Valerie's Thing

by Just Plain Bob

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Desc: Sex Story: Just a way to thank the boys for showing her a good time.

Things had not been going well between me and my wife Valerie. It had been a little over a month since we had made love or even snuggled up together in our bed. Our daily interaction toward each other was cool and I didn't see an end to the situation in sight.

The problem was that we were both hard headed and neither of us was going to be the one to give in. I wasn't going to give in because I wasn't in the wrong. What had happened wasn't my fault and Valerie knew it, but she'd had one too many Screwdrivers and it had made her stupid and she had done something stupid. I caught her at it and then she said she was just getting even with me so in effect it was my fault. I wasn't buying it and I called her a fucking slut and now we weren't talking.

It had been a Saturday and we were at Rosie's Roadhouse. We were sharing a table with a bunch of friends, actually it was three tables pushed together, and we were all having a pretty good time. There were eleven of us at the table and we were all pretty good friends and had been for years. Valerie and I had partied with most of them since high school so it wasn't any big thing when Valerie danced with Joe, or Bill or Donnie or any one of a half dozen others. And it didn't mean beans when I danced with Becky, Tina or any of the other wives or girl friends. But for some reason, which I still don't understand, Valerie got pissed when I danced with Donna Sue.

I have no idea why. I've danced with Donna Sue at least a hundred times since we graduated high school and Valerie has danced with Donna Sue's husband at least that many times, but for some reason my dancing with Donna Sue on that Saturday night pissed off Valerie. I wasn't holding her any closer than I normally did, my hands didn't wander to any place they shouldn't have, but something got to Valerie and it pissed her off, or at least that is the excuse she used.

I had no idea how long she had been gone from the table before I noticed, but a half-hour from the time I noticed she still wasn't back to the table so I got up and went looking for her. I looked all over the place and couldn't find her. I even had someone go into the women's bathroom and see if she was there. I went outside and looked around to see if she was getting some fresh air, but I didn't see anything. I had turned and was headed back inside when I heard a noise from the rear of the parking lot — the far, dark corner — and I decided to check it out.

Not knowing what was going on and not wanting to butt in and ruin somebody's fun I circled wide around the parking lot so I could come up behind them. That way I wouldn't be backlit by the lights from Rosie's parking lot and I wouldn't be seen. If what was happening was none of my business I could turn and leave and they would never even know I had been there.

It turns out that it was my business. Valerie was leaning back against a car with her sweater up around her neck, her bra hanging loose and Ronnie Wilkins was sucking on her tits. Ronnie's cock was out of his pants and Valerie had it in her right hand and she was jacking him off. I was half tempted to go back into the bar and get Ronnie's wife Bev and bring her out to see what was going on, but the two of them might be finished before I could get back and so I just stood there and watched. I wanted very much to go charging up to them and pound Ronnie into mush, but the desire for information overcame my anger.

In the ten years that Valerie and I had been married I had never had any reason to suspect her of being anything other than faithful, but hey, what is it they always say, the husband is always the last to know?

Ronnie was chewing away on Valerie's right tit and trying hard to get her pants down and Valerie was using her left hand to push his hands away.

"Come on Val, just give me a taste. I just know you have to have the sweetest pussy in town. Just a taste babe, please?"

"If you don't keep your hands above my waist Ronnie Wilkins I'll have to take my right hand away from what it's doing so I can use both hands to keep your hands away from where I don't want them."

"Come on Val, you let other guys."

"Do you want what you are getting or not?"

"Oh all right, but I really want to fuck you Val."

"Sorry Ronnie, but my husband wouldn't like that."

"What, you think he'd like you jacking me off?"

"He'll never know I jacked you off. I sure won't tell him, will you?"

"No, but I wouldn't tell him I fucked you either."

"You wouldn't have to; he would know as soon as we got home and he slid his cock into sloppy seconds."

"What did he say when he slid into you after Dean, Sam and Donnie?"

"He never did."

"Yeah, but only because he was out of town."

"Do you want me to finish what I'm doing Ronnie?"

"Of course I do."

"Then shut up."

Ronnie went back to working on Val's tits and after another minute or so she said, "Tell me when you're going to shoot Ronnie, I don't want any on my clothes."

Another minute went by and then Ronnie said, "I'm gonna cum Val, I'm gonna cum" and Valerie pointed his cock in my general direction and finished him off. As she and Ronnie got their clothes arranged I hurried back to Rosie's and was sitting at the table when Val came in and sat down. I pretended not to notice she'd been gone and a half-hour later they gave last call and the party started breaking up.

As I pulled out of Rosie's parking lot I asked, "What am I going to find when we get home?"

"What do you mean by that? What would you expect to find?"

"Did Ronnie leave a love bite on your tits. Anything on your hands or did you wash then after you jacked him off?"

"I don't have a clue what you are talking about."

"No matter. I'll go see Ronnie tomorrow and when I pick him up with both hands around his throat and shake him like a dog shakes off water he'll tell me all I want to know and probably a lot more that I'd just as soon not know."

There was a good five minutes of silence and then Valerie said, "Okay, Ronnie and I fooled around a little in the parking lot. I was mad at you over the way you and that whore Bonnie Sue were acting out there on the dance floor and I felt the need to get even with you."

"Fooled around a little? He had your bra off, was sucking your tits and you were working on his cock with your hand. That's what you call a "little fooling around?" And, near as I remember Bonnie Sue and I had all of our clothes on the whole time we were on the dance floor and she never had her tits in my mouth or my dick in her hand."

"Okay, okay, I had a bit too much to drink and I let things go farther than I should have, but it never would have happened if you and Bonnie Sue had behaved yourselves out there on the dance floor."

"Bullshit Valerie! We didn't dance any different than we have any other time we have been at a party. Besides, I watched what you did and it looked like something that you've done before. You want to tell me about the others Ronnie was talking about? What was it he said, "Come on Val, you let other guys." How about the part where I never got sloppy seconds after Dean, Sam and Donnie because I was out of town?"

"Oh come on Harv, you can't possibly believe that shit."

"Why not? Until tonight I never would have believed that you would do what I saw you doing to Ronnie so believing that you have done a lot more at other times is no great stretch."

"You know those boys Harv and you know that they are loud mouthed braggarts. Every one of them has wanted to fuck me since the eight grade and they keep trying and they probably say that they got me and Ronnie believed them."

"Maybe Valerie, but then again maybe not; all I know is that I saw you be a slut tonight and any trust that I had in you is gone."

The rest of the ride home was silent. When we got home and got in bed Valerie tried to snuggle up next to me and I moved away from her. She reached over to take my cock and I grabbed her wrist and stopped her.

"Come on baby; so I was a little bad tonight, so what? I love you and you know it, so come on, be nice."

"I can't believe that you have the fucking gall to reach for my cock with the same hand you used to jack off Ronnie Wilkins less than an hour ago."

Valerie giggled, "Okay baby, I'll use my left hand."

"You think it's funny you fucking slut? Well I don't! Keep your fucking hands to yourself."

That pretty much set the tone for the next six weeks.

I wasn't about to get over what Valerie had done, at least not anytime soon, and maybe not ever. I did have a burning curiosity about the things that I'd heard said, especially the "You let others" and the part about Dean, Sam and Donnie and I set out to find out more.

First stop was Duke's Bar and Grill, which is were you could usually find Ronnie when he got off work. I slid onto the barstool next to him and cut right to the chase.

"I know what you and Valerie did last night at Rosie's and I'm willing to forget about it if A, it never happens again and B, you truthfully answer a few questions. The alternative to not going along with A and B is pain, lots and lots of pain."

Ronnie spilled his guts and it turns out that all he knew was what he had heard from others. What I did get were a few names. Ben had told him that Charlie had overheard Dean telling Harry that Valerie was the hottest piece of ass he'd ever had. He had mentioned hearing that to Sam and Donnie and they both had said, "Yeah, we know." Ronnie took that to mean that they had drilled Valerie also, but he admitted that they could have been saying that yeah, they had heard about what Dean had told Harry."

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