His Daughter's Wedding
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Anal Sex, Petting,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He sees his ex-wife, who cheated five years ago, at his daughter's wedding. How will he and his daughter react to her.

John looked around at the set up for his daughter's wedding. This was one of those happy/sad days. He wasn't sure if he should rejoice that his daughter was getting married, or cry because his daughter was getting married. He shook his head at his conflicting emotions. This was one of the things that made being a dad tough, especially a single dad like he had been for the last five years.

On top of that he knew that she would be there, for she wouldn't miss anything this big in her daughter's life. He wondered how he would feel, after not seeing her for two years. It was five years since the divorce, but they had seen each other here and there a couple of times. A total of four, he thought. Three of those meetings had been short, and none had been the time for either to see how the other person was doing.

He was glad that Darlinia had invited her, even though she wasn't supposed to be with the family. He thought it was a sign that Darlinia's anger at her mother was cooling off. She really did need to forgive her even if it was just for Darlinia's sake. That much anger wasn't good for her soul especially when she was beginning a marriage. And after all he was the one that had been publicly humiliated, not Darlinia.

That last had been by accident; he knew his ex-wife wouldn't have done something like on purpose. It had been the result of her foolishness and selfishness, but she hadn't meant for it to happen. He knew it pained her to think of what she did to him.

He stood there thinking, 'I still don't know how it got out, or why some people felt the need to send notes to me, to the newspaper and make comments on radio shows about me, but they did. I'm glad I forgave her years ago, even though I haven't had the chance to tell her. Darlinia though is another story.'

He sighed and continued his thoughts, 'I hope I don't have to come down hard on Darlinia tonight. It is her day after all, but Mary deserves to be treated like her mother.'

John looked around some more, watching the seats filling up in the church. His head turned as something he saw through the corner of his eye caught his attention. It was her joining the people waiting to be seated. She was wearing a very nice looking red and blue dress. It wasn't tight, and it ended righ aboe her knees, but at the same time it showed her figure was still good. Her hair was done nicely, just like she used to wear it for him.

On an impulse he hurried over to the young man serving as the head usher, the one that would lead certain family members to their seats. He hadn't thought of doing this before, but he felt it was something that should be done.

He whispered some instructions to the usher. John could tell from his facial expression that the young man wasn't sure about doing it, but he reminded the young man that John was the guy who was paying for the wedding. The guy finally nodded. John went back to his position of waiting for his daughter to come out.

He followed her with his eyes as the usher led her to her seat. He saw the surprise on her face when she saw where it was. She said something to the usher, probably saying that she didn't belong there, but the usher said something back, which was probably what John had told him to say. That she belonged there; she was the mother of the bride after all. Finally she nodded and sat down.

Turning to face the way his daughter was going to coming from, he waited. He felt those conflicting emotions again, and they were joined by a sense of forboding.(?) He knew he would have to have a quick word with her before she started down the aisle.

He turned to one of the ushers and motioned him over. Once he was in ear shot, he instructed him to go tell the pianist that the bride may be a bit late so he wanted her to play something jazzy, something with an upbeat tempo, but to keep an eye out for the bride. She was to stop wherever she was in the song when she saw Darlinia. The young man nodded and hurried off.

John watched him whisper to the pianist. Seconds later she started a new song with a faster beat.

Thirty seconds later his daughter came from around the corner. She frowned when she heard the song, then dismissed it as irrelevant to the situation. A few steps later she was close enough to peek into the church auditorium. She frowned deeper when she saw her mother seated in the front. John stepped closer to her so he could speak to her without anyone else hearing.

She spoke first, "Why is she sitting there?! Why did they put mother there?"

"Because I told them to."


"She is your mother; she deserves a place of honor."

"But she... !"

He interrupted her to save time, "I know what she did. I was there, remember?"

He said it gently, not in anger, and she calmed a bit, and asked, "But why?"

"She deserves it."

"But I don't want her there."

"I know," he said as gently as he could, "And I know why... This is your day, I don't want to get tough with you, But as I said she is your mother. She carried you for nine months, she gave birth to you, she wiped your nose and your bottom. She was there for all your events, even your dancing recitals after the divorce. She encouraged you, drove you where ever you needed to go, she even disciplined you when it was needed. She was and is a good mother. Even after the divorce and you told her to stay out of our life, she was there for you if you ever needed her; as I said, she went to your dancing recitals and cheered for you."

"If she's such good a mother, how could she do that to my father?"

"That is for her to say, but I have to insist that she stay there. I hate doing this to you especially today, but she deserves to be there. Besides you will have your back turned to her most of the service, and you will be thinking of your husband-to-be, not her."

She turned to look at his face. After seeing the look of compassion and determination on it, she relaxed in submission.

"Okay, daddy, for you she can stay."

It wasn't exactly what he wanted, but he accepted it.

He smiled and said, "Thank you... now let's go. Your fiancé is waiting and probably wondering if you changed your mind."

She shook her head at that thought and started forward. As soon as she stepped onto the threshold, the music changed to the wedding march. Everyone turned and looked toward the back, then stood.

The wedding went well, even though Darlinia's head moved slightly when, instead of saying "I give her away", he said "her mother and I give her away", but she kept her eyes on her fiancé.

After he sat back down his ex-wife took his hand kissed it, then bent over and whispered, "Thank you."

During the rest of the wedding his mind kept going back to his own wedding when he had married the woman sitting next to him. It had been so beautiful and exciting. They were so much in love, he shook his head at how it had ended. It had been mostly good up until then.

After it was spread around when the picture was in the papers - after the notes saying he must be a lousy lover and other notes telling him how to make love to woman to keep her and two people even sent him copies of the "Joy of Sex" while others sent Sex For Dummies - his friends had said he needed to divorce her as quickly as possible to save his reputation and business. In his pain, not so much because of the humiliation even though that had been painful, but because of what she had done and becaause of her lying to him, he had agreed.

He didn't know why she went to that orgy that night. She said it was the first time and would have been the only time. He thought he believed her, but he wasn't sure. He also didn't understand why everyone in town thought she had been there. She and her lover were in the background of the picture, and they had been full clothed. The main subjects of the picture had been the city fathers and a couple of city mothers caught at the orgy. Some were still naked, or only partially clothed.

The house was still burning in the background. It had been a large house, one of the fancier ones in town, but it had gone up rather fast. Some of the attendees, like his wife and her lover, had had time to grab their clothes and dress before the firemen and reporters showed up. Some escaped with just an article of clothing, or nothing. Among those were the important people that had made this orgy newsworthy.

She didn't fight the divorce. At first it looked like she was going to but, about the same time the notes started coming in, she said she wouldn't fight no matter what he wanted to do to her.

No matter how much he hurt he didn't want to cut her off from everything. He made sure there were no court orders to keep her away, and that she would get some alimony. Soon after it was final he heard that she was living alone and she got a job, on the outskirts of town where he would not run into her. That surprised him - not that she got a job, because the alimony wasn't enough for her to live on, but that someone would hire her. And that she was living alone. He thought she might move in with her lover, at least for a while.

It was right after the divorce that Darlinia let her, and everyone else, know that she hated her mother and wanted nothing more to do with her. Their son, George, hadn't react that way. He let her know he didn't like what she did, and he hated what she did to his father, but he didn't kick her out of his life either. They got together some of the time, some times after his track meets that she attended. Sometimes she even drove him to the meets when John was busy. She had had to sneak into Darlinia's dances, but she was there cheering her daughter on.

John turned his attention back to the wedding in front of him, when it was announced that Darlinia was going to dance. He knew that she had a lot of time planning just the right dance. And that she had spent a lot of time looking for the right wedding dress. She finally had to have one made. She wanted it to look a certain way, but at the same time be made in such a way that would allow her to be able to dance.

The dance was to last five minutes and it was, as she had explained to her father, to express love, friendship, unity and even passion. He didn't understand the symbolism of her moves, but she said it was all there. Two of her bridesmaids joined her for two minutes. John wasn't sure how all that was expressed during the dance, but his daughter explained that it had to do with her movements. By the expression on her husband's face, he got the passion part.

After Darlinia and her new husband kissed they turned around. Just as they started back down the aisle she stopped and walking over to John, she bent over and hugged him.

While she was hugging him, he whispered, "Hug your mother."

She stiffen and he continued, "I'm sorry to do this to you, but as I explained earlier she deserves it for every reason and more that I already said. She deserves your respect for being a good mother."

She wanted to say something, but only nodded. After she was done with the long hug she turned to her mother and hugged her. Not as tightly as she had John but it was still a hug.

She said, "Thank you for coming, Mother."

Her tone had been emotionless as she said mother, but Mary seemed to ignore it as she whispered back, "I would have come to this important day in your life even if I had had to stay outside and peek in through the windows."

Darlinia gave her a strange look like she hadn't expected that comment, let go then straightened up. She went back to her husband and they continued down the aisle. Her husband said something that sounded like it was a word of encouragement for hugging her mother. He knew the whole story and they had discussed it. They even had a couple of arguments over her need to forgive her.

John drove alone to where the reception would be. Mary must have driven over in her car, for she was there even though not in the receiving line. She stayed near the back, like she was afraid of causing a scene with her daughter.

While they were in the line he overheard the now married couple whispering to each other. She said that she would do the dance again just for him, alone and nude. The new husband said that if she danced nude she wouldn't be alone by the time she finished. She answered back saying that she would love for him to join her and they could finish the dance on the bed.

John decided he had heard enough, but there was no where he could move until everyone was done greeting them. He whispered to them that they should be careful who could overhear them. He thought he saw Darlinia blush when she realized what he had heard.

After the line was depleted, John got some refreshment thinking about how emotional this day was for him. He was losing a daughter, in a joyous way, and he had to deal with the memories of what happened five years ago, plus talk to his ex-wife whom he hadn't seen for five years. Part of him was happy she was there, that he could see her and talk with her, but part of him still hurt over what she did even though he had forgiven her. He still didn't understand why she had cheated.

Looking around John saw a couple he hadn't seen for a while: George and Sunny. John went over to talk to them. On the way he thought how sad it had been when George's first wife died suddenly, but at least he found somebody else to share his life with. He had heard they had some problems; he didn't know the details, although she had moved out for a few days, but by the way they looked at each other now they had ironed out whatever difficulties they had had. He was happy for them.

After chatting with them for a few minutes he saw another couple he knew. He wasn't surprised to see them there. He didn't know them that well, but Darlinia did. At one point they had divorced. According to rumors it was because she had an affair. And according to other rumors it was with a younger woman. John didn't know for sure, and he figured that his daughter might know what really happened, but he didn't know them well enough to ask her. He did know that they had remarried after the guy's heart attack. Now by the way they were standing with his arm around her and the way she looked at him John knew that they worked though whatever happened to cause the divorce.

Ten minutes later he saw his ex-wife step outside to stand on a balcony. John followed her. He just silently leaned against the railing for a moment or two.

Finally he said, "You look very nice in that dress. I've forgotten how pretty you can look."

She looked startled like she hadn't expected him to say that.

After a moment she said, "Thank you. You look very handsome in that tux."

He knew that she wasn't just returning a compliment. She meant it.

"I've tried to stay in shape, but these outfits make almost anyone look good."

After another moment he turned to her and said, "I've recently realized that I miss you. Even after five years it's not the same sleeping by myself."

Her eyes widened, probably in surprise that he was sleeping by himself.

She said, "I know what you mean. It is lonely sleeping by oneself for five years."

He got the message that she too had been without lovers, or a boyfriend. Of course he hadn't been totally truthful with her. She probably had heard that he had dated a few women a year after the divorce; he had had sex with two of them, before he decided that wasn't what he had wanted.

He should have been more careful about the second woman he had sex with. It turned out that she was something of a slut. He didn't find that out until the next day. He had himself checked for STDs. The first woman he didn't worry so much about. They didn't have sex until the fifth date and later Susan said it was because she was unusually horny that night. They had had two more dates after that without sex.

They stopped dating by mutual consent. She told a girl friend that she didn't want to go where she thought the relationship may be going. She had had fun with him, and the sex had been good, but she wasn't ready for a deeper relationship. She told him, that she appreciated the fact that he hadn't demanded sex when they dated after that fifth night. He hadn't minded because that was when he decided to stop dating. Even though he had had good times with some of the women, it wasn't what he wanted.

So he had had no one in his bed for the vast majority of the time since the divorce which included two months before. Of course technically he had slept alone even the two nights he had had sex, since neither woman had spent the night. He suspected that it was the same with her. He had heard she had kept her lover as a lover, for a few weeks after he told her to leave, but after they broke up she hadn't dated.

Suddenly a certain question came to John's mind; even though now may not be the right time he had to ask it.

He turned to her and said one word, "Why?"

She looked puzzled for a moment, then maybe because of the anguish in his voice she understood the rest of the question.

She sighed and said, "For the reasons Darlinia has stated continuously: I was foolish and selfish... I can't believe how foolish and selfish I was."

He stood there for a moment, then said, "I've heard you say that before, but how did it happen?"

"It was while you were in Germany working with the military, on that hospital there. You kept leaving... for months sometimes. It was hard without you there. That time I was angry at you because you promised you stay home for a while then you had to leave for three months. I know it was an emergency with the hospital over there, but you broke your promise.

"That day when it first happened, I was feeling sorry for myself. The toilet in the front bathroom started leaking and I had to find a plumber to fix it that day, something you should have been there to do. I was late for work that day. I was feeling used and abused not only because you were out of town and things were happening you should fix, but because the kids were at the age where they were starting to get ready to leave home.

"I had been looking forward to spending time with them at our weekly special dinner, but they were both too busy with school activities. I knew they were growing out of my life. That day I decided to do something for me. I wasn't sure what I wanted. Going to a movie was out. I had done that a few times and it was too ordinary. I suddenly thought of a massage. A whole body message sounded so good, it would ease my tensions and feel good.

"That was when I thought of a certain coworker. You met Jimmy once; he was a sexual free spirit. He and his wife worked at trying to get others into their sexual free lifestyle. He had talked to me a few times, but I always refused to get drawn in and I always changed the subject. Until that day.

"Jimmy came to see me about a project, and stayed to talk to me. He usually only spent a few minutes talking to me, but that day he must have sensed I was ready for something more. He talked longer, going into more detail than usual. I was thinking about how good a massage would be and I recalled that he gave good massages. I had heard that from two other women who worked in the same office.

"When he offered me a shoulder rub, I jumped at the suggestion. He started the shoulder massage, but after a few seconds he said that I was too tense and that I needed a whole body massage. That sounded good so I agreed. He said he couldn't do it there, which I had anticipated, and that we should go to his place after work. We did. He had a massage table already set up so after he explained what he was going to do, I laid down on my stomach with my arms above my head.

"He started on my arms, slowly worked his way down to my shoulders and down my back. He went across my back and down to my bottom, but instead of going over my butt cheeks he caressed the sides. It was all good. The whole time I felt his hands kneading my skin I kept thinking this was what I needed."

With narrowed eyes, John said, "I think you forgot one detail."

"I'm not sure what you mean?"

"How did you feel his hands on your skin?"

"Oh... I... that is, he told me it would better for me and easier on him if I took my clothes off first."

"So you stripped in front of him?"

"Yes, I knew where this was probably heading, but as I said I wanted something for me. Something big and out of the ordinary. He turned around so I could take off my clothes and there was a thin towel I placed over my bottom. He slipped his hands under the towel to get to the sides of my butt cheeks.

John nodded and she continued, "He went down my legs, doing the outside of my legs, and the inside. While he was doing my inner thighs, he made sure his hands were far enough away from my vagina so he wouldn't touch anything there.

"It was good. I was relaxed and all my muscles felt better than they had in months. I could feel the tension leaving me. Finally after spending some time on my feet he told me to turn over. He turned away again so I could turn over without him seeing anything. I placed a towel over my breasts and one over my crotch.

"He started on my arms again and worked down. When he came to my breasts he skirted them just doing the sides where they connect to my chest. His hands felt good there, not only relaxing but erotic too. He continued downward, when he got to my pubic hair he skipped that area and started on my legs. Again when he worked on my inner thighs he made sure his fingers didn't go within three inches of the spot between my legs. But his fingers still made me tingle.

"When he finished with my feet he said that I was so tense that I needed another round. I must have looked at him with an expression that said I wasn't sure what he meant. He made a flipping motion with his hand. I figured out that he wanted me on my stomach again. I flipped over sending the two towels flying. I didn't bother with the towel over my bottom. By this time I didn't care if he saw me.

"He again worked on my arms and slowly moved downward. He didn't spend as much time on each muscle group as he had the first time, but he didn't need to. I was already relaxed and this made me feel good. This time when he got to my butt he kneaded each cheek. At first that is all he did, just as if they were another group of muscles, which I guess they are. However when he massaged the inner curve of my crack he pushed a finger tip into my anus. With each movement of his fingers into my crack a fingertip went into that part of my body. In and out quickly, almost as if it was by accident, but I knew it wasn't. He ended up with a finger in my anus as far as his fingernail.

"This time when he started on my inner thighs it was higher up and the sides of his hands touched my slit. Just barely, but it was enough to make me jump. When he finished with my feet he told me to flip over again. I did, not caring that he saw my naked breasts and slit.

"He worked on my arms on more time and again slowly went downward. This time when he got to my breasts he massaged them, softly and tenderly. As he finished with them, he softly tweaked each nipple three or four times. I jumped again the first time, but I groaned softly in pleasure as he finished. He went downward again, over my stomach and my sides. This time his hands went through my pubic hair softly massaging and caressing the skin under the hair. I was moaning out loud by the time he was through.

"He went quickly over my clitoris flicking it twice very gently. He worked on my upper legs for a minute or two, then went in-between them. This time his fingers traced my slit. It felt good, but it also felt like he was slightly massaging my lips down there. It was just like it was part of the massage. He spend just a minute there and continued down my legs. I wanted his hands back there, even though what he was doing to my legs felt good.

"When he done with my feet he didn't say anything but traced his fingers back up the insides of my legs. When he got to my slit he poked one fingertip inside and ran it up and down the slit. God, but that was good. You've done the same thing to tease me, which I liked, but after all he had done his finger felt so good. I'm not sure how long he kept it up, but eventually I had a small climax. It was easy and good, just like it went along with the massage.

"After it was done he poked the finger in further, gently finger fucking my slit. He leaned over a bit and I wasn't sure why until I heard his zipper go down. Then I heard his belt clang. I knew that he was undressing with one hand while keeping that other finger going in and out in slow motion.

"As I said I knew how it would end and at that moment I knew for sure he was going to have sex with me. I was so relaxed and his finger felt so good I didn't care."

She paused for a moment than continued, "I don't know how he got out of his clothes one handed, but he did; practice maybe. The next thing I knew he was sliding me down, and at the same time spreading my legs. He... he went in easy and very slowly. He had touched my slit for a moment before going in. I think he was giving me a chance to say no. As I said he went in so slow and once he was in to the hilt he slid out at the same speed. He started screwing me with that rhythm. It... it felt relaxing like this was just part of the massage, except it felt so good. In fact it felt like he was massaging the inside of me. I'm not sure how he got that affect.

"How long he did that I don't know, but eventually I had another climax. This one was a long one. It wasn't powerful, it was easy, kinda going along with the massage, but it went on and on. I was very relaxed when it was over."

At this point John made a noise and she looked at him, and saw his pained expression.

She said, "I'm sorry, I'm going into too much detail... I got carried away and wasn't thinking again. I'm sorry."

A few seconds later she touched his arm and said, "I'm sorry for what I did. It was wrong. I should have gone to a day spa. Not only would the massage have been better, probably, but I could have had a manicure and a pedicure. And had a mud pack for my face. All that pampering would have met my need to do something for myself... but in my foolishness I didn't think about a day spa."

During the last sentence she had looked down, now she looked up at his face again.

"I really am sorry - I know it's not enough, but it's all I have... I never intended to hurt you like that... if I had known that was going to happen I would have stopped myself."

"I know," he said simply.

A few seconds later there was a commotion back in the large room. John said, "It sounds like the bride and groom are getting ready to leave. We need to see them off."

His ex-wife nodded and they went back inside.

His daughter and her new husband were standing near the exit doors. He walked their way while Mary stopped near the door they had just come in through. His daughter's face lit up when she saw him headed their way.

As soon as he was within ear shot she said, "I was waiting for you. I wanted to say bye, and thanks before we left."

He walked up to her and put his arms around her for one last hug. "I love you and you have a good man for a husband."

"I know," she said. "I know both of those things."

He stepped back and she looked at his face, her hand went up to one of his eyes and gently wiped something there.

"Is that really a tear, daddy?"

He cleared his throat and said, "I'm sorry, but it's the last time I will see you as my daughter."

She hugged him again and said, "No, it's not. I love Harry with all my heart, but you're still my daddy and I will always be your daughter."

"I know," was all he could say.

After a moment he cleared his throat again and said, "And you better keep him, I don't want to have to go through this again. Remember you have to keep romancing each other and if you ever drift apart you can always drift back. You got together with each of you working at it and you can work together to regain everything you lost."

"I know, I remember what you've taught me. And I know that you and mother had a great relationship because you worked on it. If it wasn't for what she did, you guys would never have gotten a divorce."

"Even then sometimes I wonder if we should have. We could have worked some of that out."

It was her turn to say simply, "I know."

He stepped back again and said, "It's time for you to go."

"Bye, daddy. I will call and come by to visit."

She looked around. He wondered what she was looking for, then turned and started for the door. On the way she kept looking back, as if she was looking for someone.

Finally just as the two were going through the doorway she turned and looked once more. She must have spotted whoever she was looking for, for she whispered to Harry. They stopped and Darlinia turned and ran back into the crowd. John turned to see where she was headed and when he figured it out he took off after her.

She was making a beeline for her mother, and John was afraid she was going to make a scene verbally blasting her mother one last time.

She got to Mary first and when John came within earshot he slowed for they were talking in low tones. Obviously she wasn't calling her mother names as he had expected.

Instead she was saying. "Before I left, I had to come to you to tell you that I forgive you. Daddy was right; you have been a good mother. I... I need to forgive you. My anger wouldn't do my marriage, or me, any good."

They hugged, then Darlinia said, "I will come by to see you, after we get back, Mother."

"Thank you, but now you need to go and take care of your husband."

Darlinia blushed, nodded and turned to walk back to her husband, who was smiling.

John went up to his ex-wife, "Well, that was better than I expected. I'm glad she finally forgave you. You deserve it and she needed to."

Mary looked at him and said, "I don't know if I deserve it, but she did need to."

Then she sighed.

"What's the matter?"

"I'm very glad she forgave me, but whether she did it on purpose or not, she also sent me a message."


"Yes, she called you daddy while she called me mother. Our relationship will never be what it once was - like your's still is. Don't get me wrong. I'm very glad she forgave me. Now we can start over, but I will never again by her mommy."

After a pause he opened his mouth to say something, but she beat him to it, "I know it's my fault for what I did."

"I wasn't going to say that, but now that you brought it up, there are consequences for our actions many times and sometimes they are worse than we expected."

She only nodded.

A minute later he said, "Now that they are gone let's go see if there is any cake left. I didn't get any, and I think neither did you."

As they walked to the refreshments table he said, "I thought she might smash the cake into his face when they were feeding each other the first slice."

"If she had then he would done it back, She might have been afraid that that would start a food fight between the two of them."

John nodded, "I think you're right. She probably would have enjoyed it, as long as no one's feelings got hurt, but it would have made a mess and shocked most of the guests."

Mary nodded as they arrived at the table. After picking up two pieces of cake and getting some punch they chatted as they ate. When they were done, neither wanted to stop, but it looked like most of the guests were leaving. The staff would be cleaning up and everyone had already been paid so there was no reason to stay. By mutual consent they ended up going back to John's house. It was the same house he and Mary had lived in before the divorce so she knew the way.

John waited for her to arrive before entering the house. Once they were both inside the front door, he asked, "Would you like some wine? I have a bottle of the red wine from the university you like. I usually keep a bottle in the refrigerator that I can relax with on certain nights."

She said, "Yes, I would love some."

As he went off to get two glasses, she said, "I see that you haven't redecorated the front like I thought you would."

"I made some changes near the corner of the front, but the bushes you planted produce pretty flowers, so I left them," he said from the kitchen.

Softly she said, "I'm glad you never hated me, but I wouldn't have blamed you if you had."

As he was returning to the living room he said, "What?"

"Nothing, I was just thinking out loud about the house."

He nodded as he handed her a glass. They drank and chatted some more, about mutual friends and what At one point he said, "I'm surprised that Darlinia forgave you tonight. I'm glad she did, but I didn't expect it."

"It may have something to do with the conversation in Starbucks we had a few weeks ago."


"Yes, we ran into each other by accident. She turned and saw me and her eyes turned into flint. She walked up to me and started in on her line about how foolish I was; she added idiot and whore this time. She wanted to make a scene, I think, yelling and telling everyone what I was, but I just took it, because I agreed, except for the whore part. I just kept agreeing with her, and that seem to take the wind out of her sails.

"She looked at me funny like she hadn't expected me to agree with her. She ended by telling me what I did to you, how much and in how many ways I hurt you. I said, 'I know exactly how much I hurt him', tears came to my eyes as I was speaking to her. When that happened she just stared at me with a puzzled look. Then her face got an enraged look on it and she left without a further word. People were staring, but I was used to that, so I ignored them and went about my business."

Later neither one of them could say who moved first, but at one point as they happened to be close to each other, they ended up with their mouths mashed against the other's. It wasn't a gentle kiss, but one filled with passion.

As they came up for air, he was surprised by the intensity of his passion. He would have said that he had been feeling nothing romantic a few minutes ago. Now, though, since for a second he had lost control of himself he decided to go with his feelings, at least for the evening.

He kissed her neck, then nibbled on her ears and the nape of her neck. By her groans and by the fact that she didn't pull away he decided she had made the same decision.

As he kissed and licked her neck, he started whispering things to her. How much he liked her body, how wonderful she looked in that dress, and more.

She said, "But I've gained weight during the last five years, and I don't look like I did."

He kissed her some more then reached around her and unzipped her dress. He started to pull it upward, and she raised her arms to allow him to pull it off.

He did, then tossed it on the couch. He stepped back one step and looked her over, standing there in her underwear, from her head to her feet.

After a very long look he said, "The answer is yes and no."

"What do you mean?" she asked softly.

"You have gained weight, but it wasn't enough to effect how you look."

Looking her in the eyes he said, "You're still the most beautiful and sexy woman I know."

She looked at him in amazement for a moment, knowing he meant every word. Before they started kissing again, he reached around her and pushed his hands under her panties, gripping her butt checks. She groaned in pleasure.

A minute or so later she started undoing his buttons. Then taking a moment off from that task she rubbed his crotch. She groaned when she felt that he was hard.

He said, "Let's go upstairs to the bedroom. Then you can help me out of this monkey suit."

She nodded and they rushed, hand in hand up the stairs to the master bedroom. Once there she helped him out of his tux, and he helped her out of her bra and panties. Once they were both naked they stood kissing by the bed. He started to gently push her the two feet to the bed, when he stopped.

He said, "Um, I know this isn't the time, but I want to make sure... As much as I want to have sex with you right now,... maybe I shouldn't say anything, but I... that is, I don't want you to misunderstand this."

She looked at the concern on his face and said softly, "I know, this is just for tonight. It doesn't mean we are back to where we were."

There was a pause and she continued,"You're right you didn't need to say it, but I know you care enough to make sure you didn't mislead me. I want this as much as you do, for tonight. That is one of the things I always loved about you, that you care... and your self-control."

He nodded, kissed her, then said, "But I don't always have self-control. Like right now."

With that he pushed her backwards onto the bed and dropped on top of her. Partially on her that is; he made sure that his arms were on either side of her so that only half of his weight was resting on her.

He then spread her legs with his and moved slightly. A second later he looked at her face then shoved his cock all the way into her with one push.

She gasped because of the sudden intrusion, then groaned in ecstasy, when he bottomed out. He knew she had been as ready as he was and her gasp had been from surprise not pain.

He quickly set up a fast pace and she raised her legs to allow him in deeper. There was no love making for this fuck, just animal passion they both were feeling.

She moaned and groaned continually encouraging him on. She kept her legs up except for twice when she lowered them to the bed so she could squeeze him and hump back for a few seconds.

He continued his hard thrusting until he had a climax sixty seconds after she had one. They rested for five minutes before starting again; this and the next time, fifteen minutes after they finished, they each made love to the other, remembering what the other loved and disliked.

They finally fell asleep in each other's arms. During the night he got up to go to the bathroom and when he got back to the bed he saw her with the sheet half over her. Knowing she was completely naked in his bed turned him on again. He eased onto the bed, then started to lick her neck slowly going down to her breasts. She woke slowly then kissed him.

They made love two more times before falling asleep again. The next morning he awoke alone. He sat up and groaned in disappointment, but then he saw her bra still laying where he had dropped it.

He saw that his robe was missing from the hanger he usually kept it on, so he slipped on a pair of pajama bottoms and walked downstairs and into the kitchen. On the way he saw that her dress still laying on the couch. That confirmed that she was still there and probably in the kitchen.

He walked in to see her standing before the stove cooking breakfast. Everything was pretty much the same from when she last saw it, except he had had to replace the stove and he had rearranged where some of the dishes were placed.

She looked at him, as he walked in.

"I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep, so I decided to thank you for last night by fixing you something. I hope this is still your favorite breakfast."

He stared at her for a moment, not sure about his feelings. Then he noticed that the way she had turned had opened the robe she was wearing. He could see the inner slope of one breast. Thinking about seeing her bra and dress, he decided that she was naked under his robe. Well, except possibly for her panties. He wondered for a moment why she would be wearing them, but then remembered they had had sex five times the night before. She would be filled with his sperm, enough so that it might start dripping down her legs.

He had vision for a moment of her inner thighs with six big drops of his stuff dripping down each thigh. He didn't think that was possible but, at the same time, he'd left her slit smeared with his sperm enough times to know that some might drip out and he could understand why she would want to wear her panties.

The thought of his stuff dripping down her legs started to turn him on.

She looked at him staring at her and she looked concerned and said, "I know this may look funny, but it's not because I'm expecting us to live together, or even to date. I really do appreciate how you made love to me last night. It really was good. You made me feel very good, and that's the only reason I'm doing this."

His first thought was that she wasn't being completely honest. This probably was just a thank you, and she didn't expect their relationship to be more than it was, but at the same time he couldn't see her doing this for a one night stand, no matter how good he was, or even a short term boyfriend.

His second thought was to say, "You made me feel just as good. I think my screams, when I came, showed that, but that wasn't what I was thinking about."

"Oh, what were you thinking of?" she asked as she turned back to the stove.

He walked to her until he was right behind her then said, "This," as he reached around her waist. He slipped one hand into the robe and between her legs. He quickly found the crotch of her panties and squeezed it. He was gratified when he felt something squelch between his fingers.

She went, "Oh" as he felt his fingers brush her slit.

He said, "I'm not sure why it turns me on so much now, when I didn't think about it that much when we were married, but you're so filled with my stuff you're dripping. I was picturing it dripping down your naked thighs."

He pressed his fingers together again, again reveling in the feeling of his sperm squelching. This time he couldn't help himself from humping against her.

She said, "Oh, you are horny... so soon too."

She sounded like she didn't mind at all. He backed off from her though.

He said, "Hold that thought. Let's eat first and then we can discuss about us both being horny this morning."

She turned to him and smiled before going back to her cooking. A minute later she sighed, but finished the meal without saying anything.

When she was done she found that John had set two places. She served them, and they ate. While eating they chatted some more about people and places they knew or had been to.

At one point she said, "I'm glad you never hated me... I never wanted to stop being married to you. Part way through my affair, I decided that if you were to discover it and wanted a divorce I was going to fight it. And after you did discover it, I was going to keep that promise to myself. I would beg you, make any promise I had to, to see a marriage counselor, or even a psychiatrist. If that didn't work I was planning to hire a lawyer and have him make all kinds of demands."

He interrupted at that point, "Would you have kept the affair going?"

"No! I knew you wouldn't stand for it, and I would never ask you to. That was one of the conditions I imagined you laying down."

"Would you have really stopped it?"

"Yes! I knew I would never have another chance if I kept up the affair. I have thought about it many times in the last five years and I believe I could have and would have stopped it if that was one of your conditions - it would have been one, I know."

She paused then said, "If those things didn't work, I would have tried something else, but then those awful notes started showing up and those stupid sex manuals. I knew you didn't need any of that. At one point I got so angry at the people sending them that I lashed out at them when some reporter interviewed me. I told him people needed to stop being so childish. I knew from personal experience you knew how to please a woman. My affair had been for other reasons... Of course it didn't do any good."

She sighed, then said, "It was before that point that I saw the pain it was causing you. You tried to be stoic, but I could tell it hurt. It was when I saw that pain compounded by the pain I caused by cheating..."

He added, "and lying to me."

She looked sad, then nodded, "And my lying to you. I decided I couldn't fight the divorce. I had hurt you too much and I didn't deserve to be married to you. I told that to my lawyer. The only reason I hired one was that friends insisted that I should so you wouldn't take me to the cleaners, including making me stay away from our children. That would hurt too much.

"He warned me that you would try to leave me with nothing. I told him you wouldn't do that, and at the end he was surprised that you didn't. He thought the settlement was more than fair under the circumstances. He thought it was a good idea that you decided to let Darlinia and George decide for themselves if they wanted to see me. Of course Darlania made her feelings known real fast; so did George, but even though he didn't want to live with me, even in the summer, he still let me drive him places and he likes me coming to his meets."

When John was done and Mary had eaten as much as she was going to, John cleared the table, then sat back down.

He asked, "What was bothering you throughout breakfast?"

"I remembered something from last night. If I told you, you may not want to have sex with me anymore."

"What's that... a boyfriend?"

"No, I told you I haven't been dating. I... I never finished explaining to you why."

He looked puzzled for a moment before a light went on and he said, "Oh."

After a moment he said, "Well, we can have sex first if you think we won't afterward... if you are still in the mood."

"Part of me is and part of me isn't. My body is ready, part of me wants to, but I might start thinking about what I lost. That would ruin the mood."

"Well, I can try to keep you distracted, but if you don't want to we don't have to."

She nodded then thought about it a moment while examining her feelings.

She stood and said, "I'm horny and I want you. I don't want to use a vibrator with a real man ready for me. And as I said I want you."

After another moment she turned to him and with a sexy smile said, "Come here, distract me... feel your stuff leaking out of me."

He did. After a few minutes of sucking her breast and fingering her slit, they had sex in the kitchen. When they were done, they went into the living room. After a short rest on the couch and some necking and petting, they did it again.

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