Under a Canopy of Trees

by Kimmie

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Bad girl cheats on boyfriend. Slut.

Under a canopy of trees, the dappled moonlight

Four friends drove down from DC to spend the weekend camping in the Appalachians. Tom, a lawyer, drove his silver Land Rover while his live-in girlfriend, Marie, sat next to him. Tom was tall and lean, chiseled chin and broad shouldered, with blond hair and blue eyes. He wore jeans even though it was late summer, while Marie, 5'4, brunette with luminescent green eyes wore a sweater (because the AC made the car cold) over a white t-shirt and yellow track shorts. Tom was so yuppie, and Marie so crunchy granola. Tom looked like a Republican surfer, while baby-faced brunette Marie looked a little too young for him, unless you looked at her body—slender with a hint of hourglass, ample bosom with pert nipples, flat tummy and lean and long legs. She would vote for Ben and Jerry, if they ever ran for office. Yin and Yang.

Behind Tom sat Carlos, a new associate at Tom's firm, and his girlfriend, Lucia, a legal secretary at the firm. Carlos was a body builder, his skin tinted a light brown sugar. He sat in the back, Marie noticed, with his legs spread, and his male organ creating a rather large mound of flesh under his shorts and part of his right leg. She wondered what he tasted like.

Lucia could have been his sister, with long black hair tied in the back, wearing a jogging suit of some kind. Lucia was very pretty, with glittering black eyes, but as not pretty as Marie was. Everybody knew that.

Tom parked his car, and they began their long hike to a secluded camping site near a stream. It took them several hours to reach their campsite, and by that time, the sun was setting. The entire length of the hike, Marie seemed just a little too peppy. While everybody was glad to be on holiday, Marie's enthusiasm in part came from the fact that she was late. She felt sure that she was pregnant. She was going to wait a few weeks before she told Tom but for now she felt deliriously happy about becoming a mother.

Tom and Carlos busied themselves with setting up the grill and preparing the food, while Marie and Lucia put up the two tents. Marie sat on a log, her legs spread and around her knapsack. She noticed Lucia looking at her crotch. With her legs spread, the gap between her thigh and the fabric of her shorts widened, and Lucia was clearly fascinated by what she saw there—Marie's vulva, denuded of pubic hair, in all of its feminine glory. Lucia could clearly make out Marie's rather fat looking labia encasing her wafer thin pink inner labia and even Marie's clitoral hood.

Lucia had to clear her throat before speaking, "Marie, you, you shave down there... for Tom?"

Marie nodded her head and smiled. She remained as she was, enjoying the moment, before saying, "and for me too. It makes me feel so clean."

"But it doesn't itch when the hair grows back?"

"At first, but it's like shaving your legs, you come to love that smooth feeling. I love it when I wear a sarong or skirt, and I can feel the air blowing between my legs. It really makes me feel so feminine."

Lucia was pensive. "My sister and mom did that when they went to Rio, and they had to wear those little bikinis."

Marie laughed. "That's how I started to shave too. Got it waxed for a trip I took with Tom down there."

"Does Tom like it? He doesn't think it makes you look like a little girl?"

Lucia didn't know Tom that well apparently. Marie's eyes widened, "oh, he likes it very much!" Tired, Marie reached under her shirt and expertly removed her sports bra. Lucia was impressed, but couldn't take hers off without taking her shirt off first. They sat around and worked on the tents, their nipples alert to the winds. Marie felt giddy. Babies on the brain.

Night fell. The four of them sat around the grill, enjoying the smell of burning hickory wood and the crackling of a nearby fire. They laughed a lot while they ate, and talked a lot except for Carlos. Who, Marie, noted was looking at her for most of the evening.

Marie lay next to Tom in their tent under the sleeping blanket, later that night. A small lamp allowed them to look at each other. Tom's organ was erect and deep red. He held it in his hand and stroked on it while he faced Marie. Marie faced Tom, and wearing only her t-shirt, fingered herself.

She thought about telling Tom then. But Tom looked so happy, so aroused with her wiggling her little fingers in her crack, that she didn't want to ruin the moment for him. Her breasts were tender so she didn't want him to rub them too much and she was so wet that her fingers glistened when she took them out of her vagina and gave them to Tom to kiss. They moved closer.

Grunting noises from the next tent distracted the lovers. The light was on in Carlos and Lucia's tent, and Marie and Tom watched with bemusement the silhouettes of a woman on top of a man. The woman engorging herself on the man, and playing with her hair and breasts while the man moaned and spoke in Spanish.

On cue, Marie took Tom's penis in her hand and began to stroke it vigorously. Before he climaxed, Marie sat astride his hips and carefully screwed his penis into her vagina. With her asscheeks on his legs, and her legs spread wide, they could both see the point of their fusion. Listening to Lucia's womanly cries and Carlos' breathing, Marie rubbed her clit back and forth until she climaxed. Her face flushed red and she rocked her hips back and forth like an earthquake had struck her, and she let out a long and sweet sigh. Moved to tears by her orgasm, she leaned over Tom and they kissed.

Perhaps triggered by Marie's orgasm, Carlos let the world know that he too was satisfied, rattling his snake inside Lucia. And, like falling dominoes, Tom had his orgasm, spraying Marie's still gasping and grasping uterus with his seed.

Marie waited until Tom finished trembling. Then they kissed passionately. Slowly Marie sat up and let Tom's organ flop out of her, taking a huge glob of come with it. She spread her labia, and more come came out in a puddle on her lover's taut belly. She spread his come all over his chest, as he had done a million times to her, and then they cuddled together until the fell asleep in each other's arms.

But the night was not over. A full moon cast a gray light through the tent, rousing Marie from a light and uncomfortable sleep. She loved being with Tom, but not on this hard earth floor. She looked at him lovingly. His penis lay straight against his tummy as if pointing to his cleft chin. She wanted to suck on it like she would a thumb, and then fall asleep. She put him in her mouth, instantly causing a rush of warmth and moisture to grow between her legs, and he stirred. She slid her tongue under his foreskin and lathered his head with her tongue. Her excitement grew in tandem with the length and thickness of his cock. She loved its meaty man smell and sucked it until Tom stirred and mumbled something about making love in the morning instead.

Marie, disappointed, and thoroughly roused, decided to go pee. She unzipped the tent and started to crawl out. The moon shone brilliantly through the trees, but there was a cool breeze and Marie realized that her tits were swinging around uncovered. She fumbled around for her shirt but couldn't find it. She really had to pee now. She finally found Tom's black muscle shirt put it on and dashed out to find a place to pee. She squatted by a tree and sighed deeply as she relieved herself. Just then Carlos emerged from his tent, naked as the day he was born. Utterly beautiful in the moonlight, a marble Greek god, Marie watched the Latin Apollo stride across the camp ground right towards her. Marie was transfixed by the sight of his swinging massive penis. She stood up to face him, her legs quivering slightly. Carlos smiled at her.

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