell my sister you are sorry for being impolite to her."

"But I didn't do anything; it was your sister that was rude to me"

"So now he is a liar too," Kathy said with a sneer in her voice.

"Billie, do you want to go out with me or not, if you do then apologize to her."

There was no point in having a big argument now so I apologized to Kathy. I would set Amanda straight later. When I tried to explain to her what really happened, I could see I was getting nowhere.

"I know Kathy can be a little pushy at times but she is trying to look after my best interests. My mother made Kathy promise to look after me when we moved away from home. I have always been a little shy, unlike Kathy and my mother knew that."

Once I get her away from Kathy we have a great time. Amanda is warm, loving and very sexy in her shyness. On our next date I was hoping Kathy was not at home; she was. "Come in creep. Where is my money?" I gave her the money and went immediately to their kitchen and made Kathy her drink. I wanted to avoid another outburst.

When Amanda entered the living room she looked like a living dream. However Kathy was almost as mean to her sister as she was to me. "I'll allow you to go out with Billie since he paid me but I'll decide who you give your pussy to and it's not Billie."

"Please don't embarrass me in front of Billie. I told you I am not sleeping with anyone until I am married."

"We'll see about that. I know my boyfriends brother Ed wants to fuck you. You two run along now. Billie you can kiss her when you bring her home but that's all. I have reserved her tits and ass for someone else."

Both of us left the apartment totally humiliated.

When we are alone we always enjoy each others company. We laugh and talk and plan for the future. I wanted to give her an engagement ring but she refused saying it would make Kathy mad, but we planned on getting married next year when I graduated college, and then we were going to move far away from her.

The following Friday when I called on Amanda, that was our date night, both of them were sitting on the sofa. While I made Kathy her drink she told me that next Friday I could not take Amanda out because they were double dating with Frank and Ed.

"Go put on the outfit I bought for you Amanda. Let Billie see what you look like when you go out with a real man."

"Pleeese Kathy, I don't want to go out with Ed. I don't like him, he is crude and he drinks too much"

"Now run along and put on that outfit like I told you."

Amanda came out of her bedroom wearing her new outfit and her face was red with embarrassment. She was wearing a black miniskirt so short you could see her bright red panties. With no bra and wearing a sheer white blouse you could see her breasts through it.

"I told you Amanda, the top 3 buttons on your blouse undone. I want you to look fuckable. Well Billie, what do you think? Does that make your little pecker hard?" Come on Billie tell me, do you think Ed will want to fuck her or maybe I should have her remove her panties to make it easy for him. I'll have to watch my boyfriend or he will be fucking her too."

"Why are you doing this to us?"

"I want Amanda to experience a real man instead of a wimp like you. After she has been properly fucked if she wants to come back to you fine, but I doubt it very much."

"But I don't want to have sex with Ed" Amanda complained.

"Didn't mother say that I know what is best for you, and you should always do what I say?"

"Yes Kathy."

"OK then, off to the movie and remember Billie, no touching."

The next weekend was the longest I ever experienced. The four of them were spending two nights in a hotel in Atlanta.

The following Friday when I called on Amanda I was worried at what I would find, and was pleased to see Amanda dressed normally. She told me everything that had happened. The first night they got her so drunk that she was feeling sick. Ed raped her while Kathy and Frank watched. She said the first time it hurt a lot; after that it did not hurt but she still didn't like it. The second night both brothers had sex with her.

"Kathy said now that Frank and Ed have had sex with me, you can too but only with your tongue," Amanda said with a shy smile on her face.

Kathy was out somewhere so we were all alone. I wanted to make love to her, not suck her but I thought that was still better than just a kiss so I did it. I had just started when I heard the door open and the voices of Kathy, Ed and Frank. I went to pull my head out but Amanda kept me in place.

"Good girl," Kathy praised. "Now doesn't that feel good having Billie between your legs?"

"Yes Kathy," Amanda replied in a low voice.

Then I heard Frank's voice. "Can I use her mouth Kathy? You got me all worked up in the car."

"Oh go ahead. I have to go to the bathroom anyway, but don't make a habit of it."

"OK Amanda, you heard your sister, open your mouth and show me how good a cocksucker you have become."

I still had my head under Amanda's skirt but I could hear slurping noises and a few sighs from Frank. Then I heard Ed's voice, "Hurry up Frank, you're not the only one that needs to get off in her mouth."

Finally it was over and I got out from under Amanda's skirt. Kathy had been watching all of this with a smirk on her face. "I never showed you how to do it so you are going to have to trust your instincts but you can jerk Billie off if he does a good job sucking your pussy."

During our informal engagement that was what we did for sex. It still bothered me that during that time Kathy sometimes made Amanda go on dates with Ed that always ended with him fucking her. I tried to get Kathy to make him stop but she said Amanda needed to experience a real man occasionally. Amanda was too timid to stand up to Ed or Kathy so once we were married I was going to move Amanda far, far away from here.

The wedding was simple, not many guests. Amanda's parents had died in a car accident so her family consisted of just Kathy and I didn't tell my parents because I was afraid Kathy would embarrass me in front of them so most of the people there were friends of Frank and Ed. Kathy had picked out Amanda's wedding dress; a silky white wedding dress that only reached half way to her knees. Ed was my best man.

Kathy had also arranged for our wedding night in the honeymoon suite of the best hotel in town. After the wedding reception I was to go ahead to the hotel and get champagne and chocolates sent to the room and Amanda would join me as soon as the last guest left and she paid off the caterers. I was soo looking forward to this night. I had sucked Amanda quite a few times but now I was going to get the real thing.

After an hour I started to get worried. The ice had started to melt in the champagne bucket. Kathy was also supposed to be staying at the hotel tonight so I called the hotel operator to find out her room number in case Amanda was still with her, but there was no Kathy Dawson registered. Now I was worried. Kathy was supposed to drive Amanda to the hotel after the reception. By one o'clock in the morning I knew she was not coming. Something had gone horribly wrong.

The next morning around nine the phone rang; it was Kathy. "I'm sorry about last night. Ed is also staying at the hotel and somehow I got mixed up and sent her to his room instead of yours. When I realized my mistake I phoned him but he said since she was already there he was going to keep her for the night. I went over again this morning to get her but she was still in bed with Ed. I gave him your room number because he said that just as soon as he was finished with her he would send her up to you."

It was still 2 hours before Amanda showed up. I could see the tears in her eyes. "That man is an animal. The things he made me do are so disgusting I don't want to think about it."

"That man is a degenerate and so is your sister. She told me she sent you to his room by mistake but I think she did it on purpose."

I gave her a soothing bath. I could see bite marks on her breasts and some blood from her bum. This was the first time I had seen her nude and she looked so sexy, but I knew the last thing she wanted right now was sex after the ordeal she had been through.

I got her moved to my apartment and requested a transfer at work. They approved a move to our California office but it would not take effect for a couple months. After two weeks I did make love to her. I knew she didn't like it and that reduced my enjoyment as well. We did it once a week after that but I could tell it was something she endured. She was always relieved when it was over.

One night the phone rang and it was Ed. "I want to speak to Amanda."

"She is not here. What do you want?"

"I thought she might like to go on a date with me. She loves country music and there is a good group playing in Adamsville. This time I promise to bring her back before morning."

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