Target Practice

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2007 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: My wife thought she had me figured out. Wrong!!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slow   .

For years I've known about what people say about me behind my back. They say I'm a hen-pecked, pussy whipped wimp. I suppose it had a lot to do with the fact that my wife was ten years older than I am and some of it was because I tended to do what she told me to do, but so what? What was wrong in trying to keep your wife happy?

I felt that I had lucked out big time when I found Kathleen and that I'd hit the lottery jackpot when she said yes to my marriage proposal. Damned right I did whatever it took to keep her happy and satisfied and if that made people see me as hen-pecked and a wimp so be it. They were right on when it came to my being pussy whipped. Before I'd met Kathleen I'd had my fair share of the ladies and I could say without a doubt that Kath was the best pussy I had ever had.

Not only was she great in bed, but she wanted sex all the time. Even after seven years of marriage we were still getting it on five and six times a week. She was beautiful, she was sexy and she was mine. I had it made and so what if I had to pay for it with a few 'yes dears' and some 'whatever you say my loves." At least that was how I thought until last Saturday night.

Kathleen's best friend Marcia worked at the same company as Kathleen and Marcia had received a promotion. Kath decided to throw her a party and so it was that I found myself with a house full of people that I barely knew. I'd met several at company picnics and Christmas parties, but I never remember those people. You meet so many of them and spend so little time with them that they barely register and then you don't see them again for another six months. I felt like a stranger in my own house.

To keep from seeming awkward I busied myself with trying to be the good host. I kept the ice bucket full, made sure that the booze didn't run out and that the bowls of chips, pretzels and dip didn't run out. The party had been going on for a couple of hours when suddenly I began to feel uncomfortable. I don't know why, I just did. I noticed, or thought I did, that people were looking at me with strange looks on their faces and on a couple of guys I would have to say that their looks seemed like smirks. At the time I didn't wonder about it, it just seemed strange is all.

It was about three hours into the party when I noticed that I hadn't seen Kathleen for a while. That was curious since it was her party and I would have expected her to be mingling with her guests. Maybe she was outside getting some fresh air. I saw that the ice bucket was getting low so I went to the refrigerator freezer to get more and saw that there wasn't any so I had to go down into the basement. We have a twenty-three cubic foot freezer and we had put several bags of ice in it in anticipation of using a lot during the party.

As I was getting a bag of ice out of the freezer I heard a 'thump' over my head and a second or two later there was another one. That was odd because the room directly over the freezer and where I was standing was Kathleen's private office and she had locked it before the party to keep people from going in and being nosey. I don't know why I did what I did next because it was something that I had never done before, but I got up on the freezer and put my ear to the heating duct that went to Kath's office. There was talking, it was faint, but I could just make it out. It was obvious that a woman was being fucked in Kathleen's office.

Did Kathleen let her in or had she 'jimmied' the latch?

"Deeper" the woman said, "Push it in lover, you know I love your cock."

"Damn, but you are sure tight. Doesn't he ever fuck you?"

"Not near enough and nowhere near as good as you do."

"I can't believe that we are doing this with him here in the house."

"Will you stop worrying about him and just fuck me? Come on lover, hard and deep, give it to me."

I heard several moans and sharp little cries and I was just about to get down off the freezer and go upstairs and stand where I could see who came out of the room when I found out that I didn't have to.

"That was intense lover, I haven't cum that hard since our first time —what, three years ago?"

"Closer to three and a half years. It is probably because the element of danger has heightened your senses."

"Danger, what danger?"

"My God Kath, you are fucking me in your own home with your husband here. He could walk in on us at any time."

"No he won't. In the first place this is my room and if it is locked he knows to stay out. Even if he did come in and catch us all I'd have to do is tell him to go sit in the corner and watch and we would talk about it later."

"And he would do it?"

"He would if he wanted to keep me around."

"I didn't know you could be so cold."

"There's a lot about me that you don't know lover. Do you know I'm still horny? Do you know that I'm planning on sucking your cock and getting you hard again?"

"What about your guests?"

"Hubby can take care of them while you take care of me."

I got down from the freezer and just stood there looking at the bag of ice cubes. My world had just come crashing down on my head. I couldn't believe it. How could I? Kathleen and I had sex five or six times a week and it wasn't, at least to her, "Near enough?" She had been cheating on me for over three years? How in God's name could she have done that and me not have a clue? I didn't even want to think about the other thing she had said, that I didn't fuck her near as well as her lover.

I loved her as much as l loved life itself and thinking on it I saw that regardless of what she had been doing she still had been loving and affectionate and my quality of life hadn't suffered any. But as corny as it may sound, a mans got to do what a mans got to do and there was one thing she had told her lover that I could not let stand. I would go sit in the corner and watch if she told me to, would I? No fucking way, not in this lifetime.

I took the bag of ice upstairs and refilled the ice bucket. I noticed that the vodka was almost gone so I opened a new bottle and then I went and checked on all the chip and dip dishes and made sure that they were full and then I went back to my den. Early on Kath and I had decided that we didn't want children, a good decision as now there wouldn't be any custody battles, but even though we wouldn't have a family we still wanted a big house. We looked for something with acreage so we could have privacy. We found a four-bedroom ranch on six acres and snatched it up. Kathleen took one bedroom for her home office and I took one for my den.

I went into my den and walked over to the clothes closet that I had turned into a mini storeroom and where I had put my gun safe. I opened the safe and then stood back and contemplated. The 1911A1 and the 92F would be overkill. They would inspire more fear, but they would make more noise in a small room than what I wanted. I settled on a .22 caliber target pistol, made sure that it had a full clip, and went over to my desk where I kept a key to Kathleen's room.

The lovers were on Kathleen's leather couch when I came in the door. Kathleen was on her hands and knees and Greg was fucking her from behind. They were both facing the door when I walked into the room and I saw the shock on both of their faces. Kathleen recovered first and I'll be damned if she didn't do just what she told Greg she would do.

"Close the door dear; we don't need anyone looking in here. This isn't about us honey, we are okay, you'll see. Just go on back to the party and we can talk this when all the guests are gone."

I almost laughed at the thought that she'd actually thought I would do it. Instead I brought the target pistol out from behind my back where I'd been holding it.

"You are right Kath, this isn't about us, it is about me. You certainly don't think much of me as a man if you expect that you can cuckold me, tell me it's okay and then send me back to your party to take care of your guests while some asshole fucks you in my own house."

As soon as Greg saw the pistol he realized he was in deep shit which is just what I wanted him to think. I pointed the pistol in his general direction and he pulled himself out of Kathleen and moved to get off the couch. I'm a better than average hand with a pistol. I fired Expert in the Army and I belonged to two gun clubs where I shoot competitively, but Greg didn't know that and he was going to think that every time I fired I was aiming at him and that I was just a bad shot.

Just behind him on a bookcase was a two-foot high porcelain cat. It had belonged to Kathleen's great, great, great grandmother and had been passed down through the family to Kathleen. It was a family heirloom and Kathleen took extreme measures to see that it never got damaged in any way. It shattered as my first shot slammed into it. Kathleen screamed and Greg sobbed out an "Oh God" as he reached for his pants.

"I'm going to kill you mother fucker" I screamed at him as I sent the next shot by him into Kathleen's Dell computer. The third shot took out her monitor and Greg forgot all about his pants and ran naked out of the room. I was tempted to put one in the doorframe next to him as he went out the door, but I didn't know if anyone was in the hallway or not so I settled for putting one in the ceiling just above the door. Before I chased after him I turned to Kathleen:

"Can you believe it? I keep missing the asshole. I need some target practice."

Then I followed Greg out of the room putting two more rounds into the ceiling to make sure that Greg kept running for the front door. I saw some amused looks on several faces as Greg ran naked through the room and out the front door. I followed him out onto the porch and fired one more round into the air. He must have left his keys in the car because it roared into life and he tore down the driveway. I walked back into the house and saw everybody looking at me.

"That's not the end of the party folks, just part of the entertainment. For all of you single guys, and married guys too, as long as your wives don't mind, Kathleen is going to pull a train on the leather couch in her home office. Don't mind this," I said as I waved the pistol, "This is just what happens if you don't get my permission first. Go get her guys. She loves cock and a lot of it."

I walked back to Kathleen's office and she was sitting on her couch, naked and crying. I unzipped myself as I walked into the room. I went over to her and pushed her down on her back.

"Stop your crying. Greg is gone, but I think replacements are on the way."

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