Slim Jean

by Techsan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I made a bargain with a top-heavy lady and knew that there was no way I could lose. As it turned out, the bonus I got was enormous.

Holy Mackerel! Her chest caught my attention the first time I saw her, jutting out like that, making her black t-shirt slant backward into the waistband at such an angle. But it was just a passing fancy then. I have to admit that I am constantly scanning shoppers for female bodies and this one registered on my Richter scale, probably a 4.5... until I went around the counter and saw the rest of her. This girl... woman, probably 45 years old at least... was all out of proportion.

She was built like a toothpick, at least from her toes up to her breast. Then everything changed. She had little legs, a small butt, a tiny waist... but her honkers were comparably huge. Damn, they struck me as S-E-X-Y in bold capital letters! I just stood there and stared.

I wanted to turn away. Really I did. I just couldn't seem to make my muscles work. And then she turned and spotted me. She took a couple of steps toward me and laughed "Whatcha gawkiin' at, mister?"

"Uh, um,... nothing. Sorry."

She stopped right in front of me and in a lowered voice said "Don't give me that, sailor. You were staring at my babuskas, weren't you? I know you were so be honest."

"Yes... yeah, I was. So? You have to admit they are pretty remarkable."

"Oh? You like big hooters, huh?"


"So... whatcha gonna give me to get to know 'em better?" She spoke with a sort of country familiarity.

"Huh? Oh! Well, whatever. I mean... what would it take?"

She pressed against me and leaned forward so her mouth was beside my ear. I leaned toward her to hear what she had to say... and to let her knockers press into my chest. She whispered, "Do you eat kitty?"

"Love it!" I whispered too loudly. Quickly I glanced around but no one seemed to have noticed us.

"Okay, you eat it until I'm satisfied, I'll let you do whatever you want with my jugs. No penetration though. Deal? Only my husband gets into my pussy."

"Deal!" I said with vigor.

In ten minutes we were in her bedroom and she amazed me even further with the slenderness of her body. Her hips measured 33 inches, less than most schoolgirls. Her waist was 21 inches, a really small woman. But her breasts... wow! They were 34-EEE! I fell in love instantly. However she sat on the edge of her bed and spread her legs. "Okay, honey, you gonna do your duty first."

I dropped to my knees, centered on the slit topped with a bush of short curly black hair and let my tongue feast, licking and flicking throughout the area of her clit and down to her vaginal opening. My lips played with the soft butterfly flesh of her inner lips while my tongue licked the inside of her hole and then teased her clit to come from under its hood.

Soon she was moaning and encouraging me to keep it up, her fingers running through my hair. It only took me less than ten delicious minutes before she locked her legs and hands onto my head, began to shake and screamed "I'm cumming, babe, I'm cumming! Don't... stop... I'm... cumming!" By the time she got that out, the waves of pleasure that washed over her body had passed, leaving her spent. She lay back on the bed again, relaxed her legs and sighed loudly.

I kept licking.

She said, "You've done your job, honey. You can stop now."

"Uh, uh" I said, my face still buried in her wet quim.

I spent another couple of minutes reaming out her cunt and licking up all the fresh juices. Then I clamped my mouth over the area around her clit and sucked the little organ into my mouth. Gently I started teasing it and vacuuming it and was rewarded after another few moments when she again clamped onto me and quaked through a second climax, hissing "Oh, yesssss, honey, I'm cumming... cumming... cumming!" Right at the end, it turned into a squeak just before she relaxed again.

I kept licking while her fingers again languidly ran through my hair. My knees were barking from sitting on the hard floor but the house had high ceilings and she couldn't weigh more than 90 or 92 pounds and I'll bet at least 15 of that was in her monstrous hooters. Holding onto her hips, I carefully rose to my feet, supporting her back with one hand. Easing her upright, I stood with my head thrust back slightly and her legs spread parallel to the floor, her cunt sitting on my mouth.

She was squealing in delight, "Oh, yeah, be careful, honey, yeah, eat me, babe."

Licking the fresh juices from her opening, I shifted to her clit and again sucked it into my mouth. A short time later, she locked her fingers into my hair like claws and screamed as a stream of cunt juice flooded my face.

When she relaxed, she implored, "Oh, shit, babe, please fuck me. Please fuck my pussy, honey, I need your cock inside me, please."

Carefully I laid her on the bed and said "But, sugar, you said no penetration. I don't want to do something you will regret later."

"Honey, if I let you go without fucking you, I would really regret that later. Please... please! I need your cock. You wouldn't tell my husband, would you?"

I couldn't let her keep begging. I shucked off my pants, shorts, shirt and shoes and climbed onto the bed. She had scooted around and up to prop on the pillows. Her arms and legs were spread wide to receive me and her hot little twat took all of my shaft with the first push. She sighed and closed her legs and arms around me... like a spider around its prey, I thought. Ah, but what th' hell! It felt so good to be inside her.

I started into a fucking motion but she held me and said, "Let me just feel it for a while, please. Why don't you suck my tits for a while?"

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