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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Romantic, Lesbian, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Hmmm

Deanna was in her bedroom. As thoughts of Maureen flooded her mind. The heat from the advancing sunlight had made the bedroom extremely hot. Deanna had realized perhaps, she should put something cooler on. Deanna got out of her blue jeans. Lifted her blouse and grasped her bra. When Deanna did, her hand brushed across her breast. As if in a dream or in none. This brought Deanna back to the thoughts of Maureen. That warm soft thought of feeling Maureen's hand touching her. A sense of longing and passion surged through Deanna's entire body. Her breasts, so hungry to be touched.

Deanna stood alone eyes closed. She could feel a pleasant, breeze. As Deanna's thoughts became lost in Maureen. As did her spirit heart and body; longed for Maureen's touch. In Deanna's mind Maureen became one with her. Deanna felt the heat of Maureen. Deanna caressed each of her breasts with tenderness and passion. With the thought that Maureen was within her. Squeezing gently and rubbing across her round, erect nipples, was enough to awaken everything that Deanna was. She needed Maureen so badly.

Deanna wanted to feel all of Maureen. Deanna slowly moved her face upward, she could feel Maureen's hot breath close to her lips. Deanna kept her eyes closed and anticipated the heat of Maureen's moist, full lips. One hand trailed around her waist, while the other touched her breast. Then Deanna felt the first soft touch of Maureen's lips. As they gently brushed hers. The warm breath of Maureen against her. The smoothness of Maureen's caressing lips. Deanna felt as if her spirit was flowing into the depths of Maureen. Deanna reached to pull Maureen closer to her.

She felt Maureen's arms hold her tight. Around her waist as Maureen wrapped around her neck. Deanna immediately felt the warm, soothing feeling of Maureen. And as if Maureen knew Deanna's thoughts, she heard her gentle whisper... "I could love you like this forever."

And Deanna's heart, and soul was soothed beyond her being.

Deanna reached into Maureen's face with her hand. And for a moment. She allowed her eyes to show the feelings of her desires. The thought the feel. Of the longing Deanna had for Maureen.

As she placed her lips to Maureen's, absorbed in her passions. Deanna gently pulled at them with the deep suction of hers. Deanna felt Maureen's hands, move up her back and pulling her tighter. Their tongues began to intertwine, as if longing for the touch of the other. Deanna caught Maureen's tongue between her lips and sucked it, deep into her mouth.

Deanna needed Maureen with everything that she was. Deanna's body cried for Maureen and begged to feel her touch forever. Deanna felt Maureen's lower her burning body to her bed. She felt Maureen's elegant nakedness above her, which sent flaming of waves that overpowered Deanna's body. She embraced Maureen's upper body with her arms. Then Maureen's face went to her neck nuzzling and kissing with a hot devoted love. Deanna's breathe became labored with passion.

Deanna's sighed "Mmmmm."

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