Mollie's Room

by Lisa Peacock

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Interracial, Safe Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My debts just kept on mounting... no matter how I tried, I owed more at the end of each payment than I did before. Then my friend Sara suggested a way out that horrified me

My financial situation was getting worse... not better. No matter how I tried I could not climb over the mountain of debt that was accumulating. I had a good day job and also a night job... but with both combined wages it still seemed impossible to clear the debt.

I'd been totally stupid in taking a loan from a less than reputable loan shark. I paid him every cent I earned but when I looked at the balance owing it was bigger than the week before.

Husband Greg was at sea most of the time and I didn't want to burden him with a problem I had created and was my responsibility and not his.

I confided in my friend Sara that I had this problem... financially that is.

She took a sip of her coffee, contemplating as to whether she should tell me what she wanted to tell me. Then putting the cup down turned to me and said.

"Well... you have something between your legs that could earn you money... probably more than you will earn working for wages... how much do you owe?"

"Oh god you're not suggesting what I think you're suggesting are you and as it happens I owe them quite a sum" telling he the amount outstanding.

"Oh dear... that is quite a large sum isn't it... and yes I am suggesting you use it for that purpose"

"Good god I could never bring myself to do it... I am married, remember"

"Yes... and so am I" she replied.

"So what has that got to do with it... it's... it's me who you are suggesting... well you know what" I said, not wanting to use that word

"Prostitute... is that the word you're looking for, my dear"

"Yes... yes I am" I replied

"Well I'll let you into a little secret... I had to do it myself, like you, I was hard pushed for cash and I didn't want to tell Steve, I was told about a dear old woman, Molly Proctor... Molly let's you use a room of hers and supplies a client or two... but Molly doesn't refer to them as clients... they are gentlemen callers... or a gentleman friend, very much one of the old school is Molly"

I just looked at Sara open mouthed at what she had just told me.

"God... you're telling me you went with a guy... men and did it for money"

"Yes... that's what I'm saying sugar... I had no other options"

"What about Steve... I take it he doesn't know anything about it?"

"Good god no... don't you go saying anything... I'm only telling you a way to get more money that's all"

"Didn't you feel guilty about it all" I asked

"Of course I did... still do I guess... but I was desperate and as I said in the end it solved my problem... I must admit you're outstanding debt is much more than mine... I hope you can solve the problem"

We continued our talk and in the end she left. It had helped to share my problem, but it was a long way from solving it. Then it got worse... my nighttime job became redundant and my earnings were even less... that night I had a good cry... all was lost.

A week later saw no improvement, I searched the situations vacant for work, but to no avail. My debt was slowly mounting.

I lay in bed that night, unable to sleep, my mind going back to Sara's suggestion. Oh god could I do it... I mean with another guy... and for money... Sara had, she'd told me. It had solved her problems, but how did she feel about the whole affair then and now.

As we sat and sipped our coffee, I asked, "This Molly... Molly Proctor, what's she like?"

Sara looked at me over her cup, took a sip and replied. "Does this mean you want to meet her"

"I don't want to... but lord knows things are getting worse and I'm starting to fall apart"

I stared at me cup, contemplating my plight.

"So... do you want me to introduce you to her... it looks like things aren't going to get any better are they"

I looked up from my cup, gazed out the window and then back at Sara.

"What's this Mollie like?"

"She's a real sweetie really, more like a mother or aunt. She was on the game herself at one time, hell she well maybe still on it, must have been a real stunner in her day, a little matronly now, but still an attractive woman. So... do you want me to introduce you to her... it looks like things aren't going to get any better are they"

"No... no they aren't... getting worse in fact... it's... it's just the thought of doing it, I mean with another man... like that"

"If it's any consolation, I felt just the same... but it paid off all my debt and yes I still have pangs of guilt and remorse... but I don't owe all that money anymore... I've gotta tell you it's not easy"

I was silent for a while, still trying to find or think of another way to handle this... nothing came to mind.

"Ok... ok... you'd better organize it... when?" I asked

"I'll organize for you to meet her tomorrow... I'll phone you" she said.

I couldn't settle, tried reading, tried working in the garden... a little housework... watched TV, but my mind was on what I was about to do. There was no relief by sleeping; when I did sleep it was a nightmarish restless sleep that prevailed. When I eventually woke in the morning I felt like a wreck.

When the phone rang I nearly jumped out of my skin. I dropped it and picked it up again... my hands were shaking so bad.

"Hi Debbie... it's Sara"

"Oh hi Sara... er how is it going?" I asked

"God girl you sound terrible"

"Oh just nerves... I'll be fine"

"Well I'm on my way... I'll pick you up in half an hour... now please don't worry, everything is going to work out, you'll see" she said, then hung up.

I'd been dressed and ready for a while. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to dress like. Did I dress like a tart, mini skirt etc, or just dress normal. I decided just to dress somewhere between. A black skirt, above the knees and a matching blouse, buttoned, but leaving the top three buttons undone, allowing a little cleavage.

I listened but was not taking in what Sara was saying as we drove toward Mrs. Proctor's.

The car pulled up outside 23 Gibbons Place. It was an older two-story property, in an older part of the city. The houses were all well kept, gardens neat and tidy. They all had a pride in their homes. Gibbons Place had been around for quite few years, but it still faired well.

I stood beside Sara, waiting for Molly to answer the door.

Sara was right, she was a real homely, mother or aunt, and yes a bonny smiling face that just lit up.

"Sara my love... how are you" she said, giving her a big hug. "You're looking great lass... still get gentlemen friends of yours asking about you... if you ever want to come back"

"No... no Mollie, not me, but let me introduce you to my friend Debbie, I told her you may be able to help her as you helped me"

She turned her attention to me... looking me over, and then smiled... a warm comforting smile.

"Well my dear... I'm sure I can help you... you had any experience at this" she asked

I answered he with an indignant and emphatic no, I did not have any experience at it.

"Now dear it's all right, don't feel offended. Sara came to me without any experience... I just like to know so that I can help you... that's all" she said and then that smile.

How could anyone take offence at her, it was like having mum or your favorite aunt right there for you.

"I'm sorry if I sounded a little brusque"

"That's alright my love... Sara why don't you go and put the kettle on... I'll take Debbie up and show her the room... we'll all have a nice cuppa when I return"

I followed her up the stairs progress was slow. Mollie wasn't the nimble person she used to be and by the time we'd reached the top, her breathing was laboured.

"Phew... I'm not as fit as I used to be... don't get up here as often as I used to... through here my love" she said, opening the bedroom door and inviting me inside.

The bedroom was neat and tidy, just like Mollie. It contained the basics, a single bed, and a nightstand next to the bed, a chair, dresser and even a small TV. I also noticed a blue plastic waist paper basket beside the bed. What looked like new drapes tied back and sun filter curtains, covered the only window, which was open, and a slight breeze wafted through. The view overlooked the front street, a couple of next-door neighbors were chatting to each other.

"Well dear what do you think" she asked.

"Yes... yes very nice Molly"

"You'll be alright here love... I'll look after you... so don't you worry yourself none"

I slumped on the bed looking a little dejected and sobbed.

"Oh god Mollie... I wish I hadn't to do this... I don't know if I can"

"Hey love... I said not to fret so... I know if there was another way to earn the money fast, you would have already done so... how much do you owe?" she asked

I told her "Oh dear... that is a lot of money... well I'm going to get you through all this... just let me help... you'll be alright my love... you'll see"

I stopped sobbing and stood, dabbing my eyes with a tissue.

"Now my dear, when do you want to start... tomorrow night perhaps... is that ok?"

"Yes... yes, I guess the sooner we get on with it the better" I replied.

"Right... now let me see... what you should wear?" She eyed me up and down. "Well really love, you won't be wearing that much anyhow... may I suggest you dress as you are right now... no gaudy mini skirts... don't want to draw attention to yourself do we... now if I were you I'd wear some nice skimpy pants... black stockings and a suspender belt... black hi-heel shoes... men like that they do... doesn't matter about a bra... that comes off as well... another thing men like to see... bare breasts... they love to touch and play with them... in fact once your pants are off for the evening don't bother putting them back on... waist of time... there's a robe on the back of the door there, you can use that between gentlemen callers... just slip out of it when they arrive and you're all ready for them... condoms... get yourself some condoms... when you're gentleman has finished he can deposit it in that waist bin by the bed... bring them with you when you're finished for the night and flush them down the toilet... now, I think that's all... any questions love"

"Well what about clients... I mean how do I get them and how much should I charge?" I asked

"Now love they are gentlemen callers... not clients and don't worry I can organize them fro you... I'll charge them fifty dollars a short time... I keep half and the other half you get... it will be better money than working at the factory I can tell you that"

"And... how... many cli... gentlemen callers will I be required to attend to" I asked.

"Oh about five or six in the course of an evening... so that will be around $150 for the night... much better than the factory eh?" she said again

"Yes... yes" I agreed, it was, it would take almost a week to earn that sort of money.

"Now don't you worry my love... we'll soon have that debt paid off and you'll feel all the better for it... you'll get through this... mark my words"

Somehow I felt a little better already... although the thought of sex with another man still troubled me.

I took one last look around the bedroom then followed Mollie back to her kitchen.

The tea tasted good and between Sara and Mollie, I was feeling a little more confident. As we left Mollie again reassuring me all was going to turn out just swell.

"I told you... she's a real sweetie isn't she... you'll be just fine Debbie, at least you're in good hands.

I took some of my precious money next day and went shopping. I had most of what was required apart from condoms... god how was I going to buy them, maybe if I didn't use any... but the thought of catching some disease made me think hard and I went to the local store... picked out a few items of groceries and added the condoms to the list. I felt that the check out girl was eying me as she put the item through the till, I kept my head down and averted any eye contact with her... I paid for the goods and left... with a sigh of relief.

At seven thirty I drove out to 23 Gibbons Place. The evening was warm, with a slight breeze. Molly again greeted me enthusiastically and bade me to go up to the room and wait... my first gentleman caller would not be too long.

I disrobed, just leaving on black stockings, suspender belt and shoes. I took of my pants and bra as well. I could see no purpose in leaving them on, if the gent was only going to remove them. I put on the robe, which barely covered my lower half. In fact sitting on the bed I was showing all my assets. I took one of the condoms from my bag and tore open the cellophane wrapper, placing it in readiness on the bedside table. I stared at it for a while, looking at the little bubble at the end... the bubble would soon be filled with his sperm.

The breeze was blowing the lace curtain and I could hear the voices of neighbours. Then the sound of a car... then the door closing. I peeked out through the window... this must be him. He was about fifty, bald, a little chubby but not overly so, from here he looked like he had a two day growth on his chin. I sat back on the bed and waited. My heart and adrenalin were working overtime. I could feel the thumping in my chest... and then the doorbell, the slow shuffle of Molly as she made to let him in.

"Oh hello Frank... nice to see you again my love... come on in"

"Well you have a new girl working for you eh Mollie?" I heard him ask.

"Now Frank they don't work for me as you well know... I just provide the facility for them... that's all"

"Good is she?"

"Frank I only have good girls stop here as you know... no scrubbers... I don't allow scrubbers, I have a reputation to keep... now this is her first time... you are her first gentleman caller... so I'll want a little extra for her... let's say $60 instead of the usual $50... now that is worth it, is it not"

"Of course Molly... if you say so"

I heard him shuffle and count out the money. "There you are my dear... $60"

"Thank you Frank... you won't be disappointed... and remember you're her first"

Molly turned her attention up the stairs, shouting

"Debbie love... there's a gentleman caller here to see you... I'll send him up"

I knew she did not need me to reply. I just sat there, heart pounding, listening to his footsteps as he made his way up to the bedroom.

The door opened and in stepped Frank. I could now see him up close, yes bald, around fifty-five I guess, two days growth on his face. Nothing fashionable or flashy about his dress. Blue shirt, gray slacks and blue jacket.

"Hi honey... Debbie isn't it... I'm Frank" he said introducing himself, his gaze raking my body, trying to take in everything at once, seeing what he was getting for his money. His eyes staring at my thighs and between my legs. I realized the robe wasn't sufficiently closed to hide the one thing he desired most. I felt awkward; embarrassed and I tried to cover up.

"Ho... honey you are new to this aren't you... don't bother trying to hide it... I'm gona see it soon enough... then I'll be inside it" he said with a chuckle.

"Now come on love let me see it all... take off that robe"

I stood and let the robe fall to the ground, again his eyes stood out like organ stops as he took in the view.

"Oh my god" he said, his hand going to his crotch. "I gotta hard on already for you"

He had no need to tell me, I could see the bulge in his trousers.

"Now just you lay yourself on the bed sweetheart, spread them lovely long legs of yours nice and wide... let me see your pussy... then I'm gona fuck you... alright sweetheart?" he said.

"Yes... yes... that's fine" I replied, not wanting to annoy him by saying I preferred you didn't.

I lay on my back, knees bent, legs apart. As he undressed his gaze never wavered from staring at my pussy. I could see the lust in his eyes.

As he moved on to the bed, placing himself between my legs I said. "Here... here put this condom on"

He smiled and replied. "If you insist" took the condom and I watched as he rolled it on to his hard shaft. There was no doubting the size and hardness of his erection.

He smiled as he gazed down at me. "Ok love... take hold of it and guide me in". He hovered above me, waiting for me to take his erection and guide him in.

It felt hard, warm and throbbed. I could feel the condom and the rubber ring as I placed it right up close, ready for penetration. I closed my eyes; I didn't want to watch as he thrust into me. "Oh god" I thought... this is it... it's about to happen. "Oh god... oh my god" I cried as he entered me, my body went as stiff as a board and my hands clenched at the bedcover, his ass already moving up and down, forcing the shaft to move inside me.

"Yeah... you like that honey... you like a bit of Franks dick inside you eh?"

My cry hadn't been because his entry had excited me, but because I realized another man besides my husband Greg, was into me. I'd never been with another guy since Greg and I had married... now I really did feel guilty. I wanted it all to stop, wanted to wind back the clock and wished dearly I had not gone ahead with all of this. I was full of remorse and regret... but there was no way I could wind it all back... what was done was done... and at this very moment I was being fucked and Molly held the money for this action down stairs.

The bed shook and creaked as he thrust into me, again and again... whilst it had been only moments, it seemed to have gone on forever. "Oh god why doesn't he cum" I kept saying to myself... wanting it all to end as soon as possible. I tried not to look up at him, my gaze on the ceiling above. I just lay there taking it, feeling every inward thrust, felt my body moving in time with each of those thrust. I turned my head toward the window. Watched the lace curtain flutter in the breeze. The barking of a neighbour's dog. The laughter of two neighbours as they chatted over the fence. I wondered if they were aware of what was going on just above them... I doubted it. Then I returned my gaze back at Frank... he was smiling at me.

"You like that honey... you like old Frank fucking you eh?"

I smiled back. "Yeah Frank... it feels good... real good... I like you fucking me" I replied, knowing it was a lie, but hey if it made him feel good, what was a little lie.

"Yeah all the women like Frankie to fuck them... I'm good at it, aren't I"

"Yeah Frank... you're real good at it" I smiled and lied again. I just wanted it to end.

His body was fully on top of me now; his thrusts were becoming deeper, faster. "Oh yes... yes... yes" he kept repeating... then "God you're a good fuck lass" his mouth kissing my neck. His bristled chin scuffing my cheek, hot breath in my ear.

When I heard him shout and gasp, making a final hard thrust inside me, I knew it was over. Then silence, as he lay there not moving, his sperm filling the bubble of the condom.

"Oh god I needed that sweetheart... thanks" he said.

I really did not know what to say except... "Thanks you're welcome" and I gave him my best smile.

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