The Adventures Of Juicy Jayne - Part 1 - In Which We Meet Juicy


Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, BDSM, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: We meet Juicy Jayne for the first time, and we discover what a naughty little girl she is.

I wrote this story after a fan contacted me, complimenting me on one of my stories. She told me how much she enjoyed cumming to it, well and often, and we got to chatting. After hearing some of the details of her life and of her fantasies, the perverse author in me couldn't help but write up a little fantasy for her. Only she knows how much of this is true and how much is fantasy. Enjoy.

This story contains unsafe, non-consensual sex. That is because this is a fantasy. The characters in the story do not worry about getting pregnant or diseases, because they are aware of the fact that they are just characters in a story. If you are not aware of the fact that you are not fictional, and that these are inappropriate behaviours for real people, than you are either too young or too stupid to read this story, so please go away.

You're sitting in your chair. You're wearing a white button down shirt and nothing else. The bra is gone. The knickers are gone. You had to take them off, because you knew one of your favourite authors had posted a new story, something about a horny, slutty Brit who loves taking it up the ass. You just know that you'll be able to put yourself in her shoes. Well, she probably won't be wearing shoes. She probably won't be wearing much of anything. But still, you know you'd want to be filled with as many cocks as she.

You sit in your chair, your vibrator and dildo at the ready. You glance out the window. You always like leaving the shades up... it excites you to wonder who will walk by and realize what you are doing. Will it be the local Reverend? The paperboy? That hot, slutty girl who moved in down the street?

What you don't realize is that tonight, it will be me.

You bring up the story and start pulling at your nipple when I walk by. I don't know what it is, maybe a movement, maybe a noise, but something catches my attention and I glance your way. Now my attention is fully engaged.

I can't see everything. I can see your bare leg, thrown over the arm of the chair. The way that your shirt falls around you indicates to me that it is unbuttoned. And the movements of your arm are clear. You are being a dirty little girl.

I stand watching for a few more minutes, watching you get more and more into what you read on the computer screen, watching your hand slip down between your legs. I decide that you need it.

I walk to your front door and find it unlocked. I quietly open it and slip in, locking it behind me. I creep through the flat and stand at your bedroom door. I look all around, taking everything in. I hear the panting, the slight squishing sounds of your fingers in your dirty cunt. I smell your sex. Oh, you are a nasty, juicy little girl.

I look away from you, and around the rest of the room. At your feet on the floor is a quilt. Spread out on the quilt are a number of interesting items. A dildo, a butt plug, nipple clamps and a few pieces of rope. Oh, you are really planning on being a nasty, juicy, perverse little slut!

It must be a really good story that you are reading, because I can hear you getting closer. But I can't allow that. A nasty twat like you doesn't deserve to get herself off; you should only get off serving the cocks of your betters.

I walk up behind you, quietly, though as far gone as you are, I can stamp around and you won't notice. In one quick move, I have you on the floor, my body covering yours. You shriek in surprise. You are stunned momentarily, giving me the chance to quickly wrap the rope you have so thoughtfully provided around your wrists behind your back. Then I press the length of my body onto your back, and whisper in your ear.

"Don't make any noise, you dirty little girl."

You whimper.

"I saw what you were doing. Didn't your mother ever tell you that it's evil to masturbate?"

You moan, but nod your head a bit.

"Didn't she say that bad things happen to nasty little girls that play with themselves?"

Another whimper. Another nod.

"Well, you nasty little cunt, I'm the bad thing that happens to dirty little girls. Fight me all you want, but you're going to get your punishment."

You struggle briefly, but I am not going anywhere. I can feel your body relax, defeated. You know that I am going to have my way with you, and there is nothing that you can do. You know that I caught you, red handed. You know that you are a naughty, naughty girl, and you deserve the punishment that you are going to get.

I sit up and flip you over, so that you are face up, your hands tied uncomfortably behind you. I sit on your thighs and dip my finger into your pussy.

"My, you do have a juicy, juicy cunt, don't you?"

You look at me in fear, not responding. A quick slap across your face fixes that.

"Yes, Sir," you whisper.

"Yes, Sir, what?" I ask.

"Yes, Sir, I have a dirty, juicy cunt."

I hadn't mentioned dirty. I love uptight parents.

I reach down and pick up your nipple clamps. Without preparation, I clip one on each nipple. You gasp. You gasp harder when I tighten the screws two turns. You yelp when I tighten them one more.

I reach for the rope when I see a bag at the foot of the desk. I pull it over and open it up. It must be your sex toy bag, because there is another vibrator and butt plug in it. And, surprise, surprise, there is a nubuck flogger with a wooden handle and a short rattan cane. I hold the flogger and cane up so that you can see, but you just lower your eyes, a blush rushing to your face.

I lay down on top of you, putting my face near yours, hearing you moan as my chest pushes the clips into your tits.

"It looks like you're all ready to be punished, doesn't it."

When you don't answer, another turn on the clamps elicits a response.

"Yes, Sir, I'm ready to be punished."

"I was going to treat you a little badly and have my way with you, but now..."

You look frightened, and then I get up and flip you over. Another gasp as the clips hit the floor. My pants hit the floor moments later. I pull you by your hips - back and up, and I ram my cock into your pussy. You gasp, but that isn't my final destination. Bad girls get fucked in the pussy. Nasty, perverted ones like the juicy one on the floor in front of me don't deserve that. I pull out, and with nothing but the moisture of your pussy on my cock, I shove it deep in your arsehole. That gets more than a whimper.

Your shriek is loud, but not out of character for a good romp in the sack. And that is what I am going to be having. I pull partly out, and then quickly started pumping you hard. You settle down to gasp on every down thrust. I push you forward so that you are flat on the floor, your hands trapped between us. I reach under you and pull gently on the chain between the clamps while I continue to thrust. The entire time I am taking your ass, I am whispering sweet nothings in your ear. Well, sweet nothings for me, describing what a dirty, skanky whore you are, useful for little more than a cum depository.

I am getting ready to cum, when I notice something interesting. Your rate of breathing is increasing, as are your moans.

"If I didn't know better, I'd think you were about to cum," I say, punctuating it with some vicious thrusts.

You shake your head.

"Could you really be that nasty of a slut? Could you really be the type of girl that cums when her ass is being taken by a complete stranger? Could you really be so slutty, so easy, so nasty, that you'd cum without anything touching your pussy? Does your pussy really get that juicy just from having a bad man punishing your ass?"

That does it for you. You wail piteously, embarrassed, ashamed, humiliated, as you so clearly cum for me. Cum on my cock pounding your ass. Cum so hard that your ass pinches off my cock, enabling me to hold off from cumming.

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