Who Was It Going To Be?

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Curiosity was driving him crazy.

I was in the supply room down behind the copier trying to clear a paper jam when Bill and Henry came into the room for something. Since I really don't like Henry I didn't stand up and say, "Hi guys" so they didn't know I was there. They had been talking when they walked into the room so I didn't know who they were talking about, but the gist of the conversation was clear enough —they were planning on fucking some one's wife. Curiosity grabbed me and I kept very quiet so they wouldn't know I was there. Hopefully I could find out more.

"So you don't think she'll be a problem?" asked Bill.

"Nah. If we can just keep her husband occupied it should be a piece of cake."

"I ain't interested in a piece of cake Henry, it's a piece of ass I'm after."

Both men laughed and then, apparently having gotten what they came for, they left. I cleared the copier, filled the paper tray and ran off the copies I had come in to make while I wondered who the poor boob was that they were going to hang horns on.

Curiosity being what it is I spent a lot of time during the next few days checking out the women in the office trying to figure out who Bill and Henry were after. Of course they might have already scored since I'd heard them in the supply room, but still, which woman was it? If it hadn't already happened then they wee probably plotting to make it happen at the company Christmas party which was only two weeks away.

There were twenty-three women in our company, but all of them wouldn't qualify. Henry had said that they needed to keep her husband occupied so I knew that she was married and that fact eliminated nine from the list. Mary, Alice and Maude were married, but they were also gray-haired grannies so I crossed them off. Marty was a sex lady, but she was also married to the boss and he was an extremely jealous guy and I didn't think either Henry or Bill had the guts to gamble with their jobs over some pussy so I crossed Marty off the list.

That left ten names and two of them I crossed off just because. Tonya was five feet tall and weighed two hundred pounds and Mavis was a forty-year-old shrew. Of the eight left two were nothing really special; Billie was a little on the thin side with a pleasant enough face, but hardly a woman you would go out of your way to capture and Tina, while a pretty good looking lady, had an attitude problem and everyone figured that she was a lesbian and was covering it with a fake marriage.

I could of course be totally off base with my calculations, but to my way of thinking Bill and Henry's target had to be one of the remaining six names on the list.

When you had a wet dream it was usually Nancy you were thinking of. Five two, a hundred and ten pounds on a 36-23-35 frame and with long red hair that hung almost to her ass. I'd never heard that she played around, but her husband was a salesman and he traveled a lot. Did she feel sexually deprived? Was she ready to play? Henry said the target would be a piece of cake if the husband could be kept occupied. A sexually deprived sexpot could very well be easy prey.

Silvia was a different story altogether. Good looking, vivacious, and she loved to flirt with the guys. I'd never had any reason to believe that she played around on her husband and I'd never heard any rumors that she did. Still, she was a possibility.

The most unlikely of the six was Mona. Good looking, sexy even, but she was a born again Christian. She didn't smoke, drink or swear and at break time and lunchtime you could find her in the break room reading her bible. I left Mona on the list because I had seen some "born agains" come crashing down before, and when it happened it could be spectacular. I remember one time in college when a bible thumping goody-two shoes ended up dancing in the nude on a pool table and then taking on eleven guys in a memorable gangbang. Nope, Mona stayed on the list.

Next on the list was Cheryl. A wholesome looking girl next door type, but I had a problem seeing her as the target. Everyone in the office knew that she was devoted to her husband and three kids. I couldn't see any way that Bill and Henry could get to her even if they were able to distract her husband. Maybe if they used a date rape drug, but I doubted that her husband could be distracted for as long as that would take.

Barb was on the list only because she was married and was a good-looking woman. I didn't think that she was the target though, for two reasons; Barb's husband never attended company functions with her so there was no need to distract him. Secondly, Barb was a round-heeled slut. If you wanted a piece of her all you had to do was ask her to stop and have a drink after work and you were home free. Motel room if you felt like it, or an available back seat; it didn't matter to Barb. But I guess that it was always possible that Barb's hubby might show up and need to be distracted.

The last name on my list is the one I would have gone after if I ever decided to cheat on my wife, but she was also the one that I didn't think Bill or Henry could get to. Leslie was tall, good looking in an elegant, regal sort of way and as Director of Human Resources didn't socialize on Henry's and Bill's level. During Christmas parties and company picnics she would socialize with everybody, but she tended to sit with the higher ups like the president and vice-presidents of the company. Even distracting her husband wouldn't help as far as I could see because they had no common ground with her — no way to spend enough time with her to work on her and to separate her from the herd.

I began watching Bill and Henry to see if they tended to spend more time around one of the women in particular, but it seemed that with the exception of Leslie, who had her office on the third floor, they spent roughly equal time with the women on my list. I became absorbed with figuring out who it would be before it happened. I knew, just knew, that either Bill or Henry would do something to give me an indication, but a week before the Christmas party I still did not have a clue. It was driving me nuts.

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