Flirty Fishing

by Dick Coxxx

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Desc: Sex Story: A pretty blonde wife is seduced into joining a religious sex cult. Her initiation rite is with a powerful black man.

The school year was finally coming to an end for Miriam Smith and she looked forward to it. The pretty blonde wife taught English at the local high school where she enjoyed making a difference in young people's lives. Miriam frequently had lunch in the school cafeteria with one of the pretty French teachers, Erica White.

If there ever was a 'flower child, ' the description would fit Erica to a tee. While she grew up in the fast lane of the eighties, she could have easily fit into the free-loving hippie-lifestyle of the sixties and early seventies. As a matter of fact, Erica's parents had been some of the early members of the 'Children of God' religious sect that was very popular world-wide back then. The membership had dwindled in recent years but, as Erica told Miriam, there is a renewed resurgence as of late.

As Erica spoke, Miriam became interested as she had always felt that she was on a quest for inner peace and well-being. Erica and her husband, Edward, invited Miriam and her husband, Maurice, to attend a spiritual meeting on a Saturday evening just before school let out for the summer. Maurice wasn't exactly very excited about going to another 'church' meeting but he remembered meeting the pretty blonde French teacher at one of the faculty and spouse get-togethers earlier in the school year.

It struck Maurice just how attractive Erica was and what a striking younger resemblance she was to his own wife. Erica was thirty while Miriam recently turned thirty-five. His wife was certainly no slouch in the looks and figure department and she had an excellent sense of humor as well. Miriam's smile could light up even his darkest days after coming home late in the evening from a long, tiring day at the office. Maurice had been struggling recently with his increased sales quotas and it seemed like he was working all the time. He knew that his lovely wife was still very attractive and seemed to be the center of attention wherever she was. She and Erica were the 'darlings' of the Language Department at the high school.

Begrudgingly, Maurice agreed to attend the meeting with his wife. His eyes lit up, however, when he saw the beautiful French teacher, Erica. Maurice could feel her invitingly-warm body rub up against his as she gave him a great big passionate hug.

"I love you, Jesus loves you," she whispered in his ear. His previously hardened dick began to go soft at her greeting reference to Jesus. The Devil had been closer to his mind just moments before.

There were about fifteen or sixteen couples at the meeting. They were all about the same age as Miriam and Maurice. Erica played the guitar and sang with a couple of the others. It was hard for Maurice to keep his eyes off of the beautiful Erica. He thought that he might even go to Hell because of his very wicked thoughts of her during the church service of her lying naked against his body.

It seemed that Miriam got into the singing and even knew the words to several of the songs. Erica waved her friend up on the stage to sing with them. At first, Miriam was shy and bashful but she really did have a very sweet voice and she loved to sing. Miriam and Erica made quite the great sounding duet together. They looked like they could have been sisters. They were only five years apart in age with Miriam being the older 'sister.'

In the end, even Maurice enjoyed the meeting, even though there was a lot of praying. On occasion, people would even shout out, "Praise the Lord."

It appeared that Erica's husband was the leader of the group. He told them about a new Children of God family that was getting started in the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten. Maurice and Miriam both knew about St Maarten as they had been planning a vacation trip there a couple of years ago but it turned out to be too expensive for them at that time. They ended up going on a short cruise to the Grand Bahamas instead.

Edward told the group that the family would be an off-shoot of one of the larger families in France. He also said that they were looking at recruiting several new members to help get the family started there. St Maarten is actually two countries in one tiny island, he went on to tell them. Half of the small island was French and the other half was Dutch. French was the designated language to be spoken there as the family that was coming over from France was, guess what? French. Miriam was intrigued with the idea. It would be her summer break from teaching school soon and she felt that she needed to do something to help find her inner well being. French was fine with Miriam as she had taken three years of French in high school and could speak it rather well.

Maurice and Miriam talked it over about their going to St Maarten with the local group from the Children of God. He knew his wife was excited about the idea but Maurice only had a week of vacation, and lord knows, he desperately needed the money. They agreed that he would go ahead and take his one week of vacation the first of June and accompany Miriam to St Maarten. That was a fairly easy decision for him as he knew that Erica would be going as well. Maurice definitely wanted to see more of Erica.

They packed and traveled together to St Maarten over the Memorial Day weekend. Winter is the high tourist season in that warm, sunny Caribbean so they didn't have any problem getting airline reservations at the start of the hot summer time. The airfare was substantially cheaper than when they previously had looked at going over Christmas that one year.

The girls laughed and talked the whole trip. While Maurice wasn't good friends with Edward, the two husbands seem to also get along nicely. One of those colorful 'jitneys' picked them up at the airport. It was essentially a jeep with an enlarged seating area under a brightly-colored canvas top with a fringe ringing the edge.

The family bought and old nudist colony near Baie le Orientale, which in English is 'Orient Bay.' There were a number of quaint, meaning old and dilapidated, cottages and Maurice and Miriam were to share one with Edward and Erica. Their cottage was a small two-bedroom bungalow with a small kitchen and an even smaller bathroom. It was thought that one could bathe in the warm saltwater bay and rinse off the salt with fresh water at the shower down by the sandy beach. It was already getting late so they all said their 'good nights.'

The walls were thin. Maurice could hear the other couple in their tiny bedroom making love as Erica was quite vocal in her lovemaking. Maurice's dick got hard thinking about her. He was tempted to wake his wife and ask her for sex because he was so horny. In the end, he just dreamt that it was he between Erica's thighs instead of her own husband. Maurice had not had a wet dream since his junior high school days but he had one that night.

The next day started early. There was a lot of work to do. After a communal breakfast, the men got together and started organizing work crews. The women had cleaning as well as other chores. After lunch, there was a prayer meeting where scriptures were read and memorized. Maurice didn't understand French so Miriam translated for him. During the hottest part of the day, they were able to go swimming in the ocean. It was just too hot in the un-air conditioned cottages for anyone to sleep or rest.

Maurice enjoyed seeing his wife and Erica frolicking in the surf. When her friend pulled off her bikini top, Miriam followed suit. It looked like Maurice was really going to enjoy this much needed vacation.

There were now about twenty couples at the commune. It looked to Maurice like it could have been a 'flower power' reunion of the thirty and forty-somethings. There were even a few younger American couples who had recently joined the group. At the prayer meeting after dinner that night, Edward got up and spoke about the 'One Wife' concept that was one of the guiding principles of the Children of God. Of course he spoke in French. Miriam translated for her husband.

"The concept of 'One Wife' is one of the basic guiding principles of our group," Edward said in French. "We love each other so much because Jesus loved us so. It is taught that we share each other's bodies as Christ loved us."

Edward talked for another fifteen or twenty minutes but he sure did get Maurice's attention.

"Tonight," continued Edward. "We will share our earthly bodies with each other and with our cabin mates. Our spiritual bodies will be in Heaven expressing the love that God shares with Mankind!"

Miriam easily translated that for her husband but it was clear that she didn't understand what was just said. Erica came over to Maurice and took him by the hand. Maurice couldn't believe it when he saw the others being paired up. He looked back and saw that Edward was talking to Miriam. Maurice saw that his lovely wife was stunned by the directions that the leader had just given. Miriam had never been with another man before besides her husband. Erica led Maurice back to their cottage and took him into her room.

While Maurice had sown plenty of his wild oats in college, Miriam had saved herself for her husband and was still a virgin on their blissful wedding night. Everything that Miriam knew about sex, she had learned from her own husband, her only lover. That would soon change.

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