It Was Another Awful Day At The Office

by Katinka

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Cheating, MaleDom, Light Bond, Interracial, Anal Sex, Needles, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: It was hot, it was busy and I needed to blow off steam. Pity that hubby had to leave on a business trip. Maybe I would meet someone nice in the bar?

It was another awful Friday at the office. The phone was ringing off the hook all day and my normal routine was interrupted so many times that I had not finished work until well after seven pm. I had had it. I left the office last and closed the door behind me with my key. First and last at the office. It wasn't the first time. God I hate this job. I need to blow off steam.

My husband of five years, Dave had left this morning for two weeks of business visits. He calls it business anyway, but always when he had to go to Chicago he was in a better than normal mood and he packed his finest clothes. I think he fucks some hot bimbo up there. Well at least he always comes home horny and we fuck like bunnies all weekend, the whole weekend. Just thinking about his nine incher has me sopping wet instantly and the itch in my pussy starts getting me hot.

I decided that one drink in the local water hole couldn't hurt. There was nobody waiting for me at home after all. After two short lasting caipirinha's I decided for a longer lasting beer to quench my thirst and I took my time looking around the bar for the first time. In the back I could see a bunch of well dressed boys, posing as men, boasting about huge deals they had closed and hot girls laughing silly and getting wet underwear of admiration for these yuppies. I guessed some pussies would get filled PDQ if these boys know what they were doing.

There were some older men having a nice beer after a round of golf. You can always tell a golf player by the checkered pants that they wear and the lines never match at their bottoms.

At the end of the bar I saw a large pitchblack guy in a leather jacket. Really large bald guy he was. A gold hoop dangling from his left ear. He looked at me intensely. I lifted my glass recognising his stare. He looked away.

"Barkeep. Give the guy at the end of the bar a drink on me." I told the old guy behind the bar. I don't know what came over me. I never did this kind of stuff.

He goes over to the guy, but comes back to me without pouring a drink.

"He says he don't do single women. Sorry doll," the barkeep says.

"Tell him I am not single, just alone," I say again.

The black giant came over with his fresh beer. He asked for proof and I showed him my rings. Then he showed me his: a one inch brass seal ring with Barney Rubble on it. Of the Flintstones. He tells me his name is Barney. Suddenly the ring did not look childish any more.

We started talking. Then he undid his jacket all the way and took it off. He was wearing a halter top shirt and I could see his muscles bunching around his torso and arms. I could see he is covered in tattoos. It is his business. He told me he is a "needle artist". Well I never felt the need to be needled myself, but it is looking great on him. He complimented me on my fair skin. Well I am a redhead and we have alabaster skin by nature. So I can't deny it. He told me he would love to use my skin as his canvas. I told him that I never felt the need to be needled myself. He asked me if I had truly never imagined a nipple ring on my 34C tits, no lovers name on my shoulder, no piercing in my belly. I told him I still didn't feel the need to be needled.

But my pussy was soaking wet. The guy was getting to me without doing anything. He dominated me by being there. We were still at the bar and we got closer and closer. He told me of his last project "opposites attract" where he photographed people in his needle shop. Fat and skinny, tall and short, large below and large on top. He had them all in the same picture. He just kissed me. I just let him. His tongue invaded my mouth and I return his spit and add mine to it. I felt his tongue piercing.

Then his hand wandered down and grabbed my ass. I was his. It was his ass. His hand wandered under my skirt. Touching my thong.

"I don't do underwear. Go to the ladies room and take off the bra and panties."

So I went and took off the bra and panties. I delivered my sodden thong in his upturned hand and the sheer black bra on top. He checks my bare pussy in the middle of the bar. I am sodden. His middle finger disappears inside me and comes back dripping wet.

"I don't do chicks at my place. We go to yours."

I never cheated on my husband before. In fact he was the only man that had fucked me, ever. Barney was indisputable. We went. I would be fucked by another man. Of this I was sure and as I already had surrendered to the fact I was looking forward to it.

On the back of his big bike my short skirt flew up and I was sitting there in my naked pussy flapping in the wind, my long red hair trailing us like a flag. Behind his broad back we flew to my house and I lit some candles and pulled out some beers. But Barney took me to the shower and undressed me. There was not much to undress anymore and soon I was butt naked.


I got into the shower and got wet.

After some five minutes he stuck his hand into the stall and gave me my shaving gear that I use for my armpits.

"I don't do hairy pussy. Take it off. All of it."

I started lathering up my cunt without even thinking of telling him no. I only once shaved my pussy, but it itched and the hairs grew in. Dave almost begged I kept shaving, but I never did. This I could sell to him. So it went. All of it.

Barney joined me in the shower. He surprised me with his smooth cock and balls. Not one hair in sight and skin as soft as velvet. And a huge cock hard as steel. Huge. Pitch black. Smooth. Pierced through the head!

We kissed and things heated up fast in the shower. Barney checked my shaving skills. He grunted when he felt some hairs on my arse, soon they were gone too.

Then he picked me up, threw me over his shoulder and dragged me to my wedding bed where he threw me on my back, still wet. I saw that he had taken the beers and the candles to the bedroom. There was a camera to the side of the bed on a tripod. He grabbed his saddle bag and took out some ointment that he applied to cunt and ass thinly.

"I don't like second rate. You agree we match?"

Oh yeah did we ever. Him black, me lily white. Him curly hair, me straight as an arrow. Him hard as a rock, me wet as a two bit whore. I shook 'yes' with all my might. I would have agreed with anything he said. I didn't even know what he was talking about.

He grabbed my tits in his huge black hands, moulding the flesh between his fingers and pinching my super excited nipples. He pulled my nipples out from my chest until I was aching with pleasure. He sat himself on my chest, pinning my arms with his knees. He lodged his huge cock between my tits which he pushed together with his hands. Then he titfucked me. It was the first time that any man, well Dave would have been the only possibility, did that to me. I would have thought it was gross, now I loved it. The head of his huge cock touched my chin. His ring tapped my lips. I almost opened up my mouth for him.

Then he made sure his thighs kept up pressure, so his hands would be free. He pulled his saddle bag nearer to him. When the bag opened again he took out some strange pliers and other stuff wrapped and sealed in paper.

He looked at me, tapping my lips with his finger.


I still didn't get it: I opened wide. He grabbed my tongue with the pliers, pulled it out and assessed the bottom of my tongue fast, looking for veins and the most forward tip of the frenum to decide on placement. Then he flipped the tongue, took the pliers and positioned the tongs on my tongue top and bottom, capturing my flesh. He took the needle out of the sealed package. I started struggling and protesting, but he had me firmly and the needle was placed with a lot of experience. It was quickly pushed through the tongue, followed by the barbell with the large black and yellow ball on top. He clicked a ball irremovably on the bottom. It said 'whore' in bright yellow letters on the black background.

Then he turned around unpinning my struggling arms but still immobilizing my frail body. He touched the top of my cunt and I had a bright moment: he needed a match there too. I screamed and banged his back with my fists, but he took no notice. The only thing I could hope for was that it would be a place that would not hurt or be too obvious. I had no such luck. It was both: the actual clit itself. A large, thick surgical steel ring, irremovably clicked into place, through the clit, hurting like hell and shining like a Swarovsky crystal. It was the same size he had on his cock. It looked in proportion on his large cock head. It looked huge on my small cunt.

He pushed me off the bed on my knees between his legs. My hair was securely in his hand. I was still crying with pain and humiliation.

"Suck this."

I only ever sucked Dave once or twice and even then always with a condom. I thought it was disgusting swallowing dick and drinking cum. With Barney I opened my mouth, showing him his mark on my tongue just before my lips closed around his girth.

He taught me how to suck cock and he was not easily satisfied. After 30 minutes I knew everything about cock sucking. The kissing of the head, the licking of the rod up and down, the sucking of the balls, the almost deepthroating, the almost cumming and the teasing and the full cum in the mouth. I dare not swallow until I showed him my filled mouth and swirled it around for some minutes, tasting it. I was putty in his hands and did everything he ordered me to.

He made me wash the ointment residue of pussy and ass. I had creamed a lot and I saw a small drop of blood coming from my clit ring. Fuck, I, Robin, had a clit ring! The girls in the office would go crazy if they knew. Then he ordered me to lie back on the bed. He taught me how a real man licks pussy with the aid of a tongue ring and a still sore clit piercing and a very agile tongue. In his half hour I came 3 times at least.

Then he made himself ready to mount me. I grabbed a condom from my night stand drawer.

"Please wear this. I am not protected."

He slapped the wobbly condom out of my hands.

"I don't do rubbers"

He ploughed inside with his 11 inch black cock, hard as steel, sinking it in one go. He was huge. My poor pussy was not used to big black cock but adjusted to the girth.

"You will pull out, won't you? Don't cum inside me. You will pull out, right?"

I didn't see confirmation, but to be honest I didn't see anything anymore. I closed my eyes when the first cum was there and I came and came and came. His big negro lips was sucking my pink nipples while his big hands mauled my tits. All the while he hammered his cock inside me with alternating long and short strokes. Always feeling my needs and fulfilling them. I had never fucked like this before. It was the fuck of my lifetime.

I felt his cock getting more rigid and through the fog I saw his face. I knew what was coming. I had been sort of expecting it, knowing what kind of a man he was.

He came. And came and came. Hot spurts of black semen were travelling up my cunt to the womb.

"NOOOO!! Not inside, not inside."

It was too little too late. Barney collapsed his body onto mine.

"I don't pull out"

My period had ended one week before so this was not a good time to be sprayed with cum. I decided not to worry too much about this and visit the doctor tomorrow for the morning after pill. Also I had to remove the two piercings. I felt confident that I could explain my bare pussy to my husband, but not a tongue piercing, let alone a clit ring.

With his softening cock still in my hole we softly fell asleep.

I woke again in the middle of the night. Barney was rummaging around and doing stuff. I wanted to sit up and see what he was doing. That's when I noticed that my legs and arms were bound to the bed by nylons and I was positioned spread eagle on my back.

"What's going on? What are you doing? Untie me!" I started to yell over and over again. Barney looked at me once then collected my thong that I gave him earlier that night in the bar and stuffed it in my mouth securing it loosely with a stocking that he must have found in my drawer. Then he proceeded with his preparations of some kind.

I was very much distraught while I watched Barney setting up his stuff from his bag. I saw small vials with some kind of liquid. Then he took out a gas burner and lastly he pulled out a tattoo gun that he plugged in.

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